How To Flatten Your Stomach and Get A Six Pack

How To Flatten Your Stomach and Get A Six Pack
By Jenny Allan
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Table of Contents
Basics of Losing Weight
Counting Calories
BMR Calculations
80/20 Diet Rule
-- Protein Bars
-- Protein Shakes
Top Five Belly Fat Burners
Secret Six Belly Fattening Foods
Sleep Is Important For Losing Fat
Fast Results With Ab Sculpting
-- Daily Sculpting Workout In Only Eight Minutes
Ten Tips For Motivation
Looking Good Naked – A Total Workout In Eight Minutes
Where To From Here?
On starting a diet plan you will have a set goal in your mind. You want to have a flatter stomach
with higher ab definition and a slim waist. You want to look great naked and feel comfortable at the
Ab sculpting does take time and dedication, but anyone can achieve more defined abdominal
muscles. Using the correct techniques and remaining posititve is the key to success.
Ab sculpting is all in the technique. That is why most people that struggle away with standard
crunches rarely have the abs to show for it. They may do thousands of crunches in a week but have
no increase in their muscle definition.
Well, here is why.
This book is will discuss the correct technique to getting washboard abs and a bikini-body.
You will clearly see exactly how the techniques transform your body into a fitter, sexier version of
you. You will not be making any more mistakes in your training and you will sculpt your torso like
never before.
The place to begin, is with the basics of losing weight.
Before you go, make sure that you watch the following video and discover how it’s possible to still
eat your favorite foods AND burn more calories at the same time as well as reveal the nutrition and
diet secrets that has nothing to do with fad diets, pills, or supplements that the so called ‘experts’
will have you believe.
It’s really important that you watch this video as it has been proven that those who still eat the foods
they love (in a healthy manner) are far more likely to succeed with their weight loss goals.
Important Video:
Basics of Losing Weight
You cannot just reduce the amount of fat over your torso. Fat loss is a whole body event. When
losing fat off your stomach, you will also be losing fat off your arms, face, legs and bottom.
This is one reason why people who do thousands of crunches never get defined abs. They think that
crunches, is all it takes to show up muscle. But layers of fat have to be removed first before muscle
definition can be seen.
Only fat is shed in layers so a whole body, weight-loss programme is necessary for defined abs.
Losing weight is actually quite simple.
The energy that goes in to your body must be less than the energy that comes out of your body. So
you eat less high energy food and increase the amount of activity you do. Then your body has a
deficit of calories and will need to draw on fat reserves to meet the body’s energy requirements.
This is how weight loss works!
However if you do not exercise and eat excess energy, all the surplus calories will be stored as fat,
and you will get fatter. There are two simple steps to weight loss.
--- Increase activity levels
--- Be smarter about your food choices and lower your calories
There is one more step that is a little more secret. It is about increasing how much energy your body
uses every moment, so you become a fat burning machine. This is called raising your basal
metabolic rate.
It all comes down to choices. Start choosing healthier and it will show in your body.
Counting Calories
What do you imagine when you think of counting calories?
--- Hunger
--- Stress
--- Anxiety
--- Needless calculations
--- Deprivation
Counting calories has a bad reputation, conjuring up images of starving on lettuce leaves and celery.
Not the most compelling or motivating of images.
The reality is, counting calories is the only way to wash board abs.
Losing weight is simple science.
When energy out is more than energy, there is a deficit of energy, an energy loss.
And just like in science, there are things you can do to make the outcome more favorable, like
adding a catalyst. By counting calories and measuring energy expenditure you can keep a track of
your energy usage. You can alter your result by choosing less calories or more exercise as you see
You should be losing weight when you burn more than you eat.
If you are not losing weight then increase your exercise and decrease your calories.
Counting calories is the only way to keep you on track. If you don’t know what is going in, you
can’t measure any deficit from energy being expended. You won’t know why it is not working or
how to fix it.
Have you ever worked so hard to lose weight, yet you never did? Were you keeping track of your
It has never been easier to keep track of your calorie intake.
--- You can purchase a calorie counting book
--- Search online
--- Or use an application on your smart phone
Online calorie calculators and apps make counting calories so easy. You type how much of each
food you have eaten and it works out the total calories. So easy!
The first step is to find out the number of calories for your individual needs.
BMR Calculations
Your Rate of Basal Metabolism (BMR) is the minimum energy requirement needed by your body to
keep you functioning at a sedentary level. If you lay in bed, not moving, only breathing and
pumping blood this is your calorie need.
It is the least amount of energy you can consume to maintain life. Your BMR can be influenced by
many factors:
--- Environmental temperature
--- Sleep levels
--- Stress levels
--- Composition of your diet
--- Current state of health
--- Muscle mass
--- Percentage of body fat
--- Age
However an estimate can be quite accurately estimated given three variables; percentage body fat,
height and weight.
This equation is quite accurate:
Lean Body Mass = [(100 – percentage body fat) / 100] X pounds body weight
If you have had your percentage of body fat measured, you can easily work out accurately your lean
body mass. This equation shows, if your lean mass is higher, that is you have more muscle, you
burn energy faster. Muscle creates muscle.
Use these equations if you do not know your percentage of body fat.
Men: BMR = (weight (pounds) x6.23) + 66 + (height (inches) x 12.7) - (age (years) x 6.8)
Women: BMR = (weight (pounds) x 4.35) + 655 + (height (inches) x 4.7) - (age (years) x 4.7)
Now this figure is your basal metabolic rate. Now we must convert it to calories per day. We do this
by an activity figure:
1.9 X BMR for people who have hard physical exercise for many hours daily
1.725 X BMR for hard physical exercise of an hour every day
1.55 X BMR for moderate physical exercise 3 to 5 times a week
1.375 X BMR for light physical exercise 1 – 3 times a week
1.2 X BMR for no physical exercise.
This new number is how many calories you must eat in a day to stay exactly the same weight. So to
lose weight you must eat less than this amount of calories, or increase your activity load.
It takes a 3500 calorie reduction to make a weight loss of one pound.
If you are over fifty pounds overweight, you may start by reducing your calorie intake by 100 a day
to lose two pounds a week.
Eating 500 less calories per day will lose you one pound a week.
If you have only a few pounds to lose, decrease your calorie intake by 250 calories a day to lose
half a pound a week.
It is important not to decrease your calorie intake too drastically as this can cause serious nutritional
deficiencies which will not help you to get the body of your dreams.
This number you have calculated is only an approximation. You can keep a record of calories
versus weight loss to determine for yourself at which caloric level your body responds most
positively. Your metabolism may be slower or faster owing to other factors.
Keeping records is the only way to stay accurate. Change your calorie intake twice a month by
altering activity levels. Variety will keep the body working towards fat reduction. Use the results of
the week before to plan for the week ahead.
Counting calories is necessary for weight loss.
80/20 Diet Rule
The single most important factor that is going to determine your results is your diet.
Many people think that if they exercise, they can eat whatever they feel like. They assume the extra
activity they are doing is going to negate any fat or sugar calories they have extra.
Well, it doesn’t really work like that.
To show how this works, let’s have an example.
Suzanne works out five times each week. Each session she burns about 500 calories each time. Over
the week she is burning an extra 2500 calories on top of her BMR. This deficit would cause
Suzanne to lose weight, just over a pound, if she ate her BMR calories for the week.
But Suzanne thinks that because she has done five workouts in the gym, she can eat whatever takes
her fancy and her weight will remain stable.
In one week, Suzanne indulges a number of times:
--- A special steak dinner, made by her husband (900 calories)
--- While running errands one hot afternoon, Suzanne treated herself to a fruit smoothie (400
--- After work drinks on Friday night – two large cocktails (300 calories each)
--- Lunch with a friend and a very tasty dessert of passionfruit cheesecake (800 calories)
--- One morning after an invigorating workout, Suzanne enjoyed a snack made with two
tablespoons of cream cheese on a bagel (500 calories)
They total of these little extras adds up to 3200 calories.
Suzanne has eaten all of her deficit calories, plus an extra 800 calories. If she continues eating this
way, by the months end, she has put on a whole pound!
She would have been better off not to exercise at the gym and not to eat her extra ‘goodies’.
It is easy to see how necessary careful choices in diet become when one is trying to lose body fat.
Unless you are prepared to spend a large part of your life exercising, bad choices in food selection
are not going to be beneficial to your weight loss scheme. Doing too much exercise to enable bad
eating habits is only going to end in injury or illness. You cannot overexert yourself on a poor diet
and expect your body to perform optimally, you just will not see any results.
It is simply not viable to sustain a poor diet with excessive exercise.
Exercise is a real part of weight loss, body tone and strength, but it shouldn’t be used to
Now we explain 80/20.
Diet Plan contributes to 80% of weight loss/Exercise program contributes to 20% of weight loss.
Approach your weight loss programme with this rule in mind and you will achieve the best results
for your efforts.
One option that comes to mind when thinking of reducing calorie intake is the use of protein bars
and shakes. But are these really viable options in the quest for weight loss?
Do Protein Bars and Shakes Hinder or Help Muscle Building and Weight Loss?
Many health magazines advertise the latest in protein bars and shakes as the ultimate supplement to
aid you to your goal weight. Often they are coupled with a bold slogan depicting their amazing fat
burning power or super lean muscle growth. One may believe they are the only way to achieve the
lean healthy body you seek.
Are they the super fat busting foods they claim to be?
Protein Bars
Protein bars are a fast and easy way to get a hit of protein in a more satisfying way than by drinking
a shake. A bar is more filling and gives the feeling of having eaten a meal.
It is a psychological thing. After having gone through the motions of eating, your body feels fuller
than if you just drink a shake, even if the calories equal the same amount. It is not going to be an
advantage to you if you drink a shake and then go and eat a meal because you still feel hungry
because now you haven’t eaten extra calories than you had planned on.
So you may assume that you are making a healthier choice by choosing a protein bar over a shake.
But unfortunately, you would probably be wrong.
While protein bars are a very good source of protein, they are usually also very high in simple
sugars, the kind that spike your blood glucose levels and then leave you with a sugar low.
Sometimes they can contain sugar equal to an average chocolate bar!
When you eat the protein bar, all the sugar is absorbed into the blood causing a blood sugar high.
Your body releases insulin to balance the sugar but releases too much so you get a sudden sugar
low, then you are worse off than you started.
On a sugar low, you feel unwell, irritable and hungry. You are more likely to reach for more food,
probably you are craving more simple sugars to fill the low blood sugar void.
Obviously this is not the path to losing your extra belly fat and looking good naked is it?
Protein bars are also very calorie dense, while not leaving you feeling full and nourished. Whilst
protein bars are solid food, they are not usually suitable meal replacements. And they are generally
too high in calories from sugar to be a viable option as part of a meal
In conclusion, a protein bar is basically a chocolate bar with extra protein. Not good food at all. A
select few bars are actually healthy protein bars but are probably less popular as they lack the extra
sugar hook that comes with the regular varieties.
Don’t be fooled by bars that read ‘low in sugar’ or ‘low carbs’. These just use sugar in other forms
like sugar alcohols. It is actually still sugar.
Sugar alcohols also cause a lot of tummy upsets. The unpleasant side effects include flatulence,
diarrhoea, cramps and bloating.
If you really like the idea of a protein bar and need to carry such a snack with you for emergencies I
recommend making your own. This far exceeds any other bar as you control the ingredients and
will use natural ingredients. This will mean that not only do you get a filling protein meal, but you
contribute to your daily nutritional needs.
Some of the best ingredients to include are protein powder (whey or casein is best), dried fruit,
seeds, nut butters, and raw oats.
Home-made protein bars are ideal for people who are very busy and often have no time for meals.
With a careful recipe they are also a good choice for diabetics. Either way they are the best choice
for a quick supplementary meal full of nutrition and low in calories.
Protein Shakes
Protein shakes conjure up images of weight-lifters chugging shakes after bench pressing twice their
The idea of big bulking muscles is too much for most women so they don’t even stop to learn more
about it.
But sadly, as it too often goes, women are more likely to need the protein shakes than men are.
Protein shakes are so good for you. They:
--- Come in many flavors, so they satisfy your tastes.
--- Are convenient forms of protein that can be quick and easy to prepare.
--- Reduce how hungry you feel. Protein is a filling food
--- Help you reach your daily protein quota without exceeding your carbohydrate and fat
There are also different kinds of protein shakes, for different dietary goals, or stages of weight loss.
Top protein shake types include:
--- Weight gainer
--- Meal replacement
--- Casein protein
--- Whey isolate
Avoid weight gain powders as they are designed to do the opposite of what you want. Everything
you are avoiding is found in weight gainer protein shakes there are extra fats and sugars in these
drinks. They are made to have a lot of calories so men with big muscles can build more muscle
while maintaining their body fat percentage. They are also ideal for men who are naturally thin and
need to put on weight.
For anybody else, weight gainer supplements are best avoided.
Meal replacements are shakes that are high in protein and contain the other components of a meal;
fats and carbohydrates.
They are not as nourishing as a lovely lean steak, baked potato and garden salad but are an adequate
solution for a quick replacement meal that would contribute to a low calorie diet plan.
When you are on a weight loss plan it is best to choose a shake that does not contain too many extra
carbs, or sugar calories. Extra sugar is going to give you that blood glucose spike and then trough.
You are going to feel terrific for about five minutes then when your blood sugar drops lower you
will be looking for something else to eat.
Study the nutritional panel on the package and choose a shake that suits your diet plan. Also check
the number of calories, choose only shakes that are under 300 calories a serve or it would be better
for you to have eaten a decent meal.
Casein protein shakes are basically just protein. These shakes are best for people looking to
decrease their fat intake in order to increase fat loss. They are ideal for this programme as it leaves
your fat allocation for the day to natural food fats.
Casein protein takes a long time to digest so it leaves you feeling full for a long time. It is most
useful in the late evening when you are feeling peckish but will soon be asleep and won’t eat until
eight hours later at breakfast time.
They are also great mid-afternoon when you are feeling low and craving a quick sugar fix. They
will keep you satisfied until dinner and feed your muscles as well.
Whey isolate shakes are best for physical training. Tired muscles that have been worked hard at the
gym need instant nourishment to repair for the next training session. Whey protein is digested very
quickly, releasing amino acids into the blood stream within minutes.
A typical serving of whey shake has about 100 calories. Protein content is 23-25 grams. This means
the shake is nearly 100% protein. It is excellent for growing muscles.
There is a lot on the market, when you choose carefully, protein supplements can really help you
manage your meals and calorie counts. Woman especially can benefit from extra protein in their
diets. As they generally eat less fish, steak and lean chicken as men do. These meats are the main
sources of protein.
Now we have covered a good source of protein, we will next consider fat-burning foods.
Top Five Belly Fat Burners
I can’t stress it enough, the number one contributor to excess weight is food you put into your body.
To keep to your ideal calorie count for the day, you have got to plan well and stick to the plan. Your
calories are limited and your nutrition needs are maximal. You have got to eat the best foods to
match your requirements.
You can afford a little lenience with exercise but as we have seen with our 80/20 example, diet will
always be the decider.
To ensure you are going to reach your goals, you must select the freshest of foods. Choose:
--- Foods dense in nutrients so you gain more from eating less.
--- Foods low in calories per serving, (remember fats are higher in calories but essential fats
are still a must in the diet, just watch quantities)
--- Foods most wholesome and natural. Avoid all processed and imitation foods.
Keep these three points as your basic rule and your diet will already be looking after itself.
Here are five foods that fit these points and are well known for their health benefits.
Nuts are a common choice of snack or protein source for people watching their weight. Walnuts are
especially good for you as they are dense in essential omega fats. They help maintain the health and
functioning of your brain and body.
Walnuts and other nuts contain vitamins, minerals and essential proteins as well as the omega fats.
They are full of all the goodness needed to start a tree growing and are excellent for growing
muscles too.
They are high in fiber to leave you feeling fuller for longer. They are the perfect choice of food for
hiking or camping trips, or as a pick me up when you are on the go. This will also make you less
likely to reach for the high sugar foods mid-afternoon.
However as with many nutrient dense foods, walnuts are on the higher side of the calorie count.
They should be limited to one or two servings a day depending on quantity and your total fat and
calorie intake.
To get the most benefits while not overindulging on walnuts, restrict serving size to half to one
Green Vegetables
One of the most important foods to add to your meal plan and consume in large quantities is large
green leaves, of the vegetable kind.
These are one of the only foods you can almost eat with abandon and it will only be good for you.
Naturally very low in fat and calories, vegetables are also full of fibre, which fills you up and
regulates your digestive system. You can fill your plate with vegetables and your calorie count will
still remain low.
One thing green vegetables are full of is nutrients. A selection of different garden vegetables will
supply a pharmacy of essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. All your nutritional needs will
be met at the minimum of caloric cost.
Of course if you cook your vegetables for a long time all the nutrients will leach into the juices and
will be lost if this is discarded.
Smothering with dressing or grated cheese or frying in oil or butter will add hundreds of calories.
While improving the taste of the vegetables, treating them in this way will only negate their health
benefits and add inches to your waistline. Vegetables are best fresh, raw or lightly cooked.
Sweet, fresh berries are sublime when you are craving something sweet. The natural sugars are
easily digested with minimal rise in blood glucose levels.
They are also full of antioxidants and natural fiber, containing as much as ten grams of dietary fiber
per half pint of berries. Raw and fresh, they are undoubtedly a delicious way to increase your fiber
content. They improve your well-being and support your digestive system.
Fiber is also paramount in controlling levels of blood sugar. It slows down digestion and the release
of sugar into your bloodstream. This in turn, stops you feeling hungry for longer and keeps your
blood sugar stable. All of this contributes to your cardiovascular health.
Berries supply you with many essential minerals and vitamins as well as being relatively low in
calories. They taste better than any processed sweet treat and are so good for you.
Egg Whites
One of the best foods for high protein content and low calories is egg whites. They are so beneficial
to a weight loss dietary plan they should be included every day and you can safely consume many
before the calories add up.
They are a great food for targeting fat loss. The high protein content fuels muscles to burn fat faster.
And they are so easy to eat. Cook them in a variety of ways so you may never get bored with it as a
Egg whites remain one of the cheapest protein foods available. Even on the strictest of budgets, you
may still eat many egg whites. And protein is a big component of the weight loss diet so is very
important to include in your shopping list.
As with the green vegetables, it is advisable to always prepare egg whites healthily, with low fat so
as to keep your calorie count minimal.
Salmon is another excellent source of protein. It is also a source of essential omega fats. They are
vital for healthy skin, hair and organ health. They improve your mental processes and can help with
memory and thinking. Heart disease is improved by omega fats and they are the best fat fuel for the
lean healthy body.
As a delicacy salmon is believed to be a food for the rich, but it is actually quite affordable for its
benefits. A little bit will go a long way as it is so filled with nutrients only a little is needed to boost
your daily diet. More people should be eating salmon. Its health benefits are so good.
While there are foods that are super good for you, there are also foods that are secretly very bad for
you. It is important to know which foods to avoid, to maximise your weight reduction.
Secret Six Belly Fattening Foods
It is an entrepreneurs market these days. The niche for dieting gimmicks and food products is
growing, fuelled by an ever increasing human waistline. The overweight are a target for smart
marketers and intelligent investors.
Shelves are flooded with ‘low-fat’ versions of the favorite fatty treats. ‘Low calorie’ options for
classic high calorie foods hook thousands every day. People think they can enjoy their favorite junk
foods while still losing weight. Does it all sound too good to be true?
Careful marketing and specific wording can fool anyone who doesn’t read the fine print. Many of
these foods are actually as bad as the fat version of these foods.
Here are some foods most people are fooled by.
Diet soda
Diet soda is appealing to all those who love carbonate drinks but don’t want all the sugar. Artificial
sweeteners do have a lower calorie count but they secretly take a bigger toll on your body. You see
the artificial sweeteners are just that. Artificial. Your body is only programmed to digest natural
substances. Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain by clogging up the digestive system with
misshapen building blocks. These can get in the way of normal body processes and in high
quantities can cause serious damage to your health.
The second trap is in the sweet taste. Thought the calories are low, it sparks the sugar craving which
sees you reaching for more sugar-laden foods that might not be so low on the calories.
Diet sodas drunk regularly can really interfere with your blood sugar levels if you are susceptible to
sugar cravings.
Water is the best and only way to naturally hydrate. Herbal teas that provide nutrition and other
positive benefits are also great to drink. Some, such as green tea have such great benefits it would
be a disadvantage not to drink them. These are the only drinks that are going to help your weight
Fat free crackers and chips
The next food trap is reduced fat or fat-free crackers and chips. These foods are not going to get you
slim and trim.
Crackers and chips are missing nutrients of any value. They are usually high in chemicals and
additives. They are predominantly carbohydrate foods as well, so not the best option for weight
They may be lower in total calorie count but they are empty calories that are thrown away on food
that adds no nutritional benefit to your dietary needs. While on a restricted calorie intake, your body
needs all the goodness it can get, in its most condensed form for the calories it is worth. Natural and
whole foods are the only way to do this!
The best decision when considering whether to purchase these foods is to leave it on the
supermarket shelf. It is only going to make reaching your weight loss goals harder.
Frozen meals made to calorie count
Frozen meals - A dieters dream come true? While stocking up on pre-counted, already prepared
meals sounds like a blissful way to go about the dieting process, there are a number of reasons why
this is not really a viable option for dieters. Although typical calorie-counted meals only add up to
about 300 calories per serve, they fail in the freshness and nutrient department.
The meals have little protein, to keep the calorie count down and the portion size is very small. So
you still feel hungry after. As I stated before, you can fill your plate with vegetables and eat a large
meal for not many calories. The frozen meals do not meet this important need at all. They are
generally low in fiber so what satisfaction you feel from the meal is short-lived.
The only way to include these specially prepared meals in to your diet is to boost them up with
extra protein and vegetables. Add a large salad and a couple of egg whites or a tin of salmon. But
then you may be better off to ditch the frozen meal altogether and add a baked potato or wholemeal
bun to your meal. I guarantee you, it will be better for you and you will enjoy it more.
Fruit juice/smoothies
Fruit juices and smoothies are deceptively unhealthy. You may be mistaken in thinking they are a
healthy option because they are made from real fruit and natural ingredients. This is often the case.
However, it is often higher in calories than a carefully balanced and nutritious meal. A fruit
smoothie made with a yoghurt base is going to add up to around 400 calories depending on the size.
And if there is ice cream added, it is going to get quite calorie dense.
A high protein version may be ok as the occasional meal replacement, but you must be careful with
ingredient choice and remember that an extra workout will not balance out a poor food choice.
It is better to make your own smoothie with your favorite healthy ingredients than buy one over the
counter just because you are thirsty. Water is the best quencher of thirst and it has zero calories.
Natures’ best kept secret!
You may be wondering what is wrong with fruit juice if it is loaded with essential nutrients. Fruit
juices are often made from concentrated fruit sugars. They have a higher sugar content. Even
though it is natural sugar, it still causes a blood sugar spike and sets off sugar cravings.
Fruit juice does not contain as much dietary fiber as found in whole fruit. Eating an orange is far
more satisfying than only drinking its juice. It takes two or three oranges to make one cup of juice.
It would be easy to drink a cup of juice, would it be so easy to eat three whole oranges? Clearly the
most filling and beneficial option is the whole fruit.
Yoghurt likes to sit under the health food banner as a low-fat protein choice but is it really all that
good for you? While this may be true, most yoghurts are high in simple carbohydrates, the kind that
raise your blood sugar and send you craving for sweets. Most yoghurt contains about ten grams of
sugar per portion, and little in the way of natural fruit. Don’t let the wording on the label fool you.
“Sugar-free” yoghurts have artificial sweeteners which we have already discussed in diet sodas.
They are bad for you and best avoided.
The only healthy option in yoghurt is plain, unsweetened. Greek-style yoghurt is a delicious option
here and can be added to sweet and savory dishes alike.
Breakfast Bars
Breakfast bars are another form of meal replacement. They advertise to be a nutritious and filling
start to the day but are actually loaded with sugar and void of any usable protein. They come at a
deceptively low calorie count of about 130 – 200 per serving.
Almost 100% simple carbohydrate, these foods will leave you hungry, irritable and cranky.
If this is what you choose to eat for your breakfast in the morning, you are going to need
tremendous will power to remain healthy the rest of the day.
One little known fact about weight loss is the benefit of a good and restful sleep.
Sleep Is Important For Losing Fat
Most people do not get enough sleep. They think they are too busy or lead lifestyles that do not
allow the right kind of sleep. Some survive on less than enough sleep during the week and try to
catch up on lost hours over the weekend.
But few realise just how important the length of sleep is and how those few hours of sleep deficit
each night really work against your efforts for fat loss.
Good sleep is crucial to the success of any weight loss program.
You may be so sleep deprived that the following problems have become a normal part of your
--- Increased belly fat. The hormone cortisol is released in higher quantities contributing to
accumulation of fat around ones middle.
--- Decreased metabolic rate
--- Lethargy and lack of motivation. Unable to work-out to ones fullest potential. Lower
performance values and increased mistakes/injuries.
--- Decreased insulin response. Your body does not respond properly to carbohydrate
digestion leaving you feeling nauseous and bloated or even light-headed.
--- Less will power. Hunger and cravings seem to control you and you find it hard to stick to
your meal plan.
Basically, when you do not sleep enough, your body is not primed towards losing weight. Sleep is
the only way to repair your body from one day to the next. Your body needs to refuel and rest for
the next day’s stressors.
Sleep is the only time your body can fully recover from your work-out sessions. If you are not
properly rested you cannot train at your peak performance.
To lose optimal levels of fat it is necessary to sleep 8-9 hours each night. It is not adequate to sleep
five hours one night and twelve hours the next, your body will not be ‘right’.
Sleep is an important part of the weight loss equation. The sooner you start regulating your sleep
patterns, the sooner you will feel energised, fresh and alert. Your work-outs will become more
enjoyable and the fat will melt away quicker.
Now that we have talked about diet and sleep, we must next consider the importance of the correct
exercising techniques for weight loss.
Fast Results With Ab Sculpting
The fastest way to sculpt your abs is to focus your training on:
--- Instability
--- Intensity
Instability in your movements forces the body to work harder by using muscles for balance and
coordination. This means more muscles are being worked and the core muscles are working harder
as they contract stronger in each movement
Intensity can be increased by lengthening repetitions or work-out times and decreasing recovery
periods. Movement can be intensified by increasing the length of the movement or adding weight to
the exercise. When more muscles get involved in each movement, the more total energy gets burnt.
A fool-proof way to firmer, toned abs faster.
The secret is to push your way through your workout with little rest between exercises. Alternate
cardio with abdominal movements, to keep your heart rate up and your muscles burning calories.
Work out at this intensity on alternate days, taking rest days in between and you will soon see a
difference. Work out efficiently and effectively and say goodbye to those hard-work/no-result days.
Daily Sculpting Workout In Only Eight Minutes
This routine takes eight minutes without rest periods. When first starting out you may like to add up
to one minutes rest half-way. Each exercise is to be completed 20 – 25 times in one minute.
Continue with the next exercise immediately.
Prone Rolls, with ball
Assume the press-up position, feet resting on a ball. Keeping your body tense, roll the ball towards
your head with your legs, roll the ball back out to starting position and repeat
Bike Crunches
Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Crunch up meeting your elbow with the
opposite knee. Crunch down and repeat for other side. This is one rep. Repeat for the minute.
Standing feet shoulder width apart. Reach your arms up then place them on the ground. Jump your
feet out to press-up position, then back to your hands. Jump as you move back into standing
position with arms raised above your head. Repeat.
Plank Freeze
In press-up position move your arms to support you with your forearms on the ground. Tense your
abs and hold for up to 30 seconds. Repeat.
Knee Raises, running
Run on the spot with your elbows bent and your forearms extending out in front, at waist height.
Aim to touch your hands with your knees. Run for 1 minute.
Decline Sit-Up with a Twist
Lie on a decline bench with feet secured. Crunch up twisting to touch the opposite ankle with your
hand. Lie back down and crunch up to the opposite ankle. Repeat.
Climbing Mountains
Feet and hands all on the ground, back straight. Extend one leg behind you and shift your weight so
the opposite leg is bent up under your chest. The movement is to bring in the extended leg while
kicking out the bent leg, like running horizontally. Repeat.
Sit-Ups in a V
Lie on your back, arms and legs reaching for the ceiling. Crunch up until your body makes a ‘V’
shape. Hold for a second, then crunch down. Repeat.
Remember to breathe throughout these movements and keep your heart rate up by working
Ten Tips For Motivation
Maintaining motivation is a constant battle for many dieters. Success happens when you remain
fully motivated throughout your program. It is usual to start out energetic and enthusiastic but the
reality is, losing weight is long and challenging. Your resolve will be tested daily and life
circumstances will tempt you away from even the best-laid plans. So maintain high motivation
levels is the key to positive results.
There are a number of ways to stay motivated and driven towards your goals. Ten top tips are:
--- Find a mentor – someone who will give you great advice when you are feeling tired and
beaten. A life coach of sorts, to educate and inspire you.
--- Make a list of rewards for all your little goals along the way to the big goal. Just ensure the
rewards are not food so you stay on track.
--- Use a local sporting event to guide and motivate your training. If you enter a 5km fun
walk/run, for example, you will have a real goal to work towards that will give you the feel of
accomplishment when you achieve it.
--- Have a goal for each day. A day is a unit in itself and deserving of a little goal At the end
of each day you go to sleep feeling motivated so the next day is easier.
--- Workout to some upbeat and motivating music.
--- Train with a personal instructor. Paying someone a small fee to keep you company and
improve your motivation during workouts may be all you need to keep yourself going.
--- Weekly meal plans formalise your dietary goals and help you keep a track of your
nutrients and calorie intake.
--- Take before, during and after photos. Nothing is more inspiring or motivating than having
a record of you shrinking.
--- Keep a journal of your goals and triumphs. Record your fears and cravings and aspirations
for future reference and motivation.
--- Workout with a friend. It is motivating and inexpensive to train with a like-minded
All of these motivation tips are useful and worthwhile employing. Use one, some or all of these
techniques to keep you on track.
Here is a useful workout to do any time to help speed up your metabolism to burn fat faster.
Looking Good Naked – A Total Workout In Eight Minutes
A good workout is the key to sculpting your body as you cut down on body fat.
Many people think a good workout involves hours of hard physical training but this isn’t true. Your
body can up its fat-burning capacity in a very short time.
This brief workout here does just that.
This bonus routine will improve your blood flow, tone your muscles and increase your fitness in
just 8 short minutes. The secret lies in changing exercise every minute, so before your muscles are
fatigued you have moved to a whole new set of muscles while still challenging your cardiovascular
It is so quick and easy you can fit it into the briefest of lunch breaks or even a cup of tea break. Use
it as a pick-me-up mid-afternoon or after dinner before you wind down for bed.
Remember, each exercise is for one minute and one is a rest!
Front lunges, alternating
Jumping Jacks
1 minute rest
Sumo squats
That concludes this brief but broad look at flattening your abs and getting the body that looks good
You may now be feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes to your training program
and weight loss diet.
Don’t give up when you see little results after a while. Your body will be adapting to your plan so it
will be time to change up your exercise routine and introduce some new recipes. Keep it fresh and
the motivation will keep you going.
Remember to read this book again when you get discouraged or go off track. Use it as your basic
guide and research further into topics of your interest.
Stay focused on your goals even when you think you are going backwards. Patience and
perseverance and you will get there! One hundred percent focus every day.
Make the healthy choices and in time you will have a flat, firm tummy and a toned healthy body.
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