How to Buy “Scratch and Dent” Silver… at a 25.3% Discount

Special Report
How to Buy “Scratch
and Dent” Silver…
at a 25.3% Discount
By Eric Roseman
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How to Buy “Scratch and Dent” Silver…
at a 25.3% Discount
Over the last few months I’ve received a blizzard of emails from my subscribers, asking how to buy
And I can’t blame them…
Silver has risen from $8.88 to $29.18 an ounce since October of 2008.
Some of the brightest investing minds have latched onto the white metal:
Jim Rogers says, “If you put a gun to my head and said you have to buy one, I would
buy silver rather than gold.”
At one point, Warren Buffett acquired an incredible amount of silver, estimated at one-fifth of the
world’s supply…
And Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad tabs silver as his #1 investment.
Why is silver so sought after?
It’s the only affordable asset that can protect your wealth from inflation and kick off 50%-100%
There are five key reasons why silver is one of the most important hard assets of 2011-2012. In this
report, I’ll share these demand-drivers with you and show you how to acquire real, physical silver at a
25.3% discount.
So… why is silver white-hot right now?
#1) The Federal Government’s Printing Presses are Stuck on “High”
As you can see from this chart, the money supply continues to expand… at a breakneck pace.
This was one of the key reasons behind the 2009–2011 stock market rally… and the bull market in
gold. All that fresh money is chasing hard assets and inflating stocks, across the board.
I have no doubt that this is an inflationary epidemic in the making. Sooner rather than later, all these
newly created dollars will put serious upward pressure on prices and send commodities skyrocketing.
Holding hard assets, like silver, gives you some insurance in the event of a dollar collapse. Unlike paper money or stocks, it can’t be printed by the government, or issued on-demand by publicly traded
#2) The Gold/Silver Ratio is Out of Whack
For thousands of years, the ratio of gold to silver was 16-to-1 or less. Way back in 3500 B.C., that
number fell as low as 3-to-1. I doubt we’ll see that level again. But the fact remains; today’s goldsilver ratio is seriously out of whack.
As of this printing, it takes over 47 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. That means, to fall in
line with historic norms, one of two things has to happen:
Gold must fall in value, relative to silver… or…
Silver must rise in value, relative to gold
I believe the second outcome is more likely. Gold will retain its value and continue to push toward
$1,500. But silver will increase in value at a much faster rate over the next 12–24 months.
If the Gold-to-Silver ratio falls from 61, here’s what could happen to the price of silver… (These
numbers reflect gold at $1,100/oz.)
Gold-to-Silver Ratio
Silver Price, per ounce
So you see, it would not be far-fetched to see silver jump from $30 to $50 or more.
#3) Silver is Consumed… Gold is Hoarded
Today, well over 90% of the world’s silver is consumed by industry.
Plasma TV screens use up to an ounce of silver per screen. Energy-efficient windows are treated with
silver to reflect the sun’s heat. And in the pharmaceutical, electrical and medical industries there are
numerous high tech applications that require silver.
Once it’s consumed by industry, it’s often gone for good.
Compare that to gold, which is sparingly used in electronic components and rarely destroyed or used
#4) The U.S. National Stockpile of Silver is Empty
In late 2000, the Department of Defense issued a shocking report to the U.S. Congress: “The U.S.
National Defense Silver Stockpile Has Been Eliminated.”
As far as I know, this story was ignored by the mainstream media.
But the impact on silver markets continues to be felt.
This stockpile was once a huge supply source, holding more than 1 billion ounces of silver. But today, it’s completely empty.
That’s bullish for silver for two reasons:
1. A once-major supply source is gone (potentially for good).
2. When the U.S. government needs silver, they have to compete for it on the open market. (As
you’ll see below.)
#5) Booming Demand for Silver Eagle Coins
In 2009, the U.S. Mint has sold more than 26,000,000 Silver Eagle coins. In order for you to understand how huge that figure is, check out this chart of Silver Eagle sales over the past twenty years:
Source: U.S. Mint
As you can see, demand has gone straight up. That’s why the Mint was forced to ration silver coins in
every year since 2008.
And since the U.S. has no remaining stockpile of silver, every ounce that goes toward these Silver
Eagle sales has to be purchased on the open market. (The Mint is required by law to produce Silver
Eagles in quantities sufficient to meet the public demand.)
Compared to the industrial use of silver, this is not a huge demand factor. But as more and more
Americans wake up and realize they’re being looted by inflation, this could amount to a significant
boost for silver prices, particularly the value of coins, which are an excellent, time-tested and portable
store of wealth.
Should you buy Eagles?
That depends on your personal investment situation.
If you’d like to buy silver coins with your IRA, Eagles are a simple, compliant way to pad your retirement account.
The downside is, they come with a giant “premium.” Quite often, you’ll be asked to pay 10–30%
over the spot price to get your hands on these coins.
But as you’ll see in a minute, it’s possible to secure real, physical silver for a much smaller premium,
as low as 2–3% over spot.
How to Buy “Scratch and Dent” Silver at a 25.3% Discount vs. Silver Eagles
There are several ways to buy silver and save hundreds… even thousands of dollars.
One popular way is to buy “junk” silver coins. These are pre-1965 quarters and dimes that hold no
collectible value.
Reputable coin dealers sell bags of “junk” silver from $100 to $1,000 face value. You can get your
hands on these and pay anywhere from $30.20 to $30.45 an ounce for silver. That’s a modest 4% to
5% over spot.
Not bad!
But truth be told, you can do even better…
The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion
Often, the greatest silver bargain you can find is in the form of bullion bars that sell on the secondary market. These tend to be a bit cheaper than “new” bars, which are purchased directly from silver
This “scratch and dent” silver can be a little banged up , and often comes with a variety of mintmarks. But you still get a full ounce… for a very fair price.
Silver bullion can be purchased in individual units… as little as one ounce or as much as
1,000-ounce bars, depending on your budget.
At present, one-ounce bars are selling for as little as $30.84. That’s a huge discount over what you’d
pay for Silver Eagle coins… and a smaller commitment than you’re likely to find with “junk” silver
That means, you could save hundreds… even thousands of dollars, depending on how much silver
you buy.
Amount of Silver
10 ounces
100 ounces
1,000 ounces
2,000 ounces
Cost of Silver Eagles
Cost of Bullion Bars
Potential Savings
Just keep in mind, these prices are approximate. And the less you buy, the higher the premium over
spot price.
To be safe, I recommend you buy silver from a trusted dealer.
The Sovereign Society has been in contact with several over the years, including:
Rich Checkan
Asset Strategies International
1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 100
Rockville, Md 20852
1-800-831-0007 or [email protected]
64 Lake Street, Suite 101
Rouses Point, New York 12979
1-877-775-4826 or
American Precious Metals Exchange
P.O. Box 7867
Edmond, OK 73083-7867
1-800-375-9006 or
We receive no compensation for mentioning them.
When you call or visit their websites, just mention that you’d like to buy silver bullion, with no
preference for condition or mint mark. They will let you know which options are available and how
much they cost. (These prices change daily, along with the spot price of silver.)
How to Make Sure Your Silver is Safe
Unlike gold, it is not practical to hold large amounts of silver in a safety deposit box. (For size
reasons.) But if you do choose to hold some at your local bank, be careful. History shows that safe
deposit boxes are NOT insured by the FDIC. That means if your bank goes under, it could take your
silver with it!
Be sure to find out if your homeowner’s or renter’s policy covers safety deposit boxes against damage
or theft.
A smart way to store silver is in a heavy safe. One that can’t be easily lifted, and offers protection
from fire and other natural perils.
You may also be able to structure your silver holdings through an IRA, effectively buying silver with
pre-tax money! If you’re interested in an offshore IRA, contact Sovereign Society Council of Experts
Member Larry Grossman of Sovereign International Asset Management at 727-784-4841. (But
please note: Sovereign International Asset Management is NOT a bullion dealer. They are custodians
for Offshore IRAs.)
What’s Next for the Economy?
Nobody knows what will happen next in this topsy-turvy economy. But as world governments continue to borrow, spend and flood the globe with trillions of dollars of “funny money” one outcome is
Unprotected savings will take a direct hit. Unfortunately, most investors will be caught off guard.
Their spending power (and quality of life) will be crippled by inflation.
But those who do prepare, and diversify into silver bullion (and don’t overpay in the process) will
reap the benefits as the dollar and other fiat currencies take a tumble over the next 12-36 months.
Is Silver Bullion right for you?
Without question, most portfolios would be better off with a silver lining. But how do you know if
silver bullion is right for you?
My general advice is: don’t buy too much of any one investment, no matter how much you like it.
As a basic rule, you don’t want to allocate more than 15% of your portfolio toward one asset class or
stock — in this case physical silver.
For a good idea of how you could structure a winning portfolio, follow along with my weekly investment research service, Commodity Trend Alert.
Bottom line: silver should be trading over $50 an ounce today. The fact that it’s under $30 means
you can effectively buy it at a HUGE discount, in advance of its next major rally.
My target for silver is $75 an ounce. If that’s remotely correct then silver can gain another 150%
from current levels. If silver reaches its approximate 1980 inflation-adjusted equivalent then prices
can surge another 325% from current levels.
At $29 an ounce, silver offers an exciting entry point for new investors and massive upside potential
in 2011.