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n today’s tough economy, it is more important than ever to have the knowledge, skills and
resources to meet your financial needs. Survival jobs are typically part-time, flexible ways
to earn money. Whether you are a student paying your way through college or a recently
unemployed business executive, this guide will give you some great ideas to help you bridge the
paycheck gap.
Determine Financial Goals
How much do you want to make? Are you looking to make a few dollars for spending cash? Do
you need to pay a bill or to help make ends meet? Do you need something to help you replace
previously lost income? Having a monetary goal in mind will be helpful in determining your best
options for making some additional cash. For instance, a goal of $5,000 may require a larger
investment of time and energy than a goal of $500.
Determine the Frequency and Availability
Once you have determined your goal amount, you will want to consider how often you will need to
work (in your survival job) to meet your financial goal. Are you looking to make some quick cash
every once in a while (for example, during the holiday season), or are you looking to supplement
your income on a regular (monthly) basis?
You will also want to factor in the time and energy you have available to devote to your new side
venture. How much time are you willing and able to spend towards reaching your financial goals?
Depending upon the survival job and your financial goals, you could spend anywhere from one,
two or 20+ hours each week.
Determine Your Interests, Skills & Strengths
What am I interested in? What are my strengths? You may recognize these questions from your
early college days when you were choosing a major and/or career field. A survival job can certainly
make use of your career and/or personal interests, hobbies, skills and talents. It is a great way to
keep your job skills fresh, make accomplishments and gain great experience to add to your resume
during the professional job search. Dabbling (and making money) in your outside interests and
hobbies can also lead to greater personal fulfillment and financial success. Many people have been
recognized for turning their side jobs into full-time careers or businesses. There are countless
examples of downsized workers who turned their hobbies into successful businesses.
Determine Business/Community Trends
Survival jobs don’t necessarily need to relate to your career or personal interests. You might find
that there is a niche in your home, neighborhood, school, career field/industry, place of worship,
or community that needs to be addressed. For instance, you might have noticed that certain
homeowners’ lawns on your block could use some upkeep, or children that attend your child’s
school could benefit from afterschool care. You might determine that you have some bedrooms to
spare or that you have valuable items you don’t use anymore. You might regularly listen to friends
who complain about maintaining their pools, or having to pick up groceries and prepare meals.
Pay attention to the untapped areas of need in your community.
The jobs below are listed in the following industry-related categories for easy reference:
 Creative Arts
 Sales/Marketing
 Business/Customer Services
 Education
 Community/Government/Social Services
 Home Improvement/Skilled Trades
 Hospitality
 Healthcare
 Opportunities for At-Home Workers
Designing Greeting Cards, Invitations, Business Cards and Logos - The gift card industry still is
a thriving business, even in a tough economy, as they are inexpensive ways to show you
care. The average person receives about 30 cards a year. Designers need to have
photographic, writing, and artistic abilities to be competitive in this market. Marketing
abilities are a must to persuade consumers your work is the best to buy and income will
vary depending on how well your work sells.
Photographer - To be competitive in an ever changing market, you must love taking pictures
and have a knack for capturing a person’s essence in a photo! Having a small business in
this field allows you to have a flexible schedule and numerous clients. This niche is ideal
for those with good camera equipment and Photoshop skills. Your income can net up to
several hundred dollars weekly depending on your fees and your specialty. The Professional
Photographer’s Guild of Houston’s website provides great information on starting such a
business! Visit the PPGH website at www.ppgh.org.
Mobile Disc Jockey (DJ) - These days most people are on a budget, and the cost of a band or
full orchestra for an event can really put a dent in the wallet. To be successful you will need
equipment, advertising, and professionalism. Salary ranges from $100-$400 per hour, with
most DJ’s requiring four hour minimum sessions. Knowing and having the appropriate
music to play during events is essential.
Personal Shopper - Personal shoppers give personal assistance to customers depending on their
needs and tastes. One must have an eye for color, ability to make wise fashion decisions,
and enjoy shopping. Personal Shoppers may also be useful for busy professionals/the
elderly who may need grocery shopping or assistance with other errands. Department
stores hire and pay $7-$9 an hour plus small commission for personal shoppers.
Independent personal shoppers make $25-$100 an hour. To gain clients, advertise your
services in local papers, churches, salons, and through online forums and personal/social
Sketch Artist - This fun, creative job is for a skilled portrait ability or fashion illustrator design
background individual. Create a portfolio to showcase work and to gain clients tag team
with an established company to learn how to perform the job successfully. Salary varies
depending on expertise and time spent at event. Visit www.houstonartist.org for resources
and job listings.
Video Production Services - Capturing people’s most personal, prized, intimate moments at
various events. This is ideal for individuals who love to use their camcorder for fun and/or
those who have videography and editing skills. The salary ranges from $75-$1,200 per
event. Visit Houston Professional Videographers Association: houstonpva.wordpress.com.
Varied Musical Work - Varied musical work is a chance for someone who plays and instrument
or has a singing ability to go to various events/venues and perform. This is also a positive
way to improve skills involving singing and playing instrument and also allows network
working to occur. Pay can range depending upon your fee and the demand for your
Makeup Artist - If you enjoy working with people one-on-one and helping them look their
best, make-up artistry may be a field you should consider. The easiest way to learn the
materials needed for this job is to get a part time job at local retailer cosmetic booths or to
take a basic makeup course. Selling cosmetics as an independent consultant (i.e., Mary Kay,
Avon) may also be a great start in this industry. Salary ranges from $8-$15 an hour.
Freelance Graphic Designer - When you go into a restaurant, have you ever noticed how the
menu is designed to catch your eye and make the restaurant and its food seem even more
appealing? A freelance graphic designer has the job of designing menus, magazines, web
pages, stationary, business cards and the like. To get started you need computer proficiency
and basic design principles. Local community colleges frequently offer design courses. Pay
is approximately $20-$50 an hour depending if you work independently or through a temp
agency. Visit www.aiga.org or www.youthedesigner.com/2008/04/21/10-great-places-tofind-graphic-design-jobs.
Home Stager - A home stager prepares a home for sale so that it appeals to buyers. Sellers that
hire home stagers are typically able to increase the selling price and sell the home quickly.
This job will appeal to individuals with home decoration/interior design interests and skills.
Although there are many certification programs, certification is not required. Many stagers
work independently or with real estate agencies and home builders. Visit
www.stagedhomes.com for more information.
Web Designer - Although there are many do-it-yourself website builders on the market, there is
still a place for talented web designers. To start gaining clients tell friends and family, but
also call local companies and market your services. Earnings can range up to several
hundred dollars per project.
Multilevel Marketing (MLM) - This opportunity requires selling products directly to consumers.
This strategy compensates seller for their sales and for the sales of other sellers introduced
to the company. You have the ability to work from home and around your personal
schedule. Income varies month to month. Please note there are many scams and false
promises out there, so be very careful when signing up with these organizations. Visit the
Direct Selling Association for more information: www.dsa.org.
Yard Sales - There are two ways to profit from yard sales: a) selling your own stuff or b) selling
items purchased from estate state sales, other yard sales, and/or your friends’ old items.
Good places to make a higher profit are by selling in higher income areas. Advertise in
newspaper or even post signs around neighborhood about upcoming yard sales. Income
can vary depending on the quality of products and where you are selling. Ebay is a great
tool for selling your/other people’s wares. www.ebay.com
Retail Sales - Despite the tough economy, retail jobs are still plentiful, especially during busy
holiday seasons. There is usually a huge demand for sales people, stock people, cashiers
and managers. It may be advantageous to work in a store that fits your interests or career
aspirations, as it enhances your knowledge, allows you to network with peers and offers you
merchandise discounts!
Market Research - Market research solicits and compiles consumer opinions on products.
There are three different jobs available: focus group, outside recruiters, and phone room
1. Focus Group: Consists of women and men who get together and give opinions about
products. Prescreening is required to see if you fit the qualifications to be a part of
group. Pay ranges from $30-$100 per job.
2. Outside Recruiter: You are required to get people to participate in research. You get
paid depending on how many people actually show up and participate. Pay varies from
$15-$30 per person.
3. Phone Room Recruiter: Responsible for calling people and getting them to come in for
the research program. Pay ranges from $8-$10 an hour. Flexible shifts available.
Secret Shopper - Would you believe that some companies will actually pay you to shop?
Companies hire individuals to go into stores and evaluate company customer service from
workers. Pay ranges from $10-$25 per evaluation. Visit the Mystery Shopper of America
website to sign up for job openings. www.mysteryshoppersamerica.com
Sitting Open Houses - Real estate companies hire people to sit at a table during an open house
and hand out brochures on the house for sale. The pay starts at about $8-$10 an hour with
flexible schedule. To get started just contact a real estate company and let them know
you’re available.
Supermarket Cashier - A supermarket cashier, also known as a checker, rings up the customer’s
items and collects money. Shifts are flexible since most supermarkets are open 24 hours.
Salary starts at $7-$10 an hour for most supermarkets.
Telemarketing - Telemarketing involves engaging in phone sales of particular products or
services. To get started check with local companies or check local newspapers for ads for
job openings. Hours are flexible and can fit around your personal preference. Pay starts at
$7-$20 an hour. Check out Indeed, Simply Hired and Career Builder websites for
openings, as well as www.westparkcom.net
Box Office Salesperson - Consists of three different jobs: 1) working directly with the
customers and selling tickets at various venues, 2) working with companies such as
Ticketmaster, 3) customer service departments answering questions. Pay starts at about $6$12 an hour. Visit Ticketmaster’s website to find current openings. www.ticketmaster.com
Handing Out Fliers/Ad Sign Representatives - Companies hire individuals to hand out fliers to
promote sales and special events. You could also be that person with the promotional sign
on the busy street corner!
Trade Shows and Conventions - Companies hire models, salespersons, college students, and
others to demonstrate products in their best light. If interested Promo magazine lists trade
companies and their upcoming shows. Pay ranges from $6-$8 an hour.
Bookstore Clerk - Books are food for the mind and soul, and bookstores are the restaurants
that serve them. There are limited guidelines to become a clerk at a book store and they
vary between companies. Salary and working hours vary.
EBay Seller - Ebay is a great retail tool for unloading brand new and/or gently used items of all
kinds for profit! Visit www.ebay.com for selling guidance and resources. One resource for
finding items to sell is www.freecycle.org.
EBay Trading Assistant - Act as an agent for other’s items---work with individuals and
businesses to assist them with selling merchandise. Visit http://ebaytradingassistant.com
for more information.
Resume Writing Services - In the current demand for employment, everyone needs a current
resume. Resume writing services create and build professional resumes for job seekers.
This job is perfect for writers and editors. Income varies and can range up to several
hundred dollars per resume. Visit the Professional Association of Resume Writers website
to view information on being a Certified Professional Resume Writer. www.parw.com
Administrative Assistant Services - No office can run smoothly without an administrative
assistant, who is responsible for organizing office and files, answering phones, and setting
appointments. To be competitive you will need business supplies ranging from a
computer, fax machine, and printer to start.
Real Estate Appraiser - Interacting well with people, enjoying the art of selling, patience, and
tenacity are some of the qualities needed for success in the world of real estate. Appraisers
are hired by banks to go and appraise property for current market value. Work hours are
flexible half of the work is done in the field and other half in the office. Must take state
exam to be qualified for job, contact Board Association of Realtors for information. Salary
varies ranging from $50-$100 per appraisal. To get certified visit, www.talcb.state.tx.us/
Personal Assistant - Personal assistants are responsible for running errands, making travel
arrangements, returning phones calls, etc. Salary varies considerably depending on
experience and negotiations, but salary can range up to several hundred dollars a week.
Professional Organizer - These organizers assist individuals and businesses lead organized,
clutter-free existences! For more information, visit the National Association of
Professional Organizers at www.napo.net
Editor/Proofreader - Law firms and publishing houses are sources of employment. A freelance
proofreader checks manuscripts and documents for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
mistakes. To get started you need to take a course in editing and/or proofreading at your
local community college or university. Salary ranges from $12-$15 an hour. To get started,
contact law firms and send resume to editors at publishing companies.
Reviewer - A reviewer, otherwise known as a critic, examines subjects of interest by specific
group. To be qualified you need strong awareness of current events and industry you are
working for. Take class at community college and build resume and develop a collection of
your best work. Pay varies depending on the publication and your experience.
Seasonal Tax Accountant - Becoming a licensed accountant and working out of your home
during tax return months will allow you the opportunity to make quick cash in a short
period of time. One needs to take a course through H&R or Tax Company to learn the
ropes, and after taking the class needs to take state exam to be certified. The months of
March through April will be the busiest time because people are filling their income taxes;
salary ranges from $100-$250 per return. www.hrblock.com
Temporary Office Work - Temp work is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. To
get started sign up with numerous local temp agencies to get all required testing completed
and other relevant information for obtaining temp work. An entry-level receptionist or
administrative assistant starts at $7-$10 an hour. If there is a specific area of interest, sign
up for jobs within that field. Google “Houston temp agencies” for a list of companies.
Temporary Legal Assistant/ Lawyer - If you don’t have a law degree but have a legal
background and experience, consider being a legal assistant or litigation secretary. To learn
what is fully required of a legal assistant, sign up to take a class to learn all needed
background information. Pay ranges from $15-$30 an hour. Look inside law periodicals to
find openings.
Virtual Assistant - These workers provide administrative services remotely—by phone, email
and internet. This niche is ideal for those who prefer to work from home. Check out the
“Opportunities for At-Home Workers” section at the end of this handout.
Substitute Teacher - Being a teacher can be extremely rewarding if you enjoy working with
children. Different cities have different requirements to become a substitute teacher; check
with your local school district to see qualifications. Salary depends on what city you live in.
Visit http://www.houstonisd.org/Page/63720
Teaching what you Know - Everyone has a talent or special ability, such as singing, dancing,
and writing. This gives you the opportunity to instruct others on how to perform their
talent. Advertise in schools, churches and community organizations about the specific
training you can provide. Pay will vary depending on knowledge of subject, pay rate you
set and/or organizational pay rate. Teaching opportunities may also be available through
professional conferences/associations, community colleges and leisure learning courses.
Visit www.llu.com
Fitness Instructor - Get certified at a local school or fitness program. Next visit your local gym
of choice and apply for a position. The pay starts at $10-$60 per class. One should also
consider joining International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA), which helps newly
certified trainers find employment. Certification programs are listed here: http://
Camp Staff - Many college students and teachers find working at a camp extremely
complementary to their work schedule, interests and skills. If you have experience in crafts
and arts, sports, lifeguarding, and have interest in teaching this may be a great part-time job
to consider. Camps can run year around, so check local parent/community magazines or
the following website for camp openings. Pay varies depending on job you select to
perform. www.camppage.com/summer-camp-jobs/texas-camp-jobs.htm
Fundraising - Universities hire students and others to contact alumni to raise money for a
specific cause. To obtain a job of this sort, contact the direct department such as financial
aid, booster club, and alumni department on campus to see about openings. Pay varies
from about $7-$20 an hour.
Traffic School Teacher - These instructors have the responsibility of teaching traffic violators
the rules they have broken. To be hired one needs to attend orientation, view driving
videos, and the correct license to instruct. Shifts are flexible and pay ranges salary ranges
from $10-$20 an hour. http://houstondrivingschool.net/careers
Adult-Education/GED Teacher - If you are an excellent communicator and can motivate
other adults, consider becoming a part-time continuing education teacher. Check with local
universities or community colleges for current opening to be an adult education teacher.
Some programs require you hold a bachelor’s degree and/ or teaching certificate. Pay
widely ranges depending on where you teach, how many hours, and what you are teaching.
English as a Second Language Teacher - There are many opportunities to teach ESL full time
or part time job. Requirements vary depending on school district you’re working in. Salary
also depends on the city you’re looking for work in. Substitute teachers pay ranges from
about $100-$120 a day. Visit the following web page that has the links to training classes.
Language Trainer/Translators/Interpreters - Interested candidates should contact foreign
language schools for business or travel purposes needs of translators. Someone can plan to
work between five to 35 hours per week. Attention to detail, grammar, and syntax are
some pre-qualifications. Pay varies, but teachers can earn $10-$18 per 45 minute session,
translators can earn 10 cents per word, and interpreters earn $15-$30 an hour.
Princeton Review/Grad School Prep Teacher - Teaching and monitoring practice graduate
school admissions tests is a terrific part-time job for anyone who has done well on a
standardized test. The pay ranges from $15-$30 an hour and you’re expected to work 5-15
hours a week. Hiring takes place in early summer or late December. To apply for openings
send resume to www.princetonreview.com/teach-for-the-princeton-review.aspx
Private Tutor - If you enjoy teaching on a one-on-one basis, private tutoring may be a great
part-time job for you. To qualify for this type of work, you must be proficient in particular
area of study and some tutoring agencies may require you to have a bachelor’s degree.
Hours are flexible and pay may start from $20-$50 an hour. Most schools may have
postings on openings or Google local tutoring agencies.
CPR Instructor - Teaching a course in CPR allows you to earn money while passing on
knowledge that can save lives. Complete certification with the American Heart Association
or the Red Cross, which cost about $30-$50 per certification. Next take the actual courses
to become an instructor. Once you have completed all the required steps, contact local
hospitals, clinics, pools and gyms to apply for openings. Salary ranges depending on
company for which you are working. Visit the American Heart Association website to view
upcoming CPR training classes. www.heart.org
EBook writer/information products - If you are knowledgeable about any given subject or
topic, writing an informational book/article and selling it online may be very profitable! A
great option for individuals with writing and marketing skills. Google “How to write
Ebooks” for numerous resources.
Child Care - It goes without saying that child care requires a love of children. To become
qualified to provide child care, first have completed background check, provide proof of
car insurance and car, and also submit references. Pay ranges from $7-$12 an hour. Google
resources for baby sitters and or child care providers. www.dfps.state.tx.us/Child_Care/
Children’s Entertainment - Dressing up and entertaining at kids parties can be a creative, fun
way to earn money on weekends. Party services look for energetic and spontaneous people
to work for their company. To get started you should work for an established party
company to learn exactly what it takes to perform this job. Pay ranges from $30-45 an
hour. Check out the following website of companies in the Houston area.
www.partypop.com/Categories/Childrens_Party/Houston.htm. Also research children’s
entertainment venues such as Pump it Up or Sweet-n-Sassy.
Pet Care - Over 60 percent of the United States population households have a pet. Pet care
providers are responsible for dog walking, pet feeding, litter box cleaning, pet sitting and
more. To get started, obtain liability insurance that cost about $100-$150 a year, post fliers
at local pet stores and parks, and market by word of mouth. Pay varies depending on price
range you set.
Professional Caregivers - With more of the population reaching elderly status, the need for
adult companionship is growing rapidly. Many elderly or their children are willing to pay
for companionship for different purposes. Profession companion can provide assistance
with shopping, preparing meals, and doctor appointments for the elderly. Contact the
states department for human resources for elderly care. Advertise in senior centers/
residences and local super markets. A fair rate starts at about $8-$20 an hour. Google
“Houston caregivers” for resources.
Mother’s Helper - Many busy/professional women and families need additional help around
the house with light cleaning, laundry, preparing meals and running errands. Check
residential neighborhood/subdivision websites for openings. Advertise your services in
schools, community centers and churches.
Nanny/Babysitter - A love for young children is definitely required! Google “Houston nanny
agencies” for information. Babysitting opportunities can be found almost everywhere--start with family members, friends, neighbors and other community members for referrals.
House Sitting - There are opportunities to “house sit” while owners are away on business or
vacation. Navigate through the following website to find openings.
Mobile Auto Detailing - To gain knowledge or experience, work for a detailing shop or take
your car to be detailed and ask questions. You’ll need to $1,500-$2,500 to start up your
company. Secure a business license and care insurance since you will be dealing with others
property. Income ranges from $85-$450 per job. The following link is the state of Texas
business license department. www.businesslicenses.com
Plant Leasing and Maintenance - Provides leasing and caring for plants in business locations
and assure customers of weekly visits will keep their plants healthy and attractive. Personnel
must have basic background knowledge about plants and their maintenance. To increase
customers, distribute fliers and place ads in online communities. Income will vary on the
number of clients and rate you set. Visit the national gardening association website for
information needed to perform the job. www.garden.org/plantguide/
Furniture and Carpet Cleaner - To be successful at this business you will need to purchase the
correct equipment, such as an extraction machine, various chemical products, and obtain a
license to perform the job. Pay ranges from $25-$80 depending on room type. To gain
clients post ads in residential neighborhoods, contact apartment managers, and word of
Handyman - Do you have the ability to fix almost anything from the toaster to the oven? Being
a handyman may be a way for you to earn the cash you need. Contact apartments, home
owners, or friends to find day labor. Hourly rates range from $10-$20 dollars. Post fliers
on bulletin boards, hardware stores, churches and other community venues to find regular
Housecleaning - The hourly rate ranges from $10-$20 an hour, to become active in the business
advertise in residential neighborhoods and online communities to gain clients. Beginners
are encouraged to sign on with an existing housecleaning company to learn the ropes and
build resume, then work independently once established.
Mover - The average person moves approximately ten times in a lifetime. There are two job
opportunities: movers are to load and unload customers housing items. Packers are to pack
belongings. Salary ranges from $6-$15 an hour plus possible tips. For companies, Google
“Houston movers”.
Painting Houses - Painting is an inexpensive way to drastically improve the look of a home.
There is always a demand for housepainters. To get started obtain license with county clerk,
buy equipment, and learn basic concepts for painting projects. Pay ranges up to several
hundred dollars per job. Advertise in hardware stores, in residential neighborhoods/new
communities, and fliers.
Remodeling Homes - There is a tremendous market for home remodeling, for those looking to
sell or just day to day home improvements. Obtain license from city clerk, buy needed
materials, and advertise in various locations. Pay can range from $12-$25 an hour, when
pricing homes make sure to include in quote materials and time. Remodelers may wish to
start with an established company while building resume then work independently once
Restaurant Work - although “waitressing on the side” has become somewhat of a cliché,
restaurant work continues to be a popular survival job because it provides fast cash and
free or discounted meals. When looking for a restaurant job, be in tune with your own
particular needs and criteria. If you are not a night owl, look for a breakfast/lunch café or
family-style restaurant. An average dinner shift in a mid-sized restaurant may pay $75-$100
nightly, while an average lunch shift might pay $30-$75.
Food Delivery for Restaurants or Grocery Chains - As a delivery person for restaurants, pizza
joints and grocery stores, you work as an independent contractor. Shifts are typically four
to six hours, with both nighttime and day shifts available. Of course, you will need a car
and insurance, and knowledge of the working area is preferred. The average income from
working a five-hour shift is about $75. This part-time job also has potential as a business
Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner - Hiring a wedding coordinator to handle all the details
can help ensure a smooth event. If you have the ability to work under pressure, are
resourceful, well-organized and have creative ability this may be a great option.
Coordinators/planners can be hired to plan full event or just partial events. If one has no
previous experience in such field should look into working for another company at first.
Pay can range from $100-thousands of dollars. Visit the wedding planning institute to
locate jobs or complete courses to start a career. www.weddingplanninginstitute.com/
Catering - Caterers are hired for a wide range of affairs: intimate dinner parties, weddings, and
political events. Most large catering jobs are outsourced to companies that have employees
on call. You’ll be responsible for jobs such as unloading trucks, serving and prepping food,
and cleaning up. Pay varies depending on number of events worked and season. Pay can
range from $8-$18 per hour. NACE Houston is the National Association Catering
Executives that helps aspiring caterers; visit their website to join this association.
Limousine Driver/Chauffeur - Limousine Driver transport passengers to and from their
destination in a luxurious vehicle. To be eligible for this job you need a clean driving
record, 25 years of age or older, license for state driving in, and knowledge of area in which
you will be driving. Persons interested in this field should start with large company and
then work your way to a small company with smaller clientele. Salary starts at minimum
wage plus tips.
Hotel Jobs - Hotels offer a number of part-time employment opportunities including doorman,
front desk clerk, and room service waiter. Pay varies depending on scale of hotel. This
offers shift flexibility, as many positions are staffed 24-7. Visit individual hotel websites
and/or visit www.hoteljobs.com.
Valet Parking - Valet parking is a job that offers glamour and earns a substantial wage. The
qualifications for this job include a valid driver’s license, social security card, and clean
driving record. Shifts are flexible and job provides many rewards to working. Pay usually
starts at $8-$30 an hour including tips. Visit local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses
for openings.
Gourmet Food Delivery - Small food companies hire you to deliver food to businesses during
certain time frames. The hours are approximately 7am to 2pm which makes this job ideal
to those who have kids or other obligations. Pay ranges from $50-$150 per day. Check
local gourmet shops for openings.
City Tour Guide - In some states license should be obtained to perform service. Pay ranges
from $6-$20 an hour. Must know city facts, have fun stories, and be a people person.
Personal Trainer - Personal trainers are motivated people who help others become fit and
healthy. Either you can choose to work for health club or work with private cliental. Must
be certified to perform services. Salary starts at $10-$25 for gym locations and personal
services $40+ an hour. Visit the following site to view upcoming listings of certification
classes. http://certifications.afaa.com.
Doula - You can take part in the childbirth experience by becoming a doula and assisting
women before, during and after childbirth. To become a trained doula, contact a midwifery
center in your area. Salary varies depending on location. Contact Doulas of North
America, an organization that helps train, certify, and locate jobs for more information.
Medical Billing - Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims to
insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare
provider. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether they are private
companies or government-owned. Medical billers are strongly encouraged, but not required
by law to become certified by taking an exam such as the Certified Medical Reimbursement
Specialist Exam (CMRS Exam). Visit www.ambanet.net/AMBA.htm for more
Pharmacy Technician – This is a good option for prospective pharmacy and other healthcare
specialists, as well as for those interested in laboratory sciences. Visit www.ptcb.org for
certification information.
Employees need to meet some basic requirements, including having a telephone and PC.
Although the work is conducted from home, interviews for the job aren't always done remotely.
Working at home is a growing and legitimate opportunity, but workers should still beware of
any job that asks you to invest money, provide access to a bank account or give up a great deal
of personal information up front. These are indicators of a possible scam.
www.alpineaccess.com. Alpine Access is a call center company that uses customer service
representatives that work from home. Employees use their own telephones and computers.
The company provides representatives for clients like Office Depot and J. Crew.
http://careers.convergysworkathome.com. Convergys hires home-based call center agents
who provide support in customer service, and also supplies sales agents or help desk staff
for companies.
www.extendedpresence.com/salesjobs. Extended Presence provides their clients with
outbound sales agents and marketing support staff who work from home.
http://internetgirlfriday.com. Internet Girl Friday provides information technology support as
well as administrative services for clients nationwide.
www.liveops.com. LiveOps provides customer service support for a variety of major
http://mmodal.com. M*Modal provides support to medical/healthcare professionals. Their
services include medical transcription and clinical documentation.
www.staffcentrix.com. Staffcentrix supplies virtual assistants for business clients, including
CEOs and upper management of major corporations. There are also many other links to
home-based work opportunities.
www.vipdesk.com/info. VIPDesk provides call center support and also offers a home-based
concierge service to clients.
http://www.bsgclearing.com/services/voicelog/. Voicelog provides representatives to
perform verifications for transactions done online or by telephone. Many states require
changes to telephone service and other remote transactions to be verified by a third party,
which VoiceLog provides.
http://www.apply.westathome.com/index.html. West At Home also hires home-based
customer service agents. They cater to a specific range of industries, specializing in health
care and pharmaceutical support, as well as the hospitality industry.
Additional work at home websites include:
April 2014