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PM World News Release
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Low cost access to massive Business Database now
PM World Library introduces Scholar Level access to EBSCO business
publications databases
1 May 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced a new premium
membership level for its PM World Library to allow project management educators,
researchers and professionals low cost access to more general business resources. The
new “Scholar” membership will allow access to EBSCO’s massive Business Source
Corporate Plus database of thousands of business books, magazines, journals, reports and
other publications. To see the new Scholar membership benefits, click here.
Included in the database resources now accessible from the library are the following:
Business Book Summaries – Access to summaries of more than 2,600 business books
published over the last 30 years, including best sellers and classics by such authors as Dale
Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Edward De Bono, Peter Drucker, Jack Ferraro, Malcom Gladwell,
Seth Godin, Walter Isaacson, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, John P. Kotter, Maribeth Kuzneski,
John Maxwell, Henry Mintzberg, John Naisbitt, Tom Peters, Michael Porter and many others.
To see the list of book summaries, click here.
Newspapers and News Wires from around the world – Access to hundreds of
newspapers from around the world, including the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News,
Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Seattle Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Times (UK),
Times of India, Toronto Star, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Wellington
Times and many more. EBSCO’s Newswires provides near real-time access to top worldwide news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN
Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis. This collection includes over 14,000 feeds
covering a range of business and general news topics. To see the list of newspapers, click
Business Magazines and Journals – Access to over 5,000 magazines, journals
and industry publications from around the world, including Australian Business, Business
Week, California Management Review, Canadian Business, China Business Review,
Construction Engineer, Datamation, Engineering News Record, Enterpreneur, Euroweek,
Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Government Executive, Harvard Business Review, India
Business Journal, Information Week, McKinsey Quarterly, New Zealand Management,
Newsweek, PC Magazine, PC World, The Economist, Wired and many more. To see the full
list of publications included, click here.
Research Database – Access to hundreds of academic journals, including AACE
International Transactions, Academy of Management Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of
Management, Australian Journal of Information Systems, European Journal of Business &
Management, European Management Review, Engineering Management Journal,
International Journal of Project Management, Journal of African Business, Project
Management Journal, South African Journal of Business Management and many more.
Search thousands of publications and sources for any topic related to program or project
management (or anything else). To see the full list of journals, magazines and industry
publications, click here.
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PM World News Release
Other Business Resources – Access to corporate, industry and market information
including nearly 1,000 country economic reports, over 10,000 company profiles, over 5,200
full-text industry reports, SWOT analyses and more.
To learn more about the new Scholar Membership, click here.
To view PMWL membership options, click here.
According to David Pells, Managing Director of the PM World Library: “This is the most
important step we have taken since launching the library a year ago. We are now starting to
realize our vision of becoming a real library, with access to information and resource
databases normally only available through academic and public libraries. For those
professionals no longer at a university or in locations where libraries are not readily
available, this should be a tremendous benefit. We’re very excited about it.”
“For anyone researching a project management topic,” Pells adds, “for an article or paper,
academic research project, book or even to solve a business problem, access to these
databases may prove invaluable. The group memberships can also make these resources
available to multiple students, professionals and teams at even lower rates.”
The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in portfolio,
program and project management (P/PM). The PMWL is produced and maintained by PM
World which also publishes the monthly PM World Journal (PMWJ), a web-based
publication featuring dozens of articles, papers and stories about projects and project
management around the world. To see the latest edition of the PMWJ, visit; to learn more, visit Follow the PMWL on
Facebook, LinkedIn or @pmworldlibrary.
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