Your Guide to Healthy Skin and Hair Ours vs. Theirs: 15 Fabulous Finds

Your Guide to Healthy
Skin and Hair
Ours vs. Theirs:
Facial Cleanser & Shampoo
15 Fabulous Finds
with Plant Power
three Tips for Facial Care
Perform a balancing act. If your complexion
seems off kilter, restore balance with Earth
Science Aloe Vera Complexion Toner and
Freshener. Made with 85% pure aloe vera juice,
this remarkable formula helps return skin to its
appropriate moisture and pH levels.
What you put on your body is
just as important as what
you put in your body.
Using strict standards as our guide, we review and select
high-quality personal care products that make sure you
get your money’s worth. For example, we require beneficial
levels of the plant substances that give products powerful
results for beautiful, healthy skin and hair.
Get this…
Skin is the largest organ in your body. It provides a crucial barrier against
dehydration, infection and harmful elements in the environment. Take
care of it! Use effective and carefully screened natural products.
Go mild. For normal-to-oily skin, cooler weather
(or indoor heating and air conditioning) can present
a challenge: how to cleanse without over-drying?
Earth Science Clarifying Facial Wash is a mild
foaming gel that gently removes dirt, oil and other
residues. It’s rich in hyaluronic acid and other oilfree moisturizers for skin that’s clear and supple.
et the good fats. Of course omega-3s are
important for brain development and heart
health, but don’t forget that they support healthy
skin too! Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
1000mg contains double-strength omega-3
fatty acids EPA and DHA, and they exceed the
stringent European Pharmacopoeia Standard.
365 Everyday Value®
Daily Facial Cleanser
Our Beauty Products
What Makes them Great?
With body care at Whole Foods Market , our unparalleled quality
standards for products push the envelope of the beauty industry,
encouraging manufacturers to use plant-based and naturally derived
ingredients, pure essential oil fragrances, gentle preservatives and nonpetroleum ingredients.
Our Premium Body Care™ standards raise the bar
even higher. Products with the Premium Body Care
seal meet the strictest standards for quality sourcing,
environmental impact, results and safety. That seal
assures you that the product has none of more than 400
unacceptable ingredients. We’ve done the label-reading
for you so you’re getting safer care for your skin and hair.
Get this…
Higher standards doesn’t have to mean higher
prices. Look for the 365 Everyday Value® logo
on products for hair and skin. They all meet our
Premium Body Care standards and are priced to buy.
Major National
Brand Facial Cleanser
Our daily facial cleanser faces off against a major national brand and
wins for your skin without the scary ingredients and at a better price!
Surfactants such as SLS
can irritate skin and remove
beneficial fatty acids.
Harsh preservatives such as
parabens are banned from
Premium Body Care products
for questionable safety and
sensitivity reasons.
Data shows that chelators
such as EDTA do not readily
biodegrade in the environment
(after swirling down the drain).
Only natural essential oils
and components of natural
essential oils are allowed as
fragrances in our Premium
Body Care standards.
Your Anti-Aging Friend
Mineral Fusion Pressed
Powder Foundation
Bolster your skin’s natural
defenses with these
products that are packed
with plant power!
• A robust blend of botanical antioxidants
stands up to the ravages of free radicals.
• Silky minerals offer natural sun protection,
balance skin tone.
• Smoothes the appearance of fine lines.
MyChelle Perfect C Serum
• Contains a powerful antioxidant complex with
17% vitamin C for healthy skin
Mineral Fusion Eye
Shadow Trio
• Includes stem cells from the Buddleja plant
to support collagen production
• Helps protect against photo-damage
• Soothes skin and helps defend against
damage to the delicate area around your eyes.
• Choose from a variety of eye-catching color
palettes with richly pigmented shades.
• Contain antioxidants from pomegranate,
white tea, red tea and sea kelp.
Get this…
Multiple environmental factors can lead to premature
aging of the skin. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the
main culprits, but smoking and pollution can also
introduce free radicals that damage cells.
Experts say…
Try topical use of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc,
silymarin, soy isoflavones, and tea polyphenols. They may favorably supplement
sunscreen and provide additional protection against skin damage.
(Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2003; 48: 1-19)
Beauty Secret
Psst! You don’t have to comb the
salons for high-quality hair
care. Our stores stock the finest
shampoos, conditioners,
styling products, hair dyes and
special treatments.
shea butter, olive oil, calendula
Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Control Custard
is a botanical bonanza for controlling frizz and
defining curls. Fair trade shea butter protects
and hydrates the hair shaft, extracts of comfrey
and arnica flower help improve hair strength and
fabulous baobab fruit powder promotes shiny,
lustrous, long-lasting spirals.
coconut oil, rosemary, henna
honey, plant gums,
soybean oil, lavender
horsetail, nettle
Coddle Your Curly to Kinky Hair
olive oil, avocado,
lemon juice, aloe
vera, tea tree
Work Wonders with Wavy
to Curly Hair
Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Defining Gel
contains vitamins and minerals to smooth
the hair cuticle, help with tangles and improve
shine. Herbal extracts of chamomile, sage and
yarrow support your scalp and enhance natural
highlights. Best of all, you can lavish your
locks without harsh surfactants, parabens or
synthetic fragrance.
Get this…
While many hair-care products include just a dash of plant-based
ingredients to advertise on the label, ours feature beneficial levels of
botanical ingredients for beautiful hair without artificial colors, harsh
preservatives or fillers.
365 Everyday
Value® Shampoo
Today’s Forecast:
Major National
Brand Shampoo
We went head to head with a popular drugstore brand and proved you can
pamper your hair without putting questionable ingredients on your head!
Surfactants such as ALS can
irritate scalp and remove
beneficial fatty acids.
This harsh preservative is
banned from all body care
products we sell, for potential
safety and sensitivity reasons.
Data shows that chelators
such as EDTA do not readily
biodegrade in the environment
(after swirling down the drain).
Only natural essential oils
and components of natural
essential oils are allowed as
fragrances in our Premium
Body CareTM standards.
Vibrant Hair
Dreaming of rich, radiant color that won’t
stress your tresses? Naturtint Plant-based
Permanent Hair Color combines nourishing
botanical extracts with highly concentrated
micro-pigment dyes in 29 long-lasting
mixable shades. You’ll love the way this
pleasant-smelling, ammonia-free formula
revitalizes your hair.
Radiate good health with shiny, lustrous hair.
Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian Keratin and Argan
Oil Ultra-Sleek Shampoo combines two
potent plant-based proteins for outstanding
softness, manageability and gloss. Follow
up with Giovanni 2Chic’s Brazilian Keratin
and Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Conditioner. The
moisturizing, detangling formula delivers
high-gloss shine and excellent
color protection.
Mineral Fusion Nail Polish
• The latest colors with 30 long-lasting, chip
resistant shades
• Extra-thick brush provides luxurious application
• No formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate,
camphor or parabens
Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara
• Nourishes and protects to promote maximum lash
health and fullness
• Hypoallergenic mineral-based formula
• Applies smoothly, darkens and lengthens
• No parabens, artificial colors, fragrances or talc
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