Dear Maranatha Christian School Community,

4 April 2013
Dear Maranatha Christian School Community,
I trust you all had a really good Easter break celebrating the most
important event in the history of the world.
Thank you to those families who came and supported the school in
prayer at the MFB community prayer meeting last Wednesday. If
you were not able to come to this termly event please read the
prayer items attached and remember these points in your prayers
over the next few weeks. The prayer points are mainly from the
2013 charter and strategic plan and also ‘what’s on top’. If you
know of any prayer warriors who would like to regularly uphold
the school in prayer for specific needs and thanksgiving please let
us know, and we will be able to share with them items as they come
up, every couple of weeks.
For the MFB prayer meeting, the classes had Easter displays in the
school hall (see photos further on in the newsletter). We also had
many students come and share their prayers mostly around the
Easter theme.
In the words of Harrison Thorn (room 3 student):
“Thank you for dying on the cross and taking our sins away
and rising from the dead. You are amazing, you are most
powerful. Easter isn’t about chocolate or the Easter rabbit.
It is about Jesus dying on the cross.”
A question to ponder — which do you think is more important?
that Jesus died on the cross? or that He rose again?
God Bless You,
Debbie Middleton
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to
condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” John
3 - 16, 17.
Maranatha Christian School 180 Hill Road, Belmont, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand
T 565 0749 F 565 0747 E [email protected]
Debbie Middleton - Principal
Mark your calendar:
Friday, 5 April
Friday, 5 April
Sunday, 7 April
Tuesday, 9 April
Wednesday, 10 April
Wednesday, 10 April
Friday, 12 April
Friday, 12 April
Friday, 19 April
Friday, 19 April
Technology (Y7&8), Avalon Intermediate
School Sports, 1.30 pm (PE Gear & Cap required)
Daylight Savings Ends
Welcome Assembly, 2—3 pm
Technology (Y7&8), Avalon Intermediate
Interzone Swimming, Naenae Pool, 10.30—1.30 pm
Technology (Y7&8), Avalon Intermediate
School Sports, 1.30 pm (PE Gear & Cap required)
Technology (Y7&8), Avalon Intermediate
Last Day of Term 1
Monday, 6 May
First Day of Term 2
Daylight Savings
Remember that Daylight Savings finishes in the early hours of
Sunday, April 7th! Don’t forget to put your clocks backwards one
hour before you go to bed on Saturday night.
Technology—Years 7 & 8
Please note that there will be an extra Technology class (for Years 7 & 8) to be held
on Wednesday, 10th April. Please note that there will still be the usual
Technology class held on Friday, 19th April.
The Maranatha Christian School Charter 2013 has now been updated and
ratified by the BOT. It is available for viewing at the school office. If anyone would
like an electronic copy please request one from the school office.
Board of Trustees Election
Declaration of Parent Election Results
At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was fewer than
the number of vacancies required to be filled I hereby declare the following duly
Bhawan, Sanjay
Fletcher, Kylie
Janse van Rensburg, Neels
Johnson, Ben
Schmidt, Jasmyn
S Gilfillan,
Returning Officer
Western Zone Swimming
Congratulations and well done to the following students who
received placings at the Western Zone Swimming Competition held
on the 26th March:
Natalie Fletcher (Y4)
Mia January (Y4)
Dominc Fransen (Y5)
Joshua Jones (Y5)
Annalise Smith (Y5)
Mysha Bhawan (Y6)
25m Freestyle
25m Backstroke
25m Freestyle
50m Freestyle
25m Backstroke
25m Backstroke
25m Backstroke
25m Backstroke
Small Sticks Hockey
The school has been enjoying
playing Hockey these last few
weeks as part of our Sports
Touch Rugby
There will be no more Touch Rugby games from now on due to the early closure of
the sports grounds because of the drought in Wellington. Thanks again to all the
students, parents, coaches and side-line supporters who helped make the
tournament such a success!
Touch is over and now netball will begin! The first official game is
on Saturday, 11th May. If you have not sent us back a form
regarding your daughter/son taking part in a team (or you haven’t
been receiving emails regarding the netball), please contact Liz
Horn urgently ([email protected]). So far we have three
teams all rearing to go and enough parent help for coaching, refereeing and
umpiring! Thank you so much to those parents for your willingness to help with
your skills and time—this is very much appreciated.
Easter 2013
Thank you to all the
parents who came along
to the MFB Community
Prayer Meeting and
joined in with the children offering prayers of
thanks and praise to God
Father for the death and
resurrection of His Son
The children have been
busy writing prayers and
some of these were
attached to crosses (refer
Piwakawaka/Room 3 Writing
Rain, By Sarah Schroeder:
The rain hasn’t come for ages. Yesterday the rain came down suddenly. I was
amazingly happy that it rained. That night we ate in the lounge and saw the rain
coming down. I said the drought was over but my Mum said the drought wasn’t
over; I was startled. When I looked out it looked so beautiful.
The Man the Sea Saw, By Charlyn:
On Thursday we went to Capital E. When I went there the seats were flipped up. My favourite
show was “The Man the Sea Saw”. It was dark when it was starting. When the man stepped on
the ice it cracked and when the man stepped on the water it made the sound of “plop”. The man
had a long scarf that he put around his neck. When he sat on the icy boat he was funny
because he almost slipped off the icy boat. When he went fishing he fished a small fish and we
saw a big fish. The man dipped his hand in the water and the lobster was on his hand. The man
was silly because he was dreaming when he was asleep. He took off his pants and was left in
his pyjamas. The whale and the bear frightened me. When it was the snowball fight there was
thunder. The seal kept annoying the man. When the man made a paper boat, there was a
gigantic boat. The man could balance himself on the flag.
Like it or Loop it, By Joseph:
I was staring at the stage. All I saw was a man sleeping (called Adam). Then suddenly I heard
a loud ringing sound, ring! ring! called the microphone. Then Adam woke up! He changed into
the teacher and said “first I need to take the roll”. After a while the teacher said Conor then she
began singing Conor. Then she also began to sing Sarah. It was funny. I loved it when Adam
got things out of the toilet!
Winter Uniform
Remember that from next term (6th May) all
students must be in their full winter uniform.
This includes:
♦ Long sleeved shirt (tucked in to skirt or
♦ Tie
♦ Closed in shoes with either white bobby socks
or navy blue stockings for the girls, and regulation
socks for the boys.
♦ Boys can continue wearing their shorts or they
can wear long pants.
♦ All jackets need to be a plain red colour. We
have great red jackets for sale which are fully
waterproof and have a polar fleece lining. These
are priced at only $42.00. We have samples of
these in the office if you would like to have a look at them.
The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday mornings from 8.45 - 9.15 am. There is
also a good range of second hand clothing available for sale as well.
Welcome to our New Students:
Jade Fuataga (Kotare/Room 6)
Tamahae Sullivan (Kotare/Room 6)
Judah Randal (Tui/Room 1)
Izaiah Coughlan (Tui/Room 1)
Leah Elliott (Tui/Room 1)
We hope you and your families are
settling in well at school and in the
Maranatha Community.
Congratulations to the Hargraves Family
The Hargraves family recently competed in
the BMX National Championships in
Cambridge, Hamilton to see if they qualify for
the World Championships. And they did!
In their age group, congratulations goes to:
Natasha—10th place
Dominik—19th place
Alex—26th place
Sam—34th place
Dominik, Natasha and Alex (and also Jamie
their dad who placed 25th) will all be
competing in the World Championships in
Auckland in July! Watch this space New
Zealand—here come the Hargraves!
Hutt Valley Christian School Garage Sale
Saturday, 6th April 2013
9.00 am
110 Whakatiki Street, Upper Hutt, in carpark behind NFAD
Due to the closure of the school there are a number of reading books,
science equipment, furniture, desks, etc available for sale.
Cryptosporidium cases are increasing across the region, especially in Wellington. This bug
causes watery diarrhoea and stomach cramps, which usually last 2-4 days but can continue for
up to two weeks. This bug is easily spread through infected people swimming in pools. Around
half of the recent cases had swum in swimming pools either before or while they were unwell.
To keep our pools clear of this bug, children or adults who have been unwell with diarrhoea
should not swim in pools until two weeks after the symptoms have cleared.
You can find more information on how to manage private or school swimming pools on
our website.
Viral gastroenteritis (usually caused by norovirus)
Gastroenteritis is also ‘doing the rounds’. It causes the sudden vomiting and diarrhoea in adults
and children. Most people are sick for 24 to 48 hours. This virus is easily passed to others at
home and in schools and early childhood centres. People with norovirus are infectious while
they are unwell and for several days after the diarrhoea stops. To stop the spread of norovirus
and other bugs everyone needs to wash and dry their hands after going to the toilet, before
preparing and eating food and after changing nappies. Sick children should stay away from
early childhood centres until at least 48 hours after the diarrhoea has stopped and the child is
feeling well. School children can usually return 24 hours after diarrhoea stops but this may be
extended when there is an outbreak.
Whooping cough (pertussis)
Whooping cough is still circulating in the Wellington, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa
regions. Whooping cough is especially severe and serious for newborn and babies up to 12
months of age. Having your child immunised is the best form of protection and reduces the
spread of this illness. These immunisations are free for babies at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months
of age and boosters at 4 years and 11 years Free whooping cough immunisation are also available for pregnant women (weeks 28-38).
Visit the RPH website website for more information on whooping cough.
Influenza (‘flu)
Get immunised. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your community. New Zealand’s
Influenza immunisation this year provides protection against the strains that have already
caused illness this year in other countries. Your best protection against influenza is to be
immunised NOW before it reaches our communities.
Immunisation is free for adults and children with long-term health conditions, and people aged
65 years and older. Healthy people can be immunised for a fee at their medical centre.
Visit the RPH website for more information on Influenza.
Public Notices—School Holiday Programme Activities:
It’s My Turn To Cook Tonight Bosch School Holiday Program – April 22 - 24
The It’s My Turn To Cook Tonight Bosch School Holiday Program is FREE, ONLINE, FUN
and unique with great prizes. It is available ANYWHERE there is Internet coverage. This means
no travelling, no pick ups or drop offs – kids get food savvy and learn to cook in their own home,
using their food, cooking their dinner. Find out more
Holiday Tennis Camps available 22-26 April (excluding Anzac Day) and 29 April-3 May at the Lower Hut
Tennis Club. The camps operate from 8:30/9am-12pm & 12-3pm. The programme includes tennis,
Olympics, soccer and art & puzzles. To register for any half days or full days, contact Trans Tasman
Tennis ph 479 1386 email [email protected]
Bubble Dome April School Holiday Courses - Don’t miss out - Book Now!
For students aged 6 to 18 years. Learn the latest in Minecraft on one of Bubble Dome’s three exciting Minecraft courses: Minecraft
Inventions & Challenges, Minecraft Tekkit and Ultra Minecraft - Mods & Java or take part in creating your own App for your iPod and
iPad with our App Building course. Tel: 0800 438 282 Email: [email protected] or Book Online:
LEARN TO PLAY TENNIS Holiday Programme For Primary School Children
Dates: Monday 29 April, Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May, 2013. (wet or fine)
Venue: Mitchell Park (Mitchell Street, Lower Hutt)
Timetable: 9.00am-10.00 am- Girls from 5-8 years old/10.00am-11.00 am- Boys from 5-8 years old
11.00am-12.00 noon- Girls from 9 years +/1.00pm-2.00 pmBoys from 9 years +
Cost: $32-00 for the 3 days. Money to be paid on the first day.
Registration: Contact Gary Nelson –Ph. 5897178 or Email - [email protected] by—Monday 22
EARLY ENROLMENT is advised as this programme is very popular and the first 12 enrolments in
each age group will be accepted.
Staglands—Art Competition
To encourage children to visit Staglands during the April School Holidays, they are running a children’s
art competition which is open to all primary schools in the Wellington region. All children, aged up to
10 years, who visit between the 20th April and 5th May, with a completed entry form, will get into the Reserve for free.
As an incentive for schools to participate there are some great prizes up for grabs, namely: the school
that the overall competition winner attends will receive a free school visit to Staglands for the winning
students’ classroom! In addition the School with the largest percentage of entries versus their roll will
receive a free school visit to Staglands for up to 50 students and staff!! Remember, children need to
bring their completed entry form to Staglands any time between the 20th April and 5th May to enter the
competition and get in for free! For further competition details and to download an entry form visit
Upper Hutt Parents Centre
'2nd Hand Baby'
A sale of quality used clothes, toys and equipment for under 5s, plus maternity and
breastfeeding items.
Saturday 13th April
10am - 1pm
St Margarets Church Silverstream
For more info or to book a table contact Kim at [email protected]
Tables $25 with table or $15 BYO table.