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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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Air Date
Ethan Hawke, Jennie Garth, Chuck D. and Flava Flav,
34589 Public Enemy
Page 1
Show Info
Things You'd Never Hear Them Say; Spicing up C-Span
Guy getting hit in balls (softball); Jon's porno clip; Howard
footage--Jamie Farr shopping; What's Hot; VTR: Fruitopia
Jean Claude Van Damme, Laura San Giacomo, Johnny v. Snapple, Mortal Combat v. Gasoline, Male v. Female
34590 Cash
Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone, Mark Leyner, Meat
Howard's Aerosmith Video, Shout Out (gospel divas);
34591 Puppets ("Lake of Fire/Backwater")
College Bulletin Board; What If…(Michael Jackson)
Denis Leary, Bobby Bonilla, Curtis Williams, Jr., Eddie
Nipsey and Bobby bumpers, Make Bonilla Stand-Up;
Layton (organist), Nipsey Russell, House of Pain
Jon's Morning Show, VTR: Van Impes; Something for the
34592 ("Legend")
Brendan Fraser, Chris Noth, Liv Tyler, Sonic Youth ("Self- Jokes from 30 years ago-1964; Pop Warner Football
34593 Obsessed and Sexxee")
Team; Apology to Captain Picard
Bobcat Goldthwait, Robert Sean Leonard, Emma
Puppy getting stung by bees; Elvis timeline; Dr. Jimmy &
34596 Samms, Sunny Day Real Estate ("Seven")
Raymond (Truckin' songs); Guy getting hit in balls (2x4)
Charlie Sheen, Vendela, Ed's Museum Women, Heavy D Subway (waiter) bumper; AT&T Telecommunication;
34597 ("Nuttin' But Love")
Check in on Pop Warner w/phone call); NYC yearbook
Eric Stoltz, Pattie D'Arbanville-Quinn; Puck; Stabbing
34598 Westward ("Nothing")
Pina colada night; Play a trick on Howard; Bios on tape
Tori Spelling, Lou Diamond Phillips, Fugees ("Nappy
34599 Heads")
Playing Klue to Solve the OJ Case
Leeza Gibbons, Adrian Pasdar, Esther Craw (accordion)
and Glenn Wilson (cello), Bill Maher, Weezer ("Undone: Pilots on Fox; What you missed; No Money Playhouse
34600 The Sweater Song")
(Forrest Gump)
Café (You Not Funny); Audience trades jokes with Jon;
Eric Roberts, Allen Payne, Jeffrey Deluca, Gin Blossoms Find other Jon Stewarts; Banned Book Week (Janowitz);
34603 ("Allison Road")
Weekend High and lows
Ellen Degeneres, Parker Posey, Sean Nelson, David
Wimp (comp. counter), Collective Soul ("Good Night,
Unusual partners; Banned Book Week (Iggy Pop); Check
34604 Good Guys")
in on Pop Warner Team (Cangialosi, Mascot)
Maury Povich, Terence Stamp, Elaine Waldman, Helmet Dinner at the White House; Banned Book Week (D.
34605 ("Wilmas Rainbow")
James); Security camera soup
Jon is Anna Nicole Smith bumper; Toboggan Coffee Heist
bumper; Howard footage (flea circus); Ask the Fonz; Anna
34606 Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, King's X ("Dogman")
Nicole Smith; One Man Show
Mayim Bialik, Jane Leeves, Gilby Clarke ("Cure Me or Kill Mini-golf; Banned Book Week (Q. Crisp); Reprise of Anna
34607 Me")
Nicole Smith
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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2 016A
Kelsey Grammer, Jasmine Guy, Nick Dipaolo, Brody
Buster (child jazz wiz), Fury in the Slaughterhouse
34610 ("When I'm Dead and Gone")
2 017A
34611 Fran Drescher, Brian Leetch, L7 ("Stuck Here Again")
2 018A
2 019A
2 020A
3 021A
3 022A
3 023A
3 024A
3 025A
3 026A
3 027A
3 028A
3 029A
Air Date
John Stamos, Denny Dillon, G. Love & Special Sauce
34612 ("Cold Beverage")
Quentin Tarantino, Cynthia Gibb, Johnny Legend, Sun
City Poms, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones ("Kinder
34613 Words")
Sarah Jessica Parker, Pamela Anderson, Terror Fabulous
34614 ("Action")
Bob Newhart, Reg E. Gaines, Malik Yoba, Love Spit Love
34617 ("Change in the Weather")
Page 2
Show Info
Jokes from the past (Jim Nabors) bumper; Brody Buster;
Superfake interview (Simpson)
Mom, I'm Watching It Too (cold open); Video scavenger
hunt; check on Pop Warner; VTR: Game highlights with
Neet commercial bumper; Chimp tricks (monologue);
National debt clock; Henry's exercise video; Nostradamus
Drinking games; halftime show with Sun City Poms
Baywatch cold open; Grand Central locker concentration;
What If…Lady Di; Tan on a Van
Hi Bob Guys in Bar bumper; Buy clothes for Howard;
Apology to Paula Jones; Pop Warner update
Sex Survey ('40s v. '90s); Howard's Weird Footage; VTR:
Rob Morrow, Tom Robbins, Dave Brown, Coolio ("I
Guy in wind tunnel; Dr. Jimmy & Raymond; VTR:
34618 Remember")
Raymond's workout
Garry Marshall, Robert Englund, Lisa Carson, They Might Performing dogs (monologue); VTR: Slomo of dog trick
34619 be Giants ("Snail Shell")
after Paramount logo; Who really watches?
Old radio prompts monologue; clip wars; VTR: The Mask,
Karen Duffy, Corin Nemec, Lucky Vanous, Dada ("All I
Terminal Velocity, Priscilla, Lucky's Coke Comm.; 3 minute
34620 Am")
vacation (Hawaii)
Bumpers: Sal's wedding footage, Celebrities wish Sal well;
VTR: Dave Brown; VTR: Garry Marshall; Howard's
Fisher Stevens, Kevin Meaney, Spearhead ("People in
forehead sing-a-long; Steve Higgins in sewers; Retire:
34621 the Middle"), Bear Lyons (piano player)
"This is your life" (Sal Failla)
Peter Weller, Nick Turturro, Lynn Snowden, Da Brat
Avon salesman bumper; Kids write Jon's jokes
34624 ("Funkdafied")
(monologue); Strike '94; How was the party?
Marlee Matlin, Veronica Webb, Sandy Levine (subway
Whirling Dervish (monologue); Howard's footage (B.
34625 hero) Sponge ("Plowed")
Reynolds); Pop Warner update (Lenny & Sara/panel)
Martha Plimpton, David Charvet, Jenny Simizu, Digable
34626 Planets ("9th Wonder")
Baywatch moment (Jon and Howard); Pigeon ball
Lauren Velez, Sheryl Crow, Nichelle Nichols, Sheryl Crow Chroma Suit (monologue); Smokin' for the kids (update on
34627 ("All I Wanna Do")
miles collected); Superfake interview (Faye Resnick)
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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3 030A
4 031A
4 032A
4 033A
4 034A
4 035A
4 036A
Air Date
Show Info
Batjon Dancing bumper; Puppy in the dryer bumper; Violin
Molly Ringwald, Gordon Clapp, Steve James, The
contortionist (monologue); Next week's magazine covers;
34628 Reverend Horton Heat ("Yeah Right")
Bat phone
Lisa-The Jon Stewart Fan (personals ad); World Series
game 1: Groundskeepers; Baseball footage with Howard
34631 Scott Bakula, Merill Markoe, Oasis ("Supersonic")
Margaret Cho, Noah Wyle, T. Coraghessan Boyle; Lucas Pink pussycat bumper; Bargain bin (monologue); World
34632 ("Lucas with the Lid Off")
Series Game 2: Vendors
John Larroquette, Arye Gross, Darnell Martin Bad
34633 Religion ("21st Century Digital Boy")
Pop Warner update--sports psychologist; Geography quiz
Theremin player (monologue); World Series game 3:
Kim Coles, Paul Rudnick, Coffin Joe, Arrested
Bobby Bonilla & Pat Kelly; Smoking for the kids Minister
34634 Development ("Africa's Inside Me")
Rabin smoking pic
Bumpers: Jon & Howard masks, Jon & fat guys in pool,
Scott Baio, Gilbert Gottfried, Dr. Stephen Kaplan, The
Red Mike Festival Band (mono); Dr. Jimmy and Raymond
34635 Cult ("Coming Down")
(Halloween video)
Airline safety film (Parouse); Jon and Howard masks;
Steven Weber, Antonio Sabato, Jr. Instant Girl, Frank
Halloween party footage (mono); urban myths quiz;
34638 Black ("Headache")
Standard Time/Extra hour; VTR:Jon w/Q-Tips
5 041A
Mark Curry, James LeGros, Kitty G., Grant Lee Buffalo
34639 ("Mockingbirds")
Lori Petty, John McGinley, Kevin Smith, Killing Joke
34640 ("Millennium")
Andrea Martin, Griffin Dunne, Missy Giove, Sinead
O'Connor ("Thank You for Hearing Me", "John I Love
34641 You")
Ralph Macchio, Gabriella Sabatini, Dave Mustaine
(panel), Pasty Cline guy, Megadeth ("Train of
34642 Consequence")
Daisy Fuentes, Johnny Hardwick, INXS ("The Strangest
34645 Party" "What You Need")
5 042A
Julia Sweeney, Alan Zweibel, Don Winans, Compulsion
34646 ("Delivery")
4 037A
4 038A
4 039A
4 040A
Page 3
Guy hit in balls/shovel (mono); Howard knock-knock joke;
Howard and cab driver; Pop Warner update; Bazooka Joe
Subway bumper/breakup; Slurpee
OJ Home Shopping Network; Spice up Simpson TV
3 minute ski vacation (Switz.); OJ _______
Jon in subway with bagpipes, Good Samaritan,
supermodel call
Howard Voting Bumpers, Photo booth, The Fly, The
Wedding; election highlights/lowlights; Pop Warner
update; tailgate party
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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5 043A
5 044A
5 045A
5 046A
5 047A
5 048A
5 049A
5 050A
6 051A
6 052A
6 053A
6 054A
6 055A
6 056A
6 057A
6 058A
Air Date
Page 4
Show Info
Shatner Star Trek blooper bumper; Star Trek bloopers
(monologue); Apology to Captain Picard; Things you'd
34647 William Shatner, Marina Sirtis, Reverend Partridge
never hear them say
Robert Klein, Montel Williams (ICE-T Panel), Body Count Jon busing tables; hand off monologue, new ways to
34648 ("Necessary")
Sandra Bernhard, Jack Wagner, Jake Fogelnest,
Diamanda Galas w/John Paul Jones ("Do You Take This Bruce Zipes (celebrity cakes/monologue); supermodel
34649 Man")
Grant Show, Robin Leach, Ice Cube & K-Dee ("Thought I
34652 Saw a Pussycat")
Referee (monologue); symbols on the set
Malcolm McDowell, Natalie Portman, Jessica Yu, Fu
Jon dancing with meat; last call: Deck 7; The Da Vinci
34653 Schnickens ("Breakdown")
Thing; GFX: Codex Page
Penelope Ann Miller, Dylan McDermott, Bill Walton,
George Rodrigue (Blue Dog guy), Aimee Mann ("That's Jon and dog w/funnel; No Money Playhouse
34654 Just What You Are")
Cindy Crawford, A Martinez, Blake Levine--autograph
34655 hound, Sam I Am ("Capsized")
House of Style outtakes, Government watchdog
Tabitha Soren, Jada Pinkett, Dana Gould, Margarita the
34656 Organist, Dishwalla ("It's Gonna Take Some Time")
What's Tabitha Thinking?, next week's magazine covers
34659 Peter Fonda, Jackee Harry, Marc Maron, Live ("I Alone") Dog grooming graduation, Pop Warner finale
Ed Begley Jr., Kathy Najimy, Ralph Louis Harris, Freedy
34660 Johnston ("Bad Reputation")
New Candid Camera, Mocked-up USAir article
Jennifer Tilly, Jasmine Bleeth, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre ("Back
34661 Up Off Me")
What's Hot? (holiday edition)
Turkey bumpers, Jon w/cutouts, salad bar, dancing
Daphne Zuniga, B.D. Wong, Salt 'n' Pepa (panel &
w/cops, up from subway, pigeons reveal; Parade footage
34662 perform) ("None of Your Business")
(monologue), Howard's ice cream
John Tesh, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ivan Reitman, Letters Turkey bumpers, Jon catching bus, Jon eating pizza; After34663 to Cleo ("Here and Now")
Work Special, mocked-up USAir article pt. 2
Airline safety film; Pogo stick footage (monologue),
Tim Daly, Terumi Matthews, Matt Adame (cup stacker),
Thanksgiving highs and lows, Kathie Lee & Frank
34666 Danzig ("Can't Speak")
David Brenner, Janeane Garofalo, Nick Saccodato (fire
Toboggan (coffee steal); Books on Tape; 2-1/2 minute life
34667 barber), Flaming Lips ("She Don't Use Jelly")
with Janeane Garofalo
Tim Matheson, Russ Meyer, Donal Logue, Scarface ("I
Faster Pussycat' clip (monologue), subway reviewed, toad
34658 See a Man Die")
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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6 059A
6 060A
7 061A
7 062A
7 063A
7 064A
7 065A
7 066A
7 067A
7 068A
7 069A
7 070A
8 071A
8 072A
Air Date
Julio Iglesias, Giancarlo Esposito, David Cross, John
34669 Vincent (base jumper), Big Chief ("Lion's Mouth")
Julianne Phillips, Bill Pullman, Brooke Smith, Buddy Guy
34670 ("Please Don't Drive Me Away")
Tawny Kitaen, Julianna Margulies, Dave Chappelle,
34687 Gabrielle Reece, Spell ("Superstar")
Sally Kellerman, Hammer, Al Hoff, Pete Droge ("If You
34688 Don't Love Me")
Page 5
Show Info
Chroma suit (monologue); Very Special Jon Stewart Show
Ringo the drummer (monologue), fraternity hazing
Jon's management tips-Venus, duck/goose, dog collar;
L.A. ticket bumper
Gift on boom bumper, Jon spins on ice with dog, cookies
for Santa from fridge; Dr. Jimmy & Raymond (X-Mas)
Jon spins on ice with dog, poinsetta on boom, L.A. ticket
Jean Claude Van Damme, Marcia Cross, Brian Regan,
bumper; Aerosmith cold open, Jon returns lip balm to
34689 Zhane ("Shame")
Steven Tyler (monologue), Mighty Morphin Christmas
Staff Christmas bumpers, gunshot, Jew, Fake "E.R." clips
Madeleine Kahn, Eriq LaSalle, Y'All (white trash cooking), (monologue); Howard's stupid questions, One Man Show,
34690 The Figgs ("Favorite")
Kathie Lee Gifford: Up Close and Frank
Staff Christmas bumper, Santa suicide, Jon & Santa
Brooke Shields, Al Roker, Johny Legend, Peter Johnson w/hula hoop, Jon's letter to Santa; Doctored "Blue
34691 (steel drums), Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ("Ditch")
Lagoon" photo, Superfake interview: Santa
Staff Christmas bumper, group turning around, Howard on
Lauren Holly, Paul Rudnick, Brian Hartt, Method Man
ice in tutu; Jokes in another place (Levy's), Porto-San
34694 ("Bring the Pain")
Staff holiday bumpers, Dave blog, Laurie Rhodes,
Madeleine testimonial; Howard sunbathing on rock; What
Lorenzo Lamas, Claire Danes, Larry Miller, American
kids should know about computers; Jon's "Little Women"
34695 Music Club ("Can You Help Me")
Jason Priestly, Gail O'Grady, Dante, Royal Jelly
Hockey kids tackle Jon, Screaming girls (VTR) for Jason
34696 ("Ceiling")
Priestly (monologue), Revenge Guy
Aerosmith throw Jon out; Aerosmith sneeze (monologue);
Paul Provenza, Roma Maffia, Christopher Conway, Pete Talk Show Jon: Tiffani-Amber; Jon & Howard with
34697 Rock & C.L. Smooth ("Take You There")
Dick Clark, Henry Thomas, Kellie Williams, Pop Will Eat American Bandstand footage with Jon dancing; New
34698 Itself ("R.S.V.P.")
Year's Resolutions
Jose and Howard bumpers; Jose shows red hair strips,
Howard in towel, Hoard in robe with makeup, Before and
Robert Pastorelli, Michael Rappaport, Jose Eber, Girls
after of Jon's hair; Newt's mom's footage (monologue);
34715 Against Boys ("Kill The Sexplayer")
Things you'd never hear them say
Eric Bogosian, Victoria Jacobs, Robert Picardo, Hootie & Jon at newsstand ("Playboy"); Gloria Parker, glass player
34716 the Blowfish ("Let Her Cry")
(monologue), Talk Show Jon (Little Mermaid)
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
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8 073A
8 074A
8 075A
8 076
8 077
8 079
8 080
9 081
9 082
9 083
9 084
9 085
9 086
9 087
Air Date
Rolanda Watts, Eve Plumb, Libby Langdon, Magna Pop
34717 ("Lay It Down")
Page 6
Show Info
Jon in the afternoon, Jon interviews buggy driver; Jon
jumps into audience (Mon), What If…Newt Gingrich
Jon on horse (Moscow Circus); Jon jumps into audience
Christopher Lambert, Shanice, Toby Huss, Soul Coughing (Mon), Howard's stupid question, Next week's magazine
34718 ("Down to This")
Aidan Quinn, Lisa Kudrow, Omar Epps, Craig Mack
Marco Polo; Hockey/Cowboy footage (mono.), Jon's
34719 ("Flava Flav in Ya Ear")
answering machine
Courtney Cox, Joe Torry, Julie Moran, The Roots
34722 ("Proceed")
Bargain bin monologue, incredible journey
Diner/Howard eats cake, Talk Show Jon with clothes;
Screaming girls (monologue), Jon's forehead sizzles
Tom Jones, Chris Noth, Laura Kightlinger, Tom Jones ("I (monologue), Talk Show Jon (GI Joe), Howard's stupid
34723 Wanna Get Back with You")
Laurence Fishburne, Jackie Mason, Polly Reich (bull
Sauna/dancing around jacuzzi; Practical tattoos, State of
34724 rider), Bush ("Everything Zen")
the Union address
Maria Conchita Alonso, Thomas Haden Church, Ikee (6 Sauna/Tag you're it; Mr. Spoons (monologue), knock-off
34725 year old genius), Gil Scott Heron ("B Movie")
Kevin Bacon, Holly Robinson, Sean Naegeli, Seed
Diner/Hair in Jon's food; Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon
34726 ("Doe")
(mono), Attell watches tv
Robert Townsend, Lacey Chabert, Slash's Snakepit
Kathie Lee getting bombed, Diner/Placemat game; Kathie
34729 ("Beggars and Hangers On")
Lee at Superbowl, Superbowl highs and lows
Tony Bennett, Tyra Banks, Rev. Ivan Stang, Tony Bennett
34730 ("Caravan")
3 minute vacation (France)
Kellie Martin, Richard Jeni, Crash Test Dummies ("Ballad Sauna/Old Jon and Howard; Jorge, Howard's Stupid
34731 of Peter Pumpkinhead")
Yasmine Bleeth, Stuttering John Melendez, Sofia
Coppola and Xan Cassavettes, Mista Grimm ("Situation Diner/Howard as waitress; Jon dives into audience
34732 Grimm")
(mono), shows in syndication
Jeff Fahey, Jason London, Lisa Palac, Mary J. Blige ("I'm Sauna/this little piggy; Twin ukelele players (mono.), Dr.
34733 Goin' Down")
Jimmy & Raymond (Raymond and Ass)
Christian Slater, Branford Marsalis, Vendela, Warren G. Shiny dime, I Love LA; Frasier cold open, motivational
34736 (panel & perf.) ("This DJ")
monologue with the Laker Girls
Halle Berry, Corbin Bernsen, Dom Irrera (stand-up and
panel), Jeffrey Tambor, Garry Shandling (special guest), Howard's star, Arsenio waiting room; Jeffrey Tambor cold
34737 The Brian Setzer Orchestra ("Hoo Do Voodoo Doll")
open, O.J. jury sighting/nude girls, Larry Sanders moment
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
9 088
9 089
10 091
10 092
Air Date
Page 7
Show Info
Just married, Howard Hollywood Sign, Monster Truck
Faith Ford, Kelsey Grammer, Johnny Galecki, Barry
valet parking; Leeza Gibbons in Jon's pocket, Talk Show
34738 White ("Practice What You Preach")
Jon/Tori Spelling
Dom DeLuise star, Howard naked, Howard looking at star,
Dean Cain, Alexandra Paul, Christine Taylor, Collective
Howard saving hot dog; Melba toast (monologue), L.A.
34739 Soul ("Gel")
what's hot?, Jury sighting/Dumb & Dumber
Van Halen bumpers: Jon teaches Eddie guitar, Jon at
soundboard, Jon asks band to play, Howard "Little Surfer"
montage; Van Halen cold open, Jon makes it rain
Kate Mulgrew, Eddie Van Halen & Sammy Hagar, Amber (monologue), O.J. jury sighting (car wash), Jon needs a
34740 Smith, Sponge ("Plowed")
Blair Underwood, Chelsi Smith, Peter Berg, Mighty
Bumper: L.A./Marianne in suitcase; Jon at Miss USA
34743 Mighty Bosstones ("Pictures to Prove It")
Pageant, original movie posters
Bumper: Girl leaves Jon in subway; Mariachi Band
Nancy Travis, Patti Davis, Melina Kannakaredes,
(monologue), Fabio's Romance Tips, Fabio on Romance,
34744 Brownstone ("If You Love Me")
Fabio on Tropical Islands, Fabio on Surprises
10 100A
Bumper: Management tips, employee acquisitions, A Time
and A Place; O.J. Beeper footage, Fake Brian Hartt intro
Bumpers: Diner/Jon hogs food, Talk Show Jon with
clothes; 3-minute vacation: Spain, Hardy Copy Pretape
Bumper: Howard sunbathing on rock; Jon dives into
Adam Sandler, Daniela Pestova, Aaron Schwartz &
audience, Very Special Jon Stewart Show, Talk Show
34747 Shaun Weiss, Slayer ("Seasons in the Abyss")
Jon/Power Rangers
Deion Sanders, Kylie Travis, Manny 'Tiny' Yarboro,
Bumper: Diner/Jon tosses salt & coffee; Presidential
34750 Extreme ("Hip Today")
quotes, Dr. Jimmy & Raymond (President's Day video)
Dick Cavett, Julie White, Jackie Kallen, Dinosaur Jr.
Bumper: Jon & Audience/Chicken Dance, Jon & fighter in
34751 ("Grab It"), Frankie Capri/One Man Band House Band
ring; Revenge Guy
David Brenner, Stephanie Hodge, Leila Kenzle, Run DMC Bumper: Chair/Hot Dog Vendor; The Selling out of Judge
34752 ("3 Song Medley")
Ito, What the TV Shows you Watch Really Say About You
Lara Flynn Boyle, Mickey Spillane, Jonathan Taylor
Chair/Hot Dog Vendor; OJ Simpson trial joke (mono),
34753 Thomas, Fossil ("Moon")
Howard's stupid question, Imaginary friends
Steven Weber, Patsy Kensit, Rebecca Gayheart, Helmen Kill Rusty Putnam & Terry, 100th Show parade, Talk Show
34754 ("Rollo")
Jon Aladin
11 101A
Randy Quaid, John Leguizamo, Douglas McGrath,
34757 Elastica ("Connection"), C.J. Chenier Band (House Band) Bumpers: Logo #149, 155; Mardi Gras (Attell)
10 093
10 094
10 095
10 096A
10 097A
10 098A
10 099A
Tony Goldwyn, Henriette Mantel, Dr. Jon Richter, The The
34745 ("I Saw the Light")
David Schwimmer, Cindy Adams, Bridgette Wilson, Ass
34746 Ponys ("Little Bastard")
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
11 102A
11 103A
11 104A
11 105A
11 106A
11 107A
11 108A
11 109A
11 110A
12 111A
12 112A
12 113A
Air Date
Amanda Donahoe, Gary Cole, Bock & Craig, Crystal
34758 Waters ("I Believe I Love You")
D.B. Sweeney, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre, Lucille Treganowan
34759 (Car demo), Face to Face ("Disconnected")
David Carradine, Isabella Hoffman, Jacques Boyreau,
34760 Toadies ("Possum Kingdom")
Miranda Richardson, Julia Campbell, Derek Niesman
34761 (bowler), Quicksand ("Thorn In My Side")
Michael McKean, Karyn Parsons, Dave Attell, Ned's
Atomic Dustbin ("All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold It
34778 Together")
Jennifer Tilly, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Judi Sheppard
34779 Missett, Goo Goo Dolls ("Only One")
Richard Belzer, Joe Morton, David Feldman, Blues
34780 Traveler ("Run Around")
Matt LeBlanc, Tracey Gold, Herman & Helga
Wachtenheim (Old Movie People), Sky Cries Mary
34781 ("Scapegoat")
Julie Warner, John Shea, Lee Evans, Ol' Dirty Bastard
34782 ("Brooklyn Zoo")
Robert Sean Leonard, Rachel Griffiths, Johnny Legend,
34785 Sammy ("Majik Man")
Malcolm McDowell, Jean Smart, Karen Finely, Victoria
34786 Williams ("You Are Loved")
4/29/1995 [I
think this is a
misprint on the
box lid and
should be
Lori Petty, Alicia Witt, Marc John Jefferies, Wax
Anthony LaPaglia, Lisa Rinna, Matt Borlenghi, Guided By
34788 Voices ("King & Caroline Motorway Medley")
Olivia d'Abo, Minnie Driver, Effesel [?], Notorious B.I.G.
34789 ("Big Poppa")
Page 8
Show Info
Bumpers: Logo #121, 109; O.J. Trial Joke, Screen Savers
Bumpers: Logo #151, 114, Jen with Hockey Kids; O.J.
Trial Joke, Superfake Interview (Rosa Lopez)
Bumpers: Logo #146, 112; 3 Minute Vacation (Alaska),
Harvey Sid Fisher Sings
Bumpers: Logo #136, 154; Howard's Stupid Question,
Talk Show Jon/Lost Weekend, Special Place w/Miranda
Bumpers: Logo #137, 129, Van Halen/Strip Poker,
Internet; Things You'd Never Hear Them Say, Jon Makes
Pottery Mug
Bumpers: Logo #123, 138, Sauna, Hot Dog; New Trading
Cards, Hot Dog in Tunnel
Bumpers: Logo #157, 159, Apartment, Battleship; Jon's
Dance to Spring; Sex/Myth vs. Reality
Bumpers: Logo #101, 143, Apartment, Go Fish; Bazooka
Joe, New Slogans for Familiar Products, "Friends" Open
With Jon
Bumpers: Logo #144, 161, Talk Show Jon w/Clothes;
Chroma Suit, Talk Show Jon: "Alive"
Bumpers: Logo #140, 149, Apt, Jon's Alarm Clock;
Howard's Stupid Question, Next Movies
Bumpers: Logo #150, 123, Apt, Howard Playing Poker,
Internet; Revenge Guy
Bumpers: Logo #152, 145, New York Ticket, Apartment
(Little Howard in Fridge); Graphic Violence, What If…Mike
Bumpers: Logo #118, 113, Jon & Dog Smoking, Internet;
Howard's Stupid Question, Final Four Roundtable
Bumpers: Logo #150, 128, Apt, Army Guy; Bargain Bin
Monologue, Graphic Violence/Shaving, Talk Show Jon:
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The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
12 116A
12 117A
12 118A
12 119A
12 120A
Air Date
Show Info
Jack Klugman, Toni Collette, Michael Easton, Matthew
Sweet ("We're The Same"), Brooklyn Dodgers Symphony
34792 (House Band)
Bumpers: Logo #133, 122; Baseball Strike Highs & Lows
Bumpers: Logo #136, 151; Behind the Wheel: The Allen
Levar Burton, Nicole Eggert, Chad Allen, Our Lady Peace Park Story Part 1, 2, 3, Never Go Home (Break Dance),
34793 ("Starseed")
Giordi Glasses (Girls & Cows)
Bumpers: Logo #159, 148, Slomo of 3 Minute Vacation,
Margaret Cho, Rebecca Lobo, Suzzane Douglas,
Internet; Recovered Memories, 3-Minute Vacation
34794 Catherine ("Saint")
Bumpers: Logo #147, 153, Slomo of Tae Kwon Do Kids;
Eric Stoltz, Talisa Soto, Tae Kwon Do Kids, Ron Pailillo, Howard's Stupid Question, Pulp Fiction Parody with Ron
34795 The Jayhawks ("Blue")
Pailillo, Dr. Jimmy & Raymond
Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer,
John C. McGinley, A.J. Johnson, Rappin 4-Tay w/The
34796 Spinners ("I'll Be Around")
Bumpers: Logo #161, 106; Talk Show Jon "Exorcist"
Pauly Shore, Nancy Sinatra, Adrian Pasdar, Satchel ("Mr. Bumpers: Logo #119, 114, "These Boots" video w/Jon,
34799 Pink")
Internet; Lady Howard
13 122
34800 Chris Farley, Julianna Phillips
13 123
Elizabeth McGovern, Charles Oakley, Chris Tucker,
34801 Better Than Ezra ("Good")
13 124
13 125
13 126
13 127
13 128
13 129
Page 9
Ed Begley Jr., Michael DeLorenzo, Leslie Uggams,
34802 Spearhead ("Hole in the Bucket")
Frank Whaley, Mia Kirshner, Peter Horton, Soul For Real
("Caddy Rain"), Marty Levitt "The King of the Klezmers"
34803 (House Band)
Teri Hatcher, Richard Grieco, Michael Jai White, Subway
34813 ("This Lil' Game We Play")
Bobcat Goldthwait, B.D. Wong, Home Remedies Ladies,
34814 Jill Sobule ("I Kissed a Girl")
Sam Elliot, Sadie Frost, "Stomp", Sons of Elvis
34815 ("Formaldehyde")
Gabriel Byrne, Van Halen (Panel), Van Halen
34816 ("Amsterdam") & ("Aftershock")
Bumpers: Logo #121, 129, Subway, Bagpipes; O.J. Extra:
O.J. Does Shots, Advice For People Who Really Need It
Bumpers: Logo #124, 134, Slomo of Jon Flying; Graphic
Violence (Bills), Superfake Interview: "Elijah & the Easter
Bunny", Plane Scene w/Chroma Key
Bumpers: Logo #110, 112, Great Moments in Pot History
(Bong); Howard and Jon Eat Jelly Beans, Next Week's
Bumpers: Logo #146, 160, Jon Pulls Bunny Out Of Cow,
Talk Show Jon Button; Talk Show Jon: Lost Weekend-R
Bumpers: Fridge, Night Gown, Logo #141, 149, New York
Ticket; CD-Rom Movies, The Kato Tapes
Bumpers: Jon Asks Van Halen to play, Logo #107, 154,
Internet; T.V. Phone, College Rejections
Bumpers: Great Moments in Pot History ("Edison"), Sauna
(Tag, You're It)
Bumpers: Logo #156, 131; Graphic Violence (Paying
Bills), Short Cut Courses ("Astronaut")
Brown Media Archives Peabody Awards Collection
The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
13 130
14 131
14 132
14 133
14 134
14 135
14 136
14 137
14 138
14 139
14 140
15 141
15 142
Air Date
Page 10
Peter Gallagher, Nia Long, Theo, Mike Watt ("Big Train")
34817 w/Dave Grohl & Eddie Vedeer
Show Info
Bumpers: Logo #158, 123, Howard on Roof; The Farley
Tribute, Talk Show Jon ("Western")
Bumpers: Logo #159, 103, Fridge ("Drug Dealer"), Mets,
Maria Conchita Alonso, Jeremy Piven, Jude Law,
New York Ticket, "Guest of the Show" Maria Conchita
34820 Portishead ("Sour Times")
Alonso; Howard's Stupid Question, Mets Game
Bumpers: Logo #108, 132, E! Gossip
(Copperfield/Lombard), E! Gossip (Sinatra), "Batjon",
Daphne Zuniga, Adam West, Tori Stooks, Shudder to
Guest of the Show-Daphne Zuniga; O.J. Roll In, Howard's
34821 Thnk ("X-French T-Shirt")
Office, Jon In "Melrose" clip
Bumpers: Logo #144, 151, Pet Grooming, N.Y. Ticket;
Queen Latifah, Essi Morales, Lee Day, Queen Latifah, Yo- Chroma Door (Eyeball Cheese), Celebrity Birthday
34822 Yo, Patra, & Nefertiti ("Freedom")
Bumpers: Logo #157, 160, Howard Plays Poker
Matthew Broderick, John Leguizamo, Harry Connick, Jr. w/Dummy, Slomo of Baja Racing, Internet; Ventriloquist
34823 ("She"), Harry Connick Jr. (Panel)
Dummy, 3-Min. Vacation ("Mexico")
Margarita (House Band), Dave Foley, Cynthia Stevenson,
34824 Elizabeth Arnold, Toad the Wet Sprocket ("Woodburning")
Matthew Perry, Colm Meaney, Morwenna Banks, Monster
Magnet ("Negasonic Teenage Warhead"), Ruth Addams
34827 Trio (House Band)
Jimmy Smits, John Henton, Elina Lowensohn, P.O.L.
34828 ("Stupid")
Susan Lucci, Matt Craven, Julie Lynn Cialini, Juliana
34829 Hatfield ("Universal Heartbeat")
Bumpers: Logo #120, 116, E! "Pauly Shore", New York
Ticket; Talk Show Jon "Alcatraz"
Bumpers: Logo #106, 105, E! "Chastity Bono", N.Y. Ticket;
Training Center (Spy)
Bumpers: Logo #101, 115, E! "Kristy McNichol", Internet;
Howard's Stupid Question, Fattest P.A., "NYPD Butt"
Bumpers: Logo #129, 135, Jon Pulls Tag Off Pillow, N.Y.
Ticket Bumper; Tag, Jon's It (Mono.), Prom vs. Reunion
Cold Open: Bad Warm-up Guy; Bumpers: Logo #133,
LL Cool J, Pepper Johnson, Tetley (Stolen Subway Dog), 145, Jon Drinks Popcorn Butter at the Movie Theater,
34830 Adina Howard "Freak Like Me"
Internet; Chroma Door (2x4), Revenge Guy (Explosion)
Bronson Pinchot, Tichina [?] Arnold, Clancy Brown,
Bumpers: Logo #147, 123, Internet; Recovered Memories,
34831 Naughty by Nature (a Medley)
Talk Show Jon ("In Hell")
Martha Plimpton, William McNamara, Heather Tom, Bush Bumpers: Logo #136, 148, Puppy in Dryer, N.Y. Ticket;
34834 ("Little Things")
Shrinking Howard Part 1, 2, 3, Mother's Day Highs & Lows
Bumpers: Logo #137, 108, Fridge, Army Guy, Internet;
Jennifer Aniston, Park Overall, Randy Savage, Dionne
Randy Savage Breaks Thru Door, Screen Savers,
34835 Farris ("I Know")
"Friends" Montage
Brown Media Archives Peabody Awards Collection
The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
15 143
Brett Butler, Kim Alexis, Gilbert Gottfried, Girls Against
Boys ("Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self"), Wallowitch
34836 (House Band)
15 144
Moira Kelly, Gillian Anderson, David "The Rock" Nelson,
34837 Monttell Jordan ("This Is How We Do It")
15 145
15 146
15 147
15 148
15 149
16 151A
16 152
16 153
16 154A
16 155
16 155A
16 156
Air Date
Page 11
Show Info
Bumpers: Logo #113, 149, Subway (Jesse-Waiter), "Later
That Night…", Slomo of Gilbert Spitting Water, N.Y. Ticket
Bumper; Howard's Girlfriend
Bumpers: Logo #153, 161, Slomo of Moira Hock &
Looging, Slomo of Magic Carpet Ride, Internet; Howard's
Stupid Question, 3-Minute Vacation (Morocco)
Dolph Lundgren, Henry Thomas, Clyde Peeling
Bumpers: Logo #156, 114, "Abernathy", N.Y. Ticket; Attell
34838 "Reptiles", Corrosion of Conformity ("Clean My Wounds") in England, Talk Show Jon (Werewolf)
Bumpers: Logo #150, 102, Jon gets fed under table, N.Y.
Ticket; Pat Riley in Audience (Mono.), Jon Wets the Bed,
34841 Kim Fields, Ed Lover, John Salley, Brandy ("Best Friend") Training Center: Brain Surgeon
Martin Mull, Kelly Martin, Joe Torre, Peter Murphy ("The Bumpers: #109, 114, Marco Polo, Internet; Wheel of
34842 Scarlet Thing In You")
Fortune, Revenge Guy #5
Penelope Ann Miller, Kristin Davis, Stan Lee, Sugar Ray Bumpers: Logo #157, 131, New York Ticket; Items in the
34843 ("Mean Machine")
News, Fattest P.A. (Cheese City)
Tara Fitzgerald, Ice-T, D Knowledge, Faith No More
("Digging the Grave"), Frankie Goes to Italy (House
34844 Band)
Bumpers: Logo #138, 146; What's Hot Part 1&2
George Clooney, Christina Ricci, Heidi Bohay, Bad
Bumpers: Logo #151, 154, New York Ticket; News Turtle,
34845 Religion ("Infected")
Talk Show Jon (Chicago E.R.)
Bumpers: Logo $159, 111, 1962 Audience, Internet; Jon &
Howard met in '62, Superfake Interview: Michael Jackson,
34862 Kim Coles, Margaret Cho, Jamie Walters, Hum ("Stars") Intern Pyramid
Sherry Stringfield, Branford Marsalis, Buckshot LeFonque Bumpers: Logo #106, 124, Interns Xeroxing their Butts,
34863 ("Some Cow Fonque"), Terry Murphy
"Lady Howard" Reprise
Robert Conrad, Katherine Heigl, Jeff Stilson, Shabba
Bumpers: Logo #129, 103, E! Gossip (Gary Busey); New
34864 Ranks ("Shine Eye Gal")
York footage, After Work Special (Reprise)
Robert Klein, Parker Posey, Lady Bunny, Lypsinka &
Formika, Warren Zevon (Panel & Performance)
Bumpers: Logo #143, 147, Jonon Toboggan (Coffee
34865 ("Mutineer")
Grab); Bennigan's Dog's Life
Frank Whaley, Viva & Jerry, Chris Isaak (Panel &
Bumpers: Logo #121, 149, E! Gossip (Stone Temple
34866 Perform) ("Somebody's Crying")
Pilots); Intern Musical Chairs, Talk Show Jon (KISS)
Revised Backup KC Act 1-7. Frank Whaley, Chris Isaak,
34866 Viva & Jerry
John Leguizamo, Vanessa Marcil, Suzzane
Bumpers: Logo #144, Bennigan's (Smoke Break), Crank
34869 Westenhoefer, Belly ("Red")
Call (Z-100); Bennigan's, Toad Licking
Brown Media Archives Peabody Awards Collection
The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
Air Date
16 157
David Brenner, Ted Nugent, Joe Krathwohl (Birdman),
34870 Morphine ("Honey White")
16 158A
Maria Conchita Alonso, Johnny Galecki, Stu Kamens,
34871 Throwing Muses ("Shimmer")
16 159
16 160
17 101
17 102
17 103
17 105
17 106
17 107
17 109R
17 109
17 110
17 111
17 112
17 113
17 114
18 116
18 117
18 117
18 119
18 120
Page 12
Show Info
Bumpers: Logo #152, Crank Call (AT&T), Jon & Funnel
Dog Smoking, Slomo w/Birds in Audience; Things I
Shouldn't Have Done, Drinking Games
Bumpers: Logo #153, 115, Crank Call (American Airlines),
Slomo of Boat Racing; Condor Footage, Bennigan's
(Quiz), 3 Min. Vacation (Fantasy Island)
6/21/1995 [not
sure if this date Mariel Hemingway, Elina Lowensohn, Cameron Bancroft, Bumpers: Logo #146, 160, Crank Call (Chinese Take Out);
is a misprint]
Marilyn Manson ("Lunchbox")
Riot Footage, Meaty McGillicuty
Bumpers: Logo #124, 149, Jon & Howard watch sunset,
David Letterman, Kevin Meaney, Buffalo Tom ("Summer" Jon As An Old Man; Howard's Final Stupid Question, The
34873 & "Porchlight")
Last Talk Show Jon, Security Guard
S101R: Re-edited. Howard Stern, Howard St. Berg, Gin
34271 Blossoms
34268 S102. Gladiators, Elisabeth Shue, Guest Host: INXS.
Doggie bumpers [Log sheet inside case]
S103R: Re-edited master. Step Girls, William Shatner,
34269 David Blaine, Gilbert Godfried.
S105R: Re-edited. Blind Date, Tisha Campbell,
34271 Cranberries.
34276 S106. Denis Leary, Concrete Blondes.
New girlfriend monologue
S017R: Re-edited. John Stamos and Red Johnny and the
John Guy.
34324 John Leguizamo/Belly
34281 S109R: John Leguizamo, Belly
34283 S110. Julia Sweeney, Natalie Merchant.
34283 S111. David Gale, Marc Maron, Tattoo guy.
Girlfriend monologue
34324 Fran Dresher, Dominic & Jon
34324 David Cassidy, The breeders, Jerry Boys
"Cut off penis" monologue
34290 Sinbad, Kiddie wrestlers, Inner Circle.
"What you missed last night", statute of limitations, I
34292 Bobcat Goldthwait, White Zombie
wanna change the channel but I can't.
117R: Adam Sandler, Mort Hurst, Heart
34305 S119R: Bill Bellamy, Psychich Hotline, Chicken Lady
Howard's evil powers
34305 Weird Al, Dr. Dre, Ed Lover
Brown Media Archives Peabody Awards Collection
The Jon Stewart Show -- MTV
Box # Show #
18 121
18 122
18 123
18 201R
18 202R
18 204R
18 205
18 206R
18 207
18 208R
19 209
19 209R
19 210
19 211
19 212
19 213A
19 215
19 217
19 218
19 219
19 220A
19 221A
19 222
19 223
19 224
19 225/226
Air Date
Show Info
Ann Marie Goddard, Bryan Adams, Kenny Anderson,
34305 Ringo
34311 R.E.M.
Siberian Throat Singers, Dan Aykroyd, Anna Chlumsky,
Katherine Heigl, Crash Test Dummies, Michael Madsen
Rachel Hunter, The Juliana Hatfield 3, Jennifer Tilly
Stephen Baldwin, Janeanne Garofalo, John S. Hall,
Maggie Estep
Nicole Eggert, Danzig
Sugar Ray Leonard, Candlebox
Kellie Martin, Blind Melon
Jim Rose, Karen Parsons, Dana Gould
Jim Rose, Karen Parsons, Dana Gould
Steven Weber, Redd Kross
Eddie Layton, Knick City Dancers, Michael J. Fox
Olivia D'Abo, Hugh Grant, 10-year old Guns & Roses
34403 Denis Leary, Tony Toni Tone, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Katey Sagal, Marv Albert, Agfhan Whigs
Elle MacPherson, Green Day
Rikki Lake, Buffalo Tom, Aida Tutturo
Matthew Morris (teenaged Jeopardy! Champ), Carol Alt,
Melissa Etheridge
David Spade, Mike Judge, Anthrax
Johnathan Brandis, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, David Lee
Russek (Catwalk)
Conan O'Brien, Urge Overkill
Vacuum Boy, Teri Hatcher, Sheryl Crow
Mary Stuart Masterson, Crowded House
Spring Break, Dub. Roth/Smithberg, Act 1-3 & Promos (2
shows). 225: Cuba Gooding, Jr., Lemonheads. 226:
Marion Wayans, Battle of the Classic Stars, Rocket From
34410 the Crypt
Brown Media Archives Peabody Awards Collection
Page 13