Photo Courtesy of Jack Shouba
Asclepias incarnata
Asclepias exaltata
Asclepias tuberosa
Monarch Caterpillar
We are excited to be offering several species of milkweed in flats of 32s, just in time for summer planting. Perfect for a monarch waystation or
butterfly garden! The Asclepias genus is the sole larval food for monarch butterflies. A key species for butterfly conservation, every little bit helps!
All of them are excellent pollinator plants and favorites of restoration projects and perennial gardens. Species Include:
Asclepias exaltata - Poke Milkweed - In summer, clusters of pinkish white flowers appear, drooping elegantly and lightly fragrant. Commonly
found at the edges of woodlands, Poke Milkweed reaches about five feet high and has clean green foliage. Price: $1.60 per plug
Asclepias hirtella - Tall Green Milkweed - Plentiful round clusters of greenish-white flowers with purple dots on the lobes appear beginning in
June. Tall Green Milkweed can be found in prairies and savannas and prefers mesic to dry soils and features lance-like narrow green leaves.
Price: $1.60 per plug
Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed - A terrific rain garden plant, Swamp Milkweed prefers prairie sites that are wet to mesic. Reaching about
four feet high, it blooms beginning in August with rosy pink clusters of upright fragrant flowers. Forms colonies when conditions are right.
Price: $1.10 per plug
Asclepias syriaca - Common Milkweed - A staple of roadsides and fence rows, Common Milkweed is an adaptable prairie plant with tall upright
stalks and oval leaves. Fragrant grayish pink flower clusters are held toward the top of the main stalk and develop rough hairy seedpods come
autumn. Price: $1.10 per plug
Asclepias tuberosa – Butterflyweed - One of the showiest of our native wildflowers, Butterfly Weed blooms in an array of orange shades. It
reaches about two feet high and produces a tidy clump of lanceolate leaves. Blooming beginning in June, this milkweed does best in prairie to
savanna situations that are dry, rocky or gravelly. Price: $1.10 per plug
Asclepias viridis - Green Antelopehorn - An interesting specimen for the garden, Green Antelopehorn is a short, clumping, showy milkweed
found in prairies and savannas in dry-mesic to dry soils. Rose to white flowers have green corollas cupped around the outside of the hoods and
lack horns. Price: $1.60 per plug
All species grown in 32 cell plugs. Minimum order one full flat and may mix up to four species per flat for an additional fee. Orders must be picked up
or delivered by July 17th. Offer good while quantities last.
For more information, contact Grace Koehler at [email protected] or 815.981.8000