UNCLASSIFIED 31 July 2013 Dear <name>

31 July 2013
Dear <name>
PSN compliance – free specialist IA support to help your submission
We just wanted to send you a quick note to remind you that we have specialist Information
Assurance (IA) support within the PSNA team that you can access for free, in addition to your
nominated PSN Project Manager.
If you have any questions or queries about your organisation’s PSN compliance or completing your
Code of Connection (CoCo) documentation why not take the opportunity to speak with our
specialists? Please bear in mind that this resource is limited so we are happy for them to focus their
time on reviewing detailed submissions and related questions, but not in process discussions or
other peripheral subjects. We want to ensure as much support as possible is available to those who
will benefit.
If you’ve already submitted your CoCo then please ignore this message.
How to request support
If you’d like to make a date with one of our IA specialists, just email [email protected] and we’ll arrange for them to get in touch with you.
Yours sincerely
Karen Cleale
Cabinet Office,
PSN GCF Transformation Lead