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April 2012
Expert Alterations
Another Stain in the Dirty Dozen -Tomato Based Sauces
Here's a very special technique that can help you remove tomato-based sauce stains
from your clothing...unless, of course the care label says "Dry Clean Only." This technique will work on barbecue sauce, steak sauce, ketchup, tomato sauce or paste stains
1. Get a blunt spoon or knife and carefully use it to scrape off as much of the sauce as
possible. Gently scrape using small strokes to prevent spreading the stain.
2. Next, use a liquid enzyme detergent to cover the stain. Rub it in and let it stand
for a few minutes, rubbing the stain a few more times. While rubbing you should
notice that some of the color is coming out of the garment. That's great! Now
it's ready to rinse, so hold the stain under warm water.
3. If the stain remains, you may need to use a mild bleach on it. Popular “home remedy” mild bleaches include diluted lemon juice, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Soak the stained area in one of these substances, then rinse and repeat until
the sauce is invisible. A spot stain remover can also help here. Be sure to check
the care label and apply only what the label allows.
4. Finally, to ensure that the stain removal is successful, put the garment through a
standard laundry cycle using an enzyme detergent. Let the garment dry in the
sun for a short while, rather than using the dryer.
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Inside this issue:
Calera Customers—We’re Moving To A New Building
Ugg Boot Cleaning
I’ve been so pleased with our success in Calera that we have bought a building there.
Construction is about done and we will be moving in early April.
Daylight Savings Time
There will be no interruption of service during our move. Same day service, pickup and
delivery and the rest of our services will be available just as always.
Customers of Month
Food Poisoning
Earth Day
We are moving to 4204 Highway 31 in Calera...which is less than 1/2 mile from our
original location. This is the building formerly occupied by Southern Pipe and Supply.
This new facility is 9,000 square feet and will give us a location to consolidate our rug
cleaning and leather and suede cleaning.
We are also adding Restoration Dry Cleaning Services at this location. We will restore
clothing and most any textile, including draperies, rugs, stuffed animals, etc. that have
been damaged by water, smoke, fire or mold.
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Ugg Boot Cleaning—A Testimonial
From Marcella Bennett
“I have had my Ugg boots for 3 years and they are one of the my favorite pairs of footwear. During the winter when I’m not wearing athletic shoes or the clogs I wear to
work, I am usually wearing the Uggs. These boots are pretty much indestructible (you
get what you pay for) but wearing them at home as well as out and about in all kinds of
weather, they get pretty dull after a while. I had tried spot cleaners on them before,
and while those products did not damage the suede, they really did not remove all of
the stains.
“So I was happy to get the 25% off coupon in one of your newsletters. I figured worst
case scenario, they wouldn’t look worse than they already did. As I mentioned before,
they are expensive to replace. I was thrilled when I got them back a few days later. All
the spots were gone and they were restored to their original color and texture. I did
not know these boots could be professionally cleaned, but I will definitely do this again
in the future and would recommend it to all of my ‘Ugg wearing’ friends.”
Thanks, Marcella!
Dirty Dozen of Stains —Tomato Based Sauces —from page 1
As with any stain, don’t wash the garment in water if the care label says "Dry
Clean Only." Silks and certain other fabrics do not often clean properly, and can
even be damaged when using soap and water on them. And too much sun can
cause a colorful garment to fade, so limit exposure to the sun.
If your stain remains, we know you had a great time at that barbecue!
Check out our services to see if we can get rid of your remaining stains. Be sure
to let us know if you have tried any stain removal methods. And don't forget that
sometimes it is best to leave stain removal to the pros.
For More Articles Like This, Go To Our Blog At www.ChampionCleaners.com/Dry-Cleaning-
Did You Know…
About 100 million Americans
were observing Daylight
Savings Time prior to US
Congressional action to
adopt DST in 1966.
The US adopted DST during
WWI and WWII but quickly
repealed it after the wars.
England adopted it’s form of
DST in 1916 and has had it
ever since.
Ben Franklin even proposed
a concept of DST.
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“No matter how long the winter,
spring is sure to follow.”
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Customers of the Month
Customers who are a pleasure to work with just motivate us to work harder for you. We like
to recognize those folks who come in with a smile, expect the best from us...and make our
day even better.
Our Customer Service specialists select our Customers of the Month and we thank them with
a $25 gift certificate. We are pleased to recognize this month’s honorees:
Champion Cleaners
...Because Quality Counts!
“Delivery Only”
Clark Watson (Rocky Ridge)
Dennis Woods (Greystone)
Candy Carney (Calera)
If you live in our pickup and
delivery service area, try our
one way route service.
A Tool to Avoid Food Poisoning
When you bring your cleaning
in we will return your clean
clothes on the next regular
service day for your
neighborhood. At no
additional cost to you.
You always knew your dishwasher was convenient. But did you also know that it's
one of your best allies in keeping your kitchen safe from contaminants? The
dishwasher sanitizes everything that goes in it, says Bonnie Richmond, senior
lecturer in food safety and sanitation at the Hotel School at Cornell University...if
you use the dry cycle.
During the dry cycle, the internal temperature of the dishwasher reaches 170°F,
which is required for sanitizing - the process of reducing harmful microbes to an
acceptable level.
Here's Richmond's first rule of thumb: Run anything through the dishwasher that
can go into it, including plates, glassware, flatware, plastic cutting boards, and
sponges. Anything that touches raw meat and fish, or their juices or blood, should
be placed in the dishwasher immediately.
That means if you use a sponge to wipe up the counter where meat juices have
spilled, you should toss it right in the dishwasher and get out a clean one. At the
very least, your sponges should go into the dishwasher every time you run it. Be
sure to keep a backup supply on hand so you are not tempted to use a dirty one.
Springtime “QUOTES” of the Month
“Spring is nature's way of saying, ‘Let's party!’” ~Robin Williams
“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows
cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ~Charles Dickens
“It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you
want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes
your heart ache, you want it so!” ~Mark Twain
“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstreet
“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood
“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of
weather inside of four and twenty hours.” ~Mark Twain
“The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.” ~Henry Van Dyke
Ask about One Way Service
the next time you visit...or
call Billy at 602-3842.
Cleaning Your Tooth
Another great use of the
dishwasher is cleaning your
tooth brush. Just toss it in
for cleaning and sanitizing.
Cleaning your tooth brush
this way regularly can cut
down on bacteria being reintroduced into your system
after you brush your teeth.
Expert Alterations
At Champion
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Champion Cleaners
Rocky Ridge Cleaning Center
2548 Rocky Ridge Road
Vestavia Hills, AL 35243
Greystone Cleaning Center
5403 Highway 280, Suite 101
Hoover, AL 35242
Calera Cleaning Center
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Calera, AL 34050
Earth Day—April 22, 2012
Earth Day is April 22 every year and marks the
anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental
movement. Founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a
senator from Wisconsin, as a day of education about
environmental issues, Earth Day is now a globally
celebrated event which is sometimes extended into
Earth Week, focusing on green awareness.
Inspired by the antiwar protests of the late 1960s. It
began as a national “teach-in” on the environment and
was held on April 22 to maximize the number of
$1.00 Per Piece Off Dry Cleaning
Minimum 5 pieces, Maximum 25 pieces
Good for April incoming orders only
One coupon per household in April 2012
students that could be reached on university
campuses. By raising awareness of air and water
pollution, Nelson hoped to bring environmental
causes into the national spotlight.
What Can You Do For Earth Day?
Recycle paint and electronics
Recycle hangers (through us, of course)
Recycle batteries
Avoid plastic water bottles
Put Your Leather/Suede Away Clean
10% Off Leather & Suede Cleaning
Maximum 5 pieces
Good for April incoming orders only
Offer expires April 30, 2012
Offer Expires April 30 2012
Cannot be combined with any other offer
Cannot be combined with any other offer