Pet Walk Fair - Poi Dogs and Popoki

West Oahu
Poi Dogs
Pet Walk
& Summer
Poi Dogs & Popoki (PDP)
and The Big Fix
PDP is a nonprofit
animal welfare
organization with a
mission to improve
the quality of life
of pets and their
people. Our goal
is to provide pet owners and caregivers with
the tools to properly care for their pets for
life. Owners struggle with veterinary care and
especially the cost to spay and neuter their
pets. So PDP provides island-wide access to
affordable sterilization through The Big Fix, a
mobile spay and neuter clinic. In one year, The
Big Fix sterilized more than 2,000 cats and
dogs – from Waianae to Waimanalo. Reducing
pet overpopulation is the single most effective
way of reducing euthanasia and saving the lives
of our homeless, abandoned and stray cats
and dogs.
Walk Today. Save a Life Tomorrow.
Furry Friends
Sunday, June 7, 2015
8 am
Ewa District Park
(91-201 Kaimele Place)
$50 per family*
West Oahu
Pet Walk
& Summer
Walk Today. Save a Life Tomorrow.
*Receive a free pet pouch and fill
it up with pet goodies as you walk
along the route!
*Register by May 31 to be eligible
for the grand prize drawing!
Oahu Pet Walk & Summer Fair, a celebration
for the entire ohana –
pets and people! Get
a free Pet Pouch with
each registration and
enjoy a leisurely walk
around the community.
Meet other animal
lovers and then have some fun in the sun
at the summer fair. Only one registration
required per family. All animal lovers are
welcome - even if you don’t have a pet
8 am
9 am
Aloha, Welcome, and Walk
10 am Summer Fair
Play Day Pau
The Walk
Choose a leisurely one-mile stroll around the
Ewa Plain. Along the way, visit the Pup Tents
comfort stations and enjoy snacks and refreshments for both pets and people. Fill up your
Pet Pouch with goodies including:
Haseko pet waste dispenser – be a good
neighbor, always pick up your pet’s poo.
Gentry pet sticker – let emergency workers
know how many pets are in the home.
DR Horton bone food mat – keep food in
its place and not on the floor.
Monsanto grass seed pouch – a little
munchie for the tummy (for cats and dogs!).
Tails of Hawaii Summer Fair Fun
• Costume Contest – put your pet in their best
aloha attire! Prizes for top 3 best dressed.
Registration and credit card
payment also available online at
• Photo Contest - bring an 8x10 funny photo of
your dog or cat. Prizes for top dog and cat.
• Canine Games - a fun agility course (for the novice!), balls-n-bubbles, doggie maize, tennis ball
race, and duck pond. Prizes for all participants –
regardless of ability!
Pet Owner Name
• Poi Dog Bath and Spa – enjoy a free dog bath
with a donation to PDP
• Pups Pool and Water Play – on a hot summer
day, enjoy water games for big and small pups.
• Keiki Kennel – a special play area with bouncers
and games just for the keiki.
Phone (cell)
• “Ask A Vet” with Animal House – learn more
about pet health.
• “Ask a Trainer” with Sit Means Sit – talk to the
experts about behavioral issues..
• Tours with the Big Fix – learn more about the
importance of spaying and neutering your pet
and get a microchip ID for $10.
Participating Pets
oin Poi Dogs &
Popoki (PDP) at the
annual West
Sponsor code: __________
$50 registration per family.
• Food booths including choice of free watermelon, popcorn or cotton candy for each registrant!
Register by May 31 to be entered into the
Grand Prize Drawing!
Pono Pups
Please make checks payable to “Poi Dogs &
Popoki” and mail to: PDP, PO Box 75345,
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.
Don’t be a doggie-downer! Enjoy the walk and
summer fair but just follow the rules.
• All dogs must remain on a leash, be carried, or
ride in a stroller.
• If your dog is misbehaving, please take a timeout to cool down.
• Please clean up after your dog so that we can
enjoy the park next year!
Enterprise food scooper – a paw-filled portion for your favorite friend.
Waiver: I assume all liability for accidents, personal injuries
(including injuries to my pet), and damages to property;
and hold PDP, its sponsors, employees, and volunteers,
and the City & County of Honolulu harmless from any and
all claims arising out of any connection with the Pet Walk
& Summer Fair. In consideration of my participation, I
hereby assume any and all risk which might be associated
with this event and waive and release any and all rights
and claims for damages which I may have against PDP, the
City, Pet Walk sponsors or any other entity associated with
the event including any and all injuries or loss of personal
property by theft or damages of any kind suffered by me
and a result of taking part in this event. I further grant
permission for the event organizer to use my name and
picture in any broadcast, telecast other media venue to
promote the event.