Session I (June 2 – June13) Morning Classes 9:00-11:30

Session I
(June 2 – June13)
Morning Classes 9:00-11:30
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
Down on the Farm (K-2)
Get out the John Deer and let’s head over to the farm. We’ll learn about the farm and the animals that live there.
Make your own barnyard of animals using a variety of materials. You’ll have chickens, cows, horses, goats, and
more to keep you busy. Create yummy animal treats to eat using waffles, crackers, cookies, veggies, etc. We might
even be able to make some snacks to feed the barn cat and the stable dog.
Fab Fabrics (4-9)
Learn to crochet, knit, and embroider fun projects that can make wonderful gifts for family and friends. You will
learn great techniques that will last you a lifetime.
Flight (5-9)
Come soar with us in this flying adventure. Design and build a variety of contraptions from kites to hot air balloons,
a variety of gliders, paper airplanes, bows and arrows, canon, rockets, helicopters, and anything else that might
“fly”. Explore the world of mechanics and engineering in this airborne adventure!
Military Strategy (5-10)
Join a Marine Corps officer and learn history and battle strategy at the same time. Using miniature pieces, students
will focus on World War II and major battles and tactics involved in winning the war. The emphasis of the class is
on the history and strategy, not on war itself.
Minecraft Level II (Student ability)
Minecraft, one of the most popular video games, is returning to St. Charles this year. The Level II class is designed
for students with basic knowledge of the game and who would like to learn more in-depth skills.Studies show that
playing video games help students enhance problem solving and cognitive skills, so join us for fun and learning at
the same time.
Pineapples, Pagodas, and Pandas (K-2)
Go on an African safari, survive the Antarctic wind, discover the Great Barrier Reef, pick up some souvenirs from
Europe, travel the Panama Canal, explore the Amazon Rain Forest. Discover some fascinating facts and enjoy some
tasty treats. It’s time to pack your bags, grab your passport, and head out for a world-wide adventure.
Primary Art (K-2)
Come join us and benefit creatively as you explore, experiment, and discover the possibilities of how art materials
behave and transform. Discover unique pathways to bring your creative concepts to life while honing your art skills
and techniques. Create “Shimmer Paint”, “Squeezy Batik”, a “Crinkle Scruncher” and “Jelly Dangles”, and more.
Soccer Mania (1-4)
Grab your soccer ball and let’s go! Come and learn the joys of soccer while working on your basic skills. Brush up
on your abilities or learn new techniques through a variety of activities and games.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (2-4)
Enter the world of Mary Poppins as she teaches her irrepressible charges the basics of the kitchen and more. Whip
up some fruit salad, oatmeal cookies, and jam tarts. Attend a Mary Poppins birthday party and meet Mary at a lovely
tea. Learn some of the lyrics to the songs, make a kite, and more as you find out what life was like in Cherry-TreeLane.
The Science Wizard (3-5)
Expand your scientific horizons from biology to chemistry, from physics to outer space. Learn to boil ice, float
water, create plastic, measure gravity, even make raisins dance. All we need is a few household items to recreate
dozens of mind-blowing experiments. Come, challenge the world around you.
Session I
(June 2 – June 13)
Afternoon Classes 12:30-3:00
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
All the World’s a Stage (4-9)
In this exciting class, each student will discover the actor/actress that lies within himor herself through different
acting exercises, including, but not limited to, creating and sharing monologues, improvisational activities, character
development, and, also team building. We may work with creating special effects as well.
Fancy Nancy (K-2)
Back by popular demand – everyone’s favorite glitz and glamor gal. Join Nancy in creating your own glittering
attire for her famous teas, soirees, and birthday parties. Make a Fancy Nancy posh poodle, a variety of wands and
tiaras. Bake some Fancy Nancy cakes, pink marshmallow treats, and other yummy foods to help her celebrate. No
one can say “No” to this much fun!
Into the Garden (K-2)
Do you like to play in the dirt? Well, then this is the perfect class for you. Find out all about gardens and gardening,
and all the wonderful items you can make from the things you have grown. Design flower pots, wind chimes, and jar
bugs. Take home a hairy spring garden or a bug pot. Use “dried” flowers to make wreathes and potpourri. Weather
permitting, take a garden walk and do some first-hand investigation. Use fruits and veggies to create yummy snack
art. What better way to spend a summer’s day!
Medieval Daze and Knights (K-2)
Join Robin Hood and his Merry Men for a romp through Sherwood Forest. Make Robin Hood’s cap. Cook up some
raisin and custard tarts and marvelous marzipan. Draw your very own coat-of-arms and battle shield. Dip candles
and write in invisible ink. Pass on a few proverbs and build a castle in this medieval adventure.
Open for Business (3-6)
The perfect class for the budding entrepreneur! Students will set up their own businesses; learn how to market their
products, and how to determine profit and loss in this economic simulation. Learn the power of slogans as well as a
variety of marketing techniques.Profits result in a pizza party (or similar event) for the entire class.
Star Craft (5-9)
Jump ahead to the 26th century where three species fight for control in a distant part of the Milky Way galaxy known
as Koprulu Sector. Praised for its use of factions in real-time strategy game play, Star Craft is considered among the
most important video games of all time. It is a multi-player game and is especially popular in South Korea. This
class will focus on the critical thinking skills needed in developing strategies to become a better player. Basic
computer skills are required.
The Little Chef (2-5)
From party foods to pizza and pasta; from tasty desserts to yummy snacks – come join our chef for a mouthwatering adventure. Cook up some mini cheeseburgers, curry macaroni, sweet pizza, watermelon soup, lemon pie,
eggs in a nest, and strawberry charlotte. Create your own cookbook and chef’s apron for this yummy excursion into
the world of cooking.
Widget Workshop(3-5)
Make it, move it, zap it. Learn about some silly inventions and some fantastic failures. Build your own inventions
from motors, rubber bands, marbles, and other materials. Create a self-propelled vehicle, a flying machine, and
more. Conclude with an “Invention Convention” where you can display all your ingenious creations.
Wild and Wacky Science (4-8)
Not all science must be “serious”. Find out about some “wild” and “wacky” science. Put together a “rock band”
using water bottles and other miscellaneous materials. Learn about heat transfer through ice cream making and cake
baking. Cook up some putrid, pungent punch and experience the “Attack of the Night Crawlers”. Using a variety
of everyday objects, examine the mysteries behind scientific principles.
Session II
(June 16 – June27)
Morning Classes 9:00-11:30
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
American GirlXIII (3-6)
Bring your favorite American girl doll (or any doll) and travel back in time. Review the lives of girls in the recent
past – sing their songs, hear their stories, make their crafts, sample their food, and meet their friends.
Artistic Journey (4-9)
Get into your artistic side and have fun. We will use a variety of mediums to explore the world of art! From drawing
to painting and Monet to Picasso, you are sure to find a favorite style of art while making some great pieces to
Cooking with Cinderella and Friends (K-2)
“Take one cookbook, sprinkle with magic, and just add you!” Join Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White
andthe Seven Dwarves, Belle, and Ariel in putting together treats fit for any princess. Make some princess
pinkpopcorn, scrumptious Scottish scones, Abu’s monkey cupcakes, and more. Don’t forget to bring your tiara!
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid (3-5)
Meet Greg Heffley, the wimpiest kid in school. Like Greg, we will make our own special journal where we can
record our special memories (hopefully not wimpy ones). We’ll practice our hand at cartooning, play “The
Secret Word” and the “Name the Tag” games. We’ll help Greg and Rowley create the “ultimate haunted house” and
conclude with a “Wimpy Kid” birthday bash.
Hoop Shoots (3-6)
Drill, drill, and more drill. Work to build up your skills to make you a better player. Get ready for the 2014-2015
season with this summertime basketball camp.
LEGO Magic: Unlock Your Imagination (3-6)
Unleash your imagination as you journey through the far-ranging world of LEGO. Learn to build simple robots,
trains, complete villages, and more. Beat the clock with simple and speedy “Quick Builds” and take on your friends
with fun “LEGO Challenges”. Come exercise your brain and have fun at the same time!
Military Strategy (4-10)
Join a Marine Corps officer and learn history and battle strategy at the same time. Using miniature pieces, students
will focus on World War II and major battles and tactics involved in winning the war. The emphasis of the class is
on the history and strategy, not on war itself.
Minute to Win It (4-8)
Join us in our version of this popular game show. Students will compete in one minute challenges and earn points
for their team. Engage in challenges such as the “Mega Bubble Challenge”, “Johnny Applestack”, “Moving on Up”,
“Wheel of a Deal”, the “Elephant March”, the “Breakfast Scramble” and the “Chocolate Unicorn”. Display your
physical and mental skills to see who comes up with the most points.
The Grouchy Ladybug (K-2)
Meet all the interesting characters in Eric Carle’s many books – the grouchy ladybug, the hungry caterpillar, the
clumsy click beetle, the quiet cricket, and the lonely firefly. Enjoy the stories themselves as well as find out about
the real animals. Make your own hermit crab and caterpillar, design an insect collage, play the “hungry caterpillar”
game, and cook up some tasty treats in this fun literary adventure.
The Mad Scientist (K-2)
Join the “Mad Scientist” in his lab as you engage in a variety of hands-on experiments. Discover the world of
weather, seasons, plants and seeds, the senses, and more. Create a cricket thermometer, a wind vane, and a tornado
in a bottle. Make laundry soap, strawberry jam, and a nutritious snack. Practice weather predicting, guessing the
contents of a bag, and testing leaves for starch.
Web Design (5-10)
Web Design is a brand new class in which students can design their own webpage scripts using HTML. This class
teaches valuable skills in patience, tolerance, and persistence, as well as a computer language that is fun and simple.
Session II
(June 16 – June 27)
Afternoon Classes 12:30-3:00
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
All aboard the Hogwarts Express (3-6)
Join us at 9 ¾ King’s Cross as we set off for another year at Hogwarts Academy. Join Harry and his friends as they
bring the books to life. Play Quidditch, become a member of a House, attend classes, and learn to concoct potions.
Design a banner for your hall, cook up some ghastly treats, and make all the standard wizard tools such as brooms
and wands.
Behind the Scenes with Movie Masters (4-8)
In this class, you will go behinds the scene and look at how special effects are created. See how creatures of the
imagination are brought to life on the screen. Programs and movies such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars, among
others, will be usedas examples. Learn how to create your own special effects – from the very simple to the more
complicated – from eyeballs and bulging veins and to papier-mâché monsters and dragons. We might even work
with the movie class to help them create special effects.
Dynamic Dinners and Fruity Desserts (4-8)
Have fun cooking a variety of recipes while exploring the fascinating science behind the food. Make marvelous
meals such as soup (and bowl) and chili. Go for deliciously decadent fruity desserts such as wobbly strawberry
mousse. Create exquisite cakes and bake such delights as exploding cupcakes and marvelous meringues. Join us in
this wonderful cookingadventure designed to challenge even the pickiest eater.
Geology Rocks (3-5)
Dig into the ever-changing earth and discover how geology rocks our world every day. Explore the planet Earth
from its red-hot center to the top of the tallest volcano. Make a mini-glacier and volcano. Create models of minerals
using gumdrops, toothpicks, and plastic bags. Come, help solve some of geology’s greatest dilemmas.
Storybook Art (K-2)
A creative collection of hands-on activities to enhance the enjoyment of your favorite books.Create cream clouds,
cat and mouse prints, 3-D feelie bugs, and one-of-a-kind artsy shoes. Make a peek-a-boo mitten, a feather collage,
tankas, and a letter collage. Design balloon sculptures, a calendar hat, and silly spaghetti. A fun way to enjoy some
of your favorite stories and make crafts at the same time.
The Jolly Roger (K-2)
Ahoy maties. It’s time to take to the High Seas for a little piratical adventure. Build a pirate ship and fly the Jolly
Roger. Create a treasure map and hunt for gold doubloons and other missing valuables. Join William Kidd, Edward
Teach (Blackbeard), Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart), and Anne Bonney and their cronies for grog and victuals as
ye sail the Seven Seas.
The Magic School Bus (K-2)
Join the Frizz aboard the Magic School Bus for hours of fun and adventure. Travel inside the earth, a hurricane, the
human body, and the solar system. Return to the age of dinosaurs and explore the ocean depths for a spectacular
learning adventure. This class is based upon the popular series of children’s books.
The Risk Factor (3-6)
Do you like to take a risk? Do you enjoy testing your knowledge of strategy and putting it into practice against
others? Do you like playing board games? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, come join us in a board
gaming adventure. We may even create some of our own games.
Universal Studios (5-10)
Have you always wanted to be involved in movie making? Do your dream of being the next Steven Spielberg?
Using a Z1-8 movie camera and computer software, we will create our own movie. Join other students to produce
products such as film trailers, short films, or a longer feature films. Work on creating simple special effects. Briefly
learn the history of film and, maybe, where you will take the future of film.
Session III
(June 30 – July 11)
Morning Classes 9:00-11:30
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
Art Across the Alphabet (K-2)
From airplane wings to zany, zoo animals, come have fun creating projects for each letter of the alphabet. Make
bubble prints and dragonflies. Decorate doughnuts in a “Donate Decorating Extravaganza”. Design “Kooky Kites”,
a pet rock, and a box town. Create a “wild” weaving, a yacht, and a kaleidoscope. Play with letters and create some
memorable works of art.
Comic Books and Superheroes (4-8)
Do you like reading comic books? Do you like stories about super heroes and their adventures? Well, then, this is
the class for you. We will look at such “greats” as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk as well as some
lesser known heroes such as Black Panther, Red Tornado, and Bucky Barnes. Create your own superhero and design
your own comic book.
Dinosaur Daze (K-2)
Enter a time machine and return to the days when these giant creatures roamed the earth. Become a paleontologist
and join the quest for these marvelous beasts. Create a fossil in amber,make Jurassic juice and Paleozoic macaroni
salad. Create a clay trilobite and a sea scorpion. Construct a Cretaceous landscape, sponge paint a Hadrosaurus, and
construct an Iguanodon model. Learn to do the “Dinosaur Rock” and more as you go wild about dinosaurs.
Make It Work (3-5)
Be a scientist and conduct your own experiments. Discover science facts through imaginative activities and develop
your scientific thinking by making science work. Build a “swamp skimmer” or a rowboat. Design bridges, practice
digging for dinosaurs, check wind speed, and construct a variety of “musical instruments” as you discover
howthings work.
Mash’ems, Twist’em, Squish’em: The Science Behind Angry Birds (5-10)
Angry Birds = happy students. Play the game on the computer and make your own real-life version. Learn all about
force and motion through hands-on experiments. Create your own pig and turn boxes into“Angry Bird” tower
pieces. Build a catapult and compete against other class members. We might even cook up some “Angry Bird”
treats to be fit for competition.
Musical Theater (4-10)
Musical theater students will perform a “full-length” musical including singing and dancing. All students are
involved in the props, scenery, and costumes. The choice of the production will depend on the age and abilities of
the students. In the past, we have done such “greats” as Annie and Oklahoma. An evening performance is scheduled
for July 10th. This class must be taken both morning and afternoon.
Summertime Fun (K-2)
Grab your beach towel, your suntan lotion, and let’s head to the beach and the countryside. Create you very own
sunflower garden, simple sailboat, painted flower pot, and a pop-up garden card. Design a “Car Activity Book” to
keep you entertained on your long journey. Make ice cream, a vacation memory book, and more as you head off on
your summer vacation.
The Blue and the Gray (3-5)
Travel back to the middle of the 19th century. Enter the world of Abe Lincoln, the Underground Railroad, and the
Civil War. Navigate by the North Star, write and decode a secret message, make a stove pipe hat, and create a
miniature log cabin. Learn about the uniforms of both the Union and Confederate armies – what equipment they
carried and what supplies they would need. Make a spy bracelet, a mini drum, and apple pan dowdy.
The Jeweler’s Box (4-9)
Make fun, fantastic jewelry for everyone you know. We will use wire and beads to create beautiful necklaces,
bracelets, and earrings. Come see what fun it is to make your own custom jewelry to match any outfit.
Written and Illustrated By (3-6)
The St. Charles Press is open for business. We are looking for creative authors to join our budding company to write
and illustrate their own books. Students will walk through the actual steps required for putting a book together and
fashioning a product they will long treasure.
Session III
(June 30 – July 11)
Afternoon Classes 12:30-3:00
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
Angry Birds Extravaganza (3-6)
Step inside the world of Angry Birds. Follow the Angry Birds to a galaxy far away as they defeat the Imperial Pigs
and attempt to find The Egg. Join them in the “science lab” and explore the world of science and learn about gravity,
momentum, and physics. Develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills as you build a life-sized version
of the game. Students must be computer literate so that can play the game.
Captivating Chemistry (4-8)
Explore the fizz-bang of chemistry with a variety of hands-on experiments. Work with air-pressure, polymers,
solutions, combustion, and more. Find out about the structure of matter, the workings of acids and bases, gases, and
molecular structure. Turn steel wool into a glutinous green blob, separate an egg from its shell without breaking the
shell, make cabbage paper, and more.
Deck Party (2-4)
Get your ticket, pack your bags, and hop aboard for an around the world cruise! Enjoy a “sail away” party as the
festivities begin. Design both a colorful T-shirt to wear on deck and some post cards to send to your friends.Take a
trip to the spa and pick up some beauty products to make you look and feel your best. Participate in a “pirate night”,
a pajama party, and a scavenger hunt. Attend an afternoon ice cream party as well as cook up some treats of your
own. What a wonderful way to enjoy your summer vacation!
Glues, Brews, and Sticky Goos (3-5)
Create a variety of slimes ranging from mustard slime and electric slime to gum slime and oozing green slime. Make
a viscosity wand, sticky water, hovering veggies, liquid lasagna, and creepy water ghosts. Mix-up some shampoo
dough and some Glue-shampoo dough. Feed a hungry fungus and look for a wandering eye. A great way to get
messy and learn about the science behind these concoctions at the same time.
Legomania (K-2)
This is the class for anyone who enjoys playing with Legos. From cars and trucks to medieval castles and pirate
ships, from ice cream vans to intergalactic empires, Legos present a world of never ending adventure. Come join us
as we put our creative forces to work and build worlds limited only by our imagination.
Musical Theater (4-10)
Musical theater students will perform a “full-length” musical including singing and dancing. All students are
involved in the props, scenery, and costumes. The choice of the production will depend on the age and abilities of
the students. In the past, we have done such “greats” as Annie and Oklahoma. An evening performance is scheduled
for July 10th. This class must be taken both morning and afternoon.
Pinterest Party (4-9)
Using the popular Pinterest website, students will create a variety of projects and cook up all kinds of tasty snacks.
Students actively will use Pinterest to choose activities and projects suited to individual interests and abilities. Who
knows what exciting new talents you may discover?
The Secret World of Teddy Bears (K-2)
It is time to adventure into the secret world of Teddy bears. There you will learn how to give Teddy a bath and find
out how to make such delicious treats such as “bear claw” snacks and Teddy’s favorite snack mix. Of course, Teddy
bears always go on picnics and have teas, so you will learn to make all the goodies to accompany these special
events. Bring your favorite Teddy (or any stuffed animal) and join us for hours of fun.
There Be Dragons (K-2)
Meet the dragons of Earth, air, fire, storm and weather, seas, mountains and forests. Learn about different types of
dragons- where they come from and what they look like. Create your own pet dragon. Make sugar cookie dragons,
find out about REAL dragons, and more as you explore the world of these fascinating creatures.
Session IV
(July 14– July 18)
Morning Classes 9:00-11:30
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
Gizmos and Gadgets (4-8)
Projects and devices to channel the inner Geek! Construct levitating magnets and laser radios. Assemble a geodesic
dome and listen to an electric fish. Meet Sir Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, and Galileo. Explore the hows and whys of
energy and motion as you construct a rubber-band powered merry-go-round, an action-reaction rocket, and a flowand-go boat.
How to Design Your Own Adventure Games (4-10)
BASIC is a powerful language to use for beginning game creation. It has a wide range of applications and lends
itself to practical hands-on use. Using BASIC, students will design and create their own adventure game from
scratch or by using a pre-designed template.
Mixed Up Media (4-8)
Come and explore the world of mixed media art! The possibilities in this class are endless. Using recycled items, we
will create wonderful pieces of art which we can share with others.
Pizza, Popcorn, and Pretzels (K-2)
Explore the letter “P” for plenty of summertime fun. Bake “pretzel letters”, whip up some yummy treats and crafts
using pasta, potatoes, and pancakes. Make piggy noses, “pink pig-sicles”, and, of course, piggy banks. Create pine
cone turkeys and pine cone carrot balls. Bake a pumpkin pie and fashion a Jack-o-lantern flashlight. The possibilities
are prodigious.
Rocks, Crystals, and Fossils (K-2)
Make rocks from candy and learn how sedimentary rock is formed using pillows.Construct models of rocks and
minerals with gumdrops, toothpicks, and plastic bags. Using an egg and vinegar, learn how to identify carbonate
minerals. Create magnetic minerals and go on a rock safari. Grow crystals and make your own fossils. Don’t forget
your hard hat!
Storybook Café (K-2)
Provide food for thought as well as for the tummy. Using a wide-range of children’s books, we will cook up some
tasty treats to accompany them. Possibilities include pancakes for Eric Carle’s Pancakes, Pancakes, porridge to
accompany Goldilocks and the Three Bears, strawberry and melon salad for The Relatives Came, and coffee cake
for In the Night Kitchen.
Ship of Dreams (3-5)
Join us as we set sail on one of the greatest ships ever built. Through stories, learn how the Titanic was built and
who the people were that boarded her. Discover what the lives of the passengers were like – what they ate, what they
wore, and what they did for entertainment. Take part in a farewell party as the Titanic sets sail. Design postcards to
send to your friends. Enjoy a special dinner along with the captain, make your very own Titanic, and cook up some
“Titanic” treats as well.
Stones and Bones (3-5)
Join Indiana Jones as you dig into the past! Construct a screen for sifting dirt, fashion a Stone Age tool, search
through a midden, make an oil lamp, and decipher ancient languages. Learn how archeologists use clues from the
past to better understand a civilization and culture. Even see how archeologists help detectives solve crimes.
The Science of Toys (3-5)
Smelly balloons, mysterious sand, shape shifters, and magic worms? Rock candy crystals, a balloon in a bottle, and
mystery eggs? Come explore the world of chemistry, physics, biology, and energy using toys. Make a rubber band
airplane, a homemade roller coaster and “The Operation Game”. Let’s rock and roll – create a toy instrument and
explore sound. Create “return” toys, a six-cent top, and engage in other fun explorations as you discover how things
Session IV
(July 14 – July 18)
Afternoon Classes 12:30-3:00
The grade shown is recommended, but is flexible based on parental discretion.
Advanced Board Game: The Galaxy Awaits (5-12)
Join us this summer for an epic board game experience. Take on the role of an intergalactic empire. Use diplomacy,
science, trade, battle, and more to best your opponents and become the ruler of the galaxy. This game experience is
epic in size and challenge, so be prepared to use your brain and have a blast. Maximum class size is 6. Contact
[email protected] if you have any questions.
Blast Lab (3-5)
Turn science into an explosive experience. Build a mini-rocket, a whirligig rocket, or mix up some gross green goo.
Make a gooey volcano, soap monsters, and a boomerang can. Design a T-shirt and make ice cream. Explore
Bernoulli’s principle using ping pong balls, cereal, and a drinking straw. Enjoy the flash, bang, pop, and fizz while
exploring the science through air pressure, density, chemical reactions, and motion.
Cookie Dough Fun (4-9)
An endless array of fabulous treats which are easy to prepare and sure to please. From irresistible cookies, crowdpleasing cupcakes, quick-fix bars, and whimsical cakes – put on your chef’s hat and let’s get cooking. Bake some
“Moon Rockets”, “Mud Puddle Pie”, “Almond Alphabet Cookies”, “Boo Hoo Cupcakes”, “Berry Cherry Bars”, and
more. Create your own cookbook so you can take home all these scrumptious recipes to share with your family.
Kids Celebrate (K-2)
Whether it is the birthday of a famous person, the anniversary of an historical event or a national holiday in another
country, students will mark these occasions in a fun way. Make colorful wind streamers for the vernal equinox, be a
clown on B.T. Barnum’s birthday, make a piñata for Cinco de Mayo, invent a sandwich for “Sandwich Day’, or
learn rabbit sign language for Beatrix Potter’s birthday. This class will be filled with celebratory fun!
Minecraft Level I (Student ability)
Minecraft, one of the most popular video games, is returning to St. Charles this year. The Level I class is designed
for younger students or those who have little knowledge of the game and would like to learn more about it. Studies
show that playing video games help students enhance problem solving and cognitive skills, so join us for fun and
learning at the same time.Students must have basic computer skills.
Movie Making with Kids (3-6)
Learn the simple art of movie making with tools such as PowerPoint and Windows Media Player. Students will
learn how to lay out storyboards, create simple special effects (such as warts, pointed ears, and the other gross and
disgusting things)as they learn the arts of editing, and producing a final “film”.
Skippyjon Jones (K-2)
Come join this loveable Siamese cat, with the Chihuahua-like ears. Meet his mother, sister, and his imaginary
friends who join him in his hilarious adventures. Make an El Skippito mask and cape, Bumble-ito maracas, and an
Egyptito-mummito necklace. Design a piñata and hold a fiesta – maybe try the Mexican hat dance. Whatever we do,
you know it will be fun with Skippyjon Jones hanging around.
Sunlight, Soda Pop, and Soap (K-2)
Join Sammy and Sally as they learn the “how”, “why”, and “wow” of the world around us. Discover why bridges
don’t fall, just how strong egg shells can be, why soda sometimes sprays when you open the bottle, what makes your
hair stand on up after you put on a shirt, why plants grow towards the sun, and more.
Whelmers (4-8)
Take part in a collection of activities to spark your imagination – the perfect class for the budding scientist, engineer,
or any career calling for creative thinking. Buildan air cannon, a Bernoulli’s leaf blower, and rubber bones. Explore
science while learning to predict, observe, and analyze data. Construct a balloon electroscope, hydrogen bomb,
bubble chamber, Piezo popper, pie pan accelerometer, sulfur polymer, and more as your brain gets a challenging