From the Headteacher ...

24th January 2012
From the Headteacher ...
Welcome back to the Spring Term, and my very best wishes
for the new year to everyone.
It has been a busy start to the term with Year 11 students
receiving mock examination results, and Years 10, 12 + 13
students doing modular public examinations. My
congratulations to the twenty five students who passed their
GCSE mathematics which they took in November. We
enter these students early because they are predicted C/D
borderline students who would have a second chance in the
summer if they did not succeed this time. Over eighty per
cent who were entered for the exam passed which is a great
bonus for them because they now have additional time in
the school day (time they would have spent in maths
lessons) concentrating on their studies in other subjects.
Those who did not succeed will be disappointed, but all of
them were graded D and now know exactly what they need
to do to pass with a C in the summer.
For the past two years snow and freezing conditions have
led to school closure. Fortunately this has not (touch
wood!) been the situation this year although that could
change next week. Learning from previous experience I
want the school to communicate to parents as clearly as
possible what is happening during the morning when snow
falls heavily. We will shortly publish on the website where
to hear or find out what the situation is during the early
morning in the event of disruption through snow. Three key
issues need to be addressed in the event of snow which will
affect the decision to stay open or close:
1. Is there vehicle access into the surrounding roads
and onto the school site? Over one hundred and
twenty staff need to park their cars and at least as
many students are dropped off by car every morning.
2. Have enough staff arrived in school to supervise one
thousand and fifty students?
3. Does the quantity of surface snow on the school site
allow for safe movement around the site for
So it is not always easy to make a quick and early decision
in everybody‟s best interests. Our aim is always to keep
Issue 203
the school open but sometimes as time passes between
7.30 a.m. - 8.00 a.m. it becomes evident that staff cannot get
to school and only then can a final decision be made.
Andrew Fletcher
Many, many congratulations Mrs Martin!
Proving that learning
does not just end when
you leave school, we
would like to
congratulate Mrs Martin
who recently completed
the difficult PSHCE
continuous professional
accreditation with
Mrs Martin received her award from Bob Welch, Senior
Education Advisor, at the Bracknell Forest Education
Ms S Hunt
Well done, David!
Our congratulations also go to
ex-student David Ashwood who
recently graduated from
Farnborough College of
Technology with an upper second BSc honours degree in
Media Production (Music).
David received his degree certificate at a recent ceremony
held at Guildford Cathedral and attended by the Right
Honourable Baroness Virginia Bottomley of Nettlestone,
Pro Chancellor of the University of Surrey.
We wish David every success in his future career working
in audio and music production at a local recording studio.
Science day out
Thank you to all students who have already brought in gifts
for Rwanda.
A very exciting opportunity has arisen for a small group of
students from Sandhurst School to attend a „Science Live!‟
conference. The day visit gives students a chance to hear
from five of Britain‟s top scientists, all working at the
cutting edge of their specialisms, including Professor Lord
Robert Winston who has presented several award winning
TV shows for the BBC and Discovery Channel and also
appeared on „Jamie‟s Dream School‟. There will also be an
opportunity for students to find out how to improve their
GCSE results with a presentation on top tips on examination
success from an experienced science examiner. The day will
be fast-moving, exciting, thought-provoking and will give
students the chance to raise issues with the scientists and
examiners. The scientists are carefully chosen for their
ability to communicate with students of this age in a direct
and exciting way.
The visit will take place on the Friday 3rd February and we
will let you know how it goes. One thing‟s for certain,
though – even if the students aren‟t overly excited both
Miss Davies and I are bursting with enthusiasm to see
Professor Winston!
Emily (7Y1) can be seen here with the
gifts she has brought into school
We are still collecting clothing (baby and toddler clothes +
clothes for teenagers), personal items (soap, toothbrushes
and toothpaste), linens (towels and bedsheets) and school
supplies (e.g. solar powered calculators, notebooks, pens
and pencils, microscopes, magnetic toys, crayons, collage
sets, sketch books and science sets)
If you still have unwanted items you would like to donate,
please bring them to the school reception as soon as
Thank you.
Ms S Hunt
Mr J Hibberd
FROM 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. ONWARDS
Sports scene
Sandhurst netball teams had their first matches of 2012 against Edgbarrow (away). Each team played well,
improving with every quarter. There was some fantastic linking passes into the shooting semi-circle. Our
defenders played extremely well intercepting many of Edgbarrow‟s passes. On the whole some good netball
was played. Well done to you all.
Year 7
Kemi Gbadebo
Jade Roskelly
Hannah McGann
Stephanie Aidoo-Sarkodie - Player of the Match
Courtney Fallon
Jaye Brown
Sophie Hughes
Year 8
Kennedy Bays - Player of the Match
Chloe Moret
Daisy Lance
Georgina Coope
Kayleigh Matthews
Jessica Chase
Morgan Whiting
Ashanna Atkinson
Year 9
Alice Knight
Zoe Weir
Zoe Cashmore
Georgia Deacon
Zoe Lamb
Hana Ahmed
Amber Jackman
Year 10
Marli Holland (C)
Eleanor Biggs
Georgia Radford - Player of the Match
Aanu Ajifowowe
Chloe Shepherd
Janessa Norman
Faye Caterer
Charlotte Birley
Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Kent
Sandhurst off to a flying start in the football leagues!
Since the beginning of the school year in September the boys in all year groups are asking „when will the
football matches be starting?‟. After a great season in rugby and basketball, the wait for our footballers is
Training has started and the Year 7‟s seem to have come out of the woodwork to attend and show what they are made of. This is
brilliant news and team manager, „Mr Kiss‟, is organising his squad for the first matches at the end of January.
Year 11 played their first match of the season
against Easthampstead Park on their fantastic new
3G astro turf surface. The boys got to grips with
their surroundings straight away and the goals went
flying in from Sean, Jack, and Robbie. The boys
won the match 4-2 and played some very neat
Year 10 are up and running too and have stormed their first two matches! The Sandhurst equivalent of the „El classico‟ is when
we meet our old rivals, Edgbarrow. The boys held their nerve to win the match 3-2 in the dying minutes. Goals were put away by
Tom Sansom, Jack Booth and Louis Howkins.
Next up the team had to prepare for a difficult encounter with Charters. Being a Sports College and an experienced team, we
could not take anything for granted. After a shaky the start the Year 10‟s soon came good with a cracking goal from captain
Harry Wilcox. James Prudence was soon to add his name to the score sheet to give Sandhurst a 2 – 0 win. Man of the Match
was awarded to Aaron Sheikh who was outstanding in midfield!
T King
Welcome back after Christmas - it seems such along time ago as we are now looking forward to half-term and preparations for
Year 11 who have their Module 3 in June. This is their final exam and contributes 40% to their final grade.
We have had our Module 2 results back and 80% passed at Grade C. This is a great achievement for our students.
Most students have achieved their Module 1 target. However, for those that haven‟t, they will have the opportunity to resit Monday 5th March. These students have already taken letters home regarding this and revision booklets are available. The maths
department is also running revision lessons after school.
In most of our newsletters I mention equipment. It has been great to see that students are turning up fully equipped. Those who
do forget can always buy equipment from the maths department.
Mymaths homework is working really well with the occasional student forgetting their password. If this is the case then students
just need to see their class teacher who will reissue it. This will avoid any letters going home for incomplete homework. When
leaving the site remember to “checkout” otherwise work is not saved.
A reminder of the website:
Login: sandhurst
Password: square
Followed by students own password and login
Our next milestone assessment for Years 7 + 8 is the week commencing Monday 20th February. These tests assess what the
students have understood over the past seven weeks and it is important that students revise for these tests. Those who fail to meet
their target will be asked to resit.
On Wednesday 7th March we have World Maths Day. More information will be given in the
February newsletter.
Finally, if you have any worries or concerns please don‟t hesitate to contact the maths department!
Mrs A Hourahane
Numeracy Across the Curriculum
GOSH what a good event!!!
On Wednesday 14th December the Year 11 Hospitality group held a Charity Christmas
dinner with a difference.
They planned, prepared and served a three course meal for forty guests and organised
everything from the table decorations to the coffee and mince pies at the end.
The menu was :
Chicken liver mousse served with a red onion marmalade or mini vegetable tartlets
Beef stroganoff, mushroom stroganoff or Fish Pie
A trio of desserts: Mixed berry cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate soufflé
The guests were invited to give feedback at the end of the meal and the comments were that everyone felt like they
were in a top restaurant, the food was delicious and the service excellent.
Overall they raised over £300 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
The picture was taken at the end of the meal and you can see how
pleased and proud the students look. They have been an excellent group
of students and a pleasure to teach. Congratulations!!
Jess (11Y2), Jess (11Y1), Katie (11G2), Liam (11R1), Katy (11Y1),
Matilda (11B2), Bradley (11Y2), Brian (11R1), Pabitra (11Y2),
Susmita (11R1), Chris (11Y1), Stuart (11G2), Jack (11R1),
Adelle (11R1), Dalma (11B2), Cieran (11Y1), Lucy (11B1) + Chloe(11B1)
Year 10 Catering trip to Farnborough College of Technology Gallery Restaurant
On Tuesday 17th January, fifteen students went to FCOT to experience the Gallery
restaurant. It is run by Catering students from the college, and included Bruce Dobbie,
ex-Sandhurst student, as Maitre D’ for the night. The meal was excellent and our
students were able to see what it would be like if they move on to study there. They
have also picked up some ideas for their Hospitality event next year.
Mrs L Tudor
An entertaining Christmas Concert
On Thursday 15th December
parents and friends were treated
to an evening of music and singing
from our very talented students
from all year groups. The staff
choir also played their part too.
January 24th 2012
News - Steven Lawrence –By Nicole Totterdell
Riddle 1
word, if pronounced
right, is
wrong, but if
wrong, is
Inside this issue:
True or False
Missing word Quiz
Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity Gossip
University here we come
European cities
In South East London, 1993, Steven
Lawrence, a young, black student,
tragically lost his life waiting at a bus
stop to return home. Steven was the
victim of a racial hate attack. Five
white youths stabbed him to death
whilst shouting racist abuse. These
five were at the centre of this
investigation for 18 years. Their
names were Gary Dobson, David
Norris, Luke Knight, and brothers
Neil and Jamie Acourt.
New forensic technology, developed
over the last 20 years, has made it
easier to prosecute criminals. At the
time of the murder such technology
was not available. However, in May
2011, a cold case review announced
that Gary Dobson and David Norris
were to stand trial because of new
evidence discovered. Fibres from
Steven‟s clothes and hair were
matched to both Dobson and Norris,
with a 99.9% chance of matching to
Steven. However, there was not
enough forensic evidence to convict
Luke Knight and the Acourt
The trial began in November 2011
and, after little deliberation, the jury
came to the decision that both men
were to be found guilty of the
murder of Steven Lawrence. They
were sentenced on the 4th
November, 2012 to a life sentence,
with the minimum terms of 15 years
and 14 years. These sentences would
have been much longer. However,
the murder was committed when they
were juveniles so they had to be
sentenced as juveniles by law. The judge
describe this as a "terrible and evil
The Police say they are determined to get
justice for Steven‟s family by working to
convict the other three also.
Page 2
True or False?
During the French Revolution, the blade of the
guillotine was coated with a mixture of hair powder and pig fat. This was seen as a final, well-
Riddle 2
„What ends in
a “W” but has
no end?
deserved insult to the extravagantly-coiffed aristocrats who were being beheaded.
Answer : False
Missing Word Quiz
If 7 D in a W = 7 Days in a Week, what are
these :QE2
99 R B
S W and the 7 D
P of 8
Celebrity News– By Shandhya Rai
I‟m sure everyone has heard but Beyonce gave birth to their beautiful baby daughter,
Blue Ivy Carter, on January 7th 2012. Beyonce and Jay-Z are very happy to be blessed
with a magical gift. Blue Ivy Carter was only born
less than 2 weeks ago and she is already the
youngest person to make it down in Billboard
chart history EVER!! Just like her parents, we are
all sure that Baby Blue is destined for success.
Page 3
Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo of Jesus!
Justin Bieber showed off his new tattoo of Jesus‟ face
on the back of his calf while out with his friends and
family. The 17 year old has made it clear that he is
religious stating “I believe that Jesus died on the cross
for my sins... He‟s the reason that I‟m here.” Aww
God bless him, no wonder people love him. So any of
you guys have the Bieber fever? What do you guys
think of his new tattoo? Yay or Nay?
University here we come!!
Many Year 13 students are waiting excitedly, to find out if they have
been offered places at the universities of their choice. The main
application deadline date of January 15th has now passed and so the
offer of places is currently underway in earnest. Students who applied
early have already had offers of places, conditional upon achieving
certain grades in their A-Levels, and it is highly likely that the
University of London, The University of Bath and The University of
Surrey will be amongst the institutions teaching Sandhurst School
students in September this year.
Competition for places at the top universities is high, so it is vital that students not only achieve good
academic grades, in their A-Levels and BTECs, but that they can also show the universities that they are
well-rounded young people, who are capable of rising to challenges and taking on responsibilities,
independently and positively. Sandhurst School prides itself on the wide range of activities that our
Sixth Form students can easily get involved in, or develop for themselves, and I am sure this helps our
students to develop into just the sort of person that top universities are looking for.
Sinking—By Nicole Totterdell
On January 13th the Costa
Concordia cruise ship took
a detour from its normal
route on the Mediterranean ocean. This led to the
vessel crashing into rocks
on the Tuscan coast. The
bottom of the vessel was
ripped open. The ship was
carrying 4,200 passengers
on a week‟s cruise. Panic
set in as the vessel began to
turn on its side. Some of
the passengers were able
to swim to the Island of
Giglio, metres away from
where the vessel turned.
The angle that the ship
was positioned in made it
impossible to launch the
lifeboats. As a result of the
accident 11 people have
been pronounced dead and
22 are still missing. Search
and rescue missions have
got under way, but the
vessel has shifted, escalating the situation; rescue
missions have become increasingly difficult. The
captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino was arrested after having been
accused of causing the accident, by going off route
and deserting the ship,
leaving his passengers
stranded. There are now
fears that the vessel is leaking fuel from its tanks.
This is a big environmental
problem. It has rested on
the Tuscan Archipelago
national park where there
is said to be rare species of
frogs and birds, as well as
important plants that contribute to the eco-system.
The plan now is to try and
get the vessel upright and
towed out of the ocean as
quick as possible in order
to prevent further damage.
Riddle 3
„Mike is a
butcher. He is
5‟10” tall.
What does he
Page 4
City Search– By Jessica Davies
Can you unscramble the letters to find ten European cities? - By Jessica Davies
Answer to Riddles : Riddles 1 - Wrong / Riddles 2– Rainbow / Riddles 3 - Meat
Answers to the European Cities will be in our next issue!