Get a Dancer’s BoDy

Get a Dancer’s Body
No matter if it’s ballroom or break dance, all dancer’s have one thing in common: A super toned
and tight body. Want one of your own? This creative do-anywhere workout will help you sculpt
a lean and strong physique without even hitting the gym. Follow the total-body workout three
nonconsecutive days per week and the cardio program two or tree times per week.
Total-Body Circuit Do the exercises in order with no rest in between. That’s one circuit. Do at least two circuits, working up to five.
Jumping Jacks
Prisoner Squat
30 seconds
20 reps
20 reps
Lunge with Twist
And Overhead
6 reps
Perform standard jumping jacks
without pausing. Try to keep your
arms straight, and kick your legs
out to the sides quickly.
Mountain Climber
20 reps
With your hands on the back of
your head (as if you had just been
arrested), push your hips back into
a squat, keeping your knees behind
your toes.
Get in a plank position, placing
your hands directly under your
shoulders. Keep your elbows tucked
close to your sides, lower your body
to the floor and push back up to the
starting position.
Step forward with your right leg
and lower your body until your
right knee is bent 90 degrees.
As you lunge, rotate your torso
to your right and reach high with
both hands then return to starting
position. Complete all reps with
your right leg first, then repeat with
your left, rotating torso to the left.
Run in place
8 reps
30 seconds
8 reps Per Leg
Get in a plank position. Lift your
right foot off the floor and bring
your knee as close to your chest as
you can. Touch the floor with your
right foot, return to the starting
position, and repeat with your left
leg. Alternate back and forth.
Stand on your left leg, your knee
bent slightly. Raise your right foot
off the floor, then lift your leg and
bend forward at the waist to lower
your torso until it’s parallel to the
floor. Raise your arms straight out
from your sides as you bend, then
return to start.
Get in a plank position, placing your
hands slightly wider than shoulderwidth apart. Lower your body until
your chest nearly touches the floor.
Pause at the bottom, then push
yourself back up to the starting
The 16-Minute Cardio Workout
You can perform this on a treadmill or stationary bike, or outside on the sidewalk or a track. Warm up at an easy pace—about 30 percent of your best
effort—for four minutes. Then do this interval workout:
1. Speed up until you’re at about 80 percent of your best effort; maintain this pace for 30 seconds.
2. Slow down to about 40 percent of your best effort and go for 60 seconds.
3. That’s one set. Do six sets.
4. Cool down at about 30 percent of your best effort for three minutes.
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