Newsletter Spring 2015

Notice of Semi-Annual Meeting of
Persimmon Hill First Homes Association.
The Board of Directors of PHFHA requests the members of PHFHA take notice that the Semi-Annual
Meeting of Members will be held on Tuesday April 28th 2015 at 7:00 PM,
at the Prairie Center Elementary School,
629 N. Persimmon, Olathe KS or any continuation or adjournment thereof.
The orders of business for this meeting are published on the Meeting Agenda included in this newsletter.
Agenda for PHFHA Semi-Annual Meeting
Tuesday April 28th 2015 at 7:00 pm
Prairie Center Elementary School
Call to Order.
Consideration of Minutes of November 2014 Meeting
Treasurer’s Report, 2015 Budget Overview
Old Business
Lake/Greenway & Pools Update
New Business
Potential 2015 Improvements
Dues Increase Vote by Ballot
Drawing for $50 Persimmon Hill Bucks $$
Agenda and Notice Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Winters, Secretary
Please make plans to attend and show your
support For the Board of Directors and your
November 13, 2014
Persimmon Hill Homeowners Fall 2014 Meeting
Prairie Center Elementary 7 pm
Board Members Present: R. Alewine, S. Hoag, T. Wise, T. Wall, B. Wiechman
Approximately 40 people present
Minutes from Spring 2014 homeowners meeting reviewed and approved without discussion.
Candidates for 2015 Board were introduced including Tami Wall, Brian Wiechman, Sally Hoag, Brooke MacDonald,
Stephanie Markey, and Jeff Winters.
Treasurer’s report presented which included revenue for 2014 of $133,893.39, spent to date of $116,278.37, remaining
expenses estimated for year of $10,315 with net income remaining of $7300.02. Current cash on hand is $8086.31 in
checking account and $45589.68 in money market. No discussion on report and was approved as submitted.
Tami Wall gave a report on the lake which included chemical treatment of lake this past year, setting artificial reefs in
lake for fish habitats, and adding two new benches around lake. No fish stocking was done this year. Some minor dock
repairs are needed. Fishing by nonresidents continues to be a problem.
Brian Wiechman gave a report on the greenways. Flower beds have been recut and mulch added. Sprinklers have been
repaired and winterized. A new rope was installed for the flag pole. Tree removal has been more than usual this year
due to storms and growth and aging of trees in greenway. The mowing work was put out for bid this year and work was
awarded to current contractor for three years. Bids were all competitive. Still considering removal of volley ball court
and replacing with play area for children, possibly with a covered shelter but funding needed at this point to move forward. Residents are encourage to keep trees trimmed over sidewalk for pedestrian use.
Sally Hoag gave a report on pools. Several acts of vandalism this year occurred. Used a new pool contractor this year to
improve pool service. Flow meters, pumps, drain covers were installed in all three pools this year. Cameras may again
be used to deter vandalism. May need to post pool hours to secure police help to keep swimmers and nonresidents out of
pool late at night.
A short presentation was made by a homeowner on the cost of a lake walking trail. Costs ranged from $80,000 to
$130,000 depending on trail length and width, and material used for construction (asphalt or concrete). Funding outside
the annual dues would be needed to fund.
Tami handed out a list of improvements that have been suggested by homeowners (attached). This list can be amended
and will be used by the board next year to prioritize improvements as funding is available. Discussion included using a
private security service to help monitor pools, lights out at pools during the night, using an on line electronic directory
instead of a paper directory, and using the Persimmon Dr. pool parking lot for fund raising during the garage sale.
Five $50 certificates were given out to five home owners for meeting attendance.
Tami Wall presented motion to increase dues to $300/yr which was seconded and approved. There was one vote opposed. This measure will be sent to the residents in the spring of 2015 for voting along with the spring newsletter. A
simple majority is needed for approval.
Board members elected for 2015 include T. Wall, B. Wiechman, T. Wise, B. MacDonald, and J. Winters.
Meeting Adjourned
Submitted by Randy Alewine
The Presidents Message:
At the last homeowners' meeting we provided a ranking list of projects that residents would like to see completed. We want
to maximize our funds for those projects that our residents feel are the most important.
The top priorities from the list were improving and repairing the pools and security cameras. This is what we want to focus on
the most. Projects regarding the pools; maintaining the pool equipment and making sure it is in good working order, repair
and improve the restrooms to help eliminate vandalism, add shade structures to the pools that don't have any, and repair the
structure that does, fix the security cameras, and rekeying the locks so that current residents are the only people enjoying our
This doesn't mean that we are ignoring everything else, but we are going to do our best to make the pools our priority.
Having said this, our current dues basically only cover maintaining our amenities not improving them.
The greenways need more tree trimming every year because they are getting older. We still want to repair or replace
playground equipment and do something new with the volleyball court area. The lake needs ongoing treatment to keep it
desirable for fishing for our residents, the aerators and fountain need maintenance to keep them working properly, and we
need to stock more fish to keep the fish population healthy.
All of these things are considered "day to day" maintenance, but the costs for doing all of these things have gone up and our
dues have not.
At the fall meeting there was a motion to vote for an increase of our dues to $300 a year, which passed. The ballot is included
in this newsletter. In order to improve our amenities the extra funding is needed. Even at $300 our dues would be the best
bargain around. All of the neighborhoods around us have higher dues and not near the amenities that we do. We feel that
our amenities are our best assets when it comes to attracting people to our neighborhood and helps to increase our property
values for those residents who are trying to sell their homes. We have been treading water for the last few years trying to
keep our heads up, but it's getting harder with increased costs. Please consider all these factors when voting YES for the increase. Let's keep Persimmon Hill the best neighborhood on the west side of Olathe!
Tami Wall, President The Annual Persimmon Hill Garage Sale
Saturday May 9th Rain or Shine
Porta-Potties Will be Provided at the Persimmon Pool Parking Lot
Our Large Sign Will Be Placed at the Entrance
Garage Sale Notices Will Be Placed in the KC Star and Olathe Papers, Our Website and
Please Remind Your Shoppers of the NO PARKING Signs Along Persimmon Drive
Garage Sales are not Exempt From City Ordinances, Parking Citations Have Been Written in the Past
If you live in Persimmon Hill and wish to use the parking lot near the Persimmon Drive pool for a
concession stand fundraiser, please contact the Board no later than April 30.
Lake Update:
The cold temperatures killed off the algae that got thick late last summer. Currently the water
in the lake is in really good condition. I am talking with several lake management companies
about pricing for future treatments and possibly fish stocking.
The fountain was taken out for service over the winter and will be returning soon. The aerators are off while an issue with their pumps is being addressed.
The boat storage area behind the dam has been mostly vacated and now there are boats
strewn around the lake. If you have a boat at the lake, please make sure that it is registered
and stored behind the dam. Boats that are stored along the shoreline will be removed during
Clean-up Day.
As it warms up, please remember that if you have guests who are fishing, you need to be
with them. As always, we welcome any feedback on bettering the lake!
Brian Wiechman
Lake & Greenway Clean-up Day
We will have a neighborhood work day on Saturday April 25th.
This year we will be gathering trash around the Lake and in the Greenway.
Please Meet at The Persimmon Pool Parking Lot at 9:00AM
Rainout Date May 2nd.
(Persimmon Hill Funny Money)
In an effort to boost attendance at the homeowner’s meeting the Board will be awarding
attendance prizes. There will be three $50.00 vouchers, good toward dues payments, given
away at the April 28th meeting. There will be one ticket issued per residence (house) and a
random drawing will be held at the end of the meeting.
Winners will need to be present at the time of the drawing.
How Easy is That!
See page 1 of newsletter for meeting details.
Signs of the Times
Signs at the Entrance: Please do not place any homemade signs in the center island of the entry
area to our subdivision. This causes an unsightly view of our entrance. If your home is currently
on the market your Real Estate Agent may place a professional Home for Sale or Open House
sign on the East side of the entrance during weekends only. The signs will need to be removed by
6:00 PM Sunday evening.
Real Estate Signs are allowed in your own yard for the duration
of the home sale process.
Your cooperation in this matter is Appreciated
Election /Political Signs are not allowed on Greenways or at the
If you have any questions about our deed restrictions please call a Board
Member or check our web site for more details.
A number of boats have been used by non-residents and teens w/o approval of the owner. In an effort
to control use and storage of boats on the lake the Board is implementing the following storage and
use policy. Boats used on the lake and/or stored on the dam will need to be registered in the following
Email the Board with the following information:
Homeowner’s name, address, and phone #
Description (picture preferred) of your boat (make, length, manufacturer, model / serial # if
You will be asked to secure the boat with a chain and lock to prevent unauthorized use.
A common tie down will be provided on the back side of the dam.
Boats that are not claimed / registered by June 1, 2015,
will be considered abandoned and removed. Boats that
are registered will be assigned an identification number.
When boating on the lake the appropriate number of
personal floatation devices must be kept on board.
Check KS boating regulations for applicability at:
Only electric trolling motors are allowed as a means of
mechanical power.
Q. My neighbors dogs run loose and or bark all hours of the day & night. What can I do?
A. Talk to your Neighbor and or Call Olathe Animal Control (913) 971-6362
Q. Where can I get a copy of the Deed Restrictions?
A. Visit
Q. My Neighbor is storing a large RV or boat in his driveway.
A. Talk to your Neighbor and or fill out a violation report on the website.
Q. When is the Garage Sale?
A. Saturday May 9th 2015
Hello again! Spring is here! We will be having our yearly neighborhood clean-up on
April 25th and would like to see you come out to help beautify our neighborhood. We will
be doing the typical trash clean up as well as tree and limb clean up. There is also some
playground equipment that needs some maintenance. We will have a trailer to help with
removing limbs as much as we can accomplish. Let’s meet at the Persimmon Pool at
9am to divide up the tasks. We will be laying down a fresh layer of mulch on all the
greenspace this spring and fertilizer to keep the weeds out.
Homeowner Tree Trimming
Per the City of Olathe, residents should trim their trees so there is a minimum 8' clearance over sidewalks and 10' clearance over the street. Residents may trim tree limbs
over hanging the com-mon property line but are encouraged to discuss tree maintenance
and trimming with their neigh-bors before doing so. Residents are responsible for keeping
their trees pruned and trimmed.
Things we would like to accomplish this year:
We would like to have new plantings at front entrance including the island. We would like
to plant at all 3 pools to liven up the areas and make them more colorful and appealing. We have heard from you that the volleyball court needs to be addressed. We would
like to have the post taken down, the railroad ties removed along with the evergreen
ground growth and add some playground equipment to the area. I would like to hear
from homeowners at the next meeting as to what type of equipment we should be looking
We look forward to these additional efforts in 2015 and beyond. We are fortunate to not
have sustained major tree damage thus far. If you ever notice any damage caused by a
storm please contact the board with your concerns so we can address in a timely manner.
I look forward to serving you in 2015.
Brian Wiechman
[email protected]
Deed Restrictions
Just a reminder that each lot in Persimmon Hill is governed by Deed Restrictions that
were filed during the original development of the subdivision in the nineteenseventies. These deed restriction must be adhered to by each resident. Some of the
more commonly violated deed restrictions include:
No signs, advertisements, billboards or advertising structures of any kind may
be erected
No more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats over twelve (12) weeks old
No outbuilding or other detached structure appurtenant to the residence may be
erected on any lot without the written approval of the Board of Directors. For
convenience, the board has developed an outbuilding approval form that is
available on the Persimmon Hill website.
No fence of any kind can be erected on any lot until the location, height, and
material has been approved in writing by the Board of Directors. For convenience, the board has developed an fence approval form that is available on the
Persimmon Hill website.
There shall be no automobile repair conducted on any of the lots bound by these
No automobiles, trailers, campers or boats shall be stored or kept outside of any
residence. To alleviate any concern for storage of automobiles overnight, the
board considers any automobile not driven after ten days as being stored. This
does not apply to boats, campers or trailers.
These deed restrictions are in place to maintain the value of each of our homes and
are enforced by the board of directors. The first action should be to speak to your
neighbor directly about any violation that you may see. If you are not comfortable
doing that or if the violation continues, please notify the board of directors via a
phone call or email. If you prefer to submit the information online or wish to remain
anonymous, you may use the submittal form set up on the Persimmon Hill web site.
The policy utilized by the board of directors to enforce deed restrictions is also found
on the web site.
Thank you for continuing to make Persimmon Hill one of the best places to live in
Johnson County!!
Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Nothing kicks summer off better than time at the
pool. At the recent winter board meeting, residents were asked to prioritize improvements in the
subdivision. Members present overwhelmingly expressed that the pools were a great asset to the
community and should be a top priority. To ensure that pools are well maintained, the Board decided
to hire Poologistics, who has a strong reputation for quality pool maintenance service in the Kansas
City metro. In addition to hiring a company committed to having quality service, we will be making
needed repairs to pool equipment to ensure systems are in good working order.
Upcoming pool improvement projects for 2015 are to add additional flowers, ornamental grasses and
shrubs around pools to make the landscaping more colorful. I want to express thanks to
Cara Howard, a fellow resident of Persimmon Hill and landscape architect who has shared landscape
designs for the pools that are low maintenance, yet colorful throughout the year. To headstart the
landscaping project, we will be working at the Overlook Pool at the Neighborhood Clean-up Day,
April 25th at 9am. Other service project opportunities will be available in May and June. Please
email me at [email protected] to join the Garden Club or to get additional information.
This is a great opportunity for families and children to make their community a beautiful place to
To reduce vandalism, the Board is reviewing security measures that can be taken at the pools. The
Board is looking into different security camera options as well as key replacement or programmable
gate locks and key fobs. To provide greater security, pool hours will be posted at each of the pools.
If a resident sees anyone trespassing after hours, he/she may ask the individuals to leave the pool or
simply call the police. With pool hours posted, trespassers will be prosecuted.
Tami and I look forward to serving you on
the board this year overseeing pool
maintenance and improvement projects this
year! Do not hesitate to share ways that we
can serve you.
Brook Macdonald
Absentee Ballot
Below please find the Dues Increase Ballot for
The Persimmon Hill First Homes Association.
Each homeowner (one ballot per household) is to cast a vote YES or NO.
All absentee ballots must be returned no later than April 27, 2015 to
Persimmon Hill First Homes Association,
PO Box 271,
Olathe, Kansas 66051.
If you prefer to attend the meeting, ballots will be provided for the election.
Dues Increase Ballot
Increase Annual Dues $50
Yes □
No □ Dues will increase from $250 to $300 annually, beginning January 2016
Homeowner Address Required for Validation