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EVen tlfOUgh Stfessi makes us feel uncomfortabie,
itt not always a bad thing. Sometimes stress can really help us
deal with tough situations. A lot of stress changes our bodies
quickly and helps us react to an emergency. A little stress keeps
us alert and helps us work harder.
is stress?
Stress is the
uncomfortable feeling you get when you're worried,
scared, angry, frustrated, or overvrhelmed. lt is caused by emotions, but it affects lour mood and body. Many adults t&rln*
thct *tds don? hsve stresr because they don't have to work
and support a family.
They are wrong !
Stress can
coffie from things that happen to you and peaple in your life
like your parents, friends, and even yourself.
How does
Tackling the FrohI.em
us feel
There are many heahhy ways of dealing with stress. They
are safe, help you feel better, and end up making you happy,
Here is a 10-point plan to help ysu manage stress. All of these
ideas can lower stress safely. None of them are quick fixes, but
they wilt lead you towarci a healthy and successful life. The plan
divided into 4 Parts.
Tackling the problem
mY emotions
Taking care of my
Making the world a better Place
When you read over the plan, you'll notice that you can come up
with a bunch of ideas for each point. flease do not think you
shoutd try thern alt. This plan is supposed to hetp you manage
stress, not give you more- Try out soine ideas and then stick to
one or hnro ideas for each point . Dontlrhoos e Gn idea jusi to impress
fsrr can try
tr Break the .srark into small pieces, Then iust de ane small
Nobody can avoid atl stress, but
ican learrr
deal rrltlt lt, When you're stresseq, it is normal to want to feel
bettel. Some people tum to drugs, ci$arettes, alcohol, bullying, ol"
fightinq, These harmful choices mightlfeel good fnr a .shnrf time,
but they can be dangerous. They end up messing up your life,
and then you end up a lot more stressed. I&ey're especially dangerous if they are the only woyyotr rnfinage rirss. This is one of the ways
addictions start.
lr and
ycu can deal i*ith stress
wqys to
tfus Frobl*m
A lot of people deal with problems hy fgnaring them- This daes
not make them go away; usually they iust get warse, People
nrho try to fix their problems tend to be elnotie*.ally
the body handle stress?
geficf. These 2 systems can't tr.rork together a-t the sarne time.
Itt i*portant to know this because we can ShUt of f tfre
emergency system by turning on the leiaxeri system. That hetps
I: flg$re out what
malte tt ma$ageable.
The body is a finely tuned machine that can change quickly to
do what we need it to doJike react to stress. The body actualtv
has 2 different sets of nerves. One wo*s while we're rel*xed,
snd the other vyot*s when we're strased ot theret sn efirer'
piece at a time, rather than leak at the whole huge rnesE- As
you finish each piece, the wark ftecrr':ies Isss oveftt*efnntng,
Make lists of what you need ta ds- This will ftelp y*u
sleep because your head want spin with !!'orry about
whether _yau can do everything, At the end of the da]r, -vsu
will have Iesr to woqf afoorrt as you check off the
things ysu have finished, Ytlu will l*ak at the same huge
arnouflt *f hamework and say ?n yrxlrteH, 'l (.AN d* this!"
Get yeur rrsark done firEt. Wh*n it c*mes ts wark {study'ing,
chores), the bes t way ta enicy y*ursetf is ia get the uror& done {irst.
Someiifftes people say tlrey will ds fun things first and da
their wsrk later. But the problem is thet're havinq less fun
because thefre worrying about the wsrk they're ignoring.
And of ccurse the longer they F$t it sff, the msre they warry.
Polnt l: Jhseld thlngs that h#*g :rre d+wn.
Sometirnes we know el(aCtly when we are lreaded far
trauhle. Av*idi*g trr:uhle frsm a tiistance I= EASIET than
avoidinq it up clase. You kno*r* the pecple wha might be a
bad influence $n you. You know the places where yrlu're-likely
to get in trsuble. You know_the things that upss yau, Cho*f,e
not to be aroun{d thase people, placeE t
and things that mess Ysl*' EF'
what y#r rfrt, ttT
Avoid certain people, Iike
m Avoid certain places, Iilce
Avoid certain things, Iike
Polnt 3: Let soffle thhgt go.
Itls important tc try to fix problems, but sometimes there is naff:,rng you
cgn do to chaizge them. For example, you Can't change the weather,
se don't rryaste ysur energy worrying abaut it. You Csn't change
the fact tfiat teachers give tests, sa iust start studying inslead st
complaini*g *b*ut how unfair they iire. Y*u can't cl:a*ge tl:e f*ct
that your pare*ts need to knor.r were yau 94, sa prove ta them
that you are responsible and deserve fftore freedsm. Feoplt whs
v*aste their energy worrying about things they can't cha*ge
don't have enough energy left BYer to fix the things they tan.
lfffrat yor, con try
* When you're angry, the
lnstead of worrying about thingq i can't change,
lnstead of complaining that thin$s are not fair.
I urill
lnstead of fighting with my parehts about where I go,
Polnt 6: fat *YeIl.
Part 2
llaking care of mll hody
Everyone knows good nutritisn makes you healttrier But snly
some people know that it also keeps you alefi and your mood
steady. Peaple who eat mostly iunk food have highs and lcws
in their energv levels. This hurts their ability ts manage st:'ess.
Polnt 4: Exerclre.
Exercise every day
to control stress and build a strong,
Exerilse ls the most lrr,rportant part of a |Ian
to rnanage rtrerr. You may think you don't have tirne to
exercise when you're most stressed, lbut that is exactly ,'arhen you
need it the most. If you are stressed iabout a test but tos nervous
to sit doram and study- .-exercise!Ysuiwill be able to think better
after you have used up that stress eriergy.
Whot ynu can try
Regular exercfse builds a strong body that better deals with stress.
I will work my body hard at least 20 lminutes every other day- The
kinds of exercises I like to do routinefy include
What fss, rrrn trT
n Eat a good breakfast.
n Skip fe*ver meals.
n Drfnk fewer sodas anci sugary drink.
tl Drink more water.
tl Eat smaller portions.
il Eat iess grealy meals or snack.
When I am feeling most worried, nuJyous, or fearful, a really hard
physical workout will help me calrn down. During these most
stressful tirnes, the kinds of things I rtright do include
I: Sleep weII.
Msst kids don't get the sleep they need to grow and think deady.
Tired peagf* 6{rfi T tearn cs nrel$ and 6$n be murfr crcn*is.
W&ar for cfin try
tr Go to sleep about the same tirne every nighl
[I Exerrise {fuut finish exercising at least 4 hours
before hed}.
Your bad,v falls asleep most easilv when rt has cosled down.
tf you exercise right before bed, you will be overheated and
won't sleep *rell.
Polnt 5: Learn to relax my
,l dody.
You can fool your body into being cafmer by turning on the
relaxed nervous
What f$, can try
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
tr ._..
natural thfng to do is stand up and
face someone shoulder-to-shoulder, chesi-to-chest. \fou d,e
this wlthout even thinking, but this tells the other person that
you're angry and ready to fight. It also may prevent you from
thinking ctearly. Do the opFaslte of what you r+ould dc
if you were really going to fight. Sit down; take deep, slaw
breaths; and tell your body there is no danger, Then use
your brain to get out of the siluation,
Put your body in a relaxed position.
. Your body knows when you're nervous. tf you sit down to
take a test and your legs are shaking, your body is saying,
'l want ta runlo Remember, you cant think well and run
away at the same titRe, so you afe making it harder to take
the test" lnstead, take deep brea{hs and lean back-tell your
body there is no emergency.
hour before bedtime also helps ysur body
relax ts fall asleep.
Breathe deeply and slowly. Slow,i deep breathing turns on
your relaxed nervous system and ti,rrns off your emergenqy
respoftse. Take a big, deep breath until your chest and belly
feel full of air, then let it out slowly as if you're blowing bubbles.
Do this 1O times and you will feel more relaxed- Yoga and
meditation also teach great breath[ng skills.
A hot shsilrer
y$$r bed only to sleep. Dcrn't sotve your problems fn bedlnstead, leave another spot to think like a "utorry chair." Cive
yourself plenty af time to think things through, make a li:t if
you need t*, and then sef lf astdd Co to bed to sleep.
tr Don"t ds homework, r'uatch TV, read,
or use the phont
while in bed.
!fianagi*S rry euations
Polnt E: Take instant Yacatlcns.
Sometimes the best vray to de-stress fs to imagine yourself in
more relaxirrg pface.
What yfiu cnn try
Visualize. When you're stressed, sit down, Iean back, take
deep krreaths, close your eyes, and irnagine yoursett in a
heaut#ul and calm place.
Take time out for yoursetf. E
or herself. Enjoy a walk, a relaxing
every day. Try a warm bath with
listen to yourself take deep, slow b
c*unt as your heart rate goes d
Enjoy hsbbies or creative art
tr Look at the beau$ around
ne deserves time for himself
ath, or something special
ur ears just under water;
eaths, Take yaur pulse and
small things you may have stopp
tr Read a good book and escape fro
imagine the sights, sounds, and
else for a while.
adult to help yGU. Hou desenre fs fee.f gaadl
reallty. You have to
elfs'-you are somelt here
Feelings sometimes get so strong andlscary that we cram them
all in an imaginary box and think wefl deal with them later.
But latei theret so much stuff in the bcx that there is too much
to cleal with. Sometimes it's goorl to
to work on and forget {he rest far a while. When
you decide to deal with only one pro$lem at a time, it seems
f ick j ust
y€ru can
Ql- You
get maody or angry.
il You feel tired all the time.
{ r You get a lot ef headaches. dizziness, chest
pafn, or
stomach pain.
You feel sad
sr hopeless-
it out.
young person de[erves an adult to talk to and
some friends to trust. Hopefully, yqu can talk to your parents.
But if you do not want to tell your lparents everything, make
sure to find an adult you can ask f{r advice,
D fournal. Write it out!
or meditation helpful.
fI Fray. Many young people find pr
tl Laugh or cry. Let yourself really fe your emotions.
Making the world a
etter place
Polnt 1O: Malte the world
etter place.
Ycung people wha woi'k to make the
themselves. They have a sense of
problems hett*. They learn that
ence in other people's lives. We ne
a better world.
orld better feel good abaut
e and hondle fftefr o*il
can make a dlffer-
young people to build
Help a member of rny family by
tr Volunteer in my community
f] Help the environment
t-[ You are thinking about using alcahri or drugs to try to
r feel better.
S Vou ever think about
hurting yourself,
Visit the
Web site at www.aap,argfstress for rnore lnformatisn,
Rpmember that sne of the best $.ays ta be happy a*d succ€$sta manage stress weli-
n]ll ir
$ou CIX d,o it
Adapted from Cinsburg KR, Jablow MM. A ParenIS CulUe to furforrg Besilrerce
Cfiildreq and Teens: Giving Your Child Roots and Wings- EIk Crove Mltage, IL:
erican Academy of Pediatrics; 2006
portraying are fictisnale informatfon contained in this putilication should not be used as a substitute for
rnedicat care and advice of your pediatrfcia*. There rnay be.;arfations i* treatrne*t
t your pediatrician may recommend based an individual facts and circumstanres-
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delsl they harue no relation to the issues discussed- Any characters they are
Itthat Wra can try
You warry a lot.
Yolr feel Lrored all the time and are less interested in being
I with friends.
Be creative. People who have a wty to express thenrselves
don't need to hoid it all inside. ArtJ musig poetry, singing,
dance, and rap are all powerful wa[s to let your feelings out.
Your gracies are dropping,
much less scary.
The following signs suggest that you should seek some extra
people turn to others
d get pleasure from the
Polnt 9: Releare emotlonr,
Even if you are great at dealing with problems, there may be
times when stress feels like it is getting to you. You are not alonr.
This does not mean vou are cra4& weak, or a failure-
for supporr when they
have too much to handle. It's ckay ta turn to wise friends fsr
advice, but it is also important to turn ta your parents or anather
instant vacation.
I{hen te get help