trip packet - Friends of Friedrichshafen

Friends of Friedrichshafen
Adult Exchange Trip
June 16-24, 2015
Visit Friedrichshafen, Germany, one of Peoria’s sister cities and live with a local
family for one week.
Great opportunity to learn about the culture, make new friends and see Friedrichshafen as well as nearby Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.
We have flights identified for the group to take or you can make your own travel
arrangements and meet us in Friedrichshafen on June 17 and depart on June 24.
Approximate cost is $2000 per person for round trip airfare from Peoria to Zurich
and train/boat from Zurich to Friedrichshafen. Additionally there will be incidental
expenses during the visit that are the responsibility of each traveler. There will be
only 10 participants, so apply soon! ($100 deposit per person required with application). All participants must be over 21, be members of the Friends of Friedrichshafen and have a valid US passport. Full details concerning the Adult Exchange are on the rear of this flyer.
For more information or to reserve your place as member of this exchange, please contact : Alan or Dawn Dickey
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 309 265 0400
Friends of Friedrichshafen Adult Exchange In 2014, the Friends of Friedrichshafen established an annual trip between Peoria and Friedrichshafen for our adult membership. Our trip to Germany this year is based on the following guidelines: • This program will encourage/emphasize host family experiences over hotel stays. Host families will be expected to provide room and board for their guests at a minimum. Assisting with guests’ transportation needs and sightseeing wishes may also be expected. •
The traveling group will consist of 2 -­‐ 10 participants. •
The adult trip will travel to the host sister city only. The host city program will last no longer than 7 days. Participants desiring additional “touring” will be completely responsible for this activity themselves. •
The responsibilities of the hosting sister city organization begin only with the arrival of the travelers. The travelers are responsible for their transportation to/from the host sister city. •
The host sister city organization will plan “a few” official events during the stay. If possible, these will be offered at no cost to all participants. Ideas for activities for host families/guests to consider will be provided by the host sister city organization. •
This is not an “all expenses paid” type of program. Travelers will be expected to incur incidental expenses in the host sister city. •
The minimum age of all participants in this program will be 21 years. •
Participants will be members of their local sister city organization. •
One board member of the traveling sister city organization or another board-­‐chosen individual will accompany the traveling group. This person will serve as a “contact person” while in the host sister city. This person should change each traveling year. If you have questions or are interested in participating in the adult exchange, please contact Alan or Dawn Dickey at [email protected] or 309-­‐265-­‐0400. Membership form for Friends of Friedrichshafen can be found at: $100 per person deposit is required after your application is accepted to reserve your place in the exchange trip. Friends of Friedrichshafen 2015 Adult Exchange Application Please complete fully and email to Alan and Dawn Dickey at [email protected] A deposit of $100 per person is due when your application is accepted. Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Gender: ___M ___F Age: ____________ Any special needs? _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ U.S. Passport Number: _________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________ Home Address: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ E-­‐mail Address: __________________________________________________________________ German Language Ability: _________________________________________________________ (Not required, but can help us match you with the right host) Special Interests or Hobbies: _______________________________________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Gender: ___M ___F Age: ____________ Any special needs? _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ U.S. Passport Number: _________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________ Home Address: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ E-­‐mail Address: __________________________________________________________________ German Language Ability: _________________________________________________________ (Not required, but can help us match you with the right host) Special Interests or Hobbies: _______________________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact: ______________________________________________________________ (Someone in the U.S. who can be contacted if there is a problem) Are you a member of Friends of Friedrichshafen? ___Yes ___No (If no, please complete an FOF membership application and submit with this application. ) Suggested Flights - Cost when originally checked $1840.40
You can either purchase these tickets yourself using
call Janet Switzer at Suzie Davis Travel on 309 682 3000
Transportation from Zurich Airport to Friedrichshafen on June 17 (cost approximately $50)
Flight Arrives at 8:05am
Take train at 9:48am arrive Romanshorrn at 10:54am
Take ferry at 11:36am arrive Friedrichshafen at 12:17pm
Group meets at 12:30pm at Friedrichshafen Dock area (if someone is NOT traveling with the
group this is where they will meet the group and Peoria Club
Transportation from Friedrichshafen to Zurich Airport on June 24 (cost approximately $50)
Farewell - Group meets at 7:10am at Friedrichshafen Dock area ** we may want to take the earlier boat**
Take ferry at 7:41am arrive Romanshorn at 8:22am
Take train at 8:41am arrive Zurich airport at 9:38am
Flight departs at 12:55pm
Meeting Time and Place Details:
We will meet hosts from the Peoria Club at the commercial ferry dock in Friedrichshafen as denoted by the RED
marker on the map below. (the blue dots show the path to the train station from the waterfront)
Arrival Meeting: June 17 at 12:30pm
Departure Meeting: June 24 at 7:10am
Anyone not traveling with the group can meet at this location at the times show to begin and end the exchange.