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S A V E T H E D A T E ! Saturday, July 20, 2013
Alumni, parents, teachers, and friends of Paul VI High School
are invited to join the Paul VI Alumni Association
for a day in North Wildwood for the Paul VI Summer Party!
Saturday, July 20, 2013
WHERE: Flip Flopz Bar & Grille, 300 New Jersey Avenue, North Wildwood
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
$25.00 includes a full free buffet, free beer and house wine, plus the usual
discounted drinks until 7:00 p.m. You’ll also enjoy music from the Alumni
band “Screaming Matilda.” Alumni are welcome to remain after 7:00 p.m.
at no cover charge.
Questions? Contact Mary Anne Yeager, [email protected]
or Dominic Vesper, [email protected]
Register online at www.pvihs.org and click on “Eagles in the Wild.”
Attention classes of ’73, ’78, ’83, ’88, ’93, ’98, ’03, ’08!
Why not have your reunion or pre-reunion with us on the 20th? Roof-top patio with a pool and bar
is available for your class at no extra charge! Any class year is welcome to schedule a group party.
Preregister Online Now and Your Name Will Be Included in a
Drawing for a $100 Cash Prize and a Paul VI Gift Basket!
Proceeds will go directly to support student scholarships for incoming students to Paul VI High School.
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Institutional Advancement Update
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President Michael Chambers ’94; Principal Sr. Marianne McCann, MPF; Editor and Director of Institutional Advancement Mary Anne Yeager ’73
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SPRING 2013 | 1
Message from the President
Dear Fellow Eagles,
We continually remind our alumni that
Paul VI High School is a special place. Our
school, our teams, our extracurricular
programs all bear the name of a very
remarkable person, whose life and works
have inspired everything our school has
stood for and has aspired to be for over 47
years. Paul VI High School continues to be,
for all of us, a standard of excellence, a foundation for how to live
life well, and a realization of the highest potential of what we are
called to be.
It is the goal of our alumni, teachers, coaches, staff members, and
administrators to inspire our students every day: teaching them,
encouraging them, and guiding them to attain the highest
possible vision of what they can be, as students, citizens, and
children of God.
Our alumni remain committed to having Paul VI High School
represent the very best in Catholic secondary education: to be a
beacon, a model of what is possible for high schools everywhere.
Our goal is to be the school that, more successfully than any other,
builds a compelling Catholic foundation of values; offers challenging
academics for an uncompromising sense of self and spiritual
growth; provides real-life experiences that prepare our young
people to embrace opportunities; encourages consideration of
others through a commitment to serve; and educates responsible
citizens of this global society.
As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2016, we are at a very
exciting time in the school’s history. We recently celebrated the
achievements of our Paul VI family at the third Hall of Fame
Ceremony, by inducting ten outstanding new members, to whom
this issue is dedicated. We continue with our strategic plan for
enhancing Paul VI facilities to better support the very strong
academic, athletic, and arts programs already in place. We thank
you for the dedication that has made this possible, but we still need
your assistance to continue our journey toward true excellence. We
want to advance our school in all respects: in how we teach and in
how students learn; in how we work in partnership with parents to
serve the academic and personal needs of our young people; and
in how we strive every day both to provide individual attention and
to address community-wide concerns.
As always, I look forward to meeting more of the alumni personally
at the many events throughout the year at Paul VI. When your path
brings you home to “the nest,” please be sure to make some time
to celebrate with this special community. We’re proud to have
helped start you on your own journey, and we want to hear about
your experiences along the way. We are grateful for the help you
continue to give to Paul VI High School, and we will continue to
invite you to join us on our shared path as we do our best to walk
in the footsteps of our namesake.
All the best,
Michael Chambers ’94
The Hall of Fame display
graces the Paul VI High School
entrance lobby.
Message from the Principal
Paul VI High School has ended another
year, and we have added another two
hundred and twenty nine students to the
alumni. In September, we will begin the
forty-seventh year with a hope and all our
prayers that we continue in the traditions
which you were a part of and which have
helped many of you succeed in life.
of their support. We see more and more alumni participating in
our events: the football alumni gathering, the alumni following our
basketball and baseball teams (even on the road), and the increased
numbers of alumni attending the Pauction.
While mentioning the Pauction, I would like to note that our recent
Pauction was the first one chaired by two alumni, Mike Brady ’82
and Karen (Sauer) McArdle ’83 – and it was a great success. That,
to me speaks volumes since one of our goals when we started the
Pauction was to have one large event that would unite us for the
good of the Paul VI community.
In the diocese, we are comparatively still a
“young” school in terms of alumni. Our 50th anniversary will be in
2016, and the 50th graduating class’s anniversary will occur in 2019.
Of course, that means most of our alumni are either paying off their
loans or putting their own children through college. That makes us
even more deeply grateful to our alumni and alumni parents for all
To all of you who play a part in this, we say thank you.
Message from the President of the
Alumni Association
He was a cultivator. If he thought you had potential, then he would
invest his energy in you. If he believed that you needed extra help
with your studies, then he would grab you by the arm in the school
cafeteria, just to remind you that he would help you get a tutor.
This issue of SOAR focuses on the great team of men and women
who will be inducted into the Paul VI High School Hall of Fame. All
of this year’s recipients have made many contributions to the Paul VI
community through their leadership and dedication. Their inclusion
in the Hall of Fame is well deserved and has been well earned.
He loved to follow all of the extracurricular activities at Paul VI, but
sporting events were probably his favorite. He went to all of the
games, meets, and matches; field hockey, soccer, football,
basketball, wrestling. He was the first to wish you good luck on the
day of a big game.
My message for this issue continues on this theme of great Paul VI
leaders and singles out one in particular: Mr. Pat Rowan.
I can remember one time when I got into some trouble on the day
of a playoff baseball game that would no doubt send me to
detention and cause me to miss the game. Mr. Rowan told me that
instead of serving the detention on game day that I could serve the
detention the next day. I would lose all my free periods for one week
and pick up trash outside, along the classroom windows, for all to
see. But he said that my real punishment was that I had to call my
father at work and tell him what had happened.
Mr. Rowan was synonymous with Paul VI, as any leader is to any
great team. His passion was Paul VI High School, plain and simple.
There was no ego with Mr. Rowan when it came to his work. There
were no hidden agendas. His agenda was to provide young men
and women with the necessary tools and sound guidance that
would prepare them best for life’s challenges. He was stern but fair.
He appeared mean, but his inner soft side was always there.
I have many fond memories of Mr. Rowan during my years as a
student and also in the years since. It was his interaction with
graduates that impressed me the most. He remembered everyone
and always took the time to ask both recent graduates and those
who graduated years ago how they were doing. When you would
see him as a PVI alum, the conversation was never about him but
rather about you. He knew your part in the play, that touchdown
you scored, and who your brothers and sisters were.
He was an honest man. He would tell you when he honestly felt
that you were headed down the wrong path or when he thought
you would be a regular in his “after school” group in Room 104. He
is probably the only fisherman who would admit when he didn’t
catch anything.
Sister Marianne McCann
Paul VI has definitely lost one of its all-time community leaders. It is
sad to think that the big fella will never again stand in the middle of
the hallway and yell, “People, please get to class!” I would encourage
all fellow alumni, especially those who have children who are
students and may never have met Mr. Rowan, to tell a story or two
about that great man who will forever live in our hearts.
God Bless.
Dominic J. Vesper, Jr. ’88
President, Paul VI Alumni Association
SPRING 2013 | 3
2013 Alumni
Hall of Fame
Welcome to the 2013 Paul VI High School Alumni Hall of Fame issue. Every three years, members of the Paul VI
community are named to the Hall of Fame. Previous honorees have included teachers, alumni, and community members
who were recognized for their work in a variety of fields. This year, we are pleased to honor ten individuals for their
outstanding contributions both to Paul VI and the larger community. We congratulate this year’s inductees as well as all of
those who were nominated for this honor.
Front row, Yola Stagliano, Gregg Metzinger ’74, Maureen Leary Naughton ’72, Brian Morehead ’85, and in acceptance for Patrick J.
Rowan, his niece, Patricia Hook.
Back row, In acceptance for Arthur J. DiPatri, his son, Kevin DiPatri, Mike Chapman ’70, Reverend Robert E. Hughes ’81, Angela
Snyder ’82, and accepting for Dr. J. Mark Powell ’70, who was unable to be in attendance, his brother, Deacon Peter Powell ’74.
Dr. J. Mark Powell ’70
Mark is one of five Powell siblings (Catherine, Mark, Jeanne, Joan,
and Peter) to graduate from PVI during 1969–1973. It was during
his junior and senior years at PVI that Mark saw the news of the
Biafrin War in Nigeria, and he was struck by the hunger, poverty,
and tragic circumstances of many people around the world. This
may have been the impetus for his decision to join the Peace
Corps after graduating from Camden County College, and it set
his career path. He served in Upper Volta in West Africa (now
Burkina Faso) for 3 years as a Peace Corps volunteer and for 1
year under a World Bank contract. There he surveyed land and
designed and helped rural communities build contour dikes to
improve water retention and rice yields. He also worked with
village youth to grow school gardens. While he was there, he met
his wife, Ellen, another Peace Corps volunteer. They have traveled
and lived in many parts of the world during the last 38 years.
After his work in the Peace Corps, Mark completed degrees at
Clemson University (BS in Plant Science), Cornell University (MPS
in International Agriculture and Rural Development), and Texas
A&M University (PhD in Agronomy) to better understand the
biological and social factors that affect food production, natural
resources, and rural livelihoods. He worked as an Agronomist
(study of crops and soils) with the International Livestock
Research Institute and spent 9 years in rural Nigeria and Niger
developing methods to enhance food and feed production for
farmers and their livestock. Currently, Mark is a lead Soil Scientist
with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a Professor in the
Department of Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison. His
commitment to improving rural agriculture and, more recently, to
addressing global climate change has taken him to Africa, Asia
(China, India), Australia, and Italy, where he conducted research
and worked with farmers. He has hosted scientists and advised
university students from other countries and has also published
2 0 1 3
Academic and
Career Achievement
Dr. J. Mark Powell ’70
Maureen (Leary) Naughton ’72
Angela (Piccinini) Snyder ’82
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
many research and
academic articles,
book chapters, and
papers in the areas
of environmental
and agricultural
science. He serves
on various national
and international
scientific advisory
committees and
recently returned from 6 months in Rome, where he served as a
Distinguished Expert at the United Nations Food & Agriculture
Organization. He attributes much of his life’s journey to a strong
family base and the sound Catholic values reinforced at Paul VI.
Reflecting on his years since graduating from Paul VI High School,
Mark has found that people, no matter their country of origin,
background, or place in life, are all similar: They seek to enrich
their lives through love (love of self is how we love each other),
kindness (to oneself, and through this to each other), generosity
(give and receive—both are important), and smiles (everyone likes
them!). Ask yourself often: Who and where am I? Interesting
answers will come! Be happy, but not complacent. Challenge
yourself, for change creates freshness and new ways to enjoy life.
Exercise for physical and mental fitness. Mark loves his work,
professional writing, and feels blessed to have great colleagues,
staff, and students, and a loving family.
Mark and his wife, Ellen Taylor-Powell, have two children, Andrew
and Taylor Ann. Mark, Ellen, and their son, Andrew, enjoy living in
Madison, Wisconsin. Their daughter, Taylor Ann, and her
husband, Josh, enjoy living close by in St. Paul, Minnesota. They
cherish their regular visits back to the Collingswood area and visits
with family and long-time friends. n
Athletic Achievement
Lifetime Dedication to Paul VI
Mike Chapman ’70
Reverend Robert E. Hughes ’81
Gregg D. Metzinger ’74
Yola M. Stagliano
Brian Morehead ’85
Honorary Award
Arthur J. DiPatri
Honorary Posthumous Award
Patrick J. Rowan
Honorary Posthumous Award
SPRING 2013 | 5
Maureen Leary Naughton ’72
Maureen Leary Naughton (previously known by her teammates on
the Paul VI 1972 State Championship Basketball Team as “Bean”) has
practiced environmental law for nearly 30 years. For the last 25 years,
she has been an Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York,
and she is the Chief of the Toxics Section in the Environmental
Protection Bureau. For a second time, she was recently awarded the
Louis J. Lefkowitz Memorial Award of Excellence by Attorney General
Eric T. Schneiderman.
Maureen is married to J. Michael Naughton, who is also an attorney
and is a partner in the Albany law firm Young Sommer. They never
discuss the law. Maureen and Michael both majored in English
literature in college and they do discuss books and articles in the New
York Times. They have two children, both of whom were also English
literature majors: Dylan Kelsey, age 23 (Villanova ’11), who now lives
in Manhattan and is a communications coordinator for the law firm,
Ropes and Gray; and James Michael, age 21, who will be graduating
from James Madison University in May 2013. Unfortunately, both
Dylan and James are considering law school.
Maureen’s sister, Judith ’70, was a member of one of the first
graduating classes at Paul VI. Maureen’s niece, Meghan Leary ’05, is
also a Paul VI graduate and went on to graduate from the University
of Pennsylvania with a nursing degree.
Maureen has been a long-time member of the New York State Bar Association’s Environmental Law Section and serves on their Executive
Committee as the Continuing
Legal Education Chair. She
“Become engaged
speaks at numerous conferwith something you
ences sponsored by the Naare passionate about. tional Association of Attorneys
General. She is also on the
And never give up.”
Board of Directors of the State
Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys, working on legislative initiatives and other professional activities
with numerous other states.
For nearly 10 years, Maureen has been on the Board of Directors of
the YMCA in her upstate New York town. She most recently became
involved with their Circle of Champs program, which provides
support to seriously ill children and their families.
Maureen’s long-time dream has been to protect the environment,
and she continues to live that dream today. She was inspired by early
environmental activists, such as Rachel Carson, James Muir, and Aldo
Leopold. Maureen’s biggest inspiration, however, has been her
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
mother, Lorraine
Berrigan Leary. Even
today, at the age of 84,
Lorraine continues to
be an effective
environmental activist
in her Haddonfield/
Haddon Township
There are roughly
three lessons Maureen
learned during her life’s journey:
First, just say yes. To life. To opportunity. To people. To hard work. To
giving. To truth and integrity.
Second, believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Never allow
someone else to define who you are, or dictate where you should be
going or what you should be doing. Remember always how valuable
you are in the world and how you can make a difference.
Finally, get in to the arena. Get in the fight. Become engaged with
something you are passionate about. And never give up.
Consistent with that final lesson, Maureen has a piece of wisdom for
Paul VI students from the writings of one of the earliest
environmental activists and land conservationists in America:
It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the
strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done
better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives
valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again; who knows
great enthusiasms and great devotions; and spends himself in a
worthy cause; who at best knows in the end the triumph of high
achievement; and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring
greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid
souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even
though checkered by failure . . . than to rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray
twilight that knows not victory or defeat. —Theodore Roosevelt.
Maureen would like to sincerely thank Mary Anne Yeager, Michael
Chambers, and the entire Paul VI alumni community for the honor
and privilege of being named to the Alumni Hall of Fame. Paul VI has
always been and continues to be an inspiring and exceptional
educational institution. n
Angela (Piccinini) Snyder ’82
Angela Snyder has more than 20 years of experience in the financial
services industry. She is the CEO and Vice Chairman of Fulton Bank
of New Jersey, a Fulton Financial subsidiary headquartered in Mt.
Laurel. Fulton Bank of New Jersey has assets of $3.5 billion and
operates 73 branches throughout New Jersey. Angela is responsible
for the strategic direction and growth of Fulton Bank of New Jersey.
Angela was named a 2013 Women of Distinction honoree by the Girl
Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey. She was named a 2012
Women of Distinction recipient by the Philadelphia Business Journal.
She was also named one of New Jersey’s 2011 Best 50 Women in
Business by NJBIZ, and she received the 2011 Alice Paul Equality
Award. In 2010, Angela was recognized by the Greater Gloucester
County American Association of University Women, Gloucester
County Commission for Women, and Gloucester County Board of
Chosen Freeholders to receive the 2010 Gloucester County Women
of Achievement award. Angela also received the 2009 Beyond the
Glass Ceiling Award, sponsored by
the South Jersey Chapter of the
“My time at PVI
National Association of Women
Business Owners, Pioneer of the Year
taught me that
award. She was also named as one of
strong and
the top business people to watch
under the age of 40 by both NJBIZ
and the Philadelphia Business
community are
one of the most
treasures in life.”
Angela serves on several area
nonprofit boards, including her role
as Board Member and Trustee for
Our Lady of Lourdes Foundation. She
also serves on the Board of Directors
for the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce and was recently
appointed as a Director to the New Jersey Bankers Association. In
2008, Angela founded the Women’s Leadership Council of
Gloucester and Salem Counties. She is the past chair and a current
Steering Committee member of the Council.
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
Angela is married to
Dan and has two
children, Jenna and
Daniel ’14. Her
cousins Renee
Virgilio ’84, Gina
Brooks ’84, Rick
Virgilio ’88, and
Andrea Brooks ’94
are also PVI alumni.
When Angela was
young, she planned to pursue a career in elementary education, and
she was inspired to follow her career path by a mentor she met while
studying at St Joseph’s University. Angela notes that her family
encouraged and inspired her to work hard and to be prepared to take
advantage of opportunities that present themselves throughout life.
Working with diverse teams, teams with different skill sets and
experiences, provided her with great learning experiences. Angela is a
breast cancer survivor. She has learned that a strong support system,
including family, friends and colleagues, is critical to success.
In her free time, Angela works with several nonprofit organizations,
including the United Way, Girl Scouts of Southern and Central New
Jersey, the American Heart Association, and the Alice Paul Foundation.
She also enjoys spending time at the beach with her family.
Angela said, “Paul VI instilled in me the importance faith and core
values to provide guidance through life’s decisions. My time at PVI
taught me that strong and supportive community are one of the most
important treasures in life.” She offers current PVI students the
following advice: “No matter what you are trying to accomplish,
define what success would look like for you. This will ensure you
always know where you are headed, even if you make a wrong turn
along the way. Develop a plan to get there. Taking personal
ownership for how you will reach your goals is critical. Building your
road map before starting your journey is a must. Lastly, celebrate
success along the way.” n
SPRING 2013 | 7
Mike Chapman ’70
Paul VI opened its doors for the first time in 1966, accepting
freshmen and sophomores. That year, Mike Chapman, a Barrington
resident, entered as a freshman.
“Fr. Joseph A. Von Hartleben was our principal. He told us from the
beginning that to outperform other high schools we needed to outtrain them in our practices, look for information to help improve our
skills, and then imitate to perfection the right technique. I embraced
this throughout my 4 years at PVI and applied it to my life as an
athlete and later as a coach.”
Mike was voted as the first freshman class president in 1966. He was
also the first PVI state champion in any sport and the first to set a
state meet group record in the Parochial “B” javelin throw. Mike
scored the first varsity touchdown as the captain of the football team
in its first varsity game in 1968, a 44-0 win over Archbishop Kennedy.
That game football is still in the school trophy case.
Mike was a three-time state champion in track and field, setting
records and winning numerous county and statewide major meet
championships in the shot-put and javelin events while he captained
the PVI track team to a perfect season in 1970. According to Mike, “I
remember in 1966 giving the first speech ever in the auditorium as
class president, asking my classmates to help put PVI on the highest
plateau of excellence.”
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
Mike then accepted a
full track and field
scholarship to Arizona
State University and
was named twice to
the All-Western Athletic
Conference in the
javelin. Mike’s best
throws with the college
implements were
54’7” shot-put, 161’9”
discus, and 252’3” javelin. Before that, he attended Camden County
College graduating with an AA Degree. At Camden County, he was
National JC Javelin Champion, and was given the Charles A.
Wolverton Award as the school’s most outstanding athlete in 1972,
and in 1993, he was inducted into the Camden County College
Sports Hall of Fame.
After college, Mike continued his success by reaching the Olympic
qualifying standard in the javelin throw. He competed in the 1980
USA Olympic Trials and had a lifetime best throw that year of 261’1”.
President Jimmy Carter boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games in
Moscow, Russia, sending no USA athletes.
USA Track & Field ranked Mike nationally for 6 consecutive years in
the javelin, and the International Association of Athletics Federations,
the world governing body of track & field, ranked Mike as a worldclass track and field athlete in 1980-1981. In 2012, Mike was inducted
into the prestigious South Jersey Track and Field Hall of Fame, which
includes such great athletes as Carl Lewis and other Olympians.
Mike has three siblings who attended PVI: Tom ’70, Helen ’71, and
Patrick ’74. Mike lived in Scottsdale, AZ, for 35 years and raised four
sons: Michael, Thomas, Brian, and Shawn. Mike worked as a manager
for Best Products and coached part time at Arizona State for 5 years
and for 20 years at Scottsdale Community College.
Mike moved back to New Jersey in 2008 for family reasons.
Mike said, “I would like to tell the students at PVI today to welcome
every day at school as a life gift from God to you and your
classmates, so you can improve your knowledge skills and
friendships, knowing that everything that happens there affects you.
So join in and participate in something because you can never get
this time back in your life again.” n
Mike Chapman as a freshman in 1966, PVI’s first freshman
class president, making the first student council speech on the
stage in the school auditorium.
Gregg D. Metzinger ’74
There are many pathways to becoming a productive, well-grounded
citizen, and as a student of PVI, Gregg believes he was both equipped
and encouraged to aspire toward a path that instilled knowledge,
economic self-sufficiency, and respect for self and others.
Gregg graduated from PVI in 1974. He lettered in basketball and
started varsity during his sophomore, junior, and senior years. Then
he attended La Salle College in Philadelphia, PA, on an athletic
scholarship, where he was a reserve on two basketball conference
champions, two NCAA teams, and one Big Five Champion team. He
graduated in 1978 with a BS in business administration, specializing in
personnel and labor relations.
“Live life
one day at
a time.
Every day
is a gift.”
Gregg is a human resources professional and has
worked in this field for more than 30 years. After
his graduation from La Salle, he was employed as
a personnel relations representative with RCA
Space Center in Princeton, NJ. While employed at
RCA, he received an MBA from La Salle College
in 1983. After RCA, he held various management
positions with Perdue Farms of Salisbury, MD, in
their Southern and Midwestern regions.
For the past 13 years, Gregg has been employed with Hill
International of Marlton, NJ. He is a Senior Vice President and
manages Hill’s worldwide recruiting and talent management process
as well as their staff augmentation business unit.
Gregg and his longtime companion, Darlene Scott, have a 24-yearold daughter Janell, who is pursuing a nursing career.
Gregg’s mother, Elizabeth, still lives in Barrington, NJ, Gregg’s
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
hometown. Gregg has
three brothers, Harry,
Keith ’71, and Gerry
’79, and one sister,
Marianne Whipple.
Four of her five
children are PVI
graduates, Danielle
’89, Christian ’90,
Andrew ’92, and
Melissa ’94.
Gregg is a believer in Jesus Christ and owes everything to Him.
Over the past 30 years, Gregg has coached numerous grade school
basketball teams. He is currently the head coach of the girls’
basketball travel team of the Camden City Catholic Partnership
Schools (St. Anthony, Sacred Heart, Holy Name, St. Joseph, and St.
Cecelia in Pennsauken). For the past 3 years, Gregg has conducted
clinics for the students with a number of former South Jersey
basketball players.
Along with teaching good sportsmanship and leadership skills, he
shares the following thoughts with the student-athletes:
Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
Live life one day at a time. Every day is a gift.
Do not personalize.
Do not worry; it is God’s will, not ours.
It’s okay for everyone to have an opinion.
And lastly, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our
steps” (Proverbs 16:9).
SPRING 2013 | 9
Brian Morehead ’85
Brian still holds the all Paul VI boys’ basketball scoring records —
1,523 career points, 644 single season points (1985), and 45 points in
a game. He was named 1985 Courier-Post Player of the Year. The 6foot-2 shooting guard was a three-year starter for South Jersey Hall of
Fame coach Art DiPatri. He won the State title with the 1983 Paul VI
team led by current James Madison University coach Matt Brady ’83.
“There were so many great players and coaches that I was blessed to
play with and learn from during those years (1981-85). Certainly,
winning a state title in 1983 with such a close group of talented
teammates and coaches was very special. Our 1985 team snapped
Camden High’s 85-game conference winning streak during my senior
Brian feels very blessed to have met a gentleman named Tim
Lenahan at the young age of 8. Tim was Brian’s basketball coach and
became a father-like figure, mentor, and best friend after the passing
of Brian’s father when he was just 7 years old. Tim would continually
tell Brian that he could do anything or be the best at anything he
wanted if he worked hard and believed
in himself. Tim gave him the ability to
“Your dreams
dream big! At that time, for Brian, it
will require hard was all about basketball. He wanted to
work, discipline, be the best basketball player and
faith, and a little student he could be. He wanted to go
to college and play. The Morehead
family was a middle-class family with
six kids and a mother who was forced
to work for their family’s survival, so money for college was going to
be an issue. However, with the beliefs instilled in him by Tim and
nurtured to new levels by his other mentor, high school coach Art
DiPatri, Brian achieved his dream of playing in college and getting an
education. Best of all, he didn’t have to pay for it. Anybody with
children will tell you what a huge blessing that was, one that Mrs.
Morehead, even now, in her 80s, recounts with so much joy and
pride. He used what he was taught: lessons of faith, love, hard work,
and being good to others – and this has been the foundation of how
Brian lives his life and his work.
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
Brian received his BA
from Bentley University
Massachusetts, where
he received a full fouryear scholarship and
was a key contributor
and part-time starter
all four years. He is
Vice President of
national Accounts for
Singer Equipment. His
division designs and sells food service equipment to national chain
concepts. Singer Equipment Company applies a team concept
philosophy, and as a result, the business has grown 1000% since
1987. A family-owned business for more than 94 years, the company
is being brought to new levels by the founder’s grandson, Fred
Singer. Brian said that Fred has been another blessing to his business
life. A friend and progressive business thinker, Fred has embraced the
“team philosophy” and the success of the company that is directly
linked to key core values that all successful teams follow. Brian shared
with us that everyone has a valuable role on the Singer team, like the
Paul VI teams he played on from 1981-1985. By working together,
everyone enjoyed great success.
Brian said, “I have learned that life is a journey. We all go through
different seasons in our life, and everyone experiences ups and
downs. I have had my share of difficult moments that have included
losing family members and friends. I have also experienced incredible
highs in my personal life, such as marrying my wife, Megan.
Throughout it all, I have tried to live my life with faith as taught by
Jesus Christ. I can tell you, with 100% certainty, believe in His
promises! I’m living proof.”
Consistent with the way Brian has lived his life, he has some wisdom
to share with Paul VI students today. He says, “Dream big! You can do
anything you set your mind to do. Anything worth having will not
come easily. Your dreams will require hard work, discipline, faith, and
a little luck. However, the rewards can be great! Live your life with
passion. You only get one. You may as well make it great.” n
Arthur J. DiPatri
Art DiPatri was one of the most
legendary basketball coaches in the
history of South Jersey. After graduating
from St. John’s University, he began a
long teaching and
coaching career. He
successfully guided
three different high
school boys’
programs, at
Gloucester Catholic,
Woodrow Wilson,
and Gloucester
High School, before
winning two state
championships with
Paul VI over his 22year coaching
career. His teams
were always well
prepared and fundamentally sound.
Mr. DiPatri served as the PVI head boys’
basketball coach from 1973 to 1987.
“To many, he was a
monumental life
influence, and he was
considered so much
more than a basketball
During that time, he compiled a 230-140
record and captured two State
championships, first in 1980 and again in
1983. Over the next 14 years, the PVI
Eagles were among the top teams in the
area, and his epic battles with Camden
High School and its coach, Clarence
Turner, became some of the most
memorable games in area history. He
retired from coaching for good after the
1987 season, but he left the Paul VI
program in good shape, and the Eagles
won another state
title in 1988, under
coach Steve Selby.
The players he
coached consider it
a privilege to have
played for Coach
DiPatri. To many, he
was a monumental
life influence, and
he was considered
so much more than
a basketball coach—
a teacher, a friend,
and a mentor. He
pushed and
challenged his players to excel at
anything they put their minds to. He
instilled in them the passion to achieve
their goals through discipline, teamwork,
honesty, and hard work.
Mike Androlewicz ’82 said, “I believe I
speak for many others who passed
through the Paul VI basketball program
under Coach DiPatri. I look at men today
who played for Coach DiPatri years ago,
and I see them in successful careers,
being good sons, good fathers, and
good husbands. I think Coach DiPatri
had a big influence on them. “
The Paul VI community lost a legend
when Coach DiPatri died suddenly on
January 12, 2011. He had a loving family
that included his wife, Sheila, and four
children, Patricia, Art Jr., Kevin, and
Megan, and seven grandchildren. n
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
Members of the
Paul VI High School Hall of Fame
2013 Inductees
Mike Chapman ’70
Dr. J. Mark Powell ’70
Maureen (Leary) Naughton ’72
Gregg Metzinger ’74
Reverend Robert E. Hughes ’81
Angela (Piccinini) Snyder ’82
Brian Morehead ’85
Yola Stagliano - Honorary
Arthur DiPatri – Honorary
Patrick J. Rowan - Honorary
2009 Inductees
Steve Burley ’72
Nan Famular ’73
Michael Glavin ‘74
Tim Lenahan ’76
Michael Androlewicz ’82
Martina Attanasi ’84
Marie Gallagher - Honorary
2006 Inductees
Robert Quaile ’70
John Conway ’71
Reverend Timothy Byerley ’72
Captain Robert Jackson ’72
Deirdre Kane ’72
Mary Scharff ’73
Jerry Falasca ’75
Vince Sarubbi ’78
Tim Curry ’82
Reverend Michael McGilley - Honorary
Hall of Fame Committee
Chair: Daniel O’Shaughnessy ’85,
Board of Trustees
Reverend E. Joseph Byerley ’82,
Chair, Board of Trustees
John Conway ’71, Board of Trustees
Michael Chambers ’94, President
Mary Anne Yeager ’73,
Director of Institutional Advancement
SPRING 2013 | 11
Reverend Robert E. Hughes ’81
When Father Hughes was young, he always thought that he would
be a doctor. He liked science and was more studious than athletic, so
it seemed a worthy pursuit. While he was in in high school, he was
amazed at a presentation made by a newly ordained Vincentian
priest during the annual Vocations Awareness Week. The priest
presented a side of priesthood that Father Hughes had never
imagined. As a typical kid, he thought that priests said Mass, prayed,
and lived generally “boring” lives.
However, this priest described
“He came to
how he worked in a poor North
understand that a
Philadelphia neighborhood with a
group of volunteers who fixed the
priest was like a
homes of the elderly and the
doctor. You simply poor. This talk made Father
Hughes reflect on whether he was
cared for souls.”
being called to be a priest. It took
3 more years for him to conclude that the answer was “yes.”
Father (now Monsignor) Rock was an inspiration to Father Hughes as
well, challenging him in his freshman Honors English class to find his
potential and become a serious student. Sister Marianne chaperoned
a trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland during his senior year,
opening a window into the world beyond South Jersey, and Father
Hughes hasn’t stopped traveling since. His parents, family, and
several other priests of the diocese, especially the late Monsignor
Velozo, likewise played a major role in his formation.
After leaving Paul VI, Father Hughes found that he was better
prepared for college than the average student at La Salle College
(now University). He found college relatively easy, which gave him
the time to be involved in his parish and reflect on what God wanted
him to do. By the end of his freshman year at La Salle, where he had
been a pre-med major, he realized that he needed to apply to the
diocese to become a seminarian. He came to understand that a
priest was like a doctor. You simply cared for souls.
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
Father Hughes has
been connected to
Paul VI for most of his
life, and he says that
his blood truly runs
“blue.” As a young
priest, he was assigned
to Holy Savior in
Westmont, and each
Advent and Lent from
1991 to 1996 he would
hear confessions for the students. Then from 1996 to 1999, he served
as a teacher at Paul VI (Latin I, II, III; Senior Religion) and Yearbook
Moderator, Senior Level Moderator, and Religion Chairperson. From
2001 to 2003, he was the first President of Paul VI (taught Latin III
and IV) and then reprised that role as the third President from 2005
to 2011.
Father Hughes has learned countless lessons in a half-century, but he
considers the most important one to be yourself. He would like to
remind students to be grateful for the 4 years they spend at Paul VI. A
Catholic high school education is possible only with the sacrifice of
loving parents who believe that the values taught at Paul VI are
fundamental to a life of learning and excellence. He also advises
students to work hard. In a world where so much comes to us easily,
one can quickly forget that we have a responsibility to use the talents
God has given us, to give Him glory, and to contribute unselfishly to
the well-being of others.
Fr. Hughes has a number of Paul VI alumni in his family, including his
sisters, Bernadette Hughes Underwood ’83 and Nancy Hughes Naulty
’86; his cousin, Jennifer LeFevre Montone ’89 his niece, Kaitlin
Underwood ’14, and his nephew, Blake Underwood ’17.
In his free time, Father Hughes enjoys travel, music, and
the beach. n
Yola M. Stagliano
Yola showed an early interest in languages. From her preschool years (1
year in Italy at the age of 4) to her Hallahan Catholic Girls High School
days in Philadelphia (studying Latin, French, Spanish, and English), she
followed her goal of being a high school language teacher. After studying
at Columbia University and graduating from the University of
Pennsylvania, she spent the first 5 years of her teaching career at
Woodstown High School, which she really enjoyed.
When her children were old enough for school, she began her happiest,
most rewarding years at Paul VI High School. As level moderator and
department chair, she really enjoyed working with Msgr. Russell Rock, Sr.
Marianne McCann, and all of the teachers and students. When her
children graduated from Paul VI (Richard ’71, David ’73, Donna ’75, and
Paul ’79), they were well prepared to continue their education and
achieve their goals. After retiring from Paul VI in 1992, she continued
teaching languages as a homebound tutor for the public high schools.
2 013 H A L L O F FA M E
equally important in
helping shape who
they are. What they do
and don’t do will affect
their future. Maturity
and responsibility lead
to independence, and
these 4 years are
stepping stones to who
and what they will
Yola said that she has
always felt a close connection to Paul VI, returning year after year for the
outstanding plays, dinners, and many activities, as well as the Pauction. In
2010, she even won the Pauction grand prize, a Mustang convertible! She
stated, “The school, my colleagues, and the students I have had the
honor of teaching will always hold a loving, warm place in my heart.”
Today she would give high school students the same advice she tried to
instill in them when she was teaching. “The 4 years of high school are
such important ones. Christian values, social skills, and academics are
As a community, we are grateful to Yola Stagliano, an eloquent and
professional colleague and friend, who has remained dedicated and
involved to help Paul VI strive for excellence! n
Patrick J. Rowan
Pat’s Catholic
upbringing and
education were a source
of great pride for him. It
was the sisters and
priests Pat met in this
environment who
inspired him the most.
Pat admired the values
and principles of these
individuals, such as Sr.
Ann Arthur, Msgr. Harry Jordan, and lay teacher Marshall Halpern. Pat
strove to be the kind of role model to his students that these educators
had been to him. One of Pat’s most cherished awards was the Bishop’s
Medal for meritorious service, which he received in December 2002.
Pat, a St. Mary’s School alumnus and 1966 graduate of Gloucester
Catholic High School, was always fascinated by science. His true academic
journey began at Villanova University, where he chose to study
biochemistry. After his freshman year, he changed his major to
psychology after taking an interest in the brain and human development.
After college graduation, Pat found himself drawn to education as the
primary focus for his professional career. He taught at Pyne Point Middle
School in Camden for 1 year before joining the staff at Paul VI, where he
remained for the rest of his career. It was at Paul VI where his love of
learning grew into a love of teaching.
Once Pat became a teacher and Assistant Principal for Discipline, Pat
drew his inspiration from the students he saw every day. Pat loved
teaching psychology, but most of all
he loved his students. He enjoyed
“...character and
being involved in the extras at
school as well: moderating the
truth will always
debate team, chaperoning school
ultimately prevail.” dances and the senior class trip,
attending sporting events, and
overseeing his beloved stage crew. Pat believed in the principles of
service, leadership, and above all, character. This was the lesson he would
want his students to take with them throughout life. As Pat once wrote,
“Standards of scholarship change, leaders rise and fall with time, but
character and truth will always ultimately prevail.”
Outside of school, Pat devoted his time to his other loves: first, his family,
Thom his brother, his sisters Kathy and Maryann, his brother-in-law Bill,
and the light of his life, his niece Patty. And secondly fishing; he always
dreamed of owning a boat, moving to Florida, and spending his
retirement fishing. Although this dream unfortunately never came to
fruition, the legacy that Pat left behind in his 41 years at Paul VI as an
outstanding teacher, colleague, and friend is not one that will soon be
forgotten. n
Some of it’s magic and some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the
way. —Jimmy Buffett
SPRING 2013 | 13
Students in
S T U D E N T S in A C T I O N
42nd Street!
Heart of Camden
The drama department produced yet another fantastic show to remember. Our drama and dance students performed the musical,
42nd Street. From set design, to chorus lines, to the acting … it was
pure entertainment. Congratulations to the cast and crew of 42nd
Street for, yet again, another extraordinary performance!!
Remember what it felt like when you stood in the
spotlight? “This was my first musical at Paul VI High School, and
it was hard work, but it paid big dividends. Rehearsals were tiring
and frustrating, at first, but in the end it was so rewarding; I met so
many awesome and talented people, all of whom I am happy to
call my friends, now. We all worked to put on a great show, and the
best part of it all was that moment where you take a bow with the
audience on their feet in front of you.” - Sydney DiBernardo ’10
Alumni …. It was so grand that you came!
Thank you to the following alumni who came back to share their
expertise with this year’s cast and crew … because, after all, there’s
no business like show business.
Alumni Cameos!
Left to right: Kiana Ye ’14, Gabby Brown ’13, Morgan Harris
’13, Riaá Redd ’13, Erinn Fontno ’13. The PVI girls basketball
team spent the day in Camden, first cleaning up a war memorial
park, then painting crosses with the names of those murdered
in Camden this year.
Ryan Breslin ’04, Priscilla Fredrick ’07, Tunisia Hayward ’05, Shaun
Leavy, Ryan Romberger ’04, Alyssa Sciscio ’07, Colleen Wood ’04
Catholic Charities
Helped with Choreography!
Sarah Garvey ’05, Alyssa Sciscio ’07, Steve Wovna ’08
Helped with Set, Props, and Backstage!
Zach Aubrey ’09, Stephanie Filippo ’10, Julie Margraf ’12, Joe
Mohnacs ’11, Jim Schumann ’08, Mackenzie Silvestri ’12
Shane Murphy ’13
Senior Shane L. Murphy
received the Boy Scout
Rank of Eagle. The Rank of
Eagle is the highest award
given to a Boy Scout after
they have completed a
service project that
benefits the community or
a non-profit group. A
ceremony where Shane
was recognized for his
achievement was held at
the Gloucester Township
Municipal Building
followed by a reception.
Shane was also presented with the Most Courageous
Swimmer award from the South Jersey Interscholastic
Swimming Association.
Mike Chambers and Sister Marianne McCann pictured with
Joe Flacco, Super Bowl MVP award recipient, at the Diocese of
Camden’s Catholic Charities 10th Annual Justice for All Dinner;
a gathering that benefits the dozens of services Catholic
Charities provides to those in greatest need.
SPRING 2013 | 15
S T U D E N T S in A C T I O N
iRace for Vocations
In 1963, Pope Paul VI initiated the Annual World Day of Prayer for
Vocations. On April 21, the World Day of Prayer for Vocations was
held at Washington Lake Park – as both a church and track.
Beginning with a noon Mass in the amphitheater, celebrated by
Bishop Dennis Sullivan, more than 1,000 adults and youth,
seminarians, clergy, religious and lay, assembled together to pray—
and race—for an increase in vocations for the Diocese of Camden.
The Paul VI community came out in large numbers. During Mass, it
looked like sea of blue in the congregation of PVI students, alumni,
and families wearing their PVI spirit wear. After Mass, more than 900
individuals participated in the 5K run or 1-mile walk – readied with
lists of sponsors who offered prayer pledges for vocations. Following
the race, attendees enjoyed a barbecue and dancing. Music was
provided by Father Joseph Ganiel, pastor of Holy Child Parish in
Runnemede, who served as DJ for the day.
Father Michael Romano ’99, Chaplain of Paul VI and Director of
Vocations for the Diocese, called the event “a joyful, spirited, family
event.” He said he was “overwhelmed” by the crowd, who
“understood it was a faith-raiser, to ask God for more priests and
religious for our diocese.”
Standing: Alexis Walker ’15, Laura Fagen ’15, Sister Diana Higgins,
Michael Chambers ’94, Colleen (Keefe) Chambers ’98, Lisa Hayford
’10, and Lydia Ruga ’10. In stroller: Cooper and Logan Chambers,
standing next to stroller: Aidan and Carly Chambers.
Sr. Mary Ann Gecina, Sr. Margaret Mary Hanlon, Sr. Shirlee Tremont,
Sr. Marianne McCann, Principal.
Marc Acchitelli ’15, Father Michael Romano ’99, Director of Vocations
for the Camden Diocese and Paul VI Chaplain.
Paul VI runners: Marc Acchitelli ’15, Michael Packi ’15, Ben RotlerGurley ’15, Robert Cleary ’14, Peter Gallagher ’12, Jake Durante-Koller
’14, Matt Pluta ’14, Cameron Locantore ’16, Mike Patterson ’13, and
Aimee Abbott ’12 (first female finisher).
S T U D E N T S in A C T I O N
National Honor Society Puts the Message of Martin Luther King into Action
Mrs. Amy Cordasco, Director of Campus Ministry
In recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of brotherhood
and faith, Paul VI National Honor Society students celebrated
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service by focusing on serving two
sites in Camden County. Student leaders planned and organized
this day of service, including communicating with the
management of each site, coordinating the site plan of action,
obtaining supplies for service, and handling specific assignments
for each student. One group of NHS students spent the day
cleaning up Newton Creek Park. The students picked up plastic
bottles and other floatables from the quiet section of the South
Branch of Newton Creek. The other group worked at Kingsway
Learning Center in Haddonfield, where they helped with cleaning,
painting, and moving furniture.
After school, a third group of Paul VI students, who regularly
provide volunteer service every third Monday of the month to the
Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, went on their regular monthly visit.
They spent their time setting tables, serving food and beverages,
and cleaning up after the meal.
Cathedral Kitchen
Left to right: Paul VI senior Johnathon Hagan and juniors Luke
Zhou and Matt Zaccone, who are among the students who
regularly provide assistance to the Cathedral Kitchen in
Camden the third Monday of each month.
Students and faculty were warmly welcomed at each destination
site, where they were greatly encouraged in their work for the day.
For these Paul VI students, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
truly was “a day on, not off,” and they can proudly answer Martin
Luther King’s question, “What are you doing for others?”
Newton Creek Park
Kingsway Learning Center
Left to right: Paul VI seniors Jenna Sanchirico, Paula Goodwin,
Suzanne Parker, Monica Thomas, Lexi D’Orazio, and Lesley
Venella, who were among those providing assistance to
Kingsway Learning Center in Haddonfield.
Front, left to right: Paul VI seniors Aubrey Romanowski,
Carly Brady, Ryan Bryfogle, Sarah Thompson, Jillian D’Amico,
Jessica Castiglia, Cassie Gilken, and Mikaela Fenton.
Back, left to right: Bobby McSorley, Leo Mount, Richard
Sbresney, Alex Sparacio, Mr. Steve Tucker, Pete Cipolone,
Dan Marino, and Neil MacFarland.
SPRING 2013 | 17
A L U M N I in the S P O T L I G H T
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2013!
Paul VI has been well-represented by the outstanding
accomplishments of this class. We are proud to welcome
them to our Paul VI alumni family. They are now among
the 13,000 alumni living and working across the country
and throughout the world. This strong community is truly
a family, sharing common interests, goals, and ideals.
This year’s graduates received $12,177,200 in academic
scholarship awards. $1,583,352 was awarded in athletic
scholarships, double the amount of athletic scholarships
awarded last year.
Best wishes to each of you as you move on to discover, to
create, and to inspire.
2012 NFCA All-America Scholar-Athletes
Paul VI is proud to announce that four alumni have been named to
the 2012 Division 3 All Academic Athlete Team. They were honored
by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) as 2012 All
America Scholar-Athletes. Students must carry higher than a 3.5 GPA
while competing in college sports to be part of this team.
“Dedication to hard work is something to be proud of,” said Coach
Bob Swain, who coached these fine athletes in softball during their
tenure at Paul VI.
Jessica DeCastro ’11 – Immaculata University
Holly Schell ’09 – Immaculata University
Jacki Herrington ’09 – Neumann University
Melissa Swain ’11 – William Paterson University
Holly Schell ’09, was also named the 2013 CSAC Softball Player of
the Year —one of the Colonial States Athletic Conference’s highest
end-of-the-year awards. She played an integral role in leading
Immaculata to a 22-16 overall and 18-4 CSAC record.
According to the Immaculata online news, in addition to this top
honor, Holly was among the First Team All-CSAC selections. “This is
the second straight season that Holly Schell has earned first team allleague honors. She has started all 38 games for the Mighty Macs this
year, producing 44 hits, 22 RBIs, and 33 runs scored, all team highs.
She had the third-best batting average on the team at .346, while
producing seven doubles, three triples, and two home runs. She
had a .496 slugging percentage and .413 on-base percentage, and
was 11-for-13 on stolen base attempts. She had a .573 slugging and
.455 on-base percentage, and went 9-for-10 in stolen base attempts.
She drew a team-leading 11 walks during conference play. She was
also named to the CSAC Sportsmanship Team.” n
A L U M N I in the S P O T L I G H T
One Artist Who Is Making a Difference
Theresa BrownGold ’72 is a painter, writer, and social activist with a
passion to make a difference. In 2008, she started the not-for-profit Art as
Social Inquiry (http://artassocialinquiry.org/). Theresa and her husband, Marc,
owned two small businesses. When their health care premiums continued to
increase, she considered hiring part-time workers to avoid these costs. She
realized that other business owners across the nation must have been doing
the same thing and had a “crisis of conscience” that coincided with a
rekindling of her love of art.
Theresa started asking questions, first in her Pennsylvania community and
then across the country, to find out who did and did not have access to
affordable health care. She talked to friends, neighbors,
customers, and strangers, and heard many stories about
the difficulty that some underinsured or uninsured
people had obtaining health care. Some lost loved ones
as a result of inadequate health insurance. Others lost
everything they owned. People at a range of
socioeconomic levels were affected, including those with
professional degrees. A woman lost her daughter, who
had diabetes but could not afford insulin. An insured
man faced financial ruin when his wife gave birth to
premature twins. Someone else had to marry a friend
just to obtain health insurance. Wealthy Americans
seemed to be relatively untouched, however, because
they could afford high-cost coverage. These stories
changed Theresa’s view of the health care issue, and she
decided to take a stand.
Theresa painted portraits and took photographs of
people who shared their stories. She conducted indepth interviews to capture the stories and posted the
stories and portraits on her Web site (without names) to connect with more
people. This led to an epiphany: How can our nation be an economic
powerhouse, a leader in innovation, a model of productivity, if all Americans
do not have access to health care?
Washington, DC, was facing a tidal wave of opposition to the Affordable Care
Act, also known as Obamacare, and the law was challenged in the U.S.
Supreme Court. Theresa learned about the law and its strengths and
weaknesses and listened to those who supported the law and those who
opposed it. She saw that, in our capitalist society, health care is a powerful
for-profit industry.
In 2011, Theresa went to Washington, DC, to speak for the many people who
had trusted her with their stories. Armed with a clear understanding of the
Affordable Care Act, the stories she had heard, and the portraits she had
painted, for 5 months, she spent 2 to 3 days a week, 5 hours each day, rain
or shine, sharing the stories. She spoke to elected officials, business people,
public servants, tourists, students, and senior citizens. She stood on the steps
of the Capitol and said: “Tell me what the uninsured should do when they
need health care. What should uninsured people do when they work and
contribute to society but cannot afford health care? What if you had no health
care coverage?” She also tried to speak with Congressional representatives,
and one even asked to have a picture taken with her.
For 3 days in March 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on the
law. Theresa stood in front of the Courthouse with portraits and a sign that
said: “Tell me what the uninsured did wrong and I will go home.”
Theresa added her voice to those of protestors, supporters of the law,
reporters, and film crews from around the world. She was determined to
speak for those whose stories she told in portraiture and the millions of
others they represented.
Sometimes the stories Theresa told fostered empathy
that led to ideas, possible solutions, and a willingness to
act. She saw that knowing and understanding what
others have experienced led to connections among
people and a willingness to work together.
In Washington, Theresa heard more stories about the
difficulty of obtaining affordable health care. She also
encountered people who did not seem to care that
some Americans did not have access to health care.
They seemed to accept the idea that some people would
“fall through the cracks.” She also saw that many people
did not understand the Affordable Care Act. In addition,
some factions in the country had undertaken a
successful campaign of disseminating inaccurate
Theresa saw the power of the First Amendment and the
rights associated with it: free speech and free assembly.
Foreign tourists were particularly in awe of Americans’ ability to speak out
because not all countries provide this freedom. Theresa recognized the value
of this right in solving difficult social issues.
After she returned home, Theresa continued to speak out and explain the
Affordable Care Act at senior centers, conferences, and other venues. Theresa
told the story behind a painting about Remote Area Medical® mobile clinics,
where she volunteered with her husband. People slept in their cars or walked
miles all night to get in line at 3:00 A.M. to see a volunteer doctor when the
clinic opened at 6:00 A.M. The clinics are held in high schools or at
fairgrounds, and animal stalls sometimes double as examination rooms.
Although many people think that these kinds of clinics only serve third-world
countries, for thousands of Americans, they provide their only access to
affordable health care.
Theresa makes a difference every day by reaching out to others to solve the
health care crisis in America by speaking out and asking hard questions about
what each of us can do. n
SPRING 2013 | 19
PVI Sports News
S P R I N G 2 013 U P D AT E
Nick Gallo ’13 has been a member of the varsity team since his Freshmen
year. Nick made a splash on the South Jersey baseball scene by earning AllSouth Jersey honors his sophomore season. Last season, Nick earned first
team All-Conference.
Coach Pat Fisher
The team is 5-7 with big wins vs. Cherokee and Washington Twp. Jason
Roselli and Matt McKewon have been leading the way at the plate and
defensively in the middle. Shawn Semple, Dom Bisirri, and Ben Seklecki
have pitched very well, while freshman Shane Kubrak has been a pleasant
surprise, playing solid defense and hitting over .300.
As of May 1, current record was 4-4. Gabe Romano (senior) leads the
Eagles with 32 points (25 goals, 7 assists), with Sam Jarvis (senior) scoring
25 points (19 goals, 6 assists)…and both are on pace to score their 100th
career goals this season…a huge milestone in lacrosse. Colin Savacool
(freshman) has won 68% of his faceoffs and has a team leading 72 ground
balls. Michael Burns (junior) has tallied 19 points (9 goals, 10 assists);
Danny Boucot (freshman) has earned 13 points (9 goals, 4 assists); Kevin
McCahill (junior) has scored 10 points (3 goals, 7 assists); Colin Savacool
has 10 points (3 goals, 7 assists); and Alec Schneider (senior) has scored
8 points (3 goals, 5 assists).
The Paul VI defense has been improving, with goalie Dylan O’Brien (junior)
making 47 saves this season. The defensive group MacKenzie Collins
(senior), Mike Bizzoco (sophomore), Charlie Reiss (junior), Dominic
Griffo (freshman), John Santini (freshman), and Michael Manahan
(senior) has earned 43 ground balls.
This is a very young team, and we play in a very tough division, but we
have managed to reduce the average goals against and increase the average
goals we score in a game.
Coach Steve Halla
Congratulations to our
cheerleaders who attended the two day
Cheersport National
Competition in Atlanta,
Georgia. The girls placed
1.6 points out of 1st Cheerleading Coaches; Left to right, Maggie
place along with plac- Kenney ’04, Clare Joyce Kenney ’77, and
ing 4th out of 29 teams Bridget Kenney Pullman ’02
in the overall HS division
against teams from all over the country. We are very proud of you! Way to
represent PVI, Ladies!
Coach Clare Joyce Kenney ’77
Juniors (left) Rob Hehl and Mark Alberto represented Paul VI in the
Region 7 Wrestling Quarterfinals on March 1st at Robinsville High School.
Getting to the regions is a real accomplishment, and they represented PVI
well, we are looking forward to next year as they advance to the States!
The Paul VI Varsity Softball team is off to a great start. They are 11-2 and
ranked 10th in South Jersey. Brielle Pietrafesa leads the Eagles with a
batting average of .500, and she also collected her 100th hit on April 23,
2013, in a win against Timber Creek. She also leads the team in RBIs with
22. Dylan Jarvis is batting .407 and leading the team in runs scored, with
23. Freshman Breck Urban is hitting .442 and Rachel Robb is hitting .417.
Alexa Toner and Madi Kreck are the pitchers for the Eagles squad, and they
are doing a great job leading Paul VI thus far. The Paul VI defense has been
exceptional, only making 4 errors in 13 games.
Coach Dawn Mader
The Paul VI Girls Track team had a successful 2013 season. The girls came
out with a great attitude and work ethic. No matter what the coaches asked
them to do, the athletes wore smiles and performed to the best of their
abilities. The young team of 50 runners, jumpers, and throwers showed
their talent early in the season, defeating Conference rivals Camden Catholic
and Bishop Eustace in April. Seniors Christy Phillips, Catherine Fiore, and
Lizzy O’Donnell proved themselves to be excellent leaders. Underclassmen
Stephanie Hiester ’14, Kaylynne Timmons ’14, Carly Murphy ’15, Steele
Stokley ’15, and Bernadette McGowan ’16 all had breakout seasons and
will surely prove to be key athletes in coming seasons.Coach
The Paul VI Boys Volleyball team
continues to work on building a
program that will be able to compete
with the elite teams in South Jersey for
years to come. With 11 returning
players from last season, and some
new key additions, we have made
strides in becoming just that. Led by
captains Freddie Simpkins, Casey
Taylor, and Pietro Gentile, the Eagles
have experienced many firsts this
year, including a trip to Hillsborough
for their first ever tournament action,
Dan Snyder ’14
where they played against 4 of the top
15 teams in the state and learned many lessons that we will carry into the
future as we continue to build.
Coach Tom Pierson
Seniors on the PVI track team were acknowledged and the girls were
presented with flowers. Ricky’s sister Christy was one of the senior
girls. Left to right: Seniors Catherine Fiore, Luke Nelson, Mike
Patterson, Daniel Marino, Dior Hightower, Christy Phillips, Vaughn
White, Greg Pease, Neil MacFarlane, and Lizzy O’Donnell.
The Paul VI Varsity Girls Lacrosse team did well this year and made their first
appearance in the playoffs. Their hard work and determination has been the
birth of a successful program. Our Varsity team is primarily a young team,
containing 5 seniors, 11 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 3 freshmen. Top scorer,
senior Kristen Bate, led the team with goals this season and will be
attending Widener University in the Fall and becoming a member of their
Women’s Lacrosse Team. Another Senior, Carleigh Dabritz, will be
attending Immaculata University in the fall and becoming a member of the
Women’s Lacrosse Team. Other top scorers consist of junior Casey Baker
(11 goals), freshman Michelle Hallman (12 goals), and junior Erica
McLaughlin (6 goals).
Coach Lauren Bigos
NJFCA Super 100 Players in New Jersey, Paul VI senior Gregory
Martin Pease was nominated by Coach Dougherty and accepted into the
NJFCA (New Jersey Football Coaches Association) as one of the super 100
players in New Jersey. The Super 100 Banquet was held at the Pines Manor
in Edison on March 24 to acknowledge 100 outstanding football athletes.
Greg has formally signed with the University of New Haven for football.
SPRING 2013 | 21
Congratulations to these PVI Senior Athletes who have signed with NCAA
teams for the fall of 2013:
Kristen Bate
Widener University
Dom Bisirri
Widener University
Sarah Boucot
Rutgers University-Camden
Gabrielle Brown
Millersville University
Carleigh Dabritz
Immaculata University
Catherine Fiore
Philadelphia University
Nick Gallo
George Mason University
Morgan Harris
Albright College
Sarah Harris
Montclair State University
Dior Hightower
Rowan University
McKenna Jarvis
University of Tulsa
Sam Jarvis
Massachusetts Maritime Academy Lacrosse
Erica McDonough
Widener University
Ryan Nicklous
Alderson-Broaddus College
Matt O’Keefe
Alvernia University
Greg Pease
University of New Haven
Jason Roselli
Penn State University-Abington
Sean Sanchirico
Rutgers University-Camden
Kateland Stuessy
Misericordia University
Meredith Stocklin
Long Island University
Field Hockey
Vaughn (Chase) White
Albright College
Bottom row left to right: Ryan Nicklous, Sam Jarvis, Greg Pease, Nick Gallo,
McKenna Jarvis, Meredith Stocklin, Sean Sanchirico, Vaughn (Chase) White,
Middle row left to right: Sarah Boucot, Kristen Bate, Morgan Harris, Erica
McDonough, Gabrielle Brown, Dior Hightower, Kateland Stuessy, President
Michael Chambers, Principal Sister Mariann McCann,
Top row left to right: Catherine Fiore, Carleigh Dabritz, Matt O’Keefe, Jason
Roselli, Dominic Bisirri.
Left to right sitting: Rich Pease, McKenna Jarvis, Nick Gallo, Meredith Stocklin,
Left to right standing: Gabrielle Brown, Ryan Nicklous, Catherine Fiore.
Ricky Phillips Fund
Friends and family of the late Ricky Phillips ’08 came out in numbers to
pay tribute with a moment of silence on Wednesday, May 1. The
Phillips family provided the team with T-shirts in memory of Ricky, a
track runner and hurdler who was killed in a car accident in December
2011. The shirts pictured an image of Ricky hurdling. An annual
fundraiser is held in Ricky’s honor, with the proceeds going to the
Ricky Phillips Fund. This year, a donation from the fund was used to
purchase and construct two shelters to hold pole vaults and track
equipment at PVI. In addition, the fund provided a scholarship for a
graduating senior who runs track and a scholarship for an incoming
freshman from Good Shepherd School who runs track.
Diane (Medio) Merlino ’70 retired in
June 2012 from Sterling High School after
38 years in education. She worked for 20
years as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for the Camden City
Board of Education and the Camden
County Educational Services Commission.
She then taught Spanish at Gloucester
County College, Magnolia Public School,
Sterling High School, and Camden
County College. Currently, she is working
as a substitute teacher and enjoying her
free time. Diane also is an active member
of the Paul VI High School Alumni Association, Board of Governors, and serves
on the Paul VI Institutional Advancement
Committee of the Board of Trustees.
Joe Bertolino ’82 just completed his first
semester as President of Lyndon State
College and has really enjoyed the experience. LSC is a small, rural college of
1500 students in the hills of upstate Vermont that serves first-generation, modest
income students. It is simply beautiful.
Joe’s fondest memories are of his participation on the PVI forensics team,
coached by Mr. Rowan. Joe was saddened to hear of his passing and said
that Mr. Rowan was instrumental in his
personal development.
Bob Harvey ’71 is a realtor with Century
21 Alliance, Cherry Hill. He has been buying and selling homes for 35 years. He
buys and sells mostly in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties. He is a
mortgage originator for the entire state of
New Jersey for primary, second, and investment homes as well as for commercial properties. He said, “It seems kind of
funny now to be working with the children of people I went to school with. . . .
Time marches on. My time at Paul VI was
the best of all.” Bob resides in Marlton
with his wife Carol and three daughters.
Tom Shusted ’73 was honored by Governor Christopher Christie with a nomination to the Superior Court of New Jersey, in Camden, beginning in March. He
is the sole proprietor of the Law Offices of
Thomas J. Shusted, Jr., located in Westmont. He had been designated as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme
Court of New Jersey in 1995. Fewer than
2% of all New Jersey lawyers obtain this
designation. Tom resides in Cherry Hill
with his wife, Rita (Holy Cross ’74), and
his two children, Kiera ’16 and Thomas,
III. He was honored to serve as a Board of
Trustee member from 2006-2012.
Herbert Betts ’76 works in the automobile industry and also provides lawn care
David Gibbs ’82, and his wife, Tracy, reside in Polk, OH. He is currently a firefighter and medic for the Polk, Jackson,
Perry Fire Rescue and was recently
elected president of the fire department.
His wife is a medic with the department
as well, and both of them are completing
their training for recertification in heavy
rescue. He is also a member of F.O.O.L.S.
(Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society) of Northern Ohio. David works in Lorain County as a paraprofessional with
the Lorain School District. This summer,
he will receive a training orientation for
aircraft rescue at Mansfield/Lahm airport
at the Ohio Air National Guard as well as
training for CPI and CPR instructor for
the school system.
Al Hobbs ’85 has been living in Los Angeles since 1996, working as a set designer and art director, mostly on features. Big news this year was an Academy
Award nomination in Art Direction for
Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi. Al was one of two
U.S. art directors on the film and spent
more than a year working in Taiwan and
India with production designer David
Gropman. According to Al, “This is the
second film I’ve worked on that has been
nominated for an Oscar for Art Direction.
The other was How the Grinch Stole
Christmas. “Life of Pi” also won 24 other
awards, including The Art Directors Guild
Award for Excellence in Production Design. In his free time, Al likes to volunteer
at a few local theaters and at Santa Monica High School designing sets, props,
masks, etc., and teaching kids about design for theater and film.
Salvatore Siciliano, Esquire, ’85 was recently appointed Special Counsel for
Burlington City, Labor Counsel for Riverside Township, and Planning Board of
Adjustment Solicitor for Fairfield Township. Salvatore’s practice, Siciliano & Associates, LLC, is located in Haddonfield.
Frank Galzarano ’86 and his wife, Jill,
welcomed their first child, Anthony
Michael (8 lb. 7 oz.) on January 17, 2013.
Frank is currently a Vice President and Financial Advisor for Brandywine Asset
Management, LLC, Brandywine Benefits
John Sikking ’89 and his wife Karina
Sikking welcomed their second child
(Nicholas Sikking) in February 2013. Their
son joined his sister, Elena Sikking (born
August 2011). The family also has two
dogs, Guinness and Frida. John is an independent consultant assisting the federal
government in purchasing IT services. He
and his wife, who were married in 2001,
live and work in Washington, DC.
Marla Congialdi Viturello ’92 has been
married for 6 years. She and her husband welcomed their second baby,
Valentina Diana Viturello, on October 9,
2012. She joins her brother, Santino Anthony Viturello, who is 2-1/2. Marla works
as Director of Business Relations for
Aquahab Physical Therapy, which has five
locations: Northeast Philadelphia, Bala
Cynwd, Jenkintown, Center City, and
Cherry Hill. Marla received her bachelor’s
degree from Thomas Jefferson University and is currently an RN. In her spare
time, she teaches dance in pro cheerleader and dance workshops for NBA,
NFL, and AFL pro cheerleaders. She also
provides choreography for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Alumni for charity events and performances.
John (Jack) Connolly ’97 has been the
owner of NJ’s Best Landscaping for 15
years. A 2001 graduate of Rider University,
he currently lives in Runnemede with his
wife of 4 years, Lisa, an elementary school
teacher. In his spare time, John enjoys
boating and collecting classic cars.
SPRING 2013 | 23
John Wrot ’97, formally known as John
Wrotniewski, but more commonly, then
and now, John Wrot, has been married to
Anne Marie Grace (Sheehan) of Ransomville, NY, for 7 years. They live in Los
Angeles, CA. John teaches children athletics (Martial Arts, specifically), and Anne
Marie works for Catholic Charities of Los
Angela (Ciarrocchi) Beecher ’98 has
been married to her wonderful husband,
Steve Beecher, since September 24, 2011.
They moved to Ridley Park, PA, this year.
Angela recently started a new management position with Beneficial Bank as a
Relationship Coordinator at their new
Campus Branch in Devon. A fun fact:
Their new home was in a scene from the
movie Silver Linings Playbook!
Lori (Monte) Hufty ’98 is married to
Joshua Hufty. They have two children, a
son named Jackson, who is 7, and a 2year-old daughter named Reagan. Lori is
currently an adjunct professor at Camden
County College, teaching Developmental
English. She is also active in the PTA at her
son Jackson’s school.
Erin Walter (Walsh) ’99 and Chuck Walter ’99 welcomed a baby girl named
Clare on August 7, 2012. She joins her
brother, Cullen, who is 2 years old.
Jennifer (Cubberley) Daly ’00 and her
husband, Patrick Daly, welcomed a beautiful baby girl on January 9, 2013. Her
name is Regan Jude Daly, and she was 7
lbs. and 20 1/4 inches long.
Jennifer Mellon Peterson ’00 has
worked for the U.S. Congress and then as
Executive Director of the Joint Council on
International Children’s Services. She
started Aqua Pure Technologies, LLC, in
2007. Jennifer currently serves as Chair of
the Junior Friends of the Campagna Center, which provides important programs
serving the children and families of
Alexandria, VA. She also serves as Chair of
the Parent Advisory Committee of MHCP
(Meeting House Cooperative Preschool;
the Junior Committee of the Corcoran
Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.; and an
advisor to the Delta Phi chapter of Kappa
Kappa Gamma at her alma mater, Bucknell University. Jennifer recently received
her 200-hour registered yoga teacher certification and resides in Alexandria, VA,
with her husband, Eli, and daughters Caroline, 5, and Leah Claire, 2.
Michael Frett ’01 became engaged to
McKenzie Wells of Vienna, VA, on October 21, 2012, at the end of the Tough
Mudder race in Englishtown, NJ. Michael
proposed to McKenzie at the end of the
12-mile obstacle race. They completed
the race in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Their
wedding is scheduled for October 19,
Kurt Scheifele ’01 currently serves in the
U.S. Navy on an amphibious assault ship
called the USS Boxer LHD-4, home port
San Diego, CA, as a Radar Air Traffic Controller. He completed a deployment to
the Western Pacific in 2011 in the Indian
Ocean and the Gulf of Aden. He recently
received orders to become an Air Traffic
Controller Instructor in Pensacola, FL, beginning in August 2013. Kurt has earned
ribbons for National Defense, Battle Efficiency, Deployment/Sea Service, Global
War on Terrorism, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary. He also received Meritorious Unit Commendation and
Achievements in Aviation Warfare Specialist and Surface Warfare Specialist. Kurt
is the son of Kurt and Michele (Fanelli)
Scheifele ’71 and the brother of Erika ’98.
Rev. Brandon Jones ’03 received a B.A.
from the University of Minnesota in Human Resource Development and a B.A. in
Elementary Education from Rowan in
2007. He then began to answer his call to
the priesthood that he heard as a young
boy. Currently, he is an ordained Episcopal priest. He has not yet been called to
serve as a parish priest but does celebrate
the Eucharist when called by churches
when needed. He is now working in this
capacity on a state or diocesan level on
pressing issues of race, social justice, gender equality, and gay rights.
When he’s not in the pulpit he is in communication with PVI Campus Ministry,
assisting with the matriculation of students from the Camden Partnership
Schools. “My time at PVI was joyous, and
I am eternally grateful for the friends I
made who are still in my life. The PVI
community supported me in many ways
as a student and still continues to support
me in my battle with cancer. With God’s
help I will continue my battle and overcome the odds.”
Matt Rooney ’03 made the “Top 12 List
of Rising Stars in New Jersey Politics”
according to Gannett Newspapers on
April 21. Party leaders and elected
officials from every corner of the state
were asked which elected or aspiring
public officials, or those behind the
scenes, were likely to emerge as the next
generation of leaders at the regional and
state levels and beyond. You can learn
more about this story by visiting Matt’s
website http://savejersey.com.
Emily Blumenstein ’05, after 2 years in
the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (Northwest),
one spent teaching preschool in
Spokane, WA, and the second spent at a
foster care agency in Houston, TX,
decided to stay in Houston to become a
foster mom to four to five children 24/7
through the agency Casa de Esperanza
(www.casahope.org). She has since had
the opportunity to love and care for more
than 45 beautiful children in the almost 3
years she has been there!
Gina DiLullo ’05 is currently working as
a news producer for Florida’s top-rated
television station, WPTV News Channel 5.
She has been employed at WPTV since
May 2011, when she left her position at
NBC 40 in Atlantic City. Gina also represents her station as a wellness ambassador, promoting healthy lifestyles among
her co-workers. After Hurricane Sandy
devastated the Northeast last October,
she and co-producer and friend, Matt Lerario, initiated a fundraiser by collecting
supplies, clothes, and food for several organizations in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region.
Justin Kornicki ’06 received a BA in fashion merchandising from the Art Institute of
Philadelphia and an MA in fashion management from Domus Academy in Milan,
Italy. Before moving back to the United
States, he worked as a buyer for a store in
Florence and also worked at a buying office based in Milan. He continues to work
as a buyer. Last year, he helped Ms. Courtney Daniels with designing the costumes
for Into The Woods. He has since relocated and now lives in Columbus, OH.
Jeffrey DiGiacomo ‘07 and Crystal
Woessner have announced their engagement. Both are Immaculata graduates. They are planning a September 13,
2014, wedding. Jeff is an Admissions
Counselor at Immaculata University and
Crystal is a registered dietician at Atlanticare in Pomona.
Liz Lipinski ’07 is currently head coach of
the Paul VI swim team, winning the 2012
Arctic Division title. In addition to coaching, she works in special education and is
currently working on her master’s degree
in school counseling at Wilmington University.
Joseph Owens ’08 is finishing his final
semester at Rowan University and will
graduate with a degree in history and a
minor in psychology. He coached football
for Paul VI for the 2009-2011 seasons.
Last season, he was hired as the
freshman head coach at Eastern Regional
High School. He is the youngest head
freshman coach in the school’s history,
and he has won more games this past
season than the team has in the past four
seasons. He plans to return in the fall. He
said, “Football is my passion, and I owe it
all to Coach Doherty and the coaches at
Paul VI. I may be an Eastern Coach now,
but I am a Paul VI Eagle at heart until the
day I die. Coaching football is what I want
to do in life.”
Andrew Pierson ’08 graduated from
Rutgers Camden in May. He has had a
very good NCAA golf career, which
started at Paul VI and continued at
Rutgers. He is now a certified teaching
professional and an Assistant Golf Coach
at Rutgers this season, now that his
college playing days are over.
Erin Lipinsi ’09 is currently a hair stylist at
Hello Gorgeous in Voorhees.
Nicolette Giordano’10, together with her
parents, opened La Chic Salon, located at
23 West Clements Bridge Road in Run-
nemede. They have offered Paul VI staff,
faculty, students, and alumni a discount at
their hair salon! You can reach them at
856-312-8377, or visit their Facebook
page at www.facebook.com/lachicsalon.
Ron Curry ’12 is a reserve freshman
point guard at James Madison University
under Coach Matt Brady ’83. This past
season he averaged 27.4 minutes and 5.6
points for the Dukes in the NCAA Tournament in one season.
Nick Villari ’12 is currently a freshman at
the University of Delaware in his second
semester. He is studying mechanical
engineering. He is on the Dean’s List,
earning a 3.896 GPA last semester, and
is a member of the fraternity Lambda Chi
John Maggetti, Sr.
Father of John Maggetti, Jr. ’70
Stephen Abbott ’10
Brother of Aimee Abbott ’12 and Matthew
Hugh McMenamin
Father of Dr. Maureen McMenamin ‘78 and
Daniel McMenamin ’83
Astra Brown
Mother of Christian Murphy ’14
Lawrence J. Molik
Father of Carol (Molik) Forziati ’73
Father-in-Law of John Forziati ’73
Hazel M. Humm
Grandmother of Brian Maglione ’94
Elizabeth Ann Daniels
Mother of Joseph Daniels ’72, Mary Ann
(Daniels) Catalano ’72, Catherine (Daniels)
Kernan ’73, and the late Patrick Daniels ’76
Anne (Diefendorf) Keller ‘79
Sister of Edward Diefendorf ’75
Robert S. Luczak
Father of Linda (Luczak) Springle
Grandfather of Rebecca Springle ’16
Joseph H. Duffy ’86
James Kenner ’11, a sophomore ASA
College running back, signed a national
letter of intent to continue his academic
and football career at Stony Brook University. He successfully switched from
safety to running back this past season,
finishing the season as the Avengers’ second leading rusher, with 676 yards on 88
Sanchirico ’80, and Gary Sanchirico ’86
Grandmother of David Sanchirico, Jr. ’08, Jenna
Sanchirio ’13, and Sean Sanchirico ’13
Mother-in-Law of Patricia (Welsh ) Sanchirico
’71, Dawn (Devine) Sanchirico ’84, and Bridget
(Coulter) Sanchirico ’88
Donald H. Stewart and Helen A. Stewart
Father and Mother of Donald Stewart (PVI
Coaching Staff)
Emma Claire Rauscher
Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law of Kathleen
Mother of Mary Anne (Rauscher) Yeager ’73 and Stewart (PVI Staff)
Charles Rauscher ’75
Grandfather and Grandmother of DJ Stewart ’07,
Grandmother of Sean Yeager ’07
Betsy Stewart ’09, and Jack Stewart ’16
Mother-in-Law of John Yeager ’73
Anthony Tartaglia, Sr.
Dino V. Ripa
Father of Tony Tartaglia ’90
Father of Dino Ripa ’87 and Michael Ripa ’91
Wallace J. Williamson
Patrick J. Rowan
Father of Eileen (Williamson) Burke ’82
Paul VI Administrator and Teacher of 41 years
Teresa R. Weikel
Steven L. Rutecki ’79
Mother of Fran Weikel ’70, Susan Weikel Fidyk
’75, and Judy (Weikel) McAleer ’81
Theresa P. Sanchirico
Mother of David Sanchirico Sr., ’76, Christopher Mother-in-Law of Mary (O’Malley) Weikel ’71
SPRING 2013 | 25
Class of 1977 35th Reunion
Class of 1975 Alumni Night
at the Play
PVI Alumni
Small get together of 1975 alumni following
Night at the Play: Left to righ
Wendy (Strang) Rooney, Don
Standing: Michele (Lloyd) Calla
Erle, Maureen (Breslin) Finn
Class of 1992 20th Reunion
On Black Friday, November 23, one hun
dred and sixteen
classmates came out to celebrate PVI’s
class of 1992 for our 20
year reunion at Valleybrook Country Club
in Blackwood. They
had a photo booth, a DJ, and lots of mem
ories shared.
Class of 1982 30th Reunion
On Saturday, November 24, members of the class of 1982
celebrated in PVI style, thanks to the planning and participation
of many, especially Frank Clementi, Tina (Libertella) Morrison,
and Frances (Ziegler) Warth. The evening began with Father
Joseph Byerley ’82 and Father Brian Frain ’82 concelebrating a
special Mass for the class in the school Chapel. The reunion was
catered by Willie Fussell ’82; Greg Farnese ’82 was the DJ and
sang a few songs; Paula Coppinger prepared a PowerPoint of
photos bringing back fond memories; the entire school was
open for everyone to re-visit. Though many things have changed
over the years, so much remains the same. Friendships were
quickly picked up where they were left off, and a few new ones
were formed. No one wanted the night to end!
Members of the
PVI class of ’77
gathered to
reminisce and
reconnect at
their 35th reunion, which was held Nov
ember 24, 2012. The
casual event was held at the Taproom in
Haddon Township
and was attended by 77 classmates and
guests. Many
thanks to the reunion committee for their
work in planning
and organizing the event.
Class Reunion Plans
in the Works for 2013
For planning updates, visit the Paul VI Facebook page or website at www.pvihs.org
Class of 1973 40-year reunion
Friday, October 11, 2013
Arrive at 6:00 p.m. for Reunion Reception
Venue: Collingswood Grand Ballroom – featuring the famous
Geator, Jerry Blavat!
Contact: Cathy (Daniels) Kernan
Cost: $50.00 per person – Includes buffet dinner, beer &
wine (all other drinks will be cash bar)
Payment: Due by Sept. 30 – No walk ins. Make checks
payable to Cathy Kernan, 107 Norwood Ave., Haddon Twp,
NJ 08108-3518. Questions? email:
[email protected]
Facebook: PVI Class of 1973 Official Facebook. Alumni
Friends of the class of 1973 are invited to join us!
Class of 1978 35-year reunion
Friday, November 29, 2013 – 7:00 p.m.–12:00 p.m.
Venue: Marian House, Cherry Hill
Cost: $78; $65 if purchased by July 15: Contact: Joan
Santoro: [email protected] or Dr. Maureen
McMenamin Oberle at [email protected]
Class Website: www.Paulvi78.com Facebook: PVI Class of ’78.
Class of 1983 30-year reunion
Friday, November 29, 2013
Cost: To be determined
Venue: PVI Cafeteria
Contact: Sharon Galassini: [email protected]
Class of 1988 25-year reunion
Saturday, November 30, 2013 7:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m.
Cost: $75.00 per person (Cocktail Party – open bar with hors
d’oeuvres and pasta station)
Venue: Valleybrook Country Club, Blackwood
Contacts: Dominic Vesper: [email protected],
Jennifer Nellany: [email protected], or Megan Bocchino
Winsett: [email protected]
Class of 1993 20-year reunion
Saturday, July 20, 2013
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. At Eagles in the Wild PVI Summer Party!
Venue: Flip Flopz Bar & Grille, 300 New Jersey Avenue,
North Wildwood, NJ
Cost: $25.00 per person – register and pay online at:
www.pvihs.org click on “Eagles in the Wild” and fill in
registration form & secure credit card payment (please
include your class year).
Contact: Jennifer McGuckin-Mignano: [email protected]
Class of 1998 15-year reunion
Saturday, July 20, 2013
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. At Eagles in the Wild PVI Summer Party!
Venue: Flip Flopz Bar & Grille, 300 New Jersey Avenue,
North Wildwood, NJ
Cost: $25.00 per person – register and pay online at PVI
Website: www.pvihs.org click on “Eagles in the Wild” and fill
in registration form & secure credit card payment (please
include your class year).
Contact: Jen Sheehan: [email protected], or Al
Ribeiro: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/15yrs.PVI98/.
Class of 2003 10-year reunion
Saturday, November 30th
Venue and Cost: To be determined
Contact: Tim Daniels: [email protected], or Joe Gould:
[email protected] for more information.
Class of 2008 5-year reunion
Saturday, July 20, 2013
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. At Eagles in the Wild PVI Summer Party!
Venue: Flip Flopz Bar & Grille, 300 New Jersey Avenue,
North Wildwood, NJ
Cost: $25.00 per person – register and pay online at PVI
Website: www.pvihs.org click on “Eagles in the Wild” and fill
in registration form & secure credit card payment (please
include your class year).
Contact: Charles “Blue” DiGuglielmo: [email protected]
Please Spread the Word!
Word of mouth is
powerful and our
listings of class e-mail
addresses are limited.
Please forward your
reunion e-mail invites to your classmates. In addition, many
PVI alumni have friends from other graduating classes. We
recommend that you extend reunion invitations to alumni far
and wide.
To update your alumni contact information, simply visit the
PVI website at www.pvihs.org, go to the alumni tab, and click
on alumni registration. Thank you!
SPRING 2013 | 27
Upcoming Alumni Events – Save the date!
PVI alumni have more opportunities than ever to reconnect at any of the many alumni events planned for
the coming year. For updated details on the following events, visit the PVI website at www.pvihs.org or
call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 856-858-4900 x343.
Eagles in the Wild – Paul VI Summer Party! July 20,
2013, 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Flip Flops in North Wildwood.
For details, see flyer in this issue. Purchase tickets online
at: www.pvihs.org click on: Eagles in the Wild on
Football Alumni Night – September 27, 2013 (PVI vs.
Senaca) at Paul VI.
Alumni and families are invited to join us for Alumni night
($4.00 Adult admission). Alumni Football players are
invited to serve as honor guards to welcome the team
onto the playing field prior to the game (PVI t-shirts will be
provided to honor guards).
President’s Reception—Thursday October 3, 2013, 6:00
p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Tavistock Country Club for those who
have donated gifts to the Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign
of $500 and higher during fiscal year 2012-2013.
Launch Annual Giving Campaign – Phonathon
(VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!!) Each night from 6:15 p.m.9:00 p.m., the graduating classes listed below are invited
to spend some time to help us reach out to our alumni in
support of the school. A light dinner and refreshments will
be provided. The schedule below is suggested, but you
may volunteer with a group of friends any night that is
convenient for you. Come help us out and enjoy catching
up with old friends as well!
Tuesday, October 15 ...............1969-1974
Wednesday, October 16 .........1975-1979
Thursday, October 17.............1980-1984
Monday, October 21...............1985-1989
Tuesday, October 22 ..............1990-1994
Wednesday, October 23........1995-2003
5K Blue and White / Alumni 5K Run – Saturday,
October 26, 2013, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Pennypacker
Park, in Haddonfield. Come out and show your support
for Paul VI – Proceeds will benefit the Paul VI High School
Annual Giving Campaign for student scholarships. Entry
fees: $15.00 for pre-registered runners — $20.00 day of
race registration. Please register online at www.pvihs.org
after September 15, 2013. Questions? Contact Mary Anne
Yeager at [email protected]
Homecoming Game – Friday, November 8, 2013, 7:00
p.m., PVI vs. Moorestown at PVI.
Fashion Show – Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 5:30
p.m. at Lucien’s Manor, 81 West White Horse Pike, Berlin.
Thanksgiving Game –Thursday, November 28, 2013,
10:00 a.m. at Camden Catholic.
PVI Christmas Concert – Friday, December 20, 2013,
7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. in the Paul VI High School
Auditorium. Come out to enjoy a magical night of
Christmas entertainment by the many talented student
musicians, vocalists, and dancers of PVI. The PERFECT way
to enjoy the Christmas season!
Will Your Child Soar with the Class of 2018?
These Numbers Will Get You to “YES!”
The percentage of
Paul VI graduates
who attend college
The number of athletic
squads, spanning three
seasons and 27 sports!
The number of AP
courses offered at PVI
years of the
iPad Initiative!
As in 15:1,
our student to
faculty ratio!
The number of fine
and performing
arts electives
901 Hopkins Road • Haddonfield, NJ • 856.858.4900
www.pvihs.org • [email protected]
D E D I C AT E D to the memory of S R . T H E R E S A
The Sister Theresa Gottuso Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Sister Theresa Gottuso Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to deserving students who have demonstrated qualities taught by Sister
Theresa Gottuso. As a teacher, Sister Theresa was very disciplined and exacting, and she was well-respected by her students. She wanted
her students to work hard, to support and respect others, and to maintain a constant self-respect as well. Just as she encouraged students to
enjoy the gifts and blessings God has bestowed upon us, Sister rejoiced in her students’ accomplishments, whether academic, artistic, or
athletic, but it was in the sports arena that Sister was known as a loyal fan, especially of the PVI football and girls’ soccer teams. Sister herself
was a very competitive member of the bowling club! Sister Theresa was a beautiful example of a religious woman, who walked in faith and
charity, inspiring her students to do likewise.
On behalf of the Gottuso family, Grace Fornataro, Sister Theresa
Gottuso’s twin sister, presented Stephanie Lynn Helsel ’15 with a
$1,000 scholarship toward her tuition for the upcoming school year.
Sr. Marianne McCann and Mr. Michael Chambers present the $1,000
Sr. Theresa Memorial Scholarship to recipient Briana Duffy ’13.
(Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Marie (Gallagher) Staley ’82, English Department Chair and
SADD Club Moderator
The SADD club worked with the PVI student body to sponsor a
collection of baby items for First Way of Collingswood. Students’
donations benefit new mothers and their babies. This year’s collection
was dedicated to the memory of Sister Theresa, a long time teacher
and avid supporter of First Way. Students pictured are Alexandra
Franciosa ’14, Claire Gallagher ’14, Rob Cleary ’14, Nikol Jurjevik
’14, and Paula Cava ’14.
The basic mission of the SADD club is to foster positive decision making.
The purpose is to make students aware of the dangers and difficulties
teens face in today’s society. Other activities include offering a school
wide pledge sent to each homeroom, and creating service announcements about the dangers of alcohol for the school. In addition, during
the holiday season students have been involved in visiting local senior
citizen homes and to sing Christmas carols with the residents, and
mailed Christmas cards to our troops to let them know we are thankful
for their sacrifice.
Pauction VI “Journey on the Orient Express”
This year’s Pauction VI “Journey on the Orient Express”
auction gala was an evening of intrigue and luxury — great
food, incredible prizes, live entertainment! The evening was a
success in raising funds of $82,500 in net proceeds for the
school. This year Paul VI introduced BidPal...online mobile
bidding that allowed participants to bid on all silent auction
items with the touch of their fingers using their own
smartphone...iPhone, Android or iPad. This year’s committee
chairs were alumni Karen McArdle ’83 and Michael Brady ’82.
Three lucky people won $500 from cash giveaway drawings
throughout the evening. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, a
gourmet buffet, and an open bar while they participated in
an exciting silent auction. Then the incredible live auction
took center stage! The auctions culminated and the highlight
of the affair … a Golden Ticket drawing went to two lucky
winners — second prize of $3,840 went to winner Ron
Norman, and the grand prize of $15,360 went to Grace
MacAulay! This year, guests finished off the evening by testing
their luck at the gaming tables as well as dancing to music
played by the band, Double Trouble!
SPRING 2013 | 31
Institutional Advancement Update
Mary Anne Yeager, Director of Institutional Advancement
The annual giving campaign allows us to continue to provide the programs and resources that set Paul VI apart. It is one
of the few sources of income bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget. In fiscal
2011-2012, the number of donors to our annual giving campaign doubled over previous years. This fiscal year we
experienced an additional 32% increase in the number of donors and a 71% increase in total annual giving; 48% of this
increase is due to the annual giving campaign contributions that have been designated to student scholarships.
Top Five Reasons to Support the Annual Fund
1. Enable enhancements in the areas of academics, fine and performing arts, athletics, and other extracurricular
activities that provide students with the opportunity for further learning and development.
2. Equip teachers and students to remain ahead of the technological curve.
3. Broaden the scope of enrichment programs that afford students invaluable opportunities for personal and
spiritual growth via retreats and community service.
4 . Allow operating funds to make capital improvements to maintain the facility and grounds.
5. Provide student scholarships to keep PVI as competitive as possible in recruiting the most academically qualified
students, regardless of their financial circumstances.
Our annual giving campaign for fiscal year 2013-
akes a difference
Every sing
uses to service
s can provide seve
ts for
20 $50 donation
to transport studen
sites in C
Day community se
(see article page
and soundproof
50 $50 don
T V/broadcast stu
ze the
groom, and saniti
80 $100 do
turf field for a year
vide a model of th
100 $100 d
re, a vacuum pum
human bod
for the Science la
and d
2014 begins July 1, 2013. Whether you are able
to make a donation, volunteer for the
phonathon, or attend an event, we thank you
for your generosity to Paul VI High School. It is
our hope that you will continue to support Paul
VI. Your generosity and commitment to these
top five areas is essential in the daily
experiences and growth of our students.
If you would like to make a contribution to
help support the annual giving campaign,
please find the enclosed return envelope for
your convenience. Contact Mary Anne
Yeager, Director of Institutional
Advancement, at [email protected]
or call 856-858-4900 x343 if you have
any questions.
Your Seat
ou don’t have to be a performer to play a starring role with the Paul VI Theatre
Arts Program. Whether you were in the cast or crew of a past Paul VI production
or an appreciative member of the audience, the Paul VI Theatre Seat Campaign
offers you the chance to leave a lasting legacy and play an important role in
enhancing the Paul VI High School Performing Arts Program.
We Saved You a Seat. Now put YOUR name on it.
Take “Your Seat in the Spotlight,” and enjoy having your name, or that of a person you
wish to honor, laser engraved on a plate on the armrest of an elegant seat.
You can name one seat or an entire row and pledge your payment over time. When you
sponsor a seat, we will acknowledge your gift to the recipient of your choice. Seat
donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law.
Maintain the Dream
Donations to “Your Seat in the Spotlight” will fund ongoing Paul VI Theatre renovations.
Your contributions helped us complete stage and lighting renovations in the summer of
2012 and will continue to support new seating in the auditorium.
Plates are engraved metal and may include up to three lines of up to 15 characters
each, for 45 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
We will honor all seat requests on a first-come, firstserved basis. Note: Seat sponsors must still
purchase tickets to any performance at the theatre.
Seat name recognition does not guarantee use of
that particular seat for future performances. Purchase
your seat today by filling out this form with the name
to be engraved (as noted above, lines of up to 15
characters each, for 45 characters, including spaces
and punctuation) along with check.
Sponsorship Information (Please Print)
Name __________________________________________________________________
Street Address ____________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ____________________________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________________________________
Email __________________________________________________________________
Signature ________________________________________________________________
Plate Imprint Information (Please Print)
Seat Selection:
n $500 Premiere Filippini Section
(House Center)
n $250 Eagles Section
(House Right and Left Seats)
n $100 Blue & White Section
(Back Seats)
Reply By Mail – Send check to:
Paul VI High School
Attn: Seat Campaign
901 Hopkins Road
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
For more information: For additional information on the full range of naming opportunities, please contact Mary Anne Yeager, Director of Institutional
Advancement at 856-858-4900 x 343 or email [email protected]
Development Office
Paul VI High School
901 Hopkins Road, Suite B
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Let’s stay in touch!
Please send us your email address
We need your email addresses and contact information to keep you informed about upcoming
alumni events and reunions. Help us stay “green” by visiting us online at www.pvihs.org and
clicking on the ALUMNI TAB for ALUMNI REGISTRATION. It only takes a minute!
Class Notes: Send us your news….
We are very interested in what you are doing…your careers, athletic achievements, weddings, engagements, new babies,
photos of your alumni gatherings, etc. Please e-mail Mary Anne Yeager at [email protected] and include your name,
class year, address, phone, and a brief description of your news. If you have a photo, attach that too!
For those of you from large Paul VI alumni families…
We want stories about your various family connections – siblings and cousins; aunts and uncles;
parents and children; and even grandchildren…any family members who have shared the Paul VI
experience as current students and/or alumni. So send us your story!