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Your DQ-Track guide
DQ-Track is our sophisticated telematics device aimed at measuring driver performance and tracking stolen vehicles. It uses the
latest generation GPS and GSM technologies as well as a 3-dimensional accelerometer to measure all aspects of your driving
performance. The DQ‑Track enables us to allocate DQ Points to you, and also has vehicle tracking functionality. Discovery Insure
clients can install a DQ-Track for free.
DQ-Track allows its authorised users to determine the latest GPS location including status of your vehicle via the registered
cellphone and historic trip data on the internet (via DQ Mapper). It also provides a range of reports and alerts related to your
journeys including pre-defined events that occur while your vehicle is in use. The registered cellphone number is the number linked
to the DQ-Track.
How do I know that my DQ-Track is working properly?
Your DQ-Track will be operational within 48 hours of its installation provided your plan is active. There are two ways of checking its
functionality; via the SMS functionality embedded in the DQ-Track or using the online DQ Mapper facility.
Testing your DQ-Track by using your cellphone
Create a new SMS on your cellphone.
Send the SMS to the DQ-Track cell tracking number provided to you during the installation of your DQ-Track.
Please use the international +27 number format.
Type in the letter T (capital T for test) and press send.
You will receive an SMS from DQ-Track confirming your location.
If your vehicle is out of GSM coverage (for example in a remote area where GSM coverage is generally poor)
an SMS may not be returned.
Testing your DQ-Track online with your DQ Mapper
DQ Mapper is an online tool which allows you to track the location of your vehicle, see completed journeys, and track your driving
behaviour. Your cell tracking number will be found next to your vehicle registration number on DQ Mapper.
How to map your vehicle
Logon to using your Discovery username and password.
On the left-hand menu bar, click on Vitalitydrive and then choose ‘Safety Tracking’. Click on ‘Enter DQ-Mapper’ to view.
A new window will appear showing both a map as well as a list of vehicles on your plan that have DQ-Track installed. Click on
any of these vehicles to show their location.
In addition you are able to see a list of all previous journeys by double-clicking on one of the vehicles.
Important contact numbers:
To report a stolen or hijacked vehicle
Call Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911.
To report a technical problem
Call 0860 751 751.
To enquire about other value added services available when you install a DQ-Track
Call 0860 751 751.
To register additional cellphones to your DQ-Track
Go to or call 0860 751 751.
While Discovery Insure and their partners have done everything reasonable to ensure that accurate and correct information is obtained from the DQ-Track, the availability
and accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. GSM network performance, GPS coverage, mechanical and electrical stresses during an accident may affect
the DQ-Track and its data, causing data corruption and/or failure of the DQ-Track. Discovery Insure Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. Registration number
2009/011882/06. Terms and conditions apply. For additional information go to or call 0860 751 751.