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FY 2012
Ideas and information for our retailers
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August 2014
Volume 15 Issue 8
Note from the Director and Security Corner, page 2
Retailer of the Month, page 3
Retailer gives back to community, page 4
New scratch tickets, page 6
Retailer Honor Roll on page 7
A note from the
You did it again. Another record year. That makes three in a row. At the end of the Lottery's
fiscal year on June 30, we had $568.8 million in sales, $2.8 million more than last year. This
year's record is remarkable because there were no large Powerball jackpots to drive sales,
resulting in a $27 million drop in sales for our biggest game. So it wasn't looking good for a
record year.
Michael Edmonds
Lottery Director
But you made it all back. And then some. You did it with hard work, selling more scratch tickets than ever
before - $337.7 million.
$568.8 million will provide Wisconsin homeowners with about $160 million in property tax relief. You, our retailers,
will receive about $38 million in commissions and incentives. You have done a great job. Again. Thank you!
Wi s
co n s i n L o t t e r y
We're Here to Help
Unfortunately, security problems are part of our retail reality. Our Security department can
help identify security issues or determine whether or not you have a security concern.
Recently, a retailer contacted the Lottery with concerns about employee theft. The Lottery
Security department has access to reports that show who accepted the scratch ticket delivery,
exactly when and where all tickets are cashed and even attempts to validate tickets. We
were able to help him identify the problem by reviewing the cashing of tickets and detecting
a pattern.
Chances are good that if someone is stealing lottery tickets, they are stealing other products too. No one wants to
think they have someone working for them that they can't trust.
If you have concerns and think we may be able to help you, please call Lottery Security 608-267-6882. We're here to help.
August 2014
National Quick
Food Mart
5631 W. National Ave.
West Allis, WI 53214
Special thanks to Manager Gary Singh for his great committment to Lottery
The city of West Allis is best known as the home of the Wisconsin State Fair and the Pettit National Ice Center. In
addison to these well-known attractions, you will find Gary Singh at the National Quick Food Mart on National Avenue.
Manager Gary Singh is one of the many proud lottery retailers in the state of Wisconsin. Gary's support for the Lottery
is seen immediately as you enter his store.
Hanging above the register, you will find over a dozen winner announcements exemplifying his player's successes.
Tickets sold at Gary's National Quick Food Mart have resulted in several big wins, including a $1,000,000 instant win in
March of 2014 and two $350,000 SuperCash tickets in March of 2013.
West Allis is the home of
the Wisconsin State Fair,
part of the Milwaukee
In February, the Lottery launched Instant Million, its first $30 scratch ticket.
Two days later, a Ultimart store in Ripon sold the first of four $1,000,000 top
prizes. In June, a Ultimart store in Wautoma sold the last $1,000,000 prize
for Instant Million. Both stores are owned by Condon Oil, which received a
$20,000 Winning Ticket Incentive for selling each $1 million ticket. Is Condon
lucky or what?
While Condon is lucky, they also make their own luck. Over the past year,
Condon has made a conscious effort to maximize their Lottery offerings –
including putting all of their stores on the $30 game auto ship before Instant
Million was launched. They have improved the game mix in their stores by
following a set plan-o-gram. Finally, Condon has improved their display of
Lottery products. The result? An 8.9% increase in instant ticket sales last
year, more than double the state average.
The community benefits from Condon's
luck and hard work. Condon is
donating $15,000 to the Ripon Police
Department's new K-9 fund to help
resurrect the long-lost program.
Hats off to Condon Oil!
Family Fill
Q Mart Success!
Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?
Q Mart,
Lottery lightening luck struck twice for Q
Mart Marketplace in June, bringing them two
$1 million Powerball winners! The first $1
million Powerball win was sold on June 4th
in Kohler, earning them their first $20,000
winning ticket incentive. The second $1
million Powerball winning ticket was sold
in Sheboygan on June 25th, earning them
another $20,000!
Lottery luck seems to come in two's lately;
maybe Lottery lightning will strike for you
Q Mart
New Packers Commercial August 2014 5
Brings an Exciting Twist!
Photo shoot took place in
Green Bay!
This guy is really flexible!
Enter your Packers tickets
for a chance to win this
Packers experience!
Look for the creative but flexible way we explain how the Packers Bonus Drawing works - in the commercial set
to air in August! Details on how to enter the Packers Bonus Drawing can be found in the Packers brochure or on the
back of all the 2014 Packers tickets.
3. What is the favorite past-time of Packer fans before
a game?
6. Who is currently the starting Quarterback for the
Green Bay Packers?
8. Lambeau Field is known as the Frozen ________?
11. What field do the Packers play on for all of their
home games?
12. Who was the Packer great that played Quarterback
right before Aaron Rodgers took over in 2008?
13. Who is the current head coach for the Packers? 14. What player currently wears the number 87 for
the Packers?
15. Green Bay Packers are famously known as what?
1. Who was the first player to do the “Lambeau Leap”?
2. Who was the last team Brett Favre played for before he retired for good?
4. How many Super Bowls have the Packers won?
5. What team is the Packers’ division rival that is located in the state of Illinois?
7. Who did the Packers beat in their Super Bowl win in 2010?
9. Who did the Packers beat in the 1996 Super Bowl?
10. Who is the Packers outside linebacker and wears number 52?
Odds are you’ll like ‘em
TOP PRIZE $30,000
 Overall odds of winning: 1:3.8
 Prize payout: 63%
 Gold coins pay $3
TOP PRIZE $2,100
Overall odds of winning: 1:4.7
Prize payout: 59%
Get "21" in your hand win all four prizes!
Ask your Lottery
for the most current
launch dates
TOP PRIZE $30,000
 Overall odds of winning: 1:3.4
 Prize payout: 63%
 Reveal 3 or more words to win!
TOP PRIZE $6,000
 Overall odds of winning: 1:4.2
 Prize payout: 62%
 Win up to 8 times!
Go to
for information on ticket launches.
Retailer Honor Roll
August 2014
Our fiscal year 2014 has ended, and we congratulate
our Honor Roll of top selling retailers!
Top 20 Independent Retailers
Korneli's Main Street Express
Fond Du Lac
Durand Avenue Mart
Hansens BP
Fond Du Lac
Philly's Grocery & Deli
Fond Du Lac
Bobs Mini Mart Of Oshkosh LLC
Sunrise Citgo
Piggly Wiggly #275/Majdeckis
West Allis
Keefe Ave Mobil/Sahej LLC
Marathon Mini Mart
Kens Shell Etd/Kjk & Son Ltd Greenfield
Village Food & Liquor Mart
Sentry #560/Metcalfe Foods
Pantry Plus/Dipsha Inc
Lieungh's On Lathrop LLC
Spring Street Mobil/S&S Racine
Charlies Discount Tobacco & Liquor
Fine Fare Foods-1819 Durand
Sentry Foods #2839
Deli Food Xpress
Sentry #215/Seftar & Son Foods Milwaukee
Totaling over $13.5 Million in Sales
Top 20 Chain Retailers
Woodman's Food Market #16 Madison (East)
Woodman's Food Market #14
Woodman's Food Market #1
Pick N Save # 6887
Pick N Save #6348
Oak Creek
Piggly Wiggly #037
Woodmans Food Market Inc #37
Oak Creek
Pick N Save #6845
Pick N Save #6853
Pick N Save #6878
Pick N Save #6857
Saint Francis
Pick N Save #6862
Oak Creek
Kwik Trip #750
La Crosse
Kwik Trip #373
Pick N Save #6847
West Allis
Kwik Trip #819
La Crosse
Pdq #355
Oak Creek
Kwik Trip #395
Mt Pleasant
Pick N Save #6846
West Allis
Kwik Trip #422
Oak Creek
Totaling over $15.7 Million in Sales
Wisconsin Lottery
2135 Rimrock Rd.
P.O. Box 8941
Madison, WI 53708-8941
Madison, WI
Permit No. 1369
August Events
Wisconsin State Fair
State Fair Park, West Allis
July 31 - August 10, 2014
Brewer Game
August 22, 2014
Timber Rattlers
Fox Cities Stadium, Appleton
August 28, 2014
August 2014
Volume 15 Issue 8
Kami Blatter, graphic designer
Mike Edmonds, editor
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