PEMAC Plus Brochure

Maintenance Intelligence Made Easy
PEMAC Plus © is a comprehensive Computerised
Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which
includes all the modules you expect but with so
much more …
PEMAC Plus © is a Web Based Multi-Site Computerised
Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that will enable
you to implement the Maintenance Programme you need for your
unique Business.
A simple Interface is used to capture both work requests
and completed maintenance activities.
The result is:
 Improved system adoption and lower training costs.
 Improved communication and visibility.
 A better understanding of the true cost of equipment
 Improved data to aid better decision making.
 Faster close out rates and better response times.
 Reduced administration through paperless
 The maintenance department is seen to add value not
cost to the business!
PEMAC Plus © helps you dynamically change your
Maintenance strategy to maximise asset uptime in the
most cost effective manner.
Using Dashboard Reporting, users can make informed
decisions on the correct strategy for each asset.
PEMAC Plus © is designed to integrate with other
Manufacturing and Financial systems leveraging data,
reducing administration and aiding decision making.
A Maintenance System is no longer enough!
PEMAC Plus © helps you to understand, not just execute, a
Maintenance Plan.
 What are the top 10 failing assets?
 Why are they failing?
 Where are my resources spending the most time?
 What spares are moving in my store?
 Why am I over budget?
Who is
We are experts in Preventative Maintenance and Health & Safety Software Solutions since 1987. Our PEMAC suite
of products helps companies succeed by refocusing their efforts on a Lean Approach to Maintenance Management
ensuring maximum Asset Availability, Compliance with Best Practice and Cost Effectiveness.
 Asset Register allows you to record key assets, link
them to production lines and assign a maintenance
 Key Measures like Mean time to Failure / Repair are
automatically generated for each asset.
 The Preventative Maintenance module allows you to
specify your commitment to the asset, define key tasks,
timelines and the skills necessary to complete.
 The Work Order module allows work to be planned,
allocated and prioritised.
 The History module automatically reschedules
activities, records the cost of maintenance and allows
follow-up activities to be tracked effectively.
 A Multi-site & Multi-store system allows you to resource
spares based on asset demand.
 Spare part costs are allocated to each asset.
 Supports Barcoding and Handhelds for a 24 Hour
 Allows anyone in the organisation to request
Maintenance assistance through a simple interface
using any device.
 The requestor is emailed automatically to keep them
updated on the work status.
 The benefit is that more unplanned work is recorded
and the true cost of asset ownership is identified.
 Spares can be replenished using the Purchasing
module and linked directly to your ERP/Finance system.
Key Benefits of PEMAC Plus ©
 Dynamically implement a Preventative Maintenance
 Analyse unplanned work and dynamically change the
maintenance schedule to eradicate losses.
 Allows you to plan your Maintenance schedule, altering
it based on changing Production schedules or resource
 Identify blockers where insufficient resources or lack of
spares would delay work.
 Link key skills to work and cross reference with the
Training System in PEMAC Care ©.
 Extensive Dashboard reporting identifies key issues and
prompts action.
 Track the cost of maintenance and communicate
effectively to management.
 Link to other Modules including:
 PEMAC 5 Whys ©
 PEMAC Forms ©
 PEMAC Plus © system is mobile ready which allows
you to implement a Paperless Maintenance solution
that’s visible, capture more real time information and
reduce the administration burden on Engineering.
 PEMAC Permit to Work ©
 PEMAC Contractor Management ©
 PEMAC Risk Assessment ©
Sample of our PEMAC clients:
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