MOTORING Maserati GranCrabrio Sport 40

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4.7 litre petrol V8 engine
None turbo
177 Top Speed
0 to 62mph 5.2 seconds
337 g/km C02
Double Clutch
Absolutely Stunning
Maserati GranCrabrio Sport
Whether the powered canvas roof is up or perfectly tucked away, there is no denying that from every conceivable angle the Maserati GranCabrio Sport is nothing sport of absolutely stunning.
It has got to be one of the worlds most beautiful cars. And at nearly 5 metres in length you will certainly get noticed not just for the sheer size and breathtaking good looks, but because it is also
such a rare and exclusive sight to behold on our roads.
Look Listen Roar
But before anyone even sets eyes
upon on its exquisite body they
will be greeted by what can only be
described as the most scintillating
sound ever. Press a little button
marked ‘Sport’ just left of the
steering wheel and the Maserati
comes alive in an instant and you
turn from the calm and quite Dr.
Jekyll to the growling and snarling
Mr. Hyde. But this button does
more than just give the Maserati’s
engine and exhaust such a glorious
note, it also, in a heartbeat makes the
accelerator even more responsive,
the suspension stiffer, the steering
wheel becomes reassuringly heavier
and changes in the automative
gearbox noticeably faster. But the
best thing the sports button does is
open a little valve on the exhaust
that helps create the unmistakeable
V8 Maserati roar, which kicks in at
4,000 revs and higher. Below that it
just purrs.
A true four seater
The Perfect GT!
On the road, for a super car at
5 metres in length you would
assume that it would wobble
when its pushed to the max or
oversteer when its darting round
corners, but nothing could be
further from the truth. Behind the
wheel, regardless of speed, road
condition and weather everything
feels extremely solid, very well
put together and stable. The whole
driving experience oozes maturity.
Body roll through the bends is kept
to a minimum with the Maserati’s
much improved suspension and
steering. Whilst other £100,000
plus super cars are all about brutal
acceleration, max top speeds and
physics defying handling - the
Maserati GranCabrio Sport is a
GT in the truest sense, it can cross
continent upon continent in utter
ease and a Ferrari tuned engine
under the bonnet can also give you
tonnes of fun when you need it.
Performance wise the Maserati’s
none turbo charged 4.7 litre petrol
engine pumps out a whopping 454
bhp. 0 to 62mph is achieved in 5
seconds, which is remarkable when
you consider its length and weight
at nearly two tonnes. Fuel economy
is a respectable 19.5mpg. But in
extreme weather conditions such as
storm or snow, by pressing the ‘Ice’
button not only makes the car set
off in 2nd gear instead of 1st and
calm its power delivery to ensure
against spinning rear wheels it
also improves fuel economy into
the mid 20’s. Inside, as you would
expect, there is no compromise in
quality and finish. The Maserati
exudes luxury. The leathers are
sumptuous. The suedes are so soft.
And the liberal use of carbon fibre
together with a mutli-media screen
and large F1 style paddles behind
the steering wheel, with which you
can manually change gears without
the need of a clutch follows in the
tradition of todays super cars. The
sculpted front and back seats offer
optimum comfort. But the biggest
surprise inside is just how much
space there is, especially in the
back. Whilst other convertibles
claim to be able to carry four full
grown adults - but rarely can, the
Maserati GranCabrio is large and
wide enough to accommodate all
four in sheer style and comfort,
making it the best four seater
open top super car on the market
today. The only negative about the
interior is that the radio and climate
controls could do with a little
modernisation. But this is a minor
issue for what is a very luxurious
place to be.
Today the Maserati is a an
alternative to a Ferrari - the other
Italian super car. Where Ferrari is
driven by playboys, the Maserati
is driven my gentlemen and
ladies. Sure its not the fastest
or the most powerful super car,
but that is missing the point. The
GranCabrio has such a serenity
about it. Its beautiful lines,
elegance and dramatic appearance
turns more heads any many other
super cars. And the noise it makes
is just sublime. But the best thing
by far is that it is a true four seat
super car. Its big, beautiful, more
than capable, delivers good fuel
economy and at just a little over
£100,000, dare I say it? Great value
for money! A rarity in the super car
world. Bravo Maserati Bravo..
Ashok Kalia
Motoring Editor