Secondary School Newsletter Traralgon Campus Edition 8, 30 March 2012

Secondary School Newsletter
Traralgon Campus
Edition 8, 30 March 2012
From the Head of Traralgon Campus:
10th Anniversary Celebrations- Opening of
the Library
As many of you will know, the Traralgon campus
continued celebrations of our 10th anniversary
with the Opening of the Library last Thursday.
The Right Reverend John McIntyre, Bishop of
Gippsland dedicated the building and it was a
wonderful celebration of the many things that
make books, education and learning such a significant part of our
lives. The service also included inspiring words from our Executive
Principal Mr Mike Clapper as well as a lively and challenging
speech from our visiting author and artist Mr Mark Wilson.
What we wear does send a strong message about the importance
and the tone of the task we are undertaking. The relatively formal
nature of the school’s uniform is not an accident. It is intended to
set a tone and reflects the fact that when we are wearing it we are
in work mode. In this regard we are encouraging students to take a
more professional view of themselves as students.
The PE uniform is designed for more physical and casual
interaction and is therefore worn by the younger students and
by our secondary students only when they are playing sport or
involved in P.E classes.
Again I wish to express my thanks to all who have contributed their
perspectives to this review.
Don Hamley
Head of Campus - Traralgon
Tues 17th
First Day of Term 2 (9am start)
Year 9 Camp
Parent Student Teacher Interviews (PSTI’s)
All present I am sure, would agree that a special atmosphere was
in the air. There certainly was a sense that a significant part of the
school’s history was unfolding.
Student representatives from across the school were in attendance
for the ceremony. Our students also played a central role in the
service and as usual acquitted themselves magnificently. Special
thanks and recognition should go to the Year 9 tour guides, the
senior band, the junior chamber choir and the catering club, well
done to all.
Decision regarding the wearing of sports uniform during class time:
Thank you to all who have offered their feedback regarding the
implementation of our changes to the wearing of sports uniform
during class times. Having reviewed the feedback and the concerns
expressed, a decision has been taken by the school that we will
continue to expect that students will change in and out of their
sports uniform during each normal school day. Within the review we
have identified some logistical issues with how this will occur with
our current facilities and have resolved to improve our changing
room facilities as a result as soon as possible. This will see some
of the existing rooms within the gymnasium complex refitted for this
purpose including extensive hanging space for student’s dresses
and blazers.
These arrangements we anticipate, will assist students to be able
to change more quickly and conveniently into and out of their
sports uniform as well as providing appropriate space to store their
uniform during the day.
If students have PE in periods 1 or 2 they have the option of wearing
sports uniform to school but must then change into school uniform.
We would expect that any student who has PE after period 2 will
arrive in school uniform and change into sports uniform.
During Student Led Conferences this week all parents were
notified about Parent Student Teacher Interviews (PSTI’s) which
are scheduled for Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 April (during
the first week of Term 2). If you are interested in meeting with
your child’s subject teachers and have not yet arranged a time,
please contact our office on 5175 9222 on Monday 17 April.
Please note the office will be closed during the school holidays.
Pastoral Report
I must congratulate all students for their much improved appearance
over the last week. Thank you to parents for your support with
regard to ensuring your children come and go wearing the correct
I would like to impress on all members of our school community
the seriousness of misuse of computers at school. We are still
having trouble (particularly in the Junior Years – 7 and 8) with
students trying to access SKYPE and other “chat” mediums during
class time. I would like to ask you all to please talk strongly with
your children about this problem. There should be absolutely no
access to these social media while at school. I would like you to be
aware that we can and are tracking the misuse of laptop/netbook
computers in school time. Misuse of computers will have very
serious repercussions.
SLC’s and PSTI’s
I would like to thank all of the families who have attended our Student
Led Conferences over the last few days. Just a reminder that if you
have been unable to come for an appointment, all students are
expected to attend and there will be opportunities to catch up with
your child’s Homeroom Teacher early in Term 2. We will also be
holding Parent Student Teacher Interviews (PSTI’s) on Wednesday
18 and Thursday 19 when we return from holidays. If you have not
made an appointment with your child’s subject teacher/s but would
like to, please contact the office from Monday 17 April on 5175
9222 to arrange a suitable time. We will be holding the interviews
between 4pm and 6pm on both of these days.
Office Hours and Holidays
Our office will be closed during the school holidays but will reopen
on Monday 17 April. The first school day for students will be
Tuesday 18 April. Please remember that we will begin our trial of
the change to class times from that day with the commencement
of the school day at 9 am. Homeroom will be held at the beginning
of recess at 11am.
I wish you all a restful holiday period and look forward to the
challenges and excitement that Term 2 will bring.
Jan Leys
Head of Secondary School - Pastoral
East Timor Group
Our East Timor group is now selling 100% Organic
Free Trade coffee (from East Timor, of course!). The
bags are 200g and have been freshly ground and
roasted by Gigante.
The bags are selling for $9. The coffee is perfect for
plungers and non-pod coffee machines.
If you would like to purchase some coffee, please
contact Melanie Williams, Kirsten Enders or pick up
a pack at Senior School reception.
Performing Arts News:
Thank you all so much for the applications for Training
band. It was a wonderful response and I am hoping to get
the band list finalised in the first week after the holidays.
I will be catching up with the students who have applied
for percussion and saxophone positions as we have an
excess to the positions available. If you are open to your
child receiving private lessons if they miss out on a place
in the Training band program please let me know and I
can discuss the options available to you.
Thank you again for supporting your child in their musical
interests and I will be sending out another email to confirm
the places in the first week back after the holidays.
Any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Marian Jenkinson Head of Performing Arts
Traralgon Campus
Media Club
Reflections of a Year 7…by Jackson Landy 7B
Well hasn’t term 1 flown by! We’ve already had our trials and carnivals
for both athletics and swimming, with Franklin winning the swimming,
and Monash winning the athletics. We have had various clubs and
events happening all over the place including Chess club on Mondays,
Debating club on Tuesdays and also Art club on Wednesdays!
I personally have really enjoyed the transition from primary to
secondary school. The added responsibilities of being in secondary
school are in great number and also of high importance. These include
getting homework done by the due date, presenting yourself well for
a respectable reputation for St. Pauls, and putting in your best effort.
But along with these responsibilities come special rewards and
privileges. These include Year 7 camp at Jungai, Dance with Me with
Koko the Clown and the sausage sizzle. There’s also the privilege of
a laptop computer to work on. We also have a wider variety of food to
choose from in the canteen and a wider choice in sports to compete
in. All in all, school has been great so far and I’m looking forward to
the rest of the year.
Sport News
were also involved in the team but were unable to complete the season
due to other commitments.
GIS Zone B Basketball
The team made it to the grand final of the Latrobe Valley Volleyball’s
Division 3 competition going down in four hard fought sets (3-1).
Last Wednesday our Junior Girls (Yr7 and 8) Basketball team played
at the Traralgon Basketball stadium against the St Paul’s Warragul
team. The first half was fairly tight with the girls playing a really good
defensive game. Unfortunately for us, the opposition stepped up their
game plan and played an awesome second half. The final score was
62 to 20.
I would like to thank Katherine Lipscombe for being the scorer for
the match as well as Sharon Pyle for being our Number 1 supporter.
Our team comprised of: Maddi Balcombe, Teagan Luck, Danica Di
Ciero, Allie Lipscombe, Hannah Sas, Elly Morrow, Niamh Dalrymple
and Jordan Pyle.
The boy won their first set 25-19 then lost the next 3 sets 25-23, 25-18
and 25-23. As the scores indicate the game was closely fought through
the four sets with the more experienced boys from Newborough
playing and serving more consistently on the night.
Due to other sporting activities the team will take a break through the
winter competition, hoping to return in the summer season.
Some of the boy will continue with their training with the hope of being
able to represent the school in the Victorian schools competition.
Sandra Timmer-Arends
Head of Sport
Traralgon Campus
Wednesday night saw the Grand Final of the Division 2 Girls
Basketball competition. St Paul's Rockets played against the Rams
Flames who have been the only team that has beaten us convincingly
twice throughout the season. Grand Final, anything can happen! We
started pretty well but our shooting was letting us down and we found
ourselves 9 to 20 at half time. With a game plan change we started
to claw ourselves back into the game. With a couple of minutes
remaining the scores were 24 to 26. It was getting pretty tight on
the court and unfortunately we went down 28 to 34. The girls played
their best game and to get that close against the Flames was a feat
in itself.
I would like to thank the girls for a fantastic season as well as the
parents, siblings and grandparents who came along to support us.
Bring on next season!!!
Our team consists of: Emma Drinkwater, Maddi Balcombe, Teagan
Luck, Sam Tullet, Ashleigh Van Berkel, Caitlin Finlay and Sarah
Musgrove (Lavalla).
Coach T.A
Just a quick note to say all students are enjoying the competition. We
have had some good results with students achieving their goals, which
include a couple of podium finishes. Wednesday saw every cyclist
competing in at least 2 races. A great thing to note is the way that our
students have helped other competitors when they have issues with
their bikes to get them back in the race.
Bradley Kooloos - Head of Sport Warragul
Tuesday night saw the culmination of six months of training and
playing volleyball for the Warriors Volleyball team. The team is made
up of Seb Sincich, Hayden Walker, Ashleigh and Justin Barnes from
Traralgon Campus, Marc Weir from the Warragul Campus and Linus
Sam Di Cerio, Eamon Saures, Jonte Weatheral and Jarryd Johnson
to Sunday 6 May. To find out more, come to the careers office or
go to, Note - I have a number of free
passes for the first Senior School students who come and request
Careers Corner
Students and parents should by now be aware of the additional
resources that are available through the parent information section
on the school website. If you follow the following path/tabs
St Pauls web site home page/Kureosity/Parent Information/
Recently added material includes:
•Understanding Tertiary fees and charges
•What you need to know about applying for Uni?
•Courses at various tertiary institutions
Confused about Youth Allowance and other
Government Assistance?
The Australian Government has a new website for students and
their families. The new Study Assist website provides a onestop-shop for questions about Australian Government assistance
available to help finance tertiary study:
Our school holiday programs allow hands on exposure to Games
Art, Games Programming and Film. It is a fun and interesting way
for children and young adults to experience what happens behind
the scenes in these industries. Melbourne holiday programs are
for students around the ages of 10 through to 18 and are great for
some holiday entertainment or perhaps the beginning of a career in
the digital interactive industry.
TIMES: 9:30am – 4:30pm
DURATION: 2 day course
COST: $240 (includes DVD with student work on it to show their
family and friends and a Certificate of Completion!)
APRIL 2012
MAKE YOUR OWN GAME - Monday 2 –Tuesday 3
TRACKMANIA - Monday 2 –Tuesday 3
IN THE MOVIES - Tuesday 10 –Wednesday 11
JULY 2012
SCULPT-A-SAURUS - Monday 9 –Tuesday 10
LET’S GET MINECRAFTY - Monday 9 –Tuesday 10
KODU CONTROLLER - Thursday 12 – Friday 13
MEGA GALAXY MASTER - Monday 1 –Tuesday 2
SCULPT-A-SAURUS - Monday 1 –Tuesday 2
GAME MUTATOR - Thursday 4 –Friday 5
MODELLING FOR NOOBS - Monday 21 –Tuesday 22
Monday 21 –Tuesday 22
SERVER - LET’S GET MINECRAFTY - Wednesday 23 –Thursday 24
KODU CONTROLLER - Wednesday 23 –Thursday 24
This is a fantastic annual event which enables senior school
students and their parents to be able to participate in a diverse
range of over 115 seminars related to VCE subjects, gap year
opportunities, vocational and higher education courses, career
pathways and VCE study skills.
Over 190 organisations will be in attendance, enabling students to
be able to talk to course and program advisers directly about their
services. Cost is $10 per student and schools have been sent free
The event is being held at Caulfield Racecourse between Friday 3
Ever wondered how they made Transformers, Star Trek or
Spiderman? This course will help you learn some film making tricks
such as using a Green Screen to place the student within the movie
giving you an out of real world experiences. Using special effects
software, students will end up with a short movie.
Use cutting-edge game engine technology to create a race track of
your own design and build your own race car. This two-day course
is suitable for all students from complete beginners to those with
experience in 3D animation.
Use your imagination to change a 2D game to your own personalised
game. You will start with a scrolling game developed by AIE and get to
change where and how the action happens. You even get to put your
name in the credits.
Become the master of your own galaxy! Create the aliens that populate
the planets in your galaxy as well as cities and your very own spaceship!
Kodu is a new game development tool being used by young students
around the world to introduce them to the world of game making. During
this course, students will be taught the basics of building their own worlds
and games inside Kodu and take home the skills to keep on building and
adapting their own worlds.
Change your world with our new course, Let’s get Minecrafty! Using
Photoshop, students can transform the look of their Minecraft universe,
from the zombies and cows right down to the diamond ore found deep
underground! All students must have a minecraft profile.
Play with digital clay! Create your own Dinosaur! In Sculpt-a-saurus,
model your own dinosaur into existence using Sculptris, a digital
modelling program. You start with a blob that looks suspiciously like clay
and using the tools, create anything you can think of!
Wanting to learn basic 3D modelling techniques and don’t know where
to start? Then modelling for noobs is for you! This course is designed to
teach you the basics of 3D modelling.
Students in years 10 - 12 have the Opportunity to attend the Access All
Areas program
at the University of Melbourne on Friday 13 April. You will be able to learn
Courses and careers including the ‘New Generation’ Melbourne
undergraduate and post
graduate programs
Unique opportunities to enrich your degree such as concurrent
diplomas, going on exchange and study abroad or participating in
community involvement activities
Access Melbourne and Melbourne Scholarships
Accommodation options by visiting the residential colleges
Your parents will be able to attend information sessions too.
For more information and to register, go to
RMIT are running a one-day hands on program where you can explore
careers in environmental science, planning and engineering. You will be
able to participate in a range of workshops in
Environmental engineering
Environmental science
Urban and environmental planning
Social science
Geospatial science and surveying
The day will be held Thursday 5 April at the City Campus. Register
early at
We know you love Minecraft, but don’t you wish you could play with your
friends? Be in the same world and make amazing minecraft stuff together?
In this course we teach you how to set up your very own minecraft server
and install mods! After the server is set up, go wild creating mass projects
with the rest of your class. You will have access to the server for one
whole week before it goes offline
Mutate our game and turn it into yours! Choose from a whole range of
different game mechanics, create the artwork and become your own
game designer!
To book your spot, or ask for the enrolment forms: [email protected]
au or 03 9820 8201
*Please note: courses may be altered or cancelled at the discretion of the
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Experience La Trobe is designed especially for future students to get a
taste of what it’s like to be a La Trobe student for a day. You will be able
Chat with staff and students
Participate in structured workshops focused on your desired career/
Meet student ambassadors and talk to them about studying at La
You can participate in workshops across a huge range of areas- this is
an event not to be missed The event will be held Friday 13 April at the
Bundoora Campus.
For more information and to book your workshops, please go to
Swinburne University will be holding an Art and Design Day at the
Prahran Campus on Thursday 5 April
The event is designed to give you a taste for the actual course you're
interested in, by taking part in the following workshops:
Communication design
Digital media design
Graphic design
Industrial design
Interior design
Performing arts
Product design engineering
Theatre arts and technical production
Visual arts
The event is a great opportunity for you to confirm your passion for design
and creative arts and identify the Swinburne course that's right for you.
You can do one full day workshop or two half day workshops. Lunch is
provided free
Register by 30 March at the following link
Are you in years 7 – 12? Do you want to work with animals? Healesville
Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo present a day of activities
where you get to work alongside their Zookeepers.
You will be able to:
Help with food preparation
Assist with animal enrichment
Help with enclosure maintenance
Listen to Keeper talks
Do animal health checks
Handle animals safely
Work at the VIFM includes
Forensic pathology
Clinical forensic medicine
Medico-legal death investigation
Paternity testing
Forensic science services
Preparing coroners reports
Offering expert opinions on a range of issues
Healesville Sanctuary:
Year 7 & 8: April 3, 5 and 10
Year 9 and 10: April 4 and 11
You will receive information on careers in the industry, but you will not
be able to participate in a tour of the Building. There are only 70 spaces
available so you will need to register quickly. For more information and
to register, go to
Werribee Open Range Zoo:
April 3, 10 and 12
To book your place, go to
Have you considered a career in Forensic Science?
Then you should attend the next Forensic Science
Careers Information Day on Friday 13 April, 12.30 – 4.00pm at the
Graham Vohmann
Head of Careers