NEWSLETTER 3 - PEPPS Preparatory School and College

From the Desk of Mrs Werner
Dear PEPPS Family
Welcome back to all our learners! Although this past holiday seemed so short I hope you took the
time to relax, catch up on some reading and watch a few movies.
At the end of last term the teachers and I met to workshop our focus for 2015, Creating a caring,
safe and positive school environment. We were encouraged and excited to uncover and
pinpoint the many ways in which we already accomplish our focus.
We have identified certain areas which our school needs to focus on for 2015 and the years
ahead. Everybody needs to be committed and involved – staff and parents alike.
Herewith a few areas I would like you to pay special attention to:
Make sure the school has your correct contact details.
Inform the school of changes in the family dynamics.
Drop your child off on time in the morning.
Collect your child on time after school.
Wash and mend your child’s clothes.
A positive school climate exists when all learners
Ensure your child gets enough sleep.
feel comfortable, wanted, valued, accepted, and
Pack a healthy lunch box.
secure in an environment where they can interact
Address mood swings and bad tempers.
with caring people they trust.
Monitor ‘screen time’.
A positive school climate affects everyone
Check that all stationery and books are packed for
associated with the school – learners, staff, parents,
the next day.
and the community.
 Have informed the school of your child’s special
needs and allergies.
 Make sure you are aware of your child’s circle of friends.
 Pay special attention to the manner in which your child speaks, ensuring that it is respectful; and address
swearing and vulgar language.
Ponder on…
Please note that from now on our newsletter will only feature sport and cultural events offered in
the Preparatory School. I know that many of you will be disappointed to hear this, but we will
however make mention of achievements in areas other than those offered at school, at
Warm Regards
Mrs J. Werner - Head Preparatory School
Let’s Celebrate!
Congratulations to Ms Celri Lawrenson, who has been appointed Head of Department for the
Languages, Creative Arts and Life Orientation for Grade 4-7. We trust that her journey in
leadership will be a fruitful one!
We had a successful Clans Gala on the 5th of March, with PEMPS and Mitchell House joining us at
the PEPPS pool to compete.
The final results were Mitchell House coming 1st with 341points, closely followed by PEPPS with 321
points. Congratulations to the following learners who broke records from last year: Troy Hillary,
Franco Clayton, Euan Van Whye, Abigail van Niekerk and Warwick Melville.
~ Report by Mrs Jessica Baber – Gala organiser
The Inter-house Gala was supported by many parents on 12 March at the swimming pool at
PEPPS. Congratulations to all the pupils who participated and earned points for their houses. It was
an exciting afternoon.
The results of the gala are as follows:
First place:
282 points
Second place:
229 points
Third place:
155 points
Congratulations to the Lions!
~ Report by the Swimming Committee
Excited learners from Grades R - 3 gathered on the PEPPS field on 25 February for our annual InterHouse Sports Day. All learners took part and they ran their little hearts out! The running races were
followed by some novelty races – hoop race for Grade R, potato and spoon for Grade 1, sack
race for Grade 2 and three legged race for Grade 3. The event was extremely well supported by
parents; it was lovely to have so many there. Thank you to all those that could attend. A special
mention for all the brave Mummies, Daddies (and even a Granddad), who entered the Mums’
and Dads’ races, well done!
The focus of the day was fun and participation but learners earned points for their house and the
final results were: Leopards 1st, Tigers 2nd and Lions 3rd.
~ Report by Mrs Vicky Angliss - HOD Foundation Phase
We had a hugely successful first term of cycling which consisted of four large races that various
members of our team competed in! Our first MTB race was Makhulu 5 at Kuschke Highschool
where both junior and senior members achieved various first, second and third places. Our
second big event was at Tshipise which was a MTB and road race. Our youngest, Antony Clayton;
our senior, Ani Gutierrez Hernandez and the oldest (the coach) members of the team got
Limpopo colours for road cycling, and our youngest junior members and senior member got first
and second places for the MTB.
Some of our junior and senior team members who rode the Munnik Meerkat MTB challenge got
first place positions in their categories and gained a lot of experience in half marathon (35km)
races. Our last race, the PPC Kremetart XCO challenge was in the holiday at Louis Trichardt where
both senior and junior members of the team raked in three first places and one second place.
We are also very excited and proud as we got our fantastic new racing shirts and were able to
compete in this last race with them. The event announcer complimented our team during the
race saying that we looked really professional and smart and also said later at prize giving that we
are the most formidable competitors for the junior schools MTB trophy.
We are thankful for the privilege to be racing and taking part in this new and exciting school sport
and look forward to a jam-packed second term of lots of training and Limpopo qualifier races.
~ Report by Mrs Kea Smith - Cycle Club Coach and Administrator
Our team is divided into three components: under ten, under twelve and under fourteen. So far,
our team has taken part in three Limpopo Provincial Qualifying tournaments and in the
Polokwane League tournaments.
In the Provincial Tournaments our learners played five rounds per tournament and were then rated
for that round. The most notable performances were that of Robyn Schroeder (who jumped from
30th to 14th position) and Cristiano Morais (who rose from 105th to 95th position).
In the League Tournaments our players started the year off very well indeed! On the 18th of
February we hosted PCS. Daniel Schroeder and Connor Booth were in peak form and won both
their rounds. Troy Hillary and Robyn Schroeder both won one game and drew one. Overall our
score for the day was very favourable. PEPPS 7 and PCS 5 points.
On the 25th of February, Curro Heuwelkruin hosted our school. Cristiano Morais was in peak form
and won both rounds. Connor Booth, Jonathan Harris and Troy Hillary won one round and lost one
round. Antony Clayton drew both his rounds.
On the 4th of March we hosted Laerskool Louis Trichardt. Franco Clayton, Connor Booth and
Daniel Schroeder played stellar games and all won both rounds.
On the 11th of March PEMPS hosted our team. Our under tens were in peak form! The score was
12-0 in our favour! Jonathan Harris, Franco Clayton, Troy Hillary, Antony Clayton, Robyn Schroeder
and Chukwuebuka Ogu won both rounds! Connor Booth and Daniel Schroeder both won one
round each.
We are indeed very proud of all our chess players. Thank you also to our ‘chess parents’ that so
eagerly participate. A special word of thanks to Mrs Annecia le Roux. Without her help, advice,
resources and loyal support, we certainly would not have been able to achieve the results that
we have.
~ Report by Mr Driesman Bester - Chess Club Coach and Administrator
Teachers’ Zone
At the end of last term we said goodbye to Ms Catherine Willetts. Ms Willetts made a career
change and has moved to Johannesburg to be near her parents. We wish her all the best and
trust all will go well for her.
A warm welcome to Ms Miranda de Bruyn! Ms de Bruyn will be teaching English to our Grade 7s
until a suitably quaified English teacher is appoited.
A Helping Hand
On the 6th of March we held our first outreach fundraiser of the year. We supported the Cansa
Shavathon by encouraging the learners to 'go blonde' for the day. We also had staff spraying hair
at break time. We raised a total of R 2 327.30 on the day. The staff and Grade 7s also collected
washing powder and cordial for the TLC centre. Thank you to all the parents that supported this
~ Report by the Enviro and Community Committee
Herewith the lovely thank-you note from Robert Were:
Donation of Groceries for TLC Polokwane
With reference to the above, we at Cansa TLC would like to thank you most sincerely for your very kind
It was like looking into surprise package boxes, what with all the lovely art work that the children put so
much effort into, coupled with all the groceries that the children provided.
Thank you also for the “party hats,” on off days these will be added to our other cosmetic jewellery and the
children will be encouraged to dress up to forget some of the events that they have had to witness.
Once again thank you for your continued efforts for our ward; they are all very highly appreciated
Kind regards
Robert Were - TLC FACTOTUM (Facilitator)
It is time for Tekkie Tax again. This year National Tekkie Tax Day
takes place on 29th of May.
Stickers and laces are available at the Fees Office.
Stickers cost R10 each and shoelaces are R30.
Odds and Ends
Our athletes enjoyed taking part in Athletics; from eliminations to Inter-House, Ironwood, Circuit
and District. Many athletes attended the extra training sessions and we are proud of their
willingness to participate in every event. A special mention must go to our Grade 7s for their
outstanding athletics achievements this past season.
Special mention must go to Sadé Hartlief and Theto Mohale who participated at Provincial level in
~ Report by Mr Nico Loots - HOD Sport
We are very excited to have so many new debaters join the debating group this year. Learners
from Grade 4 are showing excellent debating skills and they are a very important part of the
debating group. We will be competing against four schools this year in the Clans Debating
6 May:
PEPPS vs Heuwelkruin
Technology has a negative impact on children’s development.
20 May:
Music should not be shared online.
2 Sept:
Children under 14 should not be on Facebook or WhatsApp.
To be announced:
PEPPS vs Mitchell House
Teachers should be replaced by computers.
The debating team consisting of fourteen members will be announced at the final assembly this
~ Report by Mrs Mandy du Plessis - Debating Coach and Organiser
What’s next…
ROAAAAAR! Mama Lion is protecting her ‘Ostrich Chicks’ from
Mama Ostrich. Why does Mama Lion have Ostrich chicks? What
will the Kenyan Forests’ animals decide?
Sorry, no more for you! This is only a snippet of our Junior Drama
play in the works, ready to be seen in May 2015. Our talented little
actors have been working hard at mastering our majestic African
Animal movements and gaining great amounts of confidence to
give you a WILD performance during a picnic under the
stars…..with OUR stars.
~ Report by the Junior Drama Department
 Please refer to the Term 2
calendar for sport and
culture matches.
 Applications open for 2016
Grade 1-7
13 April 2015
 Parents Consultation – By
special Invitation.
22 April
We have 30 Drama Club members in the senior group with a large
flow-over group taken by Mrs Tina Zinth-Wood. We spent last term
practising eisteddfod skills and we are ready and rearing to
 Parents Consultation –
23 April
 Grade R & 1 Parent
The Senior Drama Group spent their term writing, editing and
planning their play!
meeting @ 17:30
The Importance of
28 April
The Grade 5 dramatists wrote the beginning. The Grade 6s wrote
the middle and the Grade 7s were responsible for the end. Ms
Lawrenson edited the piece and we now have a lovely play that
we have been practising for the last couple of weeks. Mrs Kidd
assists with dramatic flair and presentation!
 Blood Drive
All parents are invited to
come and donate blood
during the school hours.
28 April
We decided to opt out of the traditional Culture Vulture event to
host our own Drama Festival at school early in the second term!
Our theme is Picnic with our Stars!
Planned activities:
5 May - Junior Drama Group
6 May - Mrs Zinth-Wood's Flow-over group
7 May - Senior Drama Group
All three evenings will be under the stars with blankets and hot chocolate while our parents and
guests enjoy our dramatists' performances. We look forward to seeing everyone there - keep an
eye out for more information!
~ Report by the Senior Drama Club
This year we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day with an age appropriate Civvies day and a fun
class photograph. The fundraising team would like to thank the teachers for their involvement and
a special word of thanks to all who assisted in decorating the playground for the day.
We raised a total of R 4 987.00 on the day. Thank you to all the parents for making this day a
~ Report by Ms Shayne Moodie - Fundraising Committee
Parents, please make sure your child brings a book to school every day, from home or the library.
The BIG WALK is going to be held on Satuday 30th May 2015 at the school and it promises to be
even more exciting, with lots of prizes to be won, exciting games, and lots of music. The following
prizes are up for grabs;
1st Prize!!!!- A tablet with Wi-Fi & 3G, and an additional mystery gadget
2nd-6th Prizes - Tablets with WI-FI
7th-10th Prizes- Gift Vouchers from Mall of The North
Top 2 classes- Movie and Cake!
Register teachers of the winning classes - Weekend Getaway for two or Spa Vouchers for
Many other prizes to be won on the day by learners and parents who participate in the big walk
event! Each learner that completes his/her laps will receive a badge or a medal.
Each learner can ask friends and family or anyone they or their parents know for donations.
Children may not, however, go alone from door to door asking for donations. The form and
money donated must be returned to the school no later than Friday 22 May to be eligible for the
prizes. In order to assist us with the administration we kindly request no monetary denominations
less than R 5. The penalty charge for lost forms is R 200.00.
Reading Corner
What would you do if you found a switch that could turn
on your brain and enable you to be happier, healthier in
your mind and body, more prosperous, and more
intelligent? Dr Caroline Leaf will show you how to find and
activate that switch.
What you think with your mind changes your brain and
body, and you are designed with the power to switch on
your brain. Your mind is that switch. You have an
extraordinary ability to determine, achieve, and maintain
optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, and
happiness, as well as the prevention of disease in your
body and mind. You can, through conscious effort, gain
control of your thoughts and feelings, and in doing so, you
can change the programming and chemistry of your brain.
Please e-mail Mrs Nadine Steinberg at [email protected] if your
child’s sport or cultural achievement(s) were not mentioned in the
newsletter. We will then feature it in our next newsletter, so please ensure
that you provide us with all the details.
Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders