With Data Select
Creates an Exact Bootable Clone of your Hard Drive
Use Data Select feature to deselect data folders
from the copying process - perfect for cloning to
a smaller HDD or SSD
Ideal for hard drive upgrades or creating a
bootable Disaster Recovery Backup of your
Runs Under Windows or Bootable CD
Ships with all Apricorn's Upgrade
kits - DriveWire, Velocity Solo,
SATA Wire & EZ Upgrade
Dynamic resizing to match
new Hard Disk
Easily transfer your data &
settings to a new drive
Looking to upgrade your computer?
EZ Gig IV enables you to clone your hard drive
in just three clicks
EZ Gig IV Cloning software is a powerful, yet easy to use tool that gives you the option of
creating an exact clone of your hard drive - perfect for hard drive upgrades or for creating
bootable backups of your system. Or for those who wish to clone to a smaller capacity drive,
such as fast solid state drive, EZ Gig's Data Select option enables you exclude selected media files
from the copying process to save space.
Data Select - Clone to a smaller capacity drive or SSD
Data Select provides a simple method to deselect data folders from the cloning process which is
helpful when migrating from a large HDD to a smaller SSD and perfect for creating a Boot Disk. This
gives you the option to run your OS and applications from a fast, smaller SSD boot drive, while keeping
your documents and media files on your original hard drive.
Upgrading to a new hard drive - Creating an exact clone
EZ Gig IV automatically copies everything – programs, documents, address books, e-mail, OS and
preferences - from the old hard drive to a new hard drive in three simple steps. Simply choose your Source
and Destination drive, click the "Start Clone" button and EZ Gig IV takes care of the rest. This state of the art
data transfer utility saves hours of system rebuilding and makes upgrading a hard drive simple and pain free.
Creating a bootable Disaster Recovery Backup
In the event of an internal hard drive failure, EZ Gig IV can be used to create a bootable backup to another
hard drive. In an emergency situation, the backup hard drive can be installed into the system, replacing the
failed hard drive.
EZ Gig IV ships with all of our Hard Drive Upgrade Kits including our EZ Upgrade, SATA Wire, Velocity Solo and
DriveWire and can be run either under the Windows operating system or can booted to directly. In addition to
supporting data transfers via USB 3.0, EZ Gig IV is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and supports internal IDE and
SATA drives.
Works with
Windows 7,
Vista & XP
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1. Select your Source Drive
2. Select your Destination Drive
3. Optional - Data Select feature
4. Click "Start Clone"
This is your computer's internal drive
Select files you wish to exclude from the clone, such
as photos, videos, music or documents
This is your new blank drive
and EZ Gig IV will take care of the rest
Advanced Features:
Verify Copy: Compares the data of source and destination after
copying. If verify copy is chosen, the free areas between partitions
will also be copied. This option offers the possibility to synchronize the
data of the source and destination drives after the copying process.
Resize Partitions: EZ Gig IV gives you three options when creating
your clone: automatically resizing partitions to the new drive, keeping
the partition sizes the same or allowing you to manually resize your
SmartCopy: SmartCopy enables you to clone your file systems in a
fraction of time usually required.
Reporting features: Once your clone is complete, EZ Gig IV's final
report will outline the number of sector copied, read errors, write
errors and if verified, will also report verification errors.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP / Vista / 7
Windows 2000 (must boot from EZ Gig IV CD)
System requirements:
PC-compatible computer with Pentium II CPU or similar, 32 MB
RAM, CD Rom, CD-RW or Floppy Drive
NOTE: EZ Gig IV is only compatible with the latest Apricorn's
Upgrade products: DriveWire, EZ Upgrade, Velocity Solo & SATA
Wire, without these EZ Gig IV will not work