Where They Are Now

Where They Are Now
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Dylan Engels stands proudly beside the new bleachers at Ted Lane Field
“If I was at a larger school system my job would be more specialized in one aspect
of technology, here I get to do it all, which is very exciting and keeps me interested.”
He adds, “Really I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.”
Ben encourages graduating seniors to be willing to try new things and take different
career paths when it feels right. “See what’s out there, what you like. Have the courage
to change majors if you need to. You don’t always know what you want to do with the
rest of your life when you’re 18 years-old.”
Camp Hazen YMCA – Tuition assistance for Westbrook campers
High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. – Scholarship programs for Westbrook residents
HOPE Partnership – Study for multi-family workforce housing
Junior Colonial Fife & Drum Corps – Uniforms, drum heads and slings, and banner
Maritime Education Network, Inc. – Student scholarships for summer marine programs.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Upgrade sidewalks and railings for ADA requirements
Valley-Shore YMCA – After school enrichment program at Daisy Ingraham School and Westbrook Middle School
Westbrook Garden Club – Replacement of window boxes and landscape gazebo on the Westbrook Town Green
Westbrook Historical Society, Inc. – Install Solar Control Window Film on Museum building windows
Westbrook Little League – Replace bleacher seating and fencing in front of bleachers
Westbrook Middle School – Purchase of sound system and microphones
Westbrook Tree Lighting Committee – Purchase shed for “Santa House”
Town of Westbrook/Adopt-A-Spot – Purchase of recognition signs
u.s. postage
Ben has always had a love for math, science and physics and was glad to have
been in such a small school system where such detailed attention was given
to each student, allowing him to dig deep in his areas of interest. Living out his
dreams, he says he loves his current job because he gets to work with all kinds
of different technology and has his hands in everything, constantly learning and
teaching others.
“Now we have a safer environment that is more comfortable for everyone and
we are very grateful to the Westbrook Foundation and this grant for all of this,”
says former Westbrook Little League president Chris Walker.
She encourages graduating seniors to look into a career in medicine if
they think they will love it. “The medical field is always in need of confident,
dedicated professionals and there are always positions to be filled in medicine
Ben says he is extremely grateful for his college experience at Purdue, something
he may not have been able to afford had it not been for the various scholarships
he received from the Westbrook Foundation, which supplemented approximately
a quarter of his total tuition. Glad to be out of Indiana and back in Connecticut,
he is excited to be pursuing his love of sail boat racing in the summer and skiing
in the winter.
Alison’s future is bright, she plans to remain in the Northeast, specializing
in pelvic surgery and she hopes to continue to volunteer her time to needed
endeavors such as her recent trip to Guatemala, where she and other visiting
doctors performed 30 to 40 surgeries a day.
Each year, approximately 200 kids in the town of Westbrook, ranging in age from
five to 14, put on team baseball hats, their matching baseball jersey, get their gloves
out of the closet, and lace up their cleats to play Westbrook Little League Baseball.
In past years, that meant parents and visitors had to sit on “less than comfortable,”
old, splintering bleachers and very often foul balls dangerously made their way
outside the fenced in area of the Ted Lane Field. However, due to an $8,000 plus
grant from the Westbrook Foundation, the hard work of Dylan Engels for his Eagle
Scout Merit project, and the volunteer hours and help of many town residents,
this year; parents, grandparents, friends and relatives will be seated comfortably
on the new Aztek grade decking bleacher seating, behind a new, higher, safer
fence, to watch Westbrook children of all ages enjoy the great American past
time that is baseball.
EDDM Retail
“The Westbrook Foundation has always been there for me and many other
students and I think our town is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful
group of people and such an amazing Foundation.”
Ted Lane Field Gets a Face Lift for
this Year’s Little League Season
Additionally, as a proud native of Westbrook, she commends the Westbrook
Foundation for being a group that has consistently been there for her and
helped whenever she has reached out to them. She received a scholarship
when she graduated from high school and additional scholarships later in
her educational career to help offset the cost of her medical books and
other necessities.
Working to benefit the community of Westbrook and its residents
As a native of Westbrook and graduate
of Westbrook High School in 1999,
Ben Russell loves the ocean, his
family and being able to “have his
hands in every aspect of his job.”
All this has brought him home to
the shoreline area after spending
his college career away, in Indiana
at Purdue University. He started out
as an Engineering major and interned
at Whelen Engineering Company in
Chester, where he says much of the
work he did involved computer
programming. It was something
he enjoyed so much, he changed majors, finished college and now he is the
Technology Specialist for the Westbrook School System, and he couldn’t be happier.
Established 1984
“I think the biggest thing I have
been able to take with me from going through the Westbrook school system,
is that Westbrook teachers really teach you the basic necessities of how to study.
They teach the students how to obtain knowledge as well as how to evaluate
information and skills for memorizing, which has been instrumental for me in
my medical studies,” praises Alison.
Ben Russell
Foundation, Inc.
Armed with a strong sense of what
she wanted do with her life, Alison
Vogell decided back in fifth grade
that pursuing a career in the medical
field was her future. Never letting
go of her admirable goal, Alison
graduated from Westbrook High
School in 2000 and went on to tackle
a double major of History and Biology
at Boston University. Now, some
thirteen years later, Alison is finishing
up her last year of residency in OBGYN
medicine at Jefferson University
Hospital in Philadelphia, before
graduating in June, getting married
and moving on to a fellowship in
pelvic surgery at Lahey Clinic.
throughout the country. It is a great field
to get into with the reward of knowing
you are doing something important and
giving back. That’s why I love what I do!”
Postal Customer
Alison Vogell
“It took four weekends of hard work to remove over 500 bleacher spacers and
to cut and install the new seating, but it was definitely worth it,” explains Dylan,
who besides being heavily involved with Boy Scouts for the past several years,
also played Little League in town as a youngster and is currently part of the
Westbrook High School Baseball Team. “I remember sitting on the old bleachers
and they were very uncomfortable. I thought that replacing them as my Eagle
Scout project would be a great way to give back and it would be beneficial to
the entire town.”
The field and bleachers are not just used for baseball games. Throughout the
year several different events take place at the Ted Lane Field, such as the annual,
internationally renowned Westbrook Muster, the Vista Bike Tour, the Fireman’s
Carnival, just to name a few.
“This grant has enhanced the entire area. We are very excited to show off the
new fence and bleachers on opening day in April,” says Walker, who explained
that a plaque, in memory of Barbara Spencer, founder of the Westbrook Foundation,
will soon adorn the side of the bleachers in remembrance of all she has
done for the town through her creation of the Foundation.
“Ted Lane Field has become such a focal point in the community during the spring
and summer seasons that it deserves the TLC the Westbrook Foundation is proud to
provide,” shares Foundation Chairman James Crawford. “In addition to our terrific Little
League program, we show off the area when the Westbrook Muster hosts hundreds
of participants and parade goers. Our pride in the park says a great deal about the
spirit of our volunteers and the activities that bring us together as a community here
in Westbrook.”
Joanne Marino-Murray
We dedicate this Annual Report to Joanne
Marino-Murray, our Chair until her death last
December. Her commitment to the Foundation
and its community outreach was mirrored in her
determination to remain active and involved until
her final weeks.
Joanne’s rich legacy reaches back to her days
as a fourth grader in Daisy Ingraham’s class. Little
did she know that she would one day carve out
an extraordinary teaching career in the building
named for her first Westbrook instructor.
Joanne’s legion of former students bears witness
to the compassionate, creative, and intellectually
challenging classroom environment she nurtured
for over thirty years. No tribute from us can ever
match the remarkable outpouring of community
sadness that characterized services for her late
last year. Profound respect for a life well lived was
clearly on display that day.
Joanne Marino-Murray completed one five-year
term of service with the Westbrook Foundation.
She brought her exceptional organization skills,
enthusiastic outlook, and infectious sense of
humor to our board. She shared her generous
spirit with everyone she encountered. We cherish
her dedication to the Foundation and acknowledge
our good fortune to have had her among us.
James Crawford, Chairman
“We are so grateful for this grant,
we can’t wait to get the kids out there
looking good and playing well for all
the parades,” added Johnson.
“The corps represents our town all
over New England. Whenever the
field music of the fife and drum is
celebrated we take pride,” said
Chairman of the Westbrook
Foundation, James Crawford.
Foundation, Inc.
Established 1984
A Contribution to the Future
An individual or an organization who makes a gift or bequest to
The Westbrook Foundation can be assured that they have
made a contribution which will benefit future generations.
Taking pride in Westbrook’s musical ambassadors, the Westbrook Foundation
gave a grant of $10,000 to the Junior Colonial Fife and Drum Corp, which
according to director, Toni Johnson, is being used for “much needed uniforms
and drum maintenance.”
CASH: An outright cash gift to The Westbrook Foundation
qualifies for Federal Income Tax deductions in the year
of the gift.
SECURITIES: Stocks and Bonds that have increased
in value may be given to The Westbrook Foundation. The
donor receives a tax deduction for the value of the gift
at market value, and avoids capital gains taxes.
BEQUEST: Bequests of cash, securities or property may
be made to The Westbrook Foundation either as a specific
sum or as a percentage of the donor’s estate.
MEMORIAL GIFTS: A gift to The Westbrook Foundation
is a meaningful way to honor a special person or create a
memorial to a loved one.
ANNUITIES: Donors may name The Westbrook
Foundation as a beneficiary of life insurance policies. In
the case of annuities, donor may choose to retain income
during his or her lifetime.
designate The Westbrook Foundation as the beneficiary
of this type of trust and still receive income during his or
her lifetime. Donor receives tax deduction in the year the
trust is established, and reduces estate taxes.
An individual contemplating a gift
to the Foundation should seek the
advice of his or her attorney.
This mailer was prepared as reference
material, and further information,
including copies of the Certificate of
Incorporation and the By Laws of the
Foundation may be obtained from:
The Westbrook Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 528
Westbrook, Connecticut 06498
James M. Crawford, Chairman
Bernadette Jones, Vice Chairman
For more information about the Westbrook Foundation,
go to www.westbrookfoundation.org.
Flexibility in Giving
For Further Information
Brian O’Connor
Joanne Marino-­Murray
Honoring the memory of Joanne Marino-­Murray and recognizing her efforts and dedication as chair of the Westbrook
Foundation and her passion to educate the young students of Daisy Ingraham Elementary School, Joanne’s family and
the Westbrook Foundation have established a scholarship in her name. It will be awarded in the amount of $1,000, to
a student who is a member of the graduating class of Westbrook High School, who is a good citizen of good moral
and ethical character, intending to pursue four years of higher education at an accredited institution.
Applications for this scholarship, and all other Westbrook Foundation Scholarships, are due in the Westbrook High
School Guidance office by May 1st.
Paul Polo
Harry Ruppenicker Jr., Treasurer
David Russell
Beverly Schirmeier
Constance Vogell, Secretary
Administrative Director
• Calderari-Hoxsie-Schubert-Steinson Memorial
• Josephine S. Crump Scholarship
• Dorothy C. Hoyt Scholarship
• Oscar Manstan/Richard Nolf Industrial Arts
• Herbert A. Muller Jr. Memorial
• Henry Ortner Memorial
• Olin E. Neidlinger Music Scholarship
• Elliot A. Spencer Scholarship
• Raymond L. Wilson Scholarship
• Westbrook Grange #123 Scholarship
• Ellen S. Murphy Scholarship
• Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarships
• Pat Mazeau and Myrtie Gareau Scholarship
• Messerschmidt Fund
• Brandon E. Norman Memorial
• Marie Patrice Mazeau Scholarship
• Dan Nuhn Scholarship
• Shoreline Amateur Radio Club Scholarship
My contribution is enclosed and I would like it to be applied to the fund principle
for the following existing Scholarship.
Honorary Members
Edmund Binder
Teri Gavigan
John Hall III
Robert Kindt, Jr.
Judith Lowe
Donald Morrison
Enclosed please find my company’s matching gift form.
Barbara Reeve
I would prefer my gift to remain anonymous.
Johanna Schneider
Claire Anthony Smith
Telephone No.
Michael Wells, Attorney
Richard Westbrook
Kathryn Donlan was awarded the Pat Mazeau & Myrtie Gareau Scholarship. Jacob
Jackson received the Brandon E. Norman Memorial Scholarship. The Dan Nuhn
Scholarship was awarded to Amanda Strukus.
The Marie Mazeau Memorial Scholarship was awarded to to Stephanie Cyphers
and the Shoreline Amateur Radio Club Scholarship went to Sean Sparaco.
The Class of 1993-1998 one time Scholarship went to Sean Gesner.
The Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship was given to Sarah Luft, Olivia Tempesta
and Mitchell Honan; for leadership Megan Lohutko; Good Citizenship, Callie
Hagemeister and Special Awards were given to: Olivia Tempesta, Sarah Luft, Sarah
Chapell, Scott Nicoll, Hailie Bromson, Jacob Collins, Sean Gesner, Colin Zehnder,
Erica Martel, Kathryn Donlan, Jesse Jimenez, Mindy Khamvongsa, Amanda Strukus
and Caroline Gallagher who attended Mercy High School.
Twelve Westbrook residents received scholarship funds from the Messerschmidt
Fund, those recipients are: Jamie Abraham, Jordan Bean, Christopher Cusano, Kenneth
A. Cusano, Tyler J. Gracey, Joshua Jimenez, Jennifer Labbadia, Britney Malhotra,
Dominic Panico, Ian Parman, Megan E. Pielli and Edward Vallee.
Congratulations to all scholarship recipients from the Westbrook Foundation.
New Middle School
Sound System
Spring brings with it the opening night of the Westbrook Middle School’s
theatrical production. This year the robust audience of parents, relatives, friends
and community members will not only be wowed by the awesome portrayal
of romantic comedy, “When in Rome”, but an added feature of indelible sound will
be part of the production for the first time ever, thanks to the generous grant of
$17, 435 from the Westbrook Foundation, which helped the Middle School secure
the purchase of their very own professional grade sound system.
“Providing our budding thespians with appropriate equipment to showcase their
talents is a proper way to honor their efforts and enthusiasm,” explains Chairman
of the Westbrook Foundation, James Crawford.
In past years, sound equipment for this annual event had to be borrowed and
or rented, which was not only costly, but inconvenient and cumbersome.
Become a partner in philanthropy through annual giving. Please make checks payable to
The Westbrook Foundation, Inc. All gifts are tax-deductible.
The Elliot A. Spencer Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Sarah Chapell. Merilee
Sader received the Raymond L. Wilson Scholarship and Alexander Tragakes was
awarded the Westbrook Grange #123 Scholarship.
Karena Garrity
Joanne Marino-­Murray*
The Calderari-Hoxsie-Schubert-Steinson Veterans Memorial Scholarship was awarded
to Elizabeth Twigg. The Josephine S. Crump Scholarship was awarded to Brendan
Raunikar. Scott Nicoll and Merilee Sader, earned the Dorothy Christopher Hoyt
Scholarship. The Manstan/Nolf Memorial Industrial Arts Scholarship went to
Alexander Tragakes. Stephanie Cyphers earned the Herbert A. Muller, Jr. Memorial
Scholarship and Crystal Halibozek was awarded the Ellen S. Murphy Scholarship.
Meghan Prevost, Stephanie Cyphers and Lauren LaDelfa were awarded the Henry
Ortner Memorial Scholarship. The Olin E. Neidlinger Music Scholarship went to
Olivia Tempesta.
Public Relations
Janet Dickey
I am considering making a contribution to The Westbrook Foundation and wish
to be contacted by a Director of the Foundation to discuss it.
The Westbrook Foundation,
a non-profit started in 1984
by school teacher Barbara
Spencer, has been awarding
scholarships and grants to
local students and town
organizations since its
inception and was proud to
give 26 graduating seniors,
in the 2012 class, the 52nd
to graduate from Westbrook
High School, a total of
$66,600 in scholarship
monies to be used toward higher education pursuits. An additional $18,000 was
given to Westbrook residents, through the Messerschmidt Scholarship Fund.
Nancy J. Howard
Jane Butterworth
The following scholarships are awarded to
Westbrook residents each year. Help to increase
these scholarships by contributing to the fund
principle of your choice:
2012 Scholarships
* Deceased
“This whole system adds so much, it has already transformed the entire theatre
program and we have only had it for a few weeks,” explains Megan Mulvihill, drama
club director. “In the past when we had to rent, we didn’t get the microphones
until two to three days before the production and they were never to this quality.
Adding the new concept for the kids that late in our rehearsals was very hard for
them to adjust to. Now they start out with the microphones and go right through,
which helps things run smoother and gives the kids a lot more confidence.”
She adds, “Plus now parents
will be able to hear their kids
when they come to see them.
Middle schoolers don’t have
great voice projection, so this
will definitely help with that
and make the entire show
more enjoyable for everyone
Middle School principal Cori
DiMaggio is very excited about
the new addition to the school
which will not only be used for theatre productions but spelling bees, geography
bees, talent shows, fall cabaret productions and band and chorus concerts. “On
behalf of the Westbrook Middle School Community and Drama Club/Advisors,
I would like to thank the Westbrook Foundation for the outstanding sound system
that we purchased due to their generous donation to our school. We are so grateful
to have a Foundation in town that supports our schools and students. Now our
students will be heard with quality sound.”
The system, which includes 20 microphones, is state of the art and compatible as
well as interchangeable with the high school’s sound system. The sound board can
easily be hooked up to an IPod for instantly downloaded music for productions and
into a video system so there is no feedback.
“This is exactly what we needed and we are so glad we finally have it,” says Liz Egan
drama club set director. “When the system arrived Megan and I gave each other a
big hug because we knew this was a milestone for the Westbrook Middle School
drama club.”