DJ Packet

DJ Packet
Term: Fall 2011
What is this? This packet includes the information related to
becoming a DJ on Riddle Radio.
Why? So we have your information, information about
your show, and to let you know how we operate.
What do I do with it? Drop it off at the basket outside of our door or bring
into the station during office hours.
If I have questions? Email: [email protected]
Phone: (928) 777-3785
Office: Student Union, Room 106/107 (check
website for office hours)
About Riddle Radio
Riddle Radio is a student-run campus radio station and a service organization part of the Student
Government Association (SGA) of ERAU-Prescott. We offer a variety of opportunities for members of the
ERAU Community to become contributing members of the station. These areas include:
Studio Disc Jockey (DJ)
Studio DJs are the traditional face of Riddle Radio. They run a
weekly show at a set time with instilling their own creativity into
the show to bring a unique touch to the airwaves
Event Broadcasters
Event Broadcasters bring campus events, meetings, seminars,
workshops, and other information to the airwaves and/or the
website. Broadcasters use our remote broadcasting equipment to
make this happen. Broadcasters also operate on a rotating list or
signing up for a specific event basis.
Sports Broadcasters
Sports Broadcasters are specialized event broadcasters who focus
only on bringing Eagle Sports to the air.
Riddle Radio is a growing and fun service organization, working to serve the University community and
provide a creative outlet for members to be part of. Studio DJ shows are free-form, meaning the choice of
content and/or music is up to the DJ, as long as it follows Riddle Radio, ERAU, and Government regulations
and rules. Riddle Radio is run by the Executive Staff, all members of which who are students and are or started
off as a DJ in Riddle Radio. The Executive Staff manages day-to-day operations, sponsorship programs, longterm planning, and other areas required to run a successful organization.
Studio DJ Packet
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Information Sheet
Plan on having a co-host? Fill in their information as well.
Applicant Name (1)
Applicant Name (2)
ERAU ID Number
ERAU ID Number
Student / Grad Student / Faculty / Staff
Student / Grad Student / Faculty / Staff
ERAU Affiliation
ERAU Affiliation
If Student, What Year (Freshman, Sophomore,
Junior, Senior)?
If Student, What Year (Freshman, Sophomore,
Junior, Senior)?
Best Reach Email
Best Reach Email
This application is for Studio DJ. Are you interested in one of the other areas of Riddle Radio? (Refer to
previous page for more information):
Event Broadcaster
Studio DJ Packet
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Show Planning Guide
Your Show
Your show is an opportunity to allow people to hear something unique other than what the computer
selects in terms of music. Simply letting the computer play music and you occasionally announcing the
song title is not unique, it is actually quite boring. Understand one thing: don’t be a computer, be a
This is where your creativity comes into play. Unfortunately, this is quite hard and we fully understand
that it is (everyone on the station management team started off as a DJ or is still a DJ). Remember that
we are here to help you build your show and support it as long as you are here.
If you want to be a DJ and are not sure yet what you want in your show, speak to the Program Director
or another member of the staff and we’ll brainstorm together.
Type of Show
There are numerous types of radio shows, your show could feature the different musical genres (or a
specific genre) or focus on a specific topic such as: cars, news, science/technology, things to do in the
area, sports, topic-based, business, highlighting local music, etc.
The possibilities and combinations are numerous in nature, so consider this when designing your show.
Name of Show
Show Description
Show Elements (Place an “X” to any elements you intend to include) – Note that you may add or cut elements
at any given time.
Call Ins – Will you let callers on the air to
discuss a topic?
Guests – Do you intend to have guests on your
Requests – Will you take requests from
Remotes – Are you interested in occasionally
broadcasting your show outside of the station?
Studio DJ Packet
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Timeslot Choice
Timeslots can be viewed at
Open timeslots are marked as any time space that does not have a show scheduled.
Shows must be at least two (2) hours long per week and can either start on the hour or on the half-hour.
If you have questions regarding timeslots, please contact the station via:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (928) 777-3785
Office: Student Union, Room 106/107 (check website for office hours)
Timeslots are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Note that you can change your timeslot to another time;
however, only if that timeslot is available.
Studio DJ Packet
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Event Broadcasting Notice:
Throughout the year, some shows may have to be preempted by event broadcasts (also called remotes).
The majority of these are due to sporting events and high priority university events, which we have
worked to identify as many as these dates and times as possible.
Riddle Radio is a service organization and part of our mission is to serve the University community.
Event broadcasts provide the highest return back to the community, which is why we do them. We ask
that you understand this part and we will work to balance everyone’s needs. We work to inform you as
early as possible if we need to preempt your show with a live broadcast of an event.
Training Notice:
Before DJs are placed on the air, all must complete the DJ training course with training on station
policies and procedures, equipment operation, and other areas related to the broadcasting of a radio
Full station policies on obligations, show promotion policies, and other information will be presented
during training.
1) Creative freedom of show themes/content as long as it falls within University and Riddle Radio
2) Opportunities to be guest listed to concerts by touring performers in Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe,
Scottsdale, etc.
3) Opportunities to interview touring performers.
4) Becoming part of a growing service organization.
5) Listen to the latest music by new and current alternative rock bands before it is available for sale.
Studio DJ Packet
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