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The Bible, in its entirety, is God’s inspired word. In its original autographs, it is fully accurate, not only concerning spiritual issues, but also
in matters of history and science.
The universe and all that it contains, both living and non-living was
designed by God and created out of nothing in six literal days as
described in Genesis. Biological changes since creation have been
confined within the created kinds.
The creation occurred several thousand years ago, not millions or billions.
The Noachian Flood, as described in Genesis, was an historic event,
world-wide in extent.
Acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and Creator, is
mankind’s only path to reconciliation with God.
“...The fear of the lorD is the beginning of knowledge: but
fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 1:7
Dr. Tom Hoyle
God, Creation and National Treasure!
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Morning meeting
9AM on the
third Saturday,
March 21, 2015
God, Creation and National
Treasure is a live & colorful digital program that will be presented
by Dr. Thomas P. Hoyle* at our
March meeting.
In contrast to revisionist teachings in various schools and the
media, this unique, family-friendly presentation explores the fascinating scientific
and historical truths about Creation and America’s
origins. There will be a special emphasis upon the
Declaration of Independence. Also included are
eye-opening quotations and intriguing anecdotes
regarding our founding fathers. Questions/comments and resources will be available afterward.
Dr. Hoyle has been speaking full time since
1985. He has given his clear, interesting, and
politely entertaining programs over 3,500 times in
500 churches, schools, and conferences of all fifty
states. His “God and country” presentations are
based upon his extensive research, education and
travels along the east coast, particularly in
Washington D.C.
This monTh’s DSA meeting will be held on
Saturday, March 21, 2015, from 9 to 11:30 AM, at
Greater Portland Bible Church. Join us this month
for a new talk from a popular DSA speaker.
*Tom Hoyle is the founder of Bible and Science Ministries
headquartered in Tacoma, WA. A colonel in the USAF Reserve,
he has been involved in creation science missions for about
thirty years. He has spoken over 3,500 times in churches,
schools, home schools, military audiences and conferences in
all 50 states and in five foreign countries; and also broadcasts
via Christian radio and television. He is committed to the
absolute authority of God’s Word, and to the crucial truth of
biblical creation.
An Association for Good Science
Meets at Greater Portland Bible Church: 2374 SW Vermont St., Portland, OR 97219
Discount creation book & video sales table at every meeting
For more information, call (503) 665-9563 Website: www.pdxdsa.org
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Hoyle on the Origin of Life
Pastors and Teachers Geology Field Trip
ed by Design Science
Association members
Keith Swenson, professor of Natural Sciences,
and Rick Thompson, Lake
Missoula Floods specialist,
this is a chance for pastors
and other Christian leaders to
experience, at no cost to
them, a great creation field
trip. This is also an opportunity for DSA members to
invite leaders who may be
uncertain about the impor-
Photos courtesy of Rick Thompson
Wednesday July 22, 2015
tance of the topic of Biblical
This has been a very significant experience for leaders when they see the evidence first hand and realize
how it affects our view of
scripture. It is exciting when
we can help pastors and
congregations address this
issue in a more informed
way. We encourage you to
partner with us in this mission by inviting your
Christian leader friends.
Also consider covering their
expenses and coming along with them or
by donating to DSA’s scholarship fund.
if you would like to donate for this,
please write “Pastor’s trip” on your
check and send it to the DSA address:
PMB 218, 465 NE 181st. Ave., Portland,
OR 97230.
If you have someone to register
or have any questions, please call
(503) 257-0144. Thanks.
Famous British mathematician/astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, realized the improbability of life forming just by physics and chemistry on earth and so initially
thought it could have formed somewhere else in the universe and been seeded on
earth from there. However, he apparently later realized that even if the whole
universe were an experiment for all its supposed evolutionary age, life would not
form. He is quoted as saying,
“The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number
with 40,000 naughts after it … It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole
theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor any
other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have
been the product of purposeful intelligence.”
—Sir Fred Hoyle, as quoted by Lee Elliot Major, “Big enough to bury Darwin”.
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