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King of Glory Lutheran Church
The Glory News
April, 2015
Volume 48, Issue 4
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Our Purpose
Reflecting God’s Grace
Our Guiding Principles
Jesus is Lord and Savior.
Everyone is Welcome!
Our faith is rooted in Word
and Sacrament.
God grants us unique gifts
for bold service.
In thankfulness, we share
We embrace and nurture
God’s creation.
Transform us, Holy Spirit!
Kari Sansgaard
Anne Palma
Director of Music Ministries
Laurann Taylor
Director of Choirs
Seth McMullen
Nursery Director
Tiffany Longwill
Ministry Coordinator
Julia Bennett
Administrative Assistant
Linda Novey
Charlene Etoka
Nicki Tompkins
Hospital Visitation
Edi Swenson
Alice Nelson
Louise Moore
Bobbie McCaw
Home Communion Visitors
Bob Firman
Katy & Ron Starenko
Nancy & Ken Reglin
Steve & Tricia Wargo
Phyllis Bradburn
Joan & Don Peterson
Dawn & Wes Lewis
Edi Swenson
Ann Sansgaard
Doneta Stephensen
Marge/Fred Holmquist
Tom Helmick
The ELCA health care provider offers “wellness points” when I do things like the following: track my
cholesterol through diet and exercise, meditate, and watch suggested YouTubes. One of the recent
choices was to view a Brené Brown Ted Talk – this one about courage [THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY]. I
earned wellness points; it was a nourishing 20 minutes: a win-win.
I appreciated how Brown reminded me that the root word for courage is Latin for “heart.” In its earliest
forms, courage meant “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Courage, then, is about inner
strength and commitment in speaking honestly about ourselves and our experience – the good, the bad,
and the ugly.
Brené’s research indicates that courageous people tend to believe they are worthy. Their weaknesses and
failings enhance their compassion toward others and, even more, deepen their authentic connections
with other people. Having inner strength naturally leads to committing oneself to people and issues that
matter, that make a difference.
Brené Brown’s understanding of courage reminds me of the greatest commandment. It is this: Love the
Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as
Neighbor includes those who live in geographical proximity to us; our neighbors are also those with whom
we can be connected in an instant by the touch of a key pad.
Jesus speaks this commandment while kneeling on the floor with a basin of water beside him and a towel
in his hand. He is washing the dirt and grime off the feet of his friends – teaching by modeling that serving
another is, indeed, love.
It is a high calling to love our neighbor; it is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are courageous.
I do not always love God above all, and I certainly do not always love my neighbor as myself. I wish I was
always courageous, but I am not. Shame, guilt, and insecurities have often found a home in me.
Andy Crouch, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Director, wrote an article called The Return of Shame in the
March 2015 magazine Christianity Today (located in our church library!). He writes this:
The remedy for shame is not becoming famous. It is not even being affirmed. It is being
incorporated into a community where weakness is not excluded but valued; where honor-seeking
and ‘boasting’ of all kinds are repudiated; …where even the ultimate dishonor of the cross is
transformed into glory, the ultimate participation in honor.
I strongly believe that we need one another, our King of Glory faith community, and perhaps, the
opportunity to once again wash the feet of our neighbor in worship.
We are people of the cross and resurrection. We are courageous people. For us and for our neighbor, it’s
a win-win.
Pastor Kari Sansgaard
Holy Week Services
Maundy Thursday, April 2, at 7:00 pm
Good Friday, April 3, at 7:00 pm
Easter Sunday, April 5, at 8:30 am and 11:00 am
Easter Egg Hunt
10:00 am on East Lawn
for youth 10 and younger
On Hilarity
ἱλαρὸν γὰρ δότην ἀγαπᾷ ὁ θεός
Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not
reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
(2 Cor 9:7 NRSV)
God loves a cheerful giver! But the Greek word ‘hilaron,’ which
is translated ‘cheerful’ in the NRSV, is also the root of the English
word ‘hilarity,’ which brings with it associations of mirth,
giggling, and joyful abandon. What comes to mind when you
read the phrase “God loves a hilarious giver?” I imagine a
dancer, reaching into her purse and drawing out gold coins
which she scatters about gracefully just as a sower sows seed.
It has been my privilege during February and March to facilitate
an Adult Forum on Dying Well. Because of my work in hospice, I
consider myself reasonably good at speaking with people about
death. But money? That’s another story altogether.
Pastoral internship is designed to help aspiring pastors identify
areas for growth, and to take calculated risks. All interns are
required to create a specific project with the aim of addressing
these growing edges of competency. For this reason, I
hilariously announce to you that with the blessing of my
internship committee and the stewardship committee, and with
a nod from the congregation council, I will be focusing my
attention on financial stewardship.
A formal plan is under development, but my project will include
interviewing subject matter experts within and outside the
congregation and our denomination (as well as mere mortals),
reading books, identifying best practices, compiling baseline (deidentified) giving data for the congregation, and making
recommendations to the stewardship committee for the 2016
stewardship drive.
The success of this project will not be measured in dollars and
cents; the seminary indicates that a successful project is marked
by new insights and awareness on the part of the learner, and
hopefully by new skills also. Your participation, therefore, is
crucial to the success of the project. First: Will you pray for me,
that God will grant me courage and winsomeness to speak
graciously and to get up when I fall? Second: Will you think
about and pray about your own relationship to money and
giving? Third: Will you share with me your knowledge,
attitudes, skills and habits as they relate to charitable giving?
I will invite your response to a question each month. As we are
in the midst of tax season, I wonder if you will take a look at your
charitable (cash) contributions for 2014. Would you send me an
e-mail ([email protected]) or drop a note into my
mailbox answering these questions? Anonymous responses are
welcomed, though if you choose to include your name, know
that your response will be held in strict confidence.
Of your total charitable (cash) giving for 2014, what percent
was given to King of Glory, what percent was given to other
church-related ministries (Luther Heights, Lutheran Social
Services, Lutheran World Relief, etc.), and what percent
was given to non-church related charities? (If you majored
in math or engineering, please provide precise percentages
to two decimal points; if not, approximate figures are just
Thanks in advance for your prayerful support.
Your servant in Christ,
Vicar Anne Palma +
From Your Ministry Coordinator:
First, a HUGE thank you to everyone for the
very warm welcome - It’s been a great first few
weeks. I’ve been enjoying getting to know you,
hearing stories and learning about the past and
present of ministries here at KOG. I’m amazed
at all the good works our congregation does
and humbled that I get to assist in all of this
service. There’s still more to learn – and lots going on. Read on
for my monthly update:
If you haven’t filled out a Time and Talents brochure, it’s your
last chance. Take five minutes after Easter service, drop it off in
the little white church in the lobby and I’ll match your hands
with God’s work.
I hear from so many of our members that Coffee Hospitality is
one of our greatest ministries for fellowship and engagement,
and I definitely agree! My warm thanks to everyone who’s
taken time and energy to minister to our community through
their time and treats. You are a blessing to KOG! Because it
takes a village, we’re working on few simple adjustments to
make the process fun and even more organized. If you haven’t
been on a host team, please give it a try – this is a great way to
meet members and get involved. We have room for singles,
couples and families (aka you!).
If you’re 65 or older, the Older Wiser Lutherans want you!
The OWLs love to gather, venture and learn, and we welcome
new participants. April’s adventure is a tour of Micron. Look
for details in the weekly bulletin; a signup sheet is on the board
outside the Fellowship Hall. If you’ve already indicated
interest, your name is there. Marge Holmquist is the activity
Traveling Ministries training. If you’re interested in serving
home communion or hospital ministry, a combined 2015
training will be held. Please plan on attending both Part one
and Part two. Part One: Sunday May 17, 12:30-1:30
Part Two: Sunday May 17th 2-4 pm or Tuesday May 19th 6:30 –
8:30 pm. Sign up and information to follow.
SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, June 20 from 8:45 am – 1 pm.
King of Glory will once again participate in Family Service
Day. Forty sets of hands from KOG helped make a difference
last year – please mark your calendar and plan to join us. If you
have a project idea, see Julia B. Signup and information coming
Just wanted to say a big
THANK YOU! to all the
youth who helped with
the Dollar$ for Doer$ KOG
Community Garden
“Revved Up for Detroit”
to help our youth go on a mission trip
Exciting items await to be bid on like: a McCall motorcycle/trike
ride with breakfast included, Wahooz Fun Center, Powell’s
Candy Shoppe, beautiful necklace and earrings by Lisa DeanErlander, a pie a month by Ann Sansgaard, Creative Crayola
Basket, Hot Air Balloon ride and many, many more.
Don’t miss out on this super fun night to eat delicious food,
watch some amazing talent and maybe win something
spectacular at the auction.
Tickets can be purchased for just $7.00 per person or $25.00 per
family for a night of family fun! Raffle tickets can also be
purchased for $5 for 5, $10 for 15, or $20 for 30.
The Community Garden
Organizers said this year's
"Manure Spreading
Project" was the fastest
and most efficient event they have had in years. Thanks to all of
you who worked so hard and continuously for over 3 hours
shoveling, moving and spreading the number one ingredient to a
great garden and tasty vegetables...Manure!
We had a great time and each of you represented the KOG
Youth with distinction.
Thanks Again!
Update on the
Children and Youth Director Hiring
As the KOG Council prayerfully considers the hiring of the
Children and Youth Director we are reading the book,
"Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn't
Last and What Your Church Can Do About It ", by Mark
DeVries. This book has been read by youth leaders in the
congregation and shares a framework that must be in place
within a congregation to support a successful youth
ministry. Our hope is to partner with our YOUTH COMMITTEE
as we want to ensure we have the right framework in place to
foster a supportive environment for this key leadership position
in KOG.
Please contact Sandy Lieske with any questions.
The following have completed
Holy Communion class and
will celebrate together at the
Maundy Thursday Meal:
Heidi Alderman
Abigail Lagomarsino
Jasmine Mendez-Jorgensen
We celebrate you!
On Easter Sunday, April 5,
Ondrej Tomik Blasch will be baptized.
Ondrej is the son of Erik & Jitka, and
grandson of Bruce & Barb Blasch
Welcome to the Kingdom, Ondrej!
Discipleship Conference
A working committee is forming to put together a weekend
event that will change lives. We seek to form and inspire
disciples for the 21st century with top-ranked national speakers,
amazing music, and moving liturgies. Look forward to a
weekend for the whole family (adults, teens, and kids) that will
be gathering of the faithful from hundreds of miles. Come learn
more at the first committee meeting on Tuesday, April 7, at
6:45pm at King of Glory Lutheran Church or email Mia
Crosthwaite at [email protected]
In late 2009, the Manhattan-based Anne
Frank Center USA announced that the
Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights
Memorial was one of only 11 sites in the
United States to receive a sapling from
the stately chestnut tree that stood until
August 2010 in the back courtyard of the
Amsterdam row house where Anne Frank
and her family hid during the Nazi occupation.
The New American Scholars Advocacy Group is pleased to
report that through the generosity of the congregation, two
plane tickets have been secured for Asukulu and Charlene Etoka
to attend Salima’s college graduation ceremony in Hartford,
Connecticut in May. A member donated frequent flier miles to
purchase one ticket and cash donations covered the cost of the
second ticket. THANK YOU!
Joel Tompkins, Chair
New American Scholars Advocacy Group
Here are personal words of thanks from Salima . . .
Dear members of King of Glory Lutheran Church,
I would like to thank The New American Scholars Advocacy
Group and everyone who was involved in raising the funds to
send my mom and dad to Hartford for my graduation on May
17. I will be graduating with a BA in Political Science, Urban
Studies and French. I can't express how thankful I am to have
the opportunity to celebrate this special occasion together.
We will be sure to send pictures marking this milestone!
God bless!
Salima Etoka
Shepherds Pie
On Saturday, April 25, the
Social Ministry is planning to
prepare and serve dinner at
Interfaith Sanctuary.
Gather in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial for the
planting and public dedication of the sapling on Wednesday,
May 13, 2015 (noon to 1:00 pm), as we add another element of
Anne’s story to the landscape.
“May the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial stand as a
tribute to Anne Frank’s memory, as a warning to any who would
dare trespass upon the freedoms of others, and as an inspiration
to all whose lives are devoted to love, respect, understanding,
peace, and good will among the totality and diversity of the
human family.” Rev. Dr. Nancy S. Taylor
You can also celebrate the 20th anniversary of a tribute that
began with an Anne Frank exhibit in 1995 by honoring the
visionary founders of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights
Memorial at a ticketed reception, dinner and program on May
13, on the 17th floor of the Zions Bank at 8th and Main from
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Individual tickets (open seating) are $75; or
$750 table sponsor (eight seats reserved.) Email
[email protected] for tickets or call 345-0304.
In 2014, 50 shawls and lap blankets
were given out to those needing
comfort through a difficult time.
Those that have received them in
the past have said they get
tremendous comfort from them. If
you need to get one, please
contact Carolyn Jean Smith or Linda in the church office.
Since January 2015, we have already given away 14 shawls and
blankets so we need to replenish our supply. If you are knitting
or crocheting a scarf, can you work in a prayer shawl or two?
We have funds available for you to purchase yarn or just call
Carolyn Jean Smith and she can supply you with yarn and also
We will have a table set up in
the narthex on April 12, and
19, with information on how
you can help by either
purchasing ingredients or providing help with serving or
preparing the dinner. We hope to feed between 100 to 200
guests at the shelter.
We also want to prepare 200 sandwiches for their Sunday
evening meal and we will need around 70 dozen cookies to
serve at both meals. There are so many ways to help with this
very rewarding project. Thank you!
Contact Shirley Dodson with any questions.
Do you knit or crochet?
How about joining in a scarf project. Scarves
will be donated to those in need in our
community in October. If needed, yarn will be
provided. Dark colors are preferred. Scarves
need to be 6 to 8 inches wide and 60 inches in
length. A basket of yarn is located on the
Social Ministry table in the Fellowship Hall.
Any questions, please contact Bev Siefkes.
In addition to the scarves project for October we are also asking
for knitted or crochet hats next fall. If anyone
would like to make those it would be greatly
appreciated. All sizes from infant to adult will be
collected. Just place them on the Social Ministry
table in the Fellowship Hall. Also, if you have any
leftover yarn you would like to donate, we will put
it to good use!
100% of your ticket purchase goes to
Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity
2015 Adult Christian Education
The Social Action Group has planned a series of six Awareness
sessions in April and May that you will want to attend. Several
of these sessions will have outside speakers who are involved
with these issues.
 Four weekly tickets to the tournament with Hillcrest Country
Club VIP Access - $280 value
 One official tournament cap - $20 value
With the Foursome Package, you can treat your foursome,
friends, family, customers, or colleagues while also helping your
favorite charity!
That’s a $300 value for only $150
 Two weekly tickets to the tournament with Hillcrest Country
Club VIP Access - $140 value
 One official tournament cap - $20 value
That’s a $160 value for only $85
Individual Daily Grounds - $15 (available at the gate)
Individual Weekly Grounds - $25 in advance ($35 at the gate)
Individual Weekly Clubhouse - $50 in advance ($70 at the gate)
Ten-Pack Weekly Grounds - $200 in advance
Ten-Pack Weekly Clubhouse - $400 in advance
Corporate 30-Pack Weekly Grounds - $500 in advance
Corporate 30-Pack Weekly Clubhouse - $1,000 in advance
Youth 17 and under FREE with ticketed adult
Grounds tickets include admission to the golf course each day of
the tournament.
Clubhouse tickets provide grounds admission plus clubhouse
privileges each day. Both tickets include FREE parking and
To purchase tickets go to
The Free Meal Ministry wants to remind you
that there are sign-up sheets for cooking,
serving and providing food on the bulletin board
outside the Fellowship Hall every month for
those wishing to serve this outreach ministry.
Our next FREE MEAL is April 25.
“Sandwich Ministry”
In March we made sandwiches from 63 loaves
of bread. A new record!
We are desperately in need of EVERYTHING,
ESPECIALLY MEATS (ham, chicken, turkey, etc.)
Our next Sandwich Sunday will be April 12, and
we welcome all helpers!
April 12 - The Uninsured Poor (Medicaid Expansion) - Terri
April 19 - A Living Wage (Minimum Wage) - Carolyne Pietz/
Gabrielle Applequist
April 26 - Domestic Violence - Ann Sansgaard
May 3 - Human Trafficking - Barb Blasch/Marge Holmquist
May 10 - Add the Words - Julia Bennett
May 19 - Internet Safety - Brenda Bielke
Ongoing Adult Education Opportunities
1st & 3rd Monday
1:30 pm - Christian Life Study Group (Conference Room)
2nd Tuesday
7:00 pm - WELCA Bible Study (Library)
1st & 3rd Wednesday
9:30 am - Women’s Bible Study (Library)
Every Thursday (unless otherwise noted)
8:30 am - Men’s Fellowship Breakfast/Text Study
at Marie Callender’s
Every Friday (unless otherwise noted)
9:30 am - Text Study (Library)
Host Families Needed for 2015-16
My name is Ann Roe and I am the Regional
Manager for CCI Greenheart, a non-profit
organization that sponsors and places high
school exchange students with volunteer host
families in the United States for the academic
semester or year.
Volunteer host families provide the meals for the exchange
student and a place to stay. Students have their own spending
money to cover personal expenses and have accident and health
insurance through the program.
We are currently seeking host families for several 15-18 year old
boys and girls from countries such as Germany, Belgium,
Taiwan, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, Colombia, Brazil, and China
among many others.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Ann Roe
Regional Manager, Idaho
CCI Greenheart, a division of Greenheart International
Cell phone: (208) 899-0505
[email protected]
Race for the Cure
May 9
Those of us who have had breast cancer, as well as
those of us who have been touched by it by a close
friend or family member, feel confident that one day
soon we will find a cure for this dreaded diagnosis.
Help us make this possible sooner than later, and
not only register, but make an additional donation.
The Race itself will be on the 9th of May at the
Albertson's Corporate Headquarters on Parkcenter Blvd. The
site is - look for "join a team" (King of Glory
Lutheran - and if the teams are listed in categories, ours will be
under “Religious"). Registration cost is $25. We're counting on
you! Alice Nelson & Joan Peterson
Meets on the first Saturday of each month
(unless otherwise noted) at 9:30 am at King of
Glory’s library. We read all types of books and
are open to suggestions for future discussions.
Anyone is welcome to join us !!
April 4 ~ ~ In the Garden of Beast by Erik Larson
with Elaine Short as leader
May 2 ~ ~ Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
with Bob Firman as leader
June 6 ~ ~ Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey
with Marlene Jensen as leader
Saying “Goodbye” is so hard to do…..
After 33 years Rosanne and Emil are leaving King of
Glory and our many wonderful friends. This decision
has been something we’ve both struggled with for
quite some time.
Emil was raised Baptist and Rosanne was raised Missouri Synod
Lutheran. We are being called to a faith that is closer to our
upbringing. Pastor Kari-thank you for the many wonderful
sermons, your leadership and for being the special person you
are. Members of KOG-We love each one of you and hope this
decision doesn’t sever our special friendships.
Idaho Interfaith Roundtable
Against Hunger Spring Gathering:
Local Food Systems with Access for All
April 21, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location TBD
Join us for an engaging discussion on the food system with our
two presenters, Ariel Agenbroad from the University of Idaho
Extension on An Overview of the Components of a Strong Local
Food System, and Erin Guerricabeitia from Boise Urban Garden
School on Food Production in the City of Boise. Ariel and Erin
will describe our local food systems and how they relate to food
insecurity. Participants will leave with a better understanding of
how to reach the potential of the systems to alleviate hunger.
Visit for more information.
WELCA Treasure Valley Cluster Gathering
Ladies, please mark your calendars for a morning of fun,
fellowship and gardening magic! The WELCA Treasure Valley
Cluster will be gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church in Nampa (8
South Midland Blvd.) on Saturday, April 18, at 9:00 am. Our
program will be graciously provided by Sheila Anderson and
Paulette Blasig who will speak on the Trinity Community Garden
and the wonderful success Trinity has experienced in this
fabulous endeavor. What a great way to step into the Spring
season! Please join in! If you have any questions please call
Patty Larson. Please be reminded of the following assignments
voted on at our gathering last fall:
Host: Trinity
Registration: Shepherd of the Valley
Opening devotions: Redeemer
Offering collection and counting: Grace, HSB
Closing prayer: King of Glory
Each church is to bring a food item to share and the host church
will provide juice, coffee, and tea.
Our community will come together
for Idaho Gives, a special day of
giving. And we need you to join us!
Between now and Thursday, May 7,
when you make an online donation
to LCS (Lutheran Community
Services) through Idaho Gives, your
contribution could be the gift that
helps us to win special cash prizes.
To learn more, visit the Idaho Gives website and go to the LCS
donation page to make a safe and secure contribution.
Whether you donate now or plan to give on May 7, be sure to
visit Idaho Gives to watch the success of the campaign.
Puzzled by Health Insurance?
Let SHIBA (Senior health Insurance Benefits
Advisors) help you put the pieces together!
 Need extra help with your Medicare prescription drug plan
 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
 Medicare Advantage Plans
 Medicare Supplements
 Long-term care insurance
 Medical claims assistance
 Other related issues
This is a free public service of the Idaho
Department of Insurance to help you
answer your questions and make
informed buying decisions. For more
information call 1-800-247-4422 or
Networker News
You make known to me the path of
life; you will fill me with joy in your
presence, with eternal pleasures at your
right hand. –Psalm 16:11 (NIV)
With the arrival of spring and warm
sunshine days I have been spending my
Grandma Fridays outside with Leo. He delights in everything;
flowers in bloom, bugs crawling on the ground, geese flying
overhead and best of all, the garbage truck arrival. He digs for
worms and makes them new homes by shoveling a bit of dirt
onto a rock and moving them in. His joyful chatter brings us
such pleasure. Playing with him brings my worries to a halt. I
am able to put my concerns behind and live in the moment.
There are 214 uses of the word joy in the NIV translation of the
bible. God created us as emotional beings. We are encouraged
to make a joyful noise. Let’s play together! Immanuel’s
Youth “Seas the Day” event on the 13th was a wonderful joyful
occasion. It was a time of fun and laughter and sharing a
meal. We all need more time dedicated to simply having fun. I
am launching a new “Let’s Play Together” once a month at
Immanuel. Would you please share with me some of the
events you have at your church that are simply for fellowship
and fun?
Kristin Koskella
EWAID Synod Networker
C: 208.866.2801 O: 208.344.3011
20th Annual Children Are Our Flowers
April 24-26
Purchase your flowers and plants at the following:
Cloverdale Nursery, D G Nursery, Edwards
Greenhouse/Florists, Franz Witte Landscape, Gem
Butte Greenhouse, House of Flowers, New
Madeline George, Summer Lawns, and Stephens
Nursery & The Cozy Bean. 10% of all sales will benefit Lutheran
Community Services school-based prevention programs.
Register Online NOW for this summer
Summer camp brochures were mailed out to campers from last
summer. Register early to reserve your first choice spot in our
camp sessions. Registration is now open online at
Work at Camp
Being a Camp Counselor is the best summer job. Luther Heights
is now recruiting to fill college age Counselor positions, as well
as Camphands (high school age), Nurses, Health Professionals,
Maintenance Staff and Assistant Cooks. You can download an
application at or
you can fill them out online. We are currently looking for 1-3
male counselors to serve this summer. If you are a great role
model, interested in giving of yourself for what will be one of
the most rewarding summers of your life, please apply. You
need to be at least one year out of high school. The job
description can be found on the bulletin board outside the
Fellowship Hall.
Plan a retreat for your church or group today!
Luther Heights is a great place to bring your church council,
women’s group, family reunions, a friend group, couples, etc.
NO minimum cost. NO minimum number. Come for renewal,
worship, stillness, great food and fellowship. Our staff will help
plan as much or as little of your retreat as you would like. To
serve your place, or to confirm open dates call 208-886-7657 or
email [email protected] Open dates are: June 5-7, 12-14,
19-21, August 28-30, and September 25-27.
Staff Housing
Luther Heights is looking for a trailer or a motorhome that could
be used for 1-3 months to house 1 to 2 adult staff, and that
would be capable of being hooked up to power and water.
Please contact the camp office if you, or someone you know, if
able to assist. Please call 208-886-7657 or email
[email protected]
Enneagram Workshop with Suzanne Stabile
June 13-14, 2015
King of Glory Lutheran Church
Saturday Description: Know Your Number is a Foundational course and is the first step in working with the Enneagram. In this
workshop, Suzanne introduces the Nine Types: Perfectionist, Helper, Achiever, Individualist, Investigator, Questioner, Enthusiast,
Challenger, and Peacemaker. Each personality type is reviewed in detail, including an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of
the Types, and the likely interpersonal challenges that may be involved in an unhealthy expression of the Type.
Sunday Description: Enneagram: Triads and Stances One of the greatest things about the Enneagram is that it simultaneously shows
us the weaknesses inherent in our numbers and the strengths we have for addressing those weaknesses in effective ways. This
workshop teaches where that work begins— with Triads and Stances. The three central intelligences that define much of what we can
do for ourselves using the modern Enneagram are Thinking, Feeling and Doing. In this time Suzanne Stabile teaches an overview of
Enneagram Triads which are determined by which of these intelligences is dominant in each number and Enneagram Stances which
are determined by which of the three is repressed. Once you know your Enneagram number, this is the next step toward
transformative work.
More details coming soon!
Social Ministry’s Ongoing Projects
Participate in the King of Glory
fundraiser to help our youth
travel to Detroit for the 2015
National Youth Gathering.
The youth are ready to roll up
their sleeves to help you with
your chores and projects to help
fund their trip.
You can lend them a hand by requesting help with chores or a
home project. We ask that you donate $10/hour in the name of
the youth who participate in your projects.
Request forms and more information is available on the Youth
and Family bulletin board (across from the mailboxes).
Do you pay your bills and
do your banking online?
Used Eye Glasses for third world countries. A collection box is
in the fellowship hall. Thank you for your continued support.
Call Barbara Blasch.
Hearing Aids - Do you have any hearing aids that you no longer
need? The Social Ministry Committee will be collecting hearing
aids as an ongoing project and donating them to the Assistance
League. These donations can be working or not, parts or whole,
and old or new hearing aids. They will be restored and refitted,
and given to those who are unable to purchase them. Parts will
be reused or melted down to form new aids. There will be a
box in the fellowship hall for your welcome donations. Thank
you! Contact person is Helen Gregory.
Pop Can Tab Collection for the Ronald McDonald House on
Warm Springs Avenue. The Ronald McDonald House provides a
place for families who live outside of Ada County to stay while
their children are receiving medical treatment at local hospitals.
The Ronald McDonald House recycles these pop can tabs and
the money is used to purchase items for their House. Contact
person is Marge Holmquist.
If you do, you might like to know that you can make your offerings to King of Glory online as well. It’s true. And it’s easy.
Simply add King of Glory Lutheran Church to the list of payees
on your bank’s website. You can make your gifts at your convenience, or schedule regular gift payments to come from your
account. You won’t need to write a check or use a stamp -- just
a few clicks of your mouse.
Labels For Education are on many of the products you probably
have in your home. The labels are donated to local elementary
schools and are used to purchase supplies that their budget may
not cover. You may deposit the labels in the jar on the Social
Ministry table in the Fellowship Hall. Contact person is Shirley
If you want to make your gifts online, go to the ‘Bill Pay’ tab on
your bank’s online account page and follow the prompts to add
a new payee. Enter: King of Glory Lutheran Church, 3430 N.
Maple Grove Road, Boise, ID, 84704. You can use your envelope
number as your account number (though no account number is
Food Offerings (canned & dry goods) may be placed on the
shelves outside the entrance to the Fellowship Hall. Idaho is
presently the sixth hungriest state in the nation. The Social
Ministry Committee will oversee the distribution of our gifts to
those in need. Please prayerfully consider making an offering of
food a weekly or monthly practice in your home. All ages will
enjoy participating!
Your gifts will be sent safely and securely to the church when
you wish or at a regularly scheduled time. Questions? Call your
bank’s customer service line for assistance. They can help. As
always, thank you for your generosity in Reflecting God’s Grace
Stewardship Committee
The OWLs Out to Lunch Bunch is
cancelled in April. The OWLs will be
going on a tour of Micron.
More information to follow.
Ways YOU can help keep King of Glory Safe for All!
Please help keep King of Glory a FRAGRANCE FREE place for
those who have severe allergic reactions to scented lotions,
colognes, aftershaves and perfumes.
Bringing a Treat? Please use the NUT NOTE CARDS in the
kitchen to identify foods with nuts. Simply place a card for any
food item containing nuts.
Prayer Chain Any members who would like to be included on
the Phone or E-mail Prayer Chains, please let the office know.
We would be happy to add your name!!
Sharing is Caring Is a program is to help those members of King
of Glory who may be faced with extraordinary circumstances
due to illness, etc. If you are aware of someone who could
benefit by prepared meals / food brought to their home, please
contact Pat Nearman.
Remembrances for the Day In lieu of flowers to acknowledge
an anniversary, birthday or a loved one’s memory we will
acknowledge them by a remembrance. You will receive a
special envelope on the Sunday of your remembrance to make a
donation to the special designated ministry of the day. These
remembrances will be recognized in the Sunday bulletin.
Everyone is welcome to sign up on the charts posted by the
Fellowship Hall.
Hospitalized?? Please notify the church office when you or a
loved one is hospitalized. We will then contact a pastor and
include you in the prayer chain, if you desire. Even if you name
King of Glory in your admissions paperwork, we will likely not be
informed of your admission. Please remember to call us so that
we can stay connected to you.
Nathan and Sharonette Bowman Spring 2015 Newsletter
Kuwamizu Church, Matsubase Church, International Church
Jiai-en Social Welfare Services Community
Kumamoto, Japan
Dear Family in Christ,
We have entered spring on a chilly note, but not near as cold as many of you have experienced this year. The Cherry blossoms are
beginning to dot the landscape, and are expected to go into full bloom around Easter, after which the ground will be carpeted with
pink petals.
Before we share our recent events and a small view of our work, we would like to let you know that we will be visiting the United
States on Home Assignment beginning July 16, through early September. We would like to make ourselves available to you for
visitation. As our home base is in Arizona, we would like to coordinate any travel that is outside of the state in order to lessen the
financial burden of having us come to your congregation as much as possible. Please let us know as soon as possible as to if you would
like for us to come, and when that would be best for you. The Global Mission of the ELCA requests congregations to cover logistics
expenses in the event of visits.
To begin with, Christmas became a celebration of God’s bounty, as we began distribution of the Christmas presents for children in 16
institutions in and close to Kumamoto prefecture. We were at about 70% of need (30% short) when we began dividing the gifts into
the sixteen stations at Powlas (Nursing) Home here at Jiaien. Two hours later, we confirmed that we had a bounty, and not a deficit of
about 30%. God blessed the work by multiplying the gifts before our eyes even as we were distributing.
Last year’s Christmas gifts for the children included wooden toys made by Davis Crater of Minnesota and another gentleman, Louis,
from Arizona. Later, we heard that Davis’ battle with cancer ended in late January, as he was called home into the Eternal presence of
our Lord and Savior. At his wife’s request, a memorial gift was used to repair, paint and upgrade two rooms at the children’s center at
Jiaien in his memory. These two rooms had been an eyesore, and in any other country would have been condemned. We were also
able to replace light switches, which were a fire hazard. Now it is repaired, and the pathway to the infirmary is brighter and clean. We
pray for God’s comfort to strengthen and bless the family of Davis Crater.
As Japanese laws concerning the care of children change, there has been a push to incorporate Nursery schools with Kindergartens.
Called “Kodomo-en” or Children’s Gardens, (isn’t that what Kindergarten means?) many kindergartens, including Kuwamizu
Kindergarten, have had to upgrade their facilities to accommodate babies from six months old. As the school year begins the beginning
of April, Kuwamizu Kindergarten has completed a new facility for $ 700,000. Additional playground equipment will give the 140
children many opportunities to share, explore and grow.
From Winter to Spring, we have been blessed with time to repair and to rebuild. Part of ministry is providing a safe worshipping
environment. Our pews at Kuwamizu Church are very old, and in my opinion, uncomfortable. As a preacher, I do not have to sit there
very often. To the members of the church, the old pews are sacred. Many people have sat in them and offered prayers there. They are
also falling apart. Many are in disrepair. Part of being a missionary here is to safely welcome people into God’s house! “Maintenance”
is not a well-known word in this country! We will see what can reasonably be done!
We have continually been blessed with new opportunities for ministry in every area of our ministry. The International Church ministry
is also in a time of transition. Our Indonesian Pastor will be returning to home with her family, and we are sending back to America
two missionaries who have worshipped and led worship for us. One will be going into Seminary, and another will become a librarian.
They have been a blessing to us. We welcome three new missionaries who are called to teach English at the Lutheran Schools here in
Kumamoto as short term missionaries (two years teaching).
As we approach Easter, we thank God for the amazing gift and sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died to make
fellowship with God possible, and to give us not only a new lease on life, but to give us eternal life in God’s presence. Next week, we
will celebrate this amazing gift with many services, and then join once again in the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection. We remember
with thanksgiving your commitment and faithfulness in ministry and mission, as you continue to support us with your prayers and your
gifts. May God richly bless each of you in your mission of outreach and encouragement in the Name of Jesus.
Celebrating Jesus, who gave His life for us,
Nathan & Sharonette Bowman
Pictures relating to this letter can be found on the bulletin board outside the Fellowship Hall
1 - Kristine Shannon
2 - Alice Nelson
6 - Dan Price
8 - Jasmine Bielke
Jim Davis
9 - Mark Enger
Dylan Greany
Kirsten Lagomarsino
Dale Sharp
Duane Thompson
11 - Sierra Bush
12 - Sharlene Harvey
14 - Emma Dillon
Lyman Larson
Kellyn Owens
Erika Thompson
15 - John Amos
Susan Holm
16 - James Niebergall
17 - Marilyn Brown
Mattie Cupps
John Freeney
18 - Angie Tinker
20 - Greg Olson
21 - Judy Frost
Benjamin Price
George Trytten
22 - Samuel Wildeman
23 - Todd Kraft
24 - Jill Schmoll
Darrell Werries
25 - Christopher Amos
Katelyn Loy
29 - Jacob Bradstreet
Brandi Molyneux
Kevin Winsauer
30 - Helen Gregory
Melinda Walters
1 - Dave/Rebecca Meyer
2 - Lonnie/Mary Holloway
7- John/Tamara Fadgen
Dale/Norma Krick
8 - Bob/Kay Foster
Dale/Helen Sharp
11 - Joe/Bonnie Molyneux
Robert/Deedra Pedersen
16 - Bob/Christine Grund
Roger/Beverly Siefkes
18 - Tom/Corinne Janstrom
19 - Frank/Gen Boguslawski
26 - Steve/Patricia Wargo
Our Condolences to. . .
Dale & Donna Knittel, family and friends on the death of
Donna’s father, Donald Drill, who died on February 26.
***The Social Ministry
Committee would like the
congregation to honor our
home-bound members in
the month of their
respective birthdays or
anniversary. We ask our
members to either send
them a card, or perhaps a
phone call, letting them
know they are a part of the
congregation and we have
not forgotten them.
Leah Holstine, family and friends on the death of
her husband, Leland “Lee”, on March 4.
Dick & Ann Sansgaard, Kari Sansgaard, Maren and Rachel
Brendefur, family and friends on the death of Ann’s mother,
Virginia Peterson on March 6.
Asukulu & Charlene Etoka, family and friends on the death of
Asukulu’s twin brother Mmunja.
Dave & Becky Meyer, family and friends on the death of
Becky’s father, Jack Radcliffe, on March 11.
Bob & Glena Norris, family and friends on the death of
Glena’s father, Eldon Black, on March 17.
And also to others who lost loved ones
Please help your church office to be as efficient and helpful as possible by keeping the following in mind:
The Glory News -- All information for the monthly newsletter, is due in the church office by the 15th of each month. Please send
your article to [email protected] Late articles will be added to the next publication.
Office Hours -- Monday through Friday -- 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. The church staff meets at 11:00 am on the 1st and 3rd
Wednesday, and also during our lunch hour from Noon - 1:00 pm, the phone will not be answered and will go into voicemail.
Bulletin Announcements -- All announcements for the weekly bulletin are due in the church office by Thursday, Noon.
Voicemail & Email -- All voicemail & email messages will be answered as soon as possible. Messages left after 3:00 pm on Friday
will be returned on the next business day.
Do we have your email address? If not please call the church office at 377-0220 or email [email protected] This has
become such a widely used method of communication and we want to make sure we keep up to date. Thank you!
Pastor -- Kari Sansgaard - [email protected]
Vicar -- Anne Palma - [email protected]
Ministry Coordinator -- Julia Bennett - [email protected]
Director of Music Ministries -- Laurann Taylor - [email protected]
Director of Choirs -- Seth McMullen - [email protected]
Administrative Assistant -- Linda Novey - [email protected]
The youth that are attending the Gathering in Detroit would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our
congregation. You have been generous and supportive to help us make our trip in July happen:
•At the Shrove breakfast we served around 170 people and made around $1,200. We were also able to bring
leftover sausage, pancakes, eggs and fruit to the Boise Mission, as well as bag leftovers for some congregation
•Some people are supporting us through Dollars for Doers. If you need any jobs done (i.e. yard work, cleaning,
moving etc.) we are available!
•THANK YOU to Connie Winsauer - master pie maker! She and her minions (Jeanette, John & Jordan Wallace ,
Todd, Peter, Ben & Noah Dean-Erlander, Therese & Lena Etoka, Rachel Brendefur, Kari Sansgaard, Heidi & Liam
Freeney, and Claire & Erik Vaage) made 100 pies on Saturday and sold them on Sunday. Over $700 was raised for Luther Heights Bible
Camp scholarships. Thank you to all of you who sacrificed a little bit of your waistlines and money to make a BIG difference!!
•SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, April 18. Detroit ELCA Youth Gathering Dinner & Auction. We are "Revved Up for Detroit"!
•DOES anyone in the congregation own a CLASSIC CAR they would like to show off? The theme for our youth fundraiser dinner & talent
show is "REVVED UP FOR DETROIT". We would love to have some cars at our event to celebrate the evening. Contact Wendy Dillon or
Erica Sarrazolla.
The Social Ministry Committee sincerely thanks you for your continued support of our local food banks through your generous monthly
food donations. Fourteen sacks and four large boxes of groceries and one bag of personal care products were delivered to Hope
Lutheran Church Food Bank during the month of February. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to help banish hunger.
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Your kind generosity collecting food to donate to Give Hope Food Pantry is truly appreciated. As you know, the need is great and we
can use all the help we can get.
Debra Dean
Dear Prayer Shawl Group,
The prayer shawl given to Frank was beautiful. We loved learning about the symbolism of the colors and stitches. We thank you for the
love put into making the shawl and for your special ministry.
Family of Frank Hertzog, Debbie, Christian & Karli, and Jeremy
Thank you for your generous gift to ELCA World Hunger. With this gift we seek to support sustainable solutions to care for those most
affected by hunger and poverty.
Elaine, from Mountain Home called thanking KOG’s quilters for the quilt given to her from the Red Cross following a house fire. She was
extremely grateful for the wonderful quilt she received in her time of stress.
Dear King of Glory Members,
Thank you for your prayers, many cards and food as I recover. My leg is healing well. I feel blessed to have your support.
Love, Cathie Olson
For gifts of flowers which brightened our homes, for gifts of food which nourished and sustained us, for your presence at Virginia's
funeral, and for your memorial gifts to Mendenhall Ministries, we thank you, friends from King of Glory. We have felt surrounded by
your love and kindness.
Gratefully, Pastor Kari and family; Ann and Dick Sansgaard and family
The staff wishes to thank members of the congregation for their generous Christmas gift. We are truly blessed to work for a caring and
thoughtful congregation.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Thank you so much for the cards, flowers, food, home visits and prayers during this hard time of the loss of a loved one - Mmunga Jules,
Asukulu’s twin brother who lived in Congo. Our family has been comforted and blessed in many ways.
The Etoka Family
I wish to thank members of the congregation who showered me with birthday greetings, cards and gifts. I know I am truly blessed.
Linda Novey