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Remodel Details
Basement Bid Scope
Financial Arrangements
Homeowners Shopping Guide
The following is provided
with your actual quote:
n References
n Insurance Information
n Workers Compensation Certificate
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Thank you For considering Cincinnati Basements for your project.
We have over 15 years of basement remodeling experience. Over the years our
company has strived to provide our customers with a professional job at a reasonable
price. Having finished over 200 basements in the past five years we have become
well known and recognized as one of the areas most respected basement companies.
Since satisfying our customers is of utmost importance we take great pride in
providing exceptional workmanship. Please feel free to call our references for
assurance of our quality workmanship as well as our honesty.
Our quote to finish your basement will include:
n One price for the basic package
n A painting quote
n A plumbing quote if you have requested a bathroom
n And the cost of any special items you may have requested.
You will only pay for what you have agreed to in the contract with no hidden costs.
Should you request changes or additions once the project has started, we will explain
the additional costs involved before proceeding.
Care will be taken to maintain a clean worksite and respect for your home’s existing
furnishings and floors. Our company prohibits smoking in customer’s homes.
Thank You,
Mark Williams, Owner
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Basic Basement Package
Our goal has always been to offer our customer’s quality work at a reasonable price
and that is exactly what we offer our prospective customers. We also recognize that
many customers only want the basic basement finish with the option of upgrading or
adding only the extras they prefer. We bid every basement with a price that represents
the basic finish unless you have requested specific additions to the basic package.
Our basic basement package includes all the details you will need to have a finished
basement. Some items that are not included in the basic package that would be additions to your remodel and result in an extra charge are listed below.
Closet shelving
Wooden shelf units
Additional cable hook ups
Additional phone lines
Smooth painted ceiling
Kitchenette installation
Light bulbs
Storage shelving
Special trim work or custom columns
Additional Cat 5 wiring
Two or more paint colors
Dish machine installation
Bar installation
Door knobs
Special lighting
n Tile installation ($4.00 square foot)
For basic patterns
Tile materials provided by homeowner
n Speaker wire (.35 per foot)
n Ceiling insulation (.75 per square foot)
n Additional recessed can lights ($30.00 per light)
Note: If you have requested any of the above items to be included in your basement
remodel we will have listed those additions on your actual bid. Should you request any
additions once your remodel has started we will be glad to quote the cost.
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
General Scope Of Basement Bid:
Cincinnati Basements will provide materials and labor to complete contracted
work according to standard construction practices all in a professional manner.
Framing Walls
Bottoms of all walls are built with treated studs. Walls are built with studs 16”on
center, insulated with R-13, and walls finished with a smooth finish, ready for paint.
Drywall is attached directly to floor joists to keep the ceilings as tall as possible, where
soffits must be built around plumbing or electric we also hold them tight to the ceiling.
The standard drywall ceilings are finished with a texture.
We will install recessed can lights with trim rings in locations you select.
We will install the bathroom vinyl flooring that you purchase at no extra charge.
We do not provide or install carpeting. Tile work on floors is a separate bid.
Electric, Phone & Cable
New circuits are pulled from the main panel box as needed for plugs and lighting.
If you are planning an entertainment center or bathroom, we pull a dedicated circuit.
We will install one phone and one cable hook up in a location that you select.
Heat & Air Vents
We will cut into existing ceiling duck work to provide ceiling registers in the basement.
This will provide you with heating and air conditioning.
Doors & Trim
Your bid includes doors, casing and base molding. Doors will match your existing
style of door. Casing and base molding are also primed. We install the base molding
3/8” above the concrete floor for the carpet installers.
Painting bid includes priming the walls, painting walls with basic flat wall paint, painting
trim and doors with a semi-gloss. Ceilings are finished with textured drywall.
Bathroom/Wet Bar/Kitchenette
Bathroom and Wet Bar bids are separate from basic basement bid. The actual fixtures are purchase by the homeowners as shown on the enclosed shopping guide.
Customer To Provide For Install
Door knobs, dimmers (if needed), special lighting, speaker wire, bathroom fixtures as
shown in shopping guide and light bulbs are provided by customers. We will provide
the installation for all of these items.
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Financial Arrangements
First Payment
At the signing of the contract a partial down payment in the amount of $500.00 is
requested. This insures the time frame and bid amount we have proposed.
Second Payment
On the first day of your project the balance of one third of the total contract is due, this
amount will be minus the $500.00 partial down payment already paid.
Third Payment
The day we start hanging drywall an additional one third of the total contract is due.
This amount is shown on your contract as the third payment.
Fourth & Final Payment
Three days after all work is completed the balance of the contract is due plus any
additional costs such as extra recessed can lights or customer additions to the original
Punch List
In the final stages of work we have a punch list of the final details to be completed for
your basement project, this is like a checklist for us. We also ask you to check out
our work and bring any final details you see to our attention. Our goal is to leave your
home with you being 100% satisfied.
Price Comparisons
Cincinnati Basements always strives to offer our customers a professional job at a
reasonable price. After many years of experience we understand not only how to
build basements, but also what areas of construction that must not be compromised
to insure a high level of quality when the project is completed. As we all know you can
always find cheaper, but when in construction it must be built right and built to last.
As shown in our brochure we include some of the small details that make your
basement a real addition to your living space, some of these include dry walled
ceilings, cable and phone hook ups, installing speaker wire for a entertainment center,
many plugs, pull string lights in the unfinished areas, and extra circuits pulled from
your main panel box.
Cincinnati Basements remodel package is a complete package, and when we have
finished your new living space, it will give your family years of enjoyment.
We take pride in our work. We want your experience with us to be friendly and
comfortable, with an open line of communication between us.
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Homeowners Shopping Guide
Below please find a general list of items you may need to finish your basement.
Once started we will give you a more specific detailed list of the items related to your
specific basement. You will use that list to shop and purchase the needed items.
Items For A Bathroom
n Toilet and toilet seat
n Wall mirror above vanity
n Vanity cabinet (confirm size)
n Bathroom flooring (vinyl one piece)
n Exhaust fan kit with flexible pipe
n Shower enclosure
Wet Bar
n Wet bar sink
n Toe kick & scribe molding
n Faucet set
n Bar cabinets
n Base & wall cabinets
n Scribe & toe-kick molding
n Microwave
n Stove/range
n Counter top installed by others
n Sink, sink strainers & faucet
n Refrigerator
Toilet tissue and towel bars
Faucet set for vanity
Vanity top
Exhaust fan
Shower fixture
Other Items
n Special lighting (surface mounted for steps or a bedroom)
n Flood light bulbs for recessed can lights (65 watt indoor flood bulbs)
n Doorknobs to match upstairs if desired
n Speaker Wire if desired or we can provide at an extra cost
n Component wiring for sound or media center
Please Note:
Shower enclosures are normally used in basements and locations were a one-piece
shower unit or tub will not fit. These styles of enclosures are designed with the
showerhead pointed towards the shower door. This design may cause small amounts
of water to splash out of the shower while in use. We recommend a throw rug
outside the shower door.
There is a wide range of fixture styles and costs for bathrooms, bars and
kitchens: so we do not include those items in our bid. This allows the
homeowner to spend as little or as much as desired. We can help you in the
selection of these items if needed.
Cincinnati Basements
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Mark Williams
(513) 315-2209
(513) 777-7704
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