Pyramid Lake Optometry Program

Our Staff
Pyramid Lake
Dr. Troy Humphreys
Dr. Cori Cooper
Dr. Becky Humphreys
Dr. Umari Duffus
Kevin Thomas
Optometry Clerk
Pyramid Lake
Tribal Health Clinic
Optometry Department
705 Hwy 446
PO Box 227
Nixon, NV 89424
Phone: 775-574-1018
Fax: 775-574-1114
Email: [email protected]
The office hours are
8:00 am—4:30 pm
Doctor Days:
Tuesday and Friday
8:00 am-4:30 pm
Please call in advance if you
have to cancel an appointment,
we have a waiting list of
patients that could use your
cancelled appointment slot.
Please arrive fifteen (15)
minutes before your
appointment to update your
insurance or other
necessary information
We provide the highest
level of eye care and
services to our patients
We would like to take this opportunity
to welcome you and your family of all
ages to the Pyramid Lake Optical
Come visit us for your Comprehensive
eye health evaluation, as well as our
very Fashionable eyewear.
The mission of the Optical Department
is to provide the highest level of eye
care and services to you, our patients.
In addition to providing quality eye
care, another one of our goals in the
Optometry department is to educate
the public about the health of your
eyes, and how important it is to have
annual exams.
Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health
Managing eye health
conditions such as eye trauma,
infections, glaucoma, cataracts, and
diabetic eye condition.
We have a large selection of frames to
choose from including some great Native
American frames.
We have experienced staff that will help
you select the frame shape, size, and
color that looks best for you.
We offer contact lens fit and evaluation.
We can order in the contacts here for
you, and if interested in color contacts
we can order those, too. Children’s
Vision and Eye Health evaluations are
also available.
Sports Eyewear and Sun wear.
Student Program: The PLTHC offers
free eyeglasses to qualifying enrolled
members who are or will be attending
college or school.
Senior Program: The PLTHC offers free
eyeglasses to qualifyng seniors. Who do
not have any other type of vision
insurance. To qualify you must be 60
years of age or older. Be an enrolled
Pyramid Lake Tribal Member or be a
Native American from a federal
recognized tribe who resides on Pyramid
Lake Reservation.
 Diabetes
Program: The Diabetes
Program will pay for glasses once a
year, if you are a Native American from
a federally recognized Tribe and resides
on the Pyramid Lake Reservation and
receives your Diabetic treatment at the
Any glasses or *contacts that will be a
self pay need to have the money order
first before anything can be order
*Contact lens trials exempt when contact lens
RX is finalized then a money orded will be needed
Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Cooper are very well
educated in the Diseases of the eye. They
utilize the technologies, we have available,
like the JVN machine.
What is the Treatment for Diabetic
In the early stages of background diabetic
retinopathy there may be no need for
immediate treatment, but the disease
should be carefully monitored by regular
eye examinations.
If the condition
laser may be used to seal leaking blood
vessels, slowing development.
With all
serious eye disorders, early detection by
regular eye e3xaminations result in more
effective treatment, especially for a disease
that is progressive in nature, such as
diabetic retinopathy.