Aart-Jan Verhoef, Ph.D. Technical University of Vienna

Aart-Jan Verhoef, Ph.D.
Technical University of Vienna
Applications of femtosecond laser sources in attosecond physics
and biomedical imaging
The talk will cover three topics: Biomedical imaging,
attosecond spectroscopy and the laser source
development driving both fields forward. Using a novel
Yb-fiber femtosecond amplifier neuronal activity up to
600 micrometer below the brain surface was measured,
and the ability to reliably detect signals with a single
pulse per voxel is demonstrated. Using attosecond time
resolved spectroscopy we have been able to directly
identify and measure different channels in the cascaded
Auger decay in krypton. The same technique allowed
us to also measure the apparent photo-ionization delay
of different direct photo-ionization channels in xenon,
including channels involving strong multi-electron
dynamics (shake-up).
Future directions in source development for application in attosecond science are
towards tunable optical parametric amplifiers pumped and seeded by turnkey robust
front-ends. A monolithic Yb-fiber chirped pulse amplifier developed for this purpose,
which as demonstrated in this talk also drives forward biomedical imaging applications,
will finally be presented.