Peek Drones partnering with Workswell, the Czech Republic`s

Wednesday 1 April 2015 14:30 GMT
Peek Drones partnering with Workswell, the Czech Republic’s premium thermal
imaging systems and machine vision applications company.
Peek Drones of London, United Kingdom and Workswell of Prague, Czech Republic today
announced that they are entering into a partnership for distribution across the United
Kingdom, thereby broadening their respective business portfolio’s and reach.
Peek Drones Ltd has now added Workswell s.r.o. to its partner eco-system and businesses
across the UK can now benefit from the deployment of Workswell technology in both the
public and private sector.
The limitless growth potential in virtually every type of commercial market application for
drone technology has opened an entirely new field of operations. Workswell are leaders in
the development of the latest imaging technology and machine vision applications which
have enabled them to achieve the Gold Partner award from FLIR Systems, the world's
largest manufacturer of thermocams. This award is given not only for the quantity of units
sold, but also for customer service and providing training and awareness in the field of
thermographic diagnosis.
Peek Drones and Workswell are pursuing a successful cooperation, to further customise and
enhance the availability and efficiency of drone (UAV) technology in the UK market whilst
exceeding customer expectations.
As global regulations become finalised, we are going to see drones incorporated into just
about every industry known to man. Drones reduce risk, save money, and dramatically
increase the productivity of every field they are used in. By deploying Workswell technology
in the UK, the industry can expect to see major advances in Night Vision, Thermal
Sensitivity, the method of recording and transmitting of data, Resolution, temperature
measurement and diagnostic applications.
A large variety of commercial markets, including first responders, search and rescue,
security and law enforcement, film and television production, delivery and fulfilment,
logistics, wildfire management, news gathering, photography, oil, gas and mineral
exploration, disaster relief, live event production, agriculture and real estate are all set to
grow substantially due to technological advances owed to companies such as Workswell
who are dedicated to pioneering innovative systems and Peek Drones are proud to be able
to offer their products.
For more information, please contact:
Peek Drones Ltd
Phone: +44 (0) 845 095 0470.
Peek Drones was founded in 2014 with a clear strategy of creating long term value for our
customers through the development and delivery of agile aerial solutions to both private and
public companies in the UK and abroad. With headquarters based in London and capability
to operate all over the UK, Peek Drones are perfectly positioned to help organisations
benefit as the industry develops.