How microwave oven works?? ZHI LI, HUI LI, RUI SHI, JIAJIE HUANG

How microwave
oven works??
I believe that all of us are familiar with
microwave ovens, since we more or less have
the experience of making pop-corns, reheating
previously-bought foods, maybe Big Bowl
noodles, or heating fast food in our dorms;
however few of us know how microwaves
work. Don’t worry, this project will clearly
show you.
Why microwave oven is so popular??
Because microwave ovens heat foods quickly
and efficiently, they are one of the most
popular kitchen appliances. A microwave oven
converts only part of its electrical input into
microwave energy. For example, an ordinary
microwave oven, like one pursued at WalMart, consumes 1100 W of electricity in
producing 700 W of microwave power, an
efficiency of 64%.
How microwave oven works??
As the name implies, the microwave oven
heats the food with microwave radiation. Such
radiation is non-ionizing and has a frequency of
2.45 GHz and a wavelength of 122mm. As
what we learn in class, magnetic field is the
magnetic force per tiny dipole. Similar to the
concept, the molecules in food are tiny dipoles
but are electrical. Therefore, they have both
positive and negative charge on them, which
concludes as neutral.
When the microwave goes across the food, the
electrical field on microwave has an effect on
the food molecules. We once discuss that
magnetic fields make charges move. As a
result, the molecules in food will move due to
the electrical field. Then they will run into
other molecules into motion too, and the
motion produces energy, heat.
Let's see what is inside and how it
But.... Attention!!!
As we may notice, more and more people
claim that exposure to microwaves can cause
cancer and other diseases, which are obviously
undesirable. But according to the United
States Food and Drug Administration's Center
for Devices and Radiological Health, a U.S.
Federal Standard limits the amount of
microwaves that can leak from an oven
throughout its lifetime to 5 milliwatts of
microwave radiation per square centimeter at
approximately 5 cm (2 in)---
---from the surface of the oven. This is far
below the exposure level currently considered
to be harmful to human health. So the
radiation produced by a microwave does not
have the cancer risks associated with ionizing
radiation such as X-rays and high-energy
particles. We can use it with ease and joy.
The microwave oven in the future
● more efficient
Intellowave Cuisine Heat Sensor
This technology offers no less than superior cooking,
reheating and defrosting for a wide range of food items.
Goldstar microwave ovens are designed with a sensor chip
that can detect humidity levels. Based from the information,
the microwave automatically adjusts the cooking time and
power level that is needed to prepare the food and so,
avoids wasting energy.
● more smart
In order to take advantage of the popularity of the Internet,
the microwave industry has introduced the so-called Internet
oven. The oven can be connected to the Internet
access recipes and other cooking information for
automatic food preparation. Several companies plan to
market their products in the near future.
● more powerful
The power of Microwave has increased dramatically in
recent years
And scientist predict that it will reach 3000watts in the next
5 years- which is nearly 2 times more powerful than current
Since human realized the existence of wave,
we have used wave in many aspects and have
invented lots of fantastic products like
microwave ovens, rider and B ultrasonic.
Unfortunately, as many scientists admit, by now
human long can utilize a very small parts of
waves. But that also means that wave
applications still have huge potentials, we can
believed that in the future wave technologies
will definitely enhance our satisfactions of lives.