860-432-4389 2pm Mondays 9am to 8pm

served from
11:30am until closing
706 Hartford Road
Mondays 9am to
to 8pm
Tues. - Sat. 7am
Sunday 7am to 2
550 East Middle Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06040
623 Main Street
The Happy LJB
Bacon, melted swiss, american,
cheddar, honey mustard, and
tomato on wheat | $5.75
Traditional Reuben
Pastrami on Wry
Hot pastrami, swiss cheese and
spicy mustard on grilled
Wry bread | $6.25
House-made corned beef or pastrami, kraut, 1000
island, and swiss cheese on grilled Wry | $6.25
The $5.50 Burger
make it a traditional turkey reuben for $.50 more
6-oz ground sirloin, cheddar, grilled onions,
lettuce, tomato, potato sticks | $5.50
Make it a Pastrami Burger for . . $1.50 extra
Bruchetta Chicken
BBQ Pork Loin
All white pork loin, smoked BBQ sauce,
peppers, grilled onions and cheddar
cheese on grilled Texas toast | $6.50
BBQ Pretzel Chicken
BBQ chicken, cheddar, mayo, bacon,
lettuce, tomato, on a pretzel | $7.00
Herb-grilled chicken breast, tomato bruchetta
topping, melted provolone and roasted garlic
mayo on a foccacia roll | $6.50
The All American
Hot roast beef, ham, smoked turkey,
american cheese, mayo, on a grilled
hard roll | $6.50
Tomato Soup Special
Manchester Express Dog
Grilled ham and cheddar cheese on wheat with a
crock of tomato/cheddar bisque served with slaw
and pickle only | $7.00
12” Bogner beef dog, chili, cheddar and
kraut on a toasted bun | $5.75
change to your choice of meat add $.50
Grilled Sourdough/House
Roasted Turkey BLT
Texas-Arizona Chicken
Chili-lime grilled chicken, bacon, guacamole,
melted cheddar and chipotle sauce on grilled
sourdough | $6.50
The Original Cuban Sandwich
House-roasted turkey, mayo, bacon,
cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on
grilled sourdough bread | $6.75
Roasted, Roasted,
Roasted Beef on Wry
House roasted beef, grilled red onion, roasted
red pepper, provolone, roasted garlic mayo, lettuce
and tomato on grilled Wry bread | $6.50
Black forest ham, roasted pork loin, genoa
salami, swiss cheese, pickle, spicy mustard on
a pressed 6” hoagie roll | $6.50
Pretzel Pastrami
S.F. Connect
Smoked turkey, pickle, bacon, lettuce,
tomato, swiss and 1000 Island dressing
on grilled sourdough | $6.75
Hot pastrami, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato,
onion and creamy horseradish mustard on
a pretzel bun | $6.75
All Sandwiches and wraps are served
with coleslaw, a pickle, AND CHOICE
OF ONE SIDE: potato salad, macaroni
salad, chips, whole wheat spinach & feta
pasta salad, marinated bean salad or
asian style broccoli slaw . . . .
Don't want coleslaw? Add a 2nd side for $.50
Add fries for . . . $1.25
Grilled Chicken Caesar
Chicken Salad Croissant
Tuna on Grilled Wheat
House-made chicken salad with melted
American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato
and honey mustard | $6.50
Albacore tuna, cheddar cheese,
lettuce, tomato on grilled
wheat | $6.00
Chopped romaine, real caesar
dressing, parmesan cheese,
foccacia croutons | $6.25
Trio Salad
Chicken salad, egg salad, crab salad, mixed
greens, tomato, house dressing | $7.50
Egg Salad on Wheat
Crab Salad Melt
House-made egg salad, lettuce,
tomato, on toasted wheat | $5.25
Grilled english muffin, american
cheese, crab salad, tomato | $7.00
Chef Salad
Turkey, ham, provolone roll up, romaine,
roasted red pepper, hard boiled egg, parmesan
peppercorn dressing | $7.00
thoroughly cooking meat,
poultry, seafood, shellfish
and eggs reduces the risk
of food bor ne illness
P a s tr a m iO n W r y .n e t
Black, Bleu & Yellow Salad
Blackened chicken breast, baby greens,
marinated tomatoes, chopped bacon,
house dressing, bleu cheese crumbles
and cheddar cheese | $6.75
California Cobb
Baby greens, herb-grilled chicken, bleu
cheese, guacamole, bacon, tomato and
hard-boiled egg with your choice of
house, balsamic, ranch, 1000 island,
blanch, chipotle ranch, parmesan
peppercorn dressing | $6.50
Quesadilla Salad
Cheese quesadilla over romaine lettuce,
tomatoes, roasted peppers, chipotle
ranch dressing | $7.50
Spicy Buffalo Chix Wrap
Rachel Wrap
Horsey Roast Beef
Cold Boars Head Buffalo Chicken, buffalo mayo,
jalapeños, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon,
blue cheese crumbles, in a wheat wrap | $6.50
Hot house-made corned beef, swiss, coleslaw,
1000 island dressing, and grilled onion in a
spinach wrap | $6.50
House-roasted beef, horseradish spread, grilled
red onion, swiss, lettuce and tomato in a spinach
wrap - served hot or cold | $6.25
House-Roasted Turkey Sierra
Philly Wrap
Crab & Cucumber
House-roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato,
chipotle sauce, cheddar and guacamole in a
whole wheat wrap | $6.25
Shaved rib-eye steak, roasted red peppers,
caramelized onions, american cheese,
in a wheat wrap | $7.00
House-made crab salad, cucumber, lettuce, tomato,
american cheese in a wheat wrap | $7.00
think of a grilled cheese
without all the carbs
Ham & Cheese
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Wrap
Hot Virginia Baked Ham, honey mustard,
swiss and cheddar cheese | $6.25
Sesame marinated chicken breast, asian style broccoli slaw,
cucumber in a wheat wrap | $6.75
Cucumber Roasted Red Pepper Humus Wrap
Spinach wrap, baby spinach, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese,
roasted red pepper humus | $6.75
Irish Grilled Cheese
Irish cheddar, house-made corned beef,
spicy mustard, pickle | $6.75
Cucumber/Peppered Turkey
Horsey Roast Beef Flatty Melt
Grilled Pretzel Chicken
Swiss, grilled red onion, horseradish sauce,
warm roast beef | $6.75
Peppered turkey, cucumber, baby spinach, turkey bacon,
and tomato in a whole wheat wrap | $6.50
Herb grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, turkey
bacon and honey mustard on a pretzel bun | $6.75
P.S. I Luv U (the former GoshDagwit)
Phat Philly
Loaded 12” grinder roll with shaved
rib-eye steak, peppers, onions, provolone,
bacon | $9.25
Salami, ham, peppered turkey, smoked turkey,
roast beef, provolone, american, swiss,
peppers, mayo, house dressing, lettuce and
tomato on a 12” grinder roll | $10.00
From Pastrami with Love
1lb. hot pastrami, american cheese, grilled onion
raw red onion, sliced pickle, mayo, yellow mustard
on a grilled 16” grinder roll | $16.75
“Enough for 2”
Rockafella: The Reuben's
BIG Brother
Hot pastrami, house-made corned beef,
swiss, kraut, 1000 island, grilled Wry piled
high | $9.00
All Belly Busters served with pickle,
no mayo coleslaw and two sides
Chicken Tortellini, Tomato/Cheddar Bisque
. . . $3.75 / crock - $4.50 / bowl
. . . $4.00 / crock
Shoestring French Fries
Plain, Cajun, Cool Ranch or Garlic Parmesan
. . . $2.75 / basket
Bacon, Cheddar, Ranch
. . . $4.50 / plate
Sweet potato fries with cranberry mayo
. . . $3.25 / basket
thoroughly cooking meat,
poultry, seafood, shellfish
and eggs reduces the risk
of food bor ne illness
P a s tr a m iO n W r y .n e t