Christmas Ornaments to Make: Woven Paper Balls Gather your materials...

Christmas Ornaments to Make:
Woven Paper Balls
Gather your materials...
To make this Christmas decoration, you'll need:
colored cardstock (between 1 and 6 colours)
a pencil
a ruler
double sided tape or some glue
How to Make Woven Paper Balls
Step 1
Cut 6 thin strips of card. Each strip should be about 3/8 inches (0.5cm) wide, and 12 inches (30cm) long. The
exact dimensions don't matter too much, so long as all the strips are the same size.
Step 2
Take one of the strips and glue or tape its ends together to make a loop. Set aside.
Step 3
Arrange the other five strips into a pentagon. Each strip alternates over and under its neighbours.
It's easiest to focus on making the little pentagon at the center first, then rearrange things to get the oversand-unders correct afterwards.
Step 4
Put the loop on top of the pentagon, and poke every second loose end through the loop. The ends to poke
through are the ones that last went "under" at the outermost crossing.
You might find that the loop tries to spring away - the trick is to keep holding it down as you thread the loose
ends through.
Step 5
Join the loose ends together, one by one, making sure that they alternate under and over other strips that
cross their path.
It's a little tricky the first time you do it, but take your time, and just think under, over, under, over... and you'll
get it right.
When you finish, your ball should like this, made up of triangles and pentagons.
Now add a ribbon and it's ready to brighten up a Christmas tree!