1 Artzooka Bat Check list:

Check list:
1. white paper (8.5 x 11)
4. empty plastic bottle
5. black marker
6. clay or dough
7. modelling mat
8. twist tie
9. paint (dark purple,
light purple, white)
10. white glue
11. 2 small paintbrushes
(one smaller than the other)
Fold a piece of white paper in half lengthwise.
Starting at the folded sided of the paper, draw
one bat wing with a pencil. The start and
finish of the bat wing should be on the fold.
Artzooka Bat
Use scissors to cut along
the lines you drew.
Unfold the wing. You now
have two bat wings. Neat!
7 89
15 16
To make the bat’s body, use any
type of clay or dough. You can
also make the body by mixing
glue and cornstarch together.
Place the paper wings on an
empty plastic bottle. Trace all the
way around the wings with a black
marker. Discard the paper wings.
Break off a piece of dough, and
roll it in your hands to make a
skinny bat body. Place the body
on a modelling mat so it doesn’t
stick to the table.
Break off another piece
of dough and roll it in
your hands. Make the
dough as long as the
bat’s body, but skinnier.
Twist a twist tie into a loop,
then poke the tie into the top
of the bat’s head between the
ears, with the loop sticking out
the top. When you are done
making the bat, you can hang
it up by the loop.
Ask an adult to help you cut out the wings! To make
cutting easier, first cut out a huge chunk of bottle
around the wings, then cut along the wings’ lines.
Break off another piece of dough to make
the bat’s head. Roll the dough around in
your hands to make a ball. Squish the ball
gently onto the top of the body.
Turn the bat’s body over on the
modelling mat, then place the
wings onto the bat’s back.
When the bat is dry, paint its
body with dark purple and light
purple paint. Use white paint for
the bat’s eyes.
Paint a couple of dark purple lines
from the top of the bat’s wing to the
bottom. The lines look like the bones in
the bat’s wing! Paint dark purple lines
on the other wing. Set aside to dry.
Put a piece of yarn through the bat’s loop, and hang your
bat in a window or wear it like a necklace!
Upload pictures of what YOU make at cbc.ca/kids/games/artzooka
To make bat ears, break off two
really small pieces of dough and
shape them into points. Attach
the ears to the bat’s head.
Place the long skinny piece of dough down
the middle of the wings along the crease.
Gently push the skinny ends into the bat’s
body as this is what keeps the wings attached.
Use your fingers to shape and smooth the
bat’s body. Let the bat dry for two days.
Now, to make the bat’s wings look cool! Mix white
glue into the two different shades of purple paint.
Use a smaller paintbrush
(The glue will help the paint stick to the plastic wings.) to outline the bat’s wings
Paint the front of the wings with light purple paint.
with dark purple paint.
Fold the bat wings in half
to make a crease down
the middle. Set aside.
Try making another Artzooka
dough creature, like a butterfly.
Don’t they look cool?