Riders of the Week FL Moffett: Savannah Cassell and Valeria Serrano

Riders of the Week
February 20, 2014
“Preparing Students for Their Future”
FL Moffett: Savannah Cassell and Valeria Serrano
Savannah Cassell is in Mrs. Sanders' Kindergarten class.
She loves the movie Frozen and the book, Hop on Pop by Dr.
Suess. Her mom is her role model because she works at CHS
and she grew up to be a teacher. Savannah wants to become
famous for singing or for being an artist. For fun, she really
likes to play at the water park with her sister. She also like
to go bowling with her family and she likes playing in the
snow! Savannah was chosen as Rider of the Week because
she is always a hard worker in the classroom and always
does her best. She is a kind and caring friend to her classmates and eager to help and participate. Savannah is doing
great in Kindergarten and has become a great reader and
Valeria Serrano is in Mrs. Batdorf's Kindergarten Class.
She really likes the movie Cars. She chose Mrs. Snell as her
role model because she is so nice. Valeria would like to be
famous for being smart. In her spare time, she enjoys playing
with her toys and playing with her brother and sister. Valeria was chosen as Rider of the Week because she works hard
and always has a smile on her face. She is willing to help others and is a good friend to everyone. Valeria is a positive
influence on her peers and an excellent role model for the FL Moffett campus.
Center Elementary: Braelyn McCaffrey and Matthew Storm
Braelyn McCaffrey is in Mrs. Sullivan's First Grade class. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean and she likes
to read Fancy Nancy books. Her role model is her mom because she loves her, and she always supports Braelyn. She
would like to be a famous singer when she grows up. For fun, Braelyn likes to jump on the trampoline and play with her
friends. Braelyn is very nurturing to others. She is seen being encouraging to others to help them feel better and using
encouraging words. Braelyn listens and is constantly
asking questions so she can better understand. She
uses her manners in all situations, saying thank you
each time something is laid on her desk. Braelyn is a
very sweet friend and is one of CES's Super Stars!
Matthew Storm is in Mrs. Chisenhall's Third Grade
class. One of his favorite movies is Transformer Rescue
Box and he likes to read Ninjago Books. His role models are fire fighters because they put out fires, are courageous, and help people. Matthew would like to be
famous for helping people and saving people. He really
likes to jump on the trampoline, playing with his XBox, and playing store with his cousin. Matthew has
made tremendous progress this year. He has made
great strides in improving academics and behavior.
Matthew’s growth is amazing. He has become an active, productive member of the classroom and he continues to work hard to do his very best! This is what
makes Matthew one of CES's Super Stars!
Center Intermediate: Thu Paw and Kaitlyn Bailey
Thu Paw is in Fourth Grade and her favorite movie is Frozen. Her Mom is her role model
because she always helps Thu with her homework. She hopes to become a famous artist one
day. She really loves to draw. Thu was chosen as Rider of the Week by Mrs. Williams because
she is a child that quietly goes through her day striving to be a model student and always
doing more than is expected of her. She is very polite and treats everyone with kindness.
Kaitlyn Bailey is in Fifth Grade. Her favorite movie is The Avengers. She chose her Daddy
as her role model because he makes a great effort to make her happy. She plans to become
famous as a Christian Singer. Her favorite Christian song is How He Loves. For fun, she enjoys playing softball and swimming. Kaitlyn was chosen as Rider of the Week because she
comes to school with a great attitude. She is a happy person who has a smile for everyone.
Mrs. Williams loves having her in class!
Center Middle School: Jazmin Alvarado and Jaterious Evans
CMS is pleased to have Jazmin Alvarado and Jaterious Evans as our Riders of the Week. These two
students have been outstanding students throughout their three years at CMS. Jazmin is planning on a
future career in the Arts. She wants to be an artist or designer and plans to attend SFASU. She dreams
of visiting Paris one day to gain inspiration for her career. She has supportive parents and she says they
always make the best of everything and have always been there for her. She knows she can depend on
them unconditionally. She has respect for her friends, Shayra and Itzel. Jazmin enjoys drawing in her
spare time. She hopes to play soccer in high school. She enjoys being a part of CMS band, and having
the opportunity to socialize with friends and teachers at school. Cheryl Alexander nominated Jazmin for this honor and says Jazmin always comes to
class ready to learn, tries hard to be successful on every task and has a smile
on her face every day.
Jaterious Evans is a young man focused on sports, both in the present as
well as the future. Jaterious is a part of Roughrider football and basketball. He says Marlin Cloudy is his role model because Coach Cloudy taught
him a lot of what makes a great athlete, as well as the importance of doing everything through
God. Jaterious has a future goal of playing basketball for Kansas. His friends, Jamarh and Jamarion
have a positive influence on him. He is most proud of his brother, Octavious, for his accomplishments. His teachers agree that Jaterious is a very mature, focused eighth grader. Cheryl Alexander
says he comes into class every day with a wonderful attitude, and ready to learn. He is an outstanding
athlete and a pleasure to teach. Congratulations to our Riders of the Week. The staff of CMS salutes you
for being outstanding students and an inspiration to all of us.
Center High School: Bryan Lopez and Clarisa Varela
Bryan Lopez is a Sophomore at Center High School. His favorite movie is Instructions Not Included. Bryan’s role model is his Dad
because he has been there for him through hard times and has helped Bryan to overcome those times. He hopes to become famous
for bringing peace among people and for traveling around the world helping others that need it. After high school, he plans to attend Tyler Junior College. In his spare time, he plays soccer and also produces music. Bryan was
chosen as Rider of the Week by Health Science Teacher, LeeAnn McGraw. She says, "Bryan is another well kept secret. He is so smart academically and has a unique personality. He is shy, yet
funny in his own way. He is respectful of others and helpful to others. Bryan goes above and beyond to excel in any task he attempts. He is a great person and a great student."
Clarisa Varela is a Senior and her favorite book is A Bend in the Road. She chose her sister,
Claudia as her role model because she has accomplished a lot in life. She hopes to become a famous
author. After graduation, Clarisa plans to attend Tyler Junior College. While at CHS, she has been
actively involved with the CHS Chaparrals, in Band, Beta Club, JCC, and served as Class Secretary. Clarisa was also chosen by Mrs. McGraw because, "She is just such a great person. She is loving and helpful to everyone she knows. She has been a good student and a strong personality since
junior high. Clarisa was a fabulous dancer and representative for the Chaparrals and is a true
leader here at CHS. She will sacrifice for her family and give anything she has to help someone
else. She is involved in clubs and organizations and once she makes a commitment she keeps it.
This is truly someone who makes a difference to me and may in others here at CHS. We are lucky
to know her and have her in our school and our lives. She will make a great adult in our community and I can't wait to see her shine in the big world."