From the Director of Renegade HOG Chapter 3662

May 2015 Newsletter
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From the Director of Renegade
HOG Chapter 3662
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We wanted warmer weather for better riding
but along with that came a lot of rain, hail and
wind. You’ve heard the expression “If you
don’t like the weather in Louisiana; just wait
10 minutes” well this April fulfilled that.
In spite of the weather and all the other things
that make life complicated, we still did a good
deal of riding, including the many independent rides that we all
 April 4 – Ride to Rocky’s Tails & Shells in Bunkie.
 April 9-11 – LA HOG Rally in Monroe.
 April 18 – RHD Annual Crawfish Boil.
 April 19 – Mark Babineaux’s ride to Myron’s in Arnaudville.
 April 24 – Renegade HD Bike Night.
 April 25 – Renegade lunch and benefit for Jack & Sharon
These are some of the activities of our HOG Chapter and I hope
that you’ll make time in May to come play with us.
The LA HOG Rally was really fun this year. Not only did the
predicted rain not materialize but the Rally was memorable for a
number of other reasons. Even though the outside activities had to
be moved into the rodeo arena, the music was good, there were
quite a few vendors and Renegade HOG was there in force. The
parade of flags was different because we marched around the
rodeo arena with our flag instead of riding around Monroe with it.
Mike Kennedy led us on an outstanding ride through NE Louisiana
to the Poverty Point Indian mounds, then to The Docks for lunch.
That evening 32 Renegade HOGS met for supper at the Waterfront
Grill, where Bob Hale announced that he wanted to jump the ski
the Director
the Director
of Renegade
HOG Chapter
HOG Chapter
3662 3662
May 2015 Newsletter
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jump, which we all want to see. The Renegade HD Crawfish Boil was well attended by many
people that I’d never seen before, but there was a lot of crawfish and Renegade pushed
bikes aside in their warehouse so we could get out of the weather. I thought I’d been on
almost every road in Louisiana, but Mark Babineaux took us on roads that I didn’t know
existed on our ride to Arnaudville. The highlight of the month though was the
hamburger/hot dog cookout and benefit for Jack/Sharon Brown. Renegade HD provided
the food and our HOG members did the cooking, serving and cleanup. You know who
you are and THANK YOU. We took our annual HOG picture with Jack and Sharon and
the benefit raised nearly $1,700 to help them during this difficult time for Sharon. Our
HOG Chapter should be very proud of this.
Look at the calendar of this newsletter and Renegade HD’s calendar on their webpage
for activities/rides that Head Road Captain Kelley Pears and the Road Captains have
planned in May.
Be safe and blessed,
Bobby (Rev) Sebastian
Director-Renegade HOG Chapter 3662
Be Prepared
By Kelley Pears, Ph.D.
Head Road Captain
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May 2015 Newsletter
At Renegade HOG, WE RIDE!!!!
Some days I love just hopping on
my Harley and riding, no plan, no
destination in mind. However,
there are times when I like to be
more prepared. Whatever your
tendency, there is a very handy
tool to help you prepare for and
enjoy your rides; it’s called Ride
Planner. Go to On the upper
right, there is a tap that says
“Owners”. Under that tab is a list
that includes ‘PLAN YOUR RIDE’
and ‘RIDE PLANNER’ is the second
option. Here is a useful and
friendly tool to map out rides of
any length, whether across the
parish or across the country. I
really like the feature of being able
to add destinations between the
start and finish. You just use
your mouse to ‘grab’ the line
on the route and move it to
another location. The
program will provide distance
and approximate travel times
between stops. You can ask
the program to include road types,
hotels, points of interests, events
(such as HOG Rallies) and of
DEALERSHIPS. Another handy
feature is being able to include
maps and/or turn-by-turn driving
directions. As with any new tool,
the more you play with it, the
more useful it becomes. Take
some time to explore this
excellent feature provided by HD.
It’s fun to explore various riding
trips from the comfort and
convenience of your recliner and
Saddle Up, LET’S RIDE,
Great Turnout and Beautiful
Weather at Louisiana State
HOG Rally in Monroe
May 2015 Newsletter
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May 2015 Newsletter
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May 2015 Newsletter
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Renegade HOG Ride to Poverty Point World
Heritage Site on April 11, 2015
Led By Mike Kennedy
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 7
As the LA HOG Rally approached, the weather reports were dire; rain, rain and more
rain! Nevertheless, when a bunch of us expressed interest in the Poverty Point World
Heritage Site, located near Epps, LA, RC Mike Kennedy stepped up! “I grew up near
there and I know the back roads; I’ll lead the ride,” he offered. Before long, Bob sent
out a quick Text-Blast, the weather completely cleared up, and when we met Saturday
morning there were 18 bikes and trikes, 27 people and one chase car. We roared off to
northeast Louisiana (Hwy. 134) on a beautiful, sunny Spring day, glad to be together.
We passed quaint churches in small towns, plowed fields ready for new sprouts of
cotton, corn or soybeans, and pink, white or lavender azaleas gracing homes and yards.
The rivers, bayous and lakes boasted cypress trees with Spanish Moss and there were
ongoing baseball games at the local parks we passed. The smell of new-mown grass, a
couple of skunks, cow pastures, and the scent of flowers kept us alert! Drivers were
polite about letting our group have the right of way & we waved to lots of friendly
After about an hour, we arrived at Poverty Point. The small museum and 17 minute
video explained how ancient people built large earthworks with mounds and ridges
around 1600 B.C. One mound is 72 feet high and 710 feet in length! You may go to
< Point World Heritage Site> for more info. An aerial photo (circa
1950) and a forest clear cut in the 1970’s led archaeologists to study this fascinating
site. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2014, joining Stonehenge, the
Pyramids and many other precious locations. We were allowed to ride our bikes
through the paved trail between the mounds and ridges, imagining life there 3,500
years ago! No time to hike to the top of the mound on this trip, unfortunately. Let’s go
Our next stop was a delicious seafood restaurant Mike knew right on Lake Providence
called “The Dock,” overlooking the water. Before long, we were full & happy & headed
back to Monroe via a different road (Hwy. 2), still enjoying the beauty of our state and
ready to finish up the Rally! What a great ride!! Thanks for leading us safely, Mike!
By Abigail Sebastian
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 8
FRIDAY, MAY 8th—Leaving Renegade and riding to Alexandria Bike Night in downtown
Alexandria. Kickstands up at 6 pm.
SATURDAY, MAY 9th—Skinny Rob will lead a ride to the Cochan De Lait in Mansura.
Kickstands up 9:30 am from Renegade.
SUNDAY, MAY 10—MOTHER’S DAY. No ride scheduled.
MAY 14th, 15th and 16th—Tyler, Texas HOG Rally.
FRIDAY, MAY 15th—Renegade HOG Chapter BEACH BASH in 2020
building from 5-8 pm. Join the party with DJ music, free Jambalaya
prepared by Dan Fontenot, games and prizes. Conservative
summer beach attire is encouraged. Bring your own beverages. No
age restriction.
SATURDAY, MAY 16th—Head Road Captain Kelley Pears will lead a ride to tour
historic First United Methodist Church in Columbia, LA, then to Duty and cross the
Ouachita River on ferry, ride the Jena Gap and eat lunch at the Brisket House in
SATURDAY, May 16th—Join us for Bike Night at the Rockin’ C.
SATURDAY, MAY 23rd—Road Captain Robert Cohenour will lead a Hot Wells Road
leaving and returning to Renegade. Kickstands up at 10:00 am. Cookout out at Renegade begins at 11:00 am. Chapter members will be selling drinks.
SUNDAY, MAY 24th—Assistant Director Dan Fontenot will be leading a
lunch ride. Kickstands up at 9:30 am from Renegade.
MONDAY,MAY 25th—Head Road Captain Kelley Pears will be leading a Memorial Day ride; destination TBD. Kickstands up 10:00 am from Renegade.
FRIDAY, MAY 29th—Twilight Ride with owners beginning at and ending at Renegade.
Kickstands up 6:00 am good grub waiting at Renegade when you return.
SATURDAY, MAY 30th—Chapter Meeting from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Party at Renegade to
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 9
FRIDAY, JUNE 5th—Assistant Director Dan Fontenot will be leading dinner ride.
Kickstands up at 6:00 am. Destination TBD.
SATURDAY, JUNE 6th—Road Captain Bob Hales will be
leading a ride to Avery Island to tour Tabasco plant. Kickstands up at 9:00 am from Renegade.
FRIDAY, JUNE 12th—Road Captain Jerry Webb will be leading dinner ride. Kickstands
up at 6:00 am. Destination TBD.
JUNE 18-20—Arkansas State HOG Rally in HOT SPRINGS.
FRIDAY, JUNE 19th—Assistant Director Dan Fontenot will be
leading dinner ride. Kickstands up at 6:00 am. Destination TBD.
SUNDAY, JUNE 21st—FATHER’S DAY . No ride scheduled.
FRIDAY, JUNE 26th—Assistant Director Dan Fontenot will be leading dinner ride. Kickstands up at 6:00 am. Destination TBD.
SATURDAY, JUNE 27th—Chapter Meeting from 10:00 to 11:00 am.
FRIDAY, JULY 4th—Independence Day. No ride scheduled.
SUNDAY, JULY 5th—Patriot Flag to be delivered from Cajun Chapter.
Patriot Flag ceremony at Renegade will be conducted by Andy Hurd.
Time TBD. ROTC will color guard for reception of flag.
MONDAY,JULY 6th—Road Captain Jerry Holtz will be leading ride to
deliver flag to Bleu Bayou Chapter in Monroe, LA.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th—Accompanying Sidney Australia Chapter to New Orleans.
May 2015 Newsletter
MAY 8, 2015
6-11 pm In Mini Park on 3rd Street Next to
Town Hall in Downtown Alexandria
For more information go to
MAY 8-17, 2015
For information go to
MAY 14-16, 2015
For information go to
MAY 22-25, 2015
For information go to
JUNE 18-20, 2015
in Hot Springs
For information go to
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May Chapter Meeting
May 2015 Newsletter
Richard Pieper rides a 2013 CVO Ultra. Beverly Pieper rides
a 2014 CanAm RT Limited. Welcome Richard and Beverly!
Hope to see you on rides this summer.
April Mileage Winners:
Bob Hales at 1,016 Miles
Sissy Williams at 883 Miles
50/50 Winner Scott Vick donated
his winnings to Sharon & Jack
Brown. Well done Scott!
Page 12
Fundraiser for
Sharon & Jack Brown
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 13
Our dear Chapter member Sharon Brown has been
battling cancer. Thanks to everyone that contributed at
the April 25th fundraising event. Special thanks to Dan
Fontenot for preparing the food and to all those that
helped serve at the event and clean up afterwards.
Fundraiser for
Sharon & Jack Brown
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 14
The Evolution of the
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
By (Skinny) Rob Reich
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 15
School may be out but you can still learn when you follow our series of
the history of the Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King.
1955: FLH gets a high
compression, highly tuned engine
and the 3d letter H .
1958: FLH gets a new frame
with a rear swingarm with coilover-shock suspension and a
new name "Duo-Glide”.
1965: FLH gets an electric
starter and a new name “ElectraGlide”.
May 2015 Newsletter
Page 16
1966: FLH gets a
Shovelhead and a
removable fork-mounted
Batwing fairing. Later, when
the instruments were moved
to the fairing it become
1969—1981: Note: AMF (American Machinery and Foundry)
bought Harley-Davidson in 1969, rescuing it from bankruptcy,
and sold it in 1981 to a group of thirteen investors led by
Vaughn Beals and Willie G. Davidson for $80 million. The AMF
years coincided with a difficult period in American
manufacturing owing in part to the Oil Embargo impacts.
Make This Your Bucket List:
Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in US
Page 17
May 2015 Newsletter
Pig Trail, Arkansas
Cherohala Parkway, Tennessee
Route 50, The George Washington
Highway, West Virginia
Make This Your Bucket List:
Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in US
May 2015 Newsletter
Beartooth Pass, Wyoming
Twisted Sisters/Three Sisters,
Page 18
San Juan Mountain
Skyway, Colorado
Needles Highway, Black
Hills, South Dakota
Tunnel of Trees Road, Michigan
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