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have, the right technique is essential. Every person has a different body structure and a different way
of reacting to a certain diet plan or exercise activity. As with all programs, techniques and
materials related to health, exercise and fitness before you engage in any exercise
regime or certain diets plan, you must talk to your personal doctor first. When doing a series of
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Chapter 1: Getting Flat Abs: What You Should Know ………………………………………… 3p
The Truth About Flat Abs......................................................................................... 3p
Why Should You Get Rid of Belly Fat? ....................................................... 4p
Why Do Women Want Flat Abs? ................................................... 5p
Chapter 2: Shed Belly In 15 Days and Do The Right Techniques ……………………….. 8p
Shed Belly Fat! - The Right Exercises ..................................................................... 7p
Chapter 3: Achieve That Gorgeous Flat Abs! …………………….……………………………… 11p
Shed Belly Fat by Eating the Right Foods ............................................................... 11p
Wanna Get Flat Abs? AVOID These Foods! …………………………………………… 13p
Eliminate Stress AND Those Extra Pounds! ............……………………..15p
[Bonus 1 ] Sample Meal Plan Day…………………………………………………………………….. 17p
[Bonus 2 ] Sample Exercise Plan Week ……….…………………………………….….. 18p
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Chapter 1: Getting Flat Stomach: What You
Should Know
Today more people than ever before want to get gorgeous flat stomach in the
shortest possible timeframe. However, people who are aiming to trying to
achieve it must not dwell on wishful thinking alone.
In other words, if you want flat stomach, you have to work! The only way that
you can truly get a flat stomach is by reducing your overall body fat percentage,
but there are plenty of ways to help accomplish this! To know more about
getting flat abs fast, continue reading.
1.1 The Truth about Flat Abs
People have various ways of achieving flat abs and reducing their body fat.
Some people go for 51 burpees while others do 103 bicycle crunches, but the
bottom line is about reducing body fat percentage by any means necessary.
Achieving a flat stomach can be a daunting task, however, if we are able to
perform the right techniques we will surely achieve the results which we've
been longing to have.
There are several ways to achieve flat abs, but we must be able to do the best
steps to achieve faster results and adding intermittent fasting or high intensity
interval training (HIIT) will accelerate the process faster than we thought
From Wikipedia: “HIIT is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise
strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with lessintense recovery periods.”
On the other hand, some people are wondering why they do not get the results
that they think that they deserve for the work put in. The truth is, there could
be various reasons such as hormonal imbalances, working out regularly with
the same movement, and not watching what you eat.
Here is a list of the possible reasons why you still don't have a flat stomach:
1. Digestion Problems or Abdominal Bloating - Some people suffer from this
particular problem. This is caused by a poor diet, a diet which contains
too much processed foods, fat, and refined sugars. Additional inches will
be added to your waistline the moment these extra gases reach your
intestines. Taking a look at your diet may solve the problem. A healthy
diet which is fruit and vegetable based is a good choice.
2. Not Getting Enough Sleep - Proper rest and recovery is necessary to
regulate all of your hormones and by not getting enough sleep you can
be halting all of your weight loss progress. In the same token sleeping at
least 7-8 hours a night has been shown to increase weight loss with
everything else being equal.
3. Too Much Sodium - Take a look at your diet and see if you are consuming
a lot of sodium. If the body has too much sodium content, this can cause
your body to retain water and too much of this can appear like excess
weight. However, do not totally cut sodium from your diet since your
body also needs it.
4. Medications - There are medications which hinder the body in losing
weight. With this, before you take medications, talk to your doctor about
it. You can ask an effective alternative to solve the problem.
5. Not drinking enough water - Our body is made up of 50-60% water and it
is required for every bodily function; including losing weight. Making sure
that we are drinking water freely and often will let our body know that it
doesn’t have to retain extra water for survival and you will lose any
unnecessary water weight.
6. Not doing the proper exercises - It is important to do core exercises, but
it is just as important to do cardiovascular high intensity exercises to help
reduce our body fat.
We can have a strong core and still not see our abdominals, so be sure to
add the appropriate exercises to help you see your flat abs.
7. We're not eating enough - If you feel that you still haven't achieved the
flat abs which you've been longing to have, it could be due to the
amount of calories you consume. We must remember the importance of
adequate calories so that our body can have ample energy to fuel our
weight loss efforts.
8. Our Body Fat is too High - No matter how much we exercise and do
abdominal work we perform, we have to reduce our body fat percentage
to see results. Focusing on eating properly and exercising in effective
ways, such as HIIT workouts, are a great base and then adding
intermittent fasting and detoxing will help to accelerate our progress for
maximum results.
1.2 Why Should You Get Rid of Belly Fat?
There could be various reasons why women should achieve flat abs and healthy
1. High Cholesterol Levels and Triglycerides - This is one of the reasons why
we should get rid of belly fat. It is because high levels of triglycerides and
cholesterol may elevate the risk of stroke and heart attack.
2. Diabetes - One of the dangers of having belly fat is the fact that
significant stores of belly fat may increase the body's insulin levels. When
this happens, insulin resistance may occur which can lead to type II
3. High Blood Pressure - Those people who have belly fat are more prone to
having high blood pressure. With this, it is very important to get rid of
belly fat to avoid the risk of stroke and heart attack.
4. Visceral Fat - This is a pretty alarming fact. When a person has belly fat,
there is a tendency of hidden fat storage. This fat may form in and
around the body's internal organs. This fat is called visceral fat, which
may cause serious problems. With this, it is very important to achieve
flat and healthy tummy.
Comfortable Living - This is a good enough reason as to why we must get
rid of belly fat. The comfort we get from living a healthy life is priceless. If
we have a flat stomach, we get to tie our shoes with ease. We can easily
bend over or move around regularly.
In addition to the comfort we are enjoying, we also have enough
confidence to wear what we like and flaunt our skin. Indeed, nothing
beats having a flat tummy.
1.3 Why Do Women Want Flat Abs?
A lot of women want to achieve flat abs and this is due to the fact that having a
flat stomach means higher confidence. Women’s who have flat stomachs tend
to be more confident and active. Apart from increasing someone's self-esteem,
having a flat abs can offer various benefits.
The Core Benefits of Having Flat Tummy:
1. Better Health Condition - One of the best benefits of having a flat
stomach is the fact that it guarantees overall wellness. In fact, according
to studies, having a great stomach can help the body to avoid certain
medical conditions such as heart attack, kidney cancer, heart diseases,
high blood pressure, gallstones, and osteoarthritis.
2. Healthy Sex Life - This is definitely a great benefit of having flat tummy.
When we have a smaller waistline, it means that our body has a healthy
blood flow. Sexy abs and strong lower back muscles provide us the
strength and stamina to do various sex positions. Studies show that an
increase flow of blood in the pelvic region is helpful in improving vaginal
sensitivity, lubrication, arousal, and sensation.
3. Fewer Injuries - Based on research, it has been found that those who had
flat abs are less likely to obtain injuries from different sports activities.
4. Longer Life - It is not surprising to know that people who have a healthy
stomach and flat abs live longer lives. This particular fact was proven by a
Canadian study in which it was found that those people who had weak
abdominal muscles had double death rates compared to those who had
strong midsections.
Yes, it is true that in achieving flat tummy, there is no such thing as overnight
success. However, achieving flat abs can be done! It must be noted that there
are specific steps and techniques that must be done in order to achieve this
particular time frame. To know more about how to get flat abs, read on and
find out more.
If you were to ask if getting a flat stomach is possible in a short period of time,
the answer is a big YES. Achieving flat belly requires hard work and discipline. It
takes the right exercise, diet, and attitude!
 Chapter 2: Shed Belly In 15 Days: The Right
Exercise Techniques
When you speak of exercise, nothing beats this advice. Whether we want to
achieve flat belly or not, this is essential.
Why does exercise burn fat? When a person exercises, his/her heart rate
increases in connection to delivering blood to the body's muscles in order for
them to function to its maximum potential. Doing exercise can help in lowering
the body's blood pressure as well as speeding up metabolism. As the heart rate
increases, the body's fat is burned.
No matter what the workout is if we incorporate HIIT workouts we will have
the best results. This style of workout calls for cycles of maximum intensity
followed by active recovery.
These workouts aren’t easy but they will get us the best results in the shortest
possible time.
An example with just abdominal exercises is: one minute of crunches as fast as
you can go followed by one thirty seconds of modified plank. Doing this cycle 48 times will give us results that shatter our expectations.
Here are some of the best exercises to help shed that belly fat.
The exercises have been divided into the three best areas for getting a flat
stomach: 1) core, 2) abs, and 3) lower back.
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*** CORE: ***
Weighted Sit-up: Our abdominal muscles are just like any
other muscle and we need to strengthen them in the same
way. One of the best exercises that we can do is a weighted
sit-up with a medicine ball or free weight.
 Lying flat on the ground with your feet flat and your
legs at 90 degrees, hold the weight just in front of your chest.
 Sit-up like you normally would but keep the weight the same distance
from your chest for the whole movement.
 Slowly lower back to the ground in a controlled manner, making sure
that the weight is held stable and that you aren’t falling back.
Hanging Knee Raises: Just as the name suggests, we will be hanging and using
our whole core to raise our legs up in a controlled manner. Be mindful not to
swing your legs; engage your core for a smooth raise and lowering of your legs.
 Hang from a chin-up bar or any beam (you
can pick up a doorframe pull-up bar for
less than $30 - pull-ups are great as well)
 Keeping the rest of your body calm raise
your knees up, just above your belly
button and then lower back down.
 Resist the urge to pull your legs up and let
them flop back down, as the exercise
works better with slower movements.
Russian Twist: This is an advanced core exercise so take your time and
maintain proper form; especially important with any twisting motions! This one
will really blast the obliques and get us the flat sexy abs that we are after.
 Sit upright with your legs flat on the floor
ahead of you and hold a weight (go easy
the first time) in front of your chest.
 Lean back to a 45 degree angle keeping
your back off of the ground at the same
time lift your feet a few inches from the
 Now touch the weight or your hands to
each side, back and forth while using
your core to keep you in place and
 Remember to go slowly, and this exercise is usually only 1 set of 25-50
reps (touching each side once is one complete rep)
*** ABS: ***
Plank: In order to have a flat stomach
we need to have a strong core and this
is one of the best exercises that we can
do for a complete core workout!
 Get into a full pushup position
with your palms on the floor
beneath your shoulders and then
drop onto your elbows; touching
your hands in front of your
 Hold here for 15-60 seconds, with your abs contracted and your arms
and legs extended and your head aligned with your spine.
 Do 1 to 3 repetitions of this exercise.
 Once you can perform 3 x 60 seconds you can increase the intensity with
a variation such as: one-arm stable switching plank!
Jack Knife Sit Ups: This is one of the most effective abdominal exercises as it
works your upper and lower abs at the same time.
 Lying flat on your back with legs extended
you want to crunch your upper body up
while raising your legs.
 Trying to touch your toes above your bellybutton you should hinge around your
bottom and slowly raise and lower
 Keeping your stomach muscles contracted,
raise and lower in a controlled and smooth
 Work through with 8-12 repetitions and 3
The Captain's Chair Exercise: With this particular exercise, our legs are allowed
to hang free and no chair in it.
 Position by placing your back against the padded back with your
pelvis tucked and back straightened.
 Place your forearms on the padded armrests.
 Dangle your legs freely and lift them to work your abdominal muscles
and then down.
Reverse Sit-up: Perform this exercise with legs straight and force your abs to
work for a targeted burn that is unique to the lower abs.
 Lie flat on a smooth surface with your legs extended. Keep legs straight
with your palms placed on the hips or tuck them under your buttocks, or
behind your head.
 Now raise your straight legs up, using your abs to control the smooth
movement, and then keep the movement going until you knees are over
your chest (slightly bending your knees.
 Gently reverse the movement, lowering them back towards the floor but
stop right before touching the ground. Repeat 8-12 reps and for 2-3 sets.
*** LOWER BACK: ***
Superman: Having a flat stomach
requires a strong lower back for
balance in your core and the
superman is one of the easiest
and best lower back exercises
that we can perform.
 Lie on your stomach with your legs and arms extended straight up
and down.
 In one smooth movement you want to raise your hands and legs off
of the floor, pushing them up as high as you can.
 Hold for 15-60 seconds and then slowly lower.
 Try to do 3-5 rounds of the exercise and push yourself to get a little
bit higher each time.
Back Extention with Stabilization Ball: Stabilization balls are excellent for
trimming the abdominal area and we can use them at work or home. They
cost only about $10 and are good not only for abs but for strengthening the
whole body and are especially good for back extensions.
 Buy a ball that is supportive of your height as they come in different
 Lay on the ball with your upper abs
and your feet securely planted on
the floor.
 Put your hands behind your head
and then lower your head below the
top of the ball and slowly use your
lower back to pull your upper body
back extended and over the ball.
 Repeat 8-12 reps for 2-3 sets.
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 Chapter 3: Achieve That Gorgeous Flat Abs in
15 Days!
Eating the Right Foods
When we want to shed belly fat, exercise is not enough. Needless to say, eating
the right foods is essential to achieve gorgeous flat tummy. Choose foods that
are healthy like fresh fruits and vegetables. Junk foods will not help someone in
shedding belly fat. Eat healthy foods and be religious in maintaining a healthy
meal every day.
Adding intermittent fasting to your program will give you amazing results with
the same effort. People have been fasting for one reason or another for
thousands of years and this has great health benefits, including losing weight.
The problem with fasting is that it’s difficult for most people to maintain.
Intermittent fast is a little bit different as you fast every day without realizing it.
The way it works is you only eat during an 8-10 hour block and don’t eat a thing
any other time. Example: start eating at 11a and then stopping eating at 7pm,
waiting to eat again until 11a the next morning. (This results in 16 hours a day
for your body to cleanse itself).
Below is a list of foods to help you:
1. Almonds: Nuts contain vitamin E, protein, and fiber which are
considered as powerful antioxidants. Our body needs to produce
magnesium, a mineral which produces energy that can help in regulating
blood sugar and maintaining muscle tissue. This also blocks calories
based on a research. It also helps in reducing fat absorption in the body.
2. Eggs: Eggs are the number one source of protein. They can balance
essential amino acids which are protein building blocks to manufacture
muscle fibers. A study at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center
showed that eating eggs in the morning would make you feel less hungry
all throughout the day. It is because of the protein and fat in the eggs
which makes us feel full for long periods of time.
3. Apples: Apples are 85 percent water, so eating them will make you feel
full. It also contains fiber and quercetin which are known to fight cancer
and cholesterol damage.
4. Berries: These fruits contain lots of fiber and are known as ingredients
for herbal diet pills. Plenty of fiber would help trap food particles. These
are high in antioxidants which can improve blood flow, thus for more
effective muscle formation.
5. Green leafy vegetables: These vegetables obtain carotenoids which can
help prevent cancer and shape muscle. Green leafy vegetables are one of
the good sources of calcium which can help in contracting muscle.
6. Yogurt: It has probiotic bacteria that can help in having a healthy
digestive system. It contains more calcium and helps your tummy from
bloating and constipation.
7. Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the components of Salmon. It
can also help speed up fat burning metabolism.
Indeed, eating healthy is essential for achieving a flat belly, as with the saying
goes "abs are built in the kitchen." So shed those belly fat and get disciplined. It
must be noted that exercise and healthy diet must go hand in hand. Exercises
are more effective when coupled with a healthy diet that is rich in protein,
fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
In order to get rid of belly fat, there are other important facts and tips which
we need to know apart from exercise and a healthy diet. The next chapter will
explain to you other facts which you need to know.
When we want to get the best results, it is also necessary to know which foods
we must avoid. In addition, we must also be informed of the different
important facts about losing weight.
3.2 Wanna Burn Belly Fat? AVOID These Foods!
A lot of people from all over the world struggle everyday maintaining diets that
can cause more harm than help them lose weight. It must be noted that a
person who wants to get flat tummy must not be convinced by products which
offer health benefits and have great properties. In other words, when we say
healthy foods, it doesn't mean that they are good for your weight loss efforts!
To help you to better understand that not all foods are right for us, here is a list
of foods which we need to avoid!
1. Fruit Juices - Most fruit juices in the market today are marketed as rich in
vitamin C and other beneficial minerals. However, it must be noted that
these juices are also high in sugar content and low in fiber. And when
you say that a product is low in fiber, it won't help you to get rid of belly
fats. Manufacturers of these products are only saying the best lines in
order to promote them.
So if you want to burn belly fat, eat fruits instead of buying those fruit
juices in the market. Real fruits contain more fiber that can help you with
your weight loss efforts.
2. Foods containing Gluten – Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or not
your stomach health will benefit from a break from gluten. Gluten
containing foods include breads, pastas, cakes, and anything with wheat
or grain flour.
The reason is that gluten has a defense mechanism that irritates the
bacteria in the stomach which decreases the effectiveness of your
digestion. Avoiding gluten is different than avoiding carbs and eating
potatoes and yams can be a great way to get your energy.
3. Processed Meats - Nowadays, most of the manufacturers promote their
products by telling the consumers that they are offering a product that
contains vitamins and minerals. Most of the product labels proclaim
great forms of health benefits just to convince the consumers to
purchase the products. Some processed meats are even labeled as 99%
fat free.
However, you must know that these products are made up of 75%
nitrates and preservatives. They also contain high levels of sodium. This
is not healthy for your blood pressure and physique. In fact, a recent
study showed that those who ate one serving of processed meats per
day had 42% higher risk of having heart disease. It could also increase
the risk of type II diabetes. In addition, when a person eats processed
foods, sugar content is significantly higher. It is also released faster.
4. Alcohol - According to Medline Plus, alcohol has about 7 calories in every
gram, however it does not offer any health benefits. When you drink
alcohol, your body will put its focus on processing it. When this happens,
your body won't be able to properly break down foods which contain
fats and carbohydrates. With this, these calories are later converted into
body fat. They are carried away to be permanently stored in your body.
In addition to this, alcohol is known as a diuretic. In other words, it can
cause dehydration and water loss.
When the water is lost, other minerals such as zinc, calcium, potassium,
and magnesium in the body are lost too.
5. Milk - Milk is packed with nutrients and minerals; however you must
remember that this particular drink is high in fat, sugar, and sodium.
These can cause your physique to bloat.
In addition, milk contains calories just like any other foods you take daily.
In fact, an 8 ounce of whole milk has about 150 calories, while skim milk
has about 80 calories. Too many calories can cause a person to gain
weight. However, when milk is taken within a particular calorie range, it
won't cause a person to gain weight.
6. Corn Syrup - People who know the effects of corn syrup really avoid
consuming this particular food. High fructose corn syrup (also known as
HFCS) is known as a calorie-providing sweetener that is popularly used to
sweeten beverages and foods.
HFCS is particularly used in processed foods. Foods such as ice cream,
ketchup, soft drinks, jams, salad dressings, and bread contain HFCS. If
you are wondering why this particular sweetener is not good for your
weight loss efforts, the answer to that is pretty simple. Corn syrup
contains fructose.
When a person consumes fructose, it is not consumed by the body as
energy. Meanwhile, when glucose begins to circulate in the blood to
provide energy to the muscles, organs, and brain, fructose is metabolized
by the liver. Then after a series of process, it is transformed into fat.
The ones mentioned above are just a few of the long list of foods which you
must not consume during your weight loss efforts.
If you want to know how to set up a, Step by Step nutrition and exercise
plan for maximum fat burning, you can check the Turbulence Training!
3.3 Eliminate Stress AND Those Extra Pounds!!
Most people know that we gain weight from eating too much or simply eating
the wrong foods. However, fewer people are aware that there is another
demon that affects our health and weight: stress.
As dietitians and researchers continue to study belly fat, the research shows
more and more that those who are stressed often, also tend to have wider
mid-sections and hang on to more belly fat than those who lead stress free
At the heart of stress and belly fat is a very simple theory. When we are
stressed and especially acutely so, our brains and body both try to find ways to
comfort ourselves in an effort to feel better.
Study after study has shown that when we are stressed or depressed that we
make poorer food choices and tend to favor ‘comfort foods’ that are high in fat
and calories. We simply don’t have the energy or desire to make healthy
choices with food and are also less inclined to exercise.
Additionally, as we become stressed our bodies release various hormones as
the body tries to protect itself and it is these hormones that may
physiologically prompt us to crave foods rich in carbohydrates and unrefined
sugars; foods that are high in both of these things quickly settle in the belly
These same studies have shown that as our stress level increases, so does the
amount of hormones that are the cause of belly fat. Concurrently, when our
stress level decreases, our stress hormone level also decreases and at the same
time so does the amount of belly fat.
Cortisol is the main hormone that is released when we suffer from stress and
high amounts of this hormone have been found in those who participated in
research studies.
Of those studied the groups that reported being stressed had as much as 50%
more cortisol in their bodies than those who lead mostly stress free lives.
And those same participants also had higher percentages of belly fat than the
participants who were less stressed.
Although more research is needed, is it thought that there is a definitive
correlation to stress, the hormones which are released and the eating habits of
those who lead stressful lives with the amount of belly fat that their body
accumulates and hangs on to.
BONUS #1: Sample Day Meal Plan for Flat Abs Faster
The important thing to remember is that we want to be reducing the overall
calories and eating foods that we like. If there is something that we can`t stand
on the meal plan there are plenty of substitution options that we use and still
stick to the plan.
Here is a sample day that we can use as a framework for getting our flat tummy
 eggs, scrambled, with 2 slices of Canadian bacon and sliced tomatoes
 6 oz vegetable juice cocktail
 Coffee or tea with 1% or fat-free milk and sugar substitute
Midmorning Snack
Vegetable Dippers with Avocado-Cilantro Guacamole
 Sirloin burger with 2 oz melted reduced-fat Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard,
and tomato on bed of lettuce
 Three-Bean Salad: Combine equal amounts of black beans, kidney beans,
and chickpeas with chopped red onion to taste. Toss with 2 Tbsp
balsamic vinaigrette dressing (1 serving equals 1/2 cup).
Midafternoon Snack
Celery sticks stuffed with 1 wedge French onion and garlic reduced-fat
spreadable cheese
 Pecan-Crusted Trout or other un-breaded fish
 Serve with: Assorted grilled vegetables, such as asparagus, zucchini, and
bell peppers
Vanilla Ricotta Cream with unsweetened cocoa powder.
Once you develop this pattern of eating just use the framework to build more
days by substituting similar foods.
For example, keep the breakfast similar but you can change lunch by
substituting for turkey burger, bison burger, or lamb burger. The focus should
be on meat and vegetables at each meal, with vegetables for snacks. Feel free
to have as much tea, coffee, or water as you please but limit all of the other
BONUS #2: Shed Belly Fat in 15 Days – Sample Exercise Week Plan
For exercise plans to be effective we have to stick with them and perform them
at least 3 times a week. By varying the workout styles and types you won`t get
bored and will be more motivated to continue your workouts, and you will
avoid the plateaus that come from always doing the same exercises.
Doing HIIT workouts will also help keep the workouts short and effective so
that you can get on with your day.
Here is a sample week to get you started:
Monday – Abs Work out – perform one exercise from each category above. (812 reps and 3 sets are the targets if not specified)
Tuesday – HIIT Workout (Sprinting)
30 Seconds Jog Pace, 30 Seconds Sprint Pace, Repeat 7 More Times (8 Minutes
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Abs Work out – perform one exercise from each category above. (812 reps and 3 sets are the targets if not specified)
Friday - HIIT Workout (Burpees)
30 Seconds Jog Pace, 30 Seconds Sprint Pace, Repeat 7 More Times (8 Minutes
Saturday - Abs Work out – perform one exercise from each category above. (812 reps and 3 sets are the targets if not specified)
Sunday - Rest
Notes: It is important to monitor your heart rate as this is the number that you
need to use to know that you are working hard enough during the high
intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.
Feel free to do other weights on the Abs Workout days if you have the time.
And for reference Jog Pace is at 60-70% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR),
Sprint Pace is at 90-95% of your MHR.
Finally Comment: It’s important to remember that for you to effectively shed
belly fat, you will have to make the commitment and effort FIRST to start
making changes to your exercise habits, your diet habits and even your lifestyle
If you want to know how to set up a, Step by Step nutrition and exercise
plan for maximum fat burning, you can check the Turbulence Training!
That’s it! Take ACTION now and build the body you WANT!
I humbly thank you for reading my eBook.
Iordanis K.