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12 May 2015
The first ever advanced pharmacy practice credentialing evaluator training workshop in Australia
was held last Thursday (May 7th).
17 evaluators met in Brisbane along with APC’s Advanced Practice Credentialing Committee (APCC) and
representatives of the ACP, AACP, PGA, PSA and SHPA. The evaluator group comprised 12 pharmacists
selected from the credentialing of advanced practice pharmacists pilot program plus 5 non-pharmacists that
included 2 general practitioners, an intensivist, a physiotherapist and a nurse academic.
“The training workshop was an important milestone for the advanced pharmacy practice pilot project”, said
Australian Pharmacy Council CEO, Ms Bronwyn Clark. “APC has developed a rigorous and robust
evaluation and scoring methodology that will ensure confidence in the evaluation process of advanced
practice pharmacists.”
The event included presentations and group workshop sessions by eminent practitioners including Dr Ian
Coombes, Dr Shane Jackson, Dr Karen Whitfield, Ms Kirstie Galbraith, and Dr Charles Mitchell. Dr Mitchell,
a respiratory physician, medical educator and non-pharmacist practitioner member of APC’s credentialing
committee gave an important session about providing feedback. “Good, constructive feedback will be
essential to ensure applicants are properly guided when developing their professional development plan
following evaluation of their portfolio”, said Dr Mitchell.
43 pharmacists in total have submitted their portfolios. Dr Ian Coombes, Inaugural Chair of the APCC said:
“I’m delighted to see advanced practice recognition in Australia taking shape. An initial review of candidate
portfolios has reinforced the amazing and diverse achievements of pharmacists in a range of expert practice
areas and pharmacy environments.”
In post-workshop feedback, all evaluators agreed or strongly agreed that the workshop delivered on its
objectives. 94% of evaluators agreed or strongly agreed that they now understood the scoring methodology
and the use of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework as an evaluator rubric. Almost 90% said they
now feel confident to evaluate practice portfolios.
“We have a little more work to do in supporting the evaluators to undertake the practice portfolio reviews”,
said Ms Clark. “Once we have finalised these arrangements, portfolios will be distributed to evaluators prior
to the end of May.”
Credentials of Advanced Practice Pharmacist will be awarded in September.
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Chief Executive Officer
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