2 3 1 Shark Sticker

Shark Sticker
Decorate your art supply box with your very own shark sticker!
Check list:
1. white paper
(different colours)
3. small bowl
4. white glue
6. plastic spoon
7. foam paintbrush
8. clear adhesive film
10. plastic art supply box
Use a black marker to draw
a shark on white paper.
Use a different coloured marker to add
detail to your shark. Draw a line starting at
the tail and moving across the shark’s body,
around its eye, and ending at its nose.
Now you’re ready to turn your
shark into a sticker! You may
need a grown-up’s help for
this step. In a bowl, mix two
parts white glue with one part
vinegar. Stir with a plastic spoon.
When the image is dry, give it a second coat of
glue mixture, but this time brush the glue from
the bottom of the page all the way to the top.
Set aside to dry. The back of the sticker is done!
Cut out the shark with scissors. Don’t
cut right along the shark’s outline—
leave a few millimetres of space.
Add more detail by outlining
the tail, top fin, and gills.
Dip a foam brush into the glue
mixture. Wipe off any excess
glue on the inside of the bowl.
Don’t forget to draw an
eye, gills, and pointy teeth!
Make the shark your very own by
colouring it with any colour marker you
like. Try peach, blue, purple, green,
yellow, or a combination of colours.
Add one more detail by using a
technique called “hatching.” Draw
little lines beside each other all
along the bottom of the shark,
then draw more lines going the
opposite way across the lines to
make little x’s. This technique is
called “cross-hatching.” Crosshatching gives your shark depth.
Flip your shark image over and brush the glue mixture onto
the back of the image, brushing side to side. Set aside to dry.
Now you need to make the front of the shark
shiny, just like a regular sticker. Take a piece of clear
adhesive film. Peel it back, lay the clear part on top
of the shark, then gently press it into place.
Place your shark sticker upside down on your
art supply box. Dip a sponge in water, then
wring it out. Dab the damp sponge on the back
of your sticker to make the glue sticky again.
See how the shark has
that shiny sticker look?
Turn your sticker over and press it
onto your box. See how it sticks?
Make stickers of other sea creatures, like an octopus, a crab, or a starfish.
Upload pictures of what YOU make at cbc.ca/kids/games/artzooka