Wet-on-Wet Color with B Highlighting & Color System lazing®

Wet-on-Wet Color with Blazing® Highlighting & Color System
• B lazing Highlighting & Color System can be applied on top of wet, processing haircolor to achieve subtle,
natural highlights
• S imultaneous coloring and highlighting saves time by not having to do a complete haircolor application
and then a second highlight application, increasing revenue with a simple add-on highlighting service
• The B lazing Highlighting and base haircolor mixtures commingle during processing, creating a blended,
monochromatic effect
Recommended Additional Scoops and Processing Times for Wet-on-Wet Color Applications
Blazing® Highlighting
& Color System
True Integrity ®
Colour Creme
Color Art ®
Color Gloss
High Definition®
Color Gel
Blazing® Low Lights
Levels 1 – 6
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
Levels 7 – 10
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
1 – 2 Extra Scoops
1 Extra Scoop
1 Extra Scoop
Room Temperature
20 – 45 Minutes
Room Temperature
20 – 45 Minutes
Room Temperature
20 – 45 Minutes
Room Temperature
20 – 45 Minutes
Medium Heat
15 – 30 Minutes
5-Minute Cool Down
Medium Heat
15 – 30 Minutes
5-Minute Cool Down
Heat Not Recommended
Heat Not Recommended
Processing Times
Note: If hair is previously tinted or has build up from hard water do not add the extra scoop; the suggested scoops already account for this.
(directions on back side)
1.Determine the client’s tinted haircolor level:
• The Blazing Highlighting & Color System is formulated using the Color
Reference Wheel to determine the tinted haircolor level to ensure
predictable results
• Always formulate to the darkest level
2.Select the client’s desired highlight shade from the Blazing Highlighting
& Color System Demonstration Swatch Book or from the top row of the
Blazing Highlighting & Color System Formulation Chart. Highlights done
using the wet-on-wet technique do not match the Blazing Swatch Book; these
custom shades are a blend of the base and highlight colors.
3. Select the client’s desired highlighting formula. At the top of the
formulation chart find the desired highlight shade. On the left of the
chart locate the client’s tinted haircolor level. Intersect the two columns
to determine the highlighting formula.
4. Mixing: Measure the recommended scoops of Blazing X-tra Light Booster
Concentrate from the formulation chart for the desired highlight shade. Add
the extra scoops needed based on the Scruples haircolor system from the chart
on the front side of this sheet. Measure the recommended amounts of Blazing
Color Gel and Oil Lightener, pour into the booster concentrate and dissolve.
Measure the recommended amount and volume of Pure Oxi Clear Developer.
Gradually pour developer into the bowl and whip to a gel-like consistency.
Note: If the hair is excessively porous or fine textured, use your professional
judgement and reduce the number of total scoops accordingly.
5. Application: Apply Scruples haircolor from scalp to ends. Weave or slice
Blazing highlights into hair, applying a generous amount of the highlighting
mixture to the hair that is placed in Scruples Color Papers or Foils.
• For haircolor applications with True Integrity or Color Art there are 2
processing options:
° Process at room temperature for 20 – 45 minutes
dryer on medium heat and process 15 – 30 minutes; allow
for a 5-minute cool down
• For haircolor applications with High Definition or Blazing Low Lights:
° Process at room temperature for 20 – 45 minutes
with heat is not recommended
° Processing
Note: When High Definition or Blazing Low Lights are applied directly on the
scalp, processing with heat is not recommended due to possible scalp
irritation. If High Definition or Blazing Low Lights are not on the scalp
and are only on the length of hair or in color papers or foils,
processing with heat for 15 – 30 minutes is an option. When processing
with heat, a loose-fitting processing cap should be used to prevent the
base color from drying out.
7. Removal: Rinse hair and shampoo with Scruples Renewal Color Retention
Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Spray liberally with Scruples NO
H2O2 (No Peroxide) to condition, improve color retention and remove
residual peroxide from the hair. Work thoroughly through hair. Rinse after
3 minutes. Condition with Scruples Renewal Color Retention Conditioner
and rinse.
Mel - natural level 3
CUT and COLOR - Scruples Design Team
MAKEUP - Samantha Zaier
PHOTOGRAPHY - Nic Marshall
HAIRCOLOR Single Process Base Color - (scalp to ends) Blazing Low Lights: Espresso
Highlights - B lazing Highlighting & Color System: Cool Almond Blonde
(maximum lift) and Chestnut (medium lift)
STYLING PRODUCTS - Dual Design Gel/Wax, Heat Up Styling & Finishing
Thermal Spray and Rock Hard Finishing Spray (Aerosol)
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