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Winter 2015 Newsletter
Clinical/Behavioral Services
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Newsletter Editor
Mr. Craig Siegel, ATR-BC
The Clinical / Behavioral
Services Newsletter wants
to hear from you. Please
send in articles and photographs highlighting the exceptional work you and
your colleagues are doing.
Thanks to the collaborative efforts of
UTD, AFT, NEA, Advancement
Project, and Allapattah Middle School
Principal, Ms. Bridget Mckinney,
members of the schools PBS Team
were afforded the opportunity to
attend the Restorative Practices
Training from October 30th to
November 2nd, 2014 in Linthicum
Heights, Maryland. Training facilitator, Robert Spicer, Culture and
Climate Specialist, best known for his outstanding work in the Chicago
Area School System provided a wealth of resources to all attendees.
Restorative Practices are processes that proactively build healthy
relationships and a sense of community to prevent and address conflict
and wrongdoing. These practices allow individuals who may have
committed harm to take full responsibility for their behavior by
addressing those affected by the behavior. Taking responsibility involves
taking ownership of the behaviors, acknowledgement that the behavior
was harmful to others, taking actions to repair the harm, and making
necessary changes to avoid such behavior in the future. Training
participants included a host of educational professionals and policy
makers from around the country. Other members of the Allapattah
Middle School Staff have been introduced to some aspects of
Restorative Practices and are excited and encouraged as to how they
can be infused into the daily operations of the school.
By: Mr. Edward McClain, PBS Coach
The deadline for submissions for the next issue of
the newsletter is:
May 15, 2015
Please send all items to Mr.
Craig Siegel at:
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Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The Knighthood Program at Miami Sunset Senior is proud to
announce that Miami Sunset Senior High’s 2014-2015
Teacher of the Year is Ms. Lissette CasteleiroTerron!!!!
Ms. Casteleiro is a dedicated teacher that
provides a structured and caring classroom where everyone
is expected to learn! She offers assignments that challenge
each student while also offering a variety of hands on tasks/
assignments. Being the Language arts and reading teacher,
Ms. Casteleiro has a great challenge to prepare her students
to do their best on the FCAT as well as preparing for life after
graduation. The Knighthood Program staff is glad to have
her as one of our own!
By: Ms. Terry Nall, Behavior Management Teacher
Leaps is a research-based, practical program that has been proven effective in
reducing behavior problems, increasing attendance, and improving classroom
performance in K-12 education and juvenile justice environments. With a
comprehensive library of lesson plans and powerful, interactive assessment tools,
LEAPS provides educators and interventionists with customized, actionable plans to
improve social and emotional skills for any youth. Additional tools and resources
help actively engage parents in the education process and help them become better
parents. LEAPS is an online application which allows fidelity and progress reports to
be automated thus meeting the structures of Behavioral RTI, PBS, and base
development of Behavior Improvement Plans.
We had the pleasure of hosting a LEAPS training on October 21, 2014 and October
22, 2014 led by its president and co-founder, Mr. Jay Burcham. The professional
development was designed for school counselors, school social workers and school
psychologist. This training was focused on LEAPS application, curriculum for
behavior instruction, social skills training with a correlation to Multi-tiered Systems of
Supports (MTSS) for behavior and positive behavior supports. We had a total of 53
participants take advantage of this very worthwhile, highly informative and practical
hand-on training.
If you are interested in finding out more about the LEAPS behavior curriculum,
please visit their website at
By: Ms. Sylvia Arango, Curriculum Support Specialist
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
Last year I worked closely with Mrs. Elizabeth Portuondo,
Clinical Art Therapist, at Hialeah Senior High. During my
time working with her, she inspired me to enrich the lives of
our students by exposing them to the arts within the
community. To honor the influence she had on me and the
students in the E/BD Program, we scheduled a field
trip to the Miami Perez Art Museum to expose the
kids to a 'world of art' and the experience of being in
a first class art museum in the heart of downtown.
We brought 29 of our students on the field trip and
all reported that they had a terrific time. The staff
at the Miami Perez Art Museum were very accommodating and professional which further enhanced
the overall experience for our students. I highly
recommend taking students on field trips and
introducing them to new experiences. My eyes, and those
of our students, are now wide open thanks to my terrific
mentor and friend, Elizabeth Portuondo.
By: Mr. Anthony Lorenzo, E/BD Clinician
On December 11th, students from Ruth Owens Kruse had
the opportunity to cater the Region Holiday Brunch. Over
two hundred people attended the Brunch. Students were
responsible for all aspects of the event; from set up to
serving to clean-up. Real-life work skills
were enhanced as was student selfesteem for doing such an amazing job.
By: Dr. Angel Rodriguez, Principal
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
In October, our SCM District Trainers met for two days to participate in their annual recertification
training. This training involves demonstrating superior knowledge and ability to teach both physical and
non-physical interventions. JKM Training, Inc. senior instructor, Mr. Charley Cheek provided the
recertification training in SCM to our team.
The recertification training prepares our District trainers to meet the need of providing the highest level
of professional training opportunities for over six hundred Miami-Dade County Public School employees
through both initial 3-day trainings and 2-day refreshers.
A special “Thank You” is extended to each of the following District trainers for their fantastic work,
dedication, and willingness to take time from their busy schedules to share their expertise:
Laura Berenguer – SPED Teacher
Kwan Chang - SPED Teacher
Juan De Arrigunaga – E/BD Clinician
Magda Demerritt - E/BD Clinician
Mark Fabal - District Staffing Specialist
Adriel Lantigua - SPED Teacher
Liliana Maldonado - E/BD Clinician
Shayon Tresvant—BMT
Jasmine Grocher - Curriculum Support
Deborah Davis - BMT
Lillianne de Zendegui - E/BD Clinician
Cassey Elias - E/BD Clinician
Gladys Jones - Staffing Specialist
Ashley Latham – SPED Teacher
Rachel Sturgeon - BMT
Armando Viltre - SPED Teacher
We continue to expand our training locations to different areas of the District. We would like to thank
the administrators and staff at the following locations for their willingness to host us and making us feel
extremely welcome:
Miami Beach Senior High School
South Dade Senior
Barbara Goleman Senior
Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior
NOVA Southeastern University
By: Mr. Craig Siegel, Clinical Art Therapy Chairperson
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The students participating in the E/BD program at Jorge
Mas Canosa were treated to a homemade traditional
turkey dinner. Teachers, Mrs. Collazo and Mr. Preston, as
well as Mrs. Haggins (Paraprofessional) prepared
homemade dishes for their students. Turkey, stuffing,
sweet yams, corn pudding, macaroni and cheese where
among the dishes served by the teachers and clinician,
Mrs. Gelsomino-Seaborn. Each student stated what they
were thankful for this year and, of course, the food was
one of them!
By: Girolama Gelsomina-Seaborn, E/BD Clinician
Every year it is a new adventure with our students. We
come prepared with many tools and strategies to teach
them all the skills they need to succeed in life.
This year I’ve had the opportunity to work in two
magnificent schools in the south area: Pine Villa
Elementary and Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary. I
have worked with both schools in the past providing
counseling services to the students participating in the
E/BD programs.
During our sessions we address anger management,
bullying prevention, frustration tolerance, and many other
skills. A recent therapeutic tool I have used in both
schools has been Project Adventure. Project Adventure
offers an array of activities that are fun and keep the
student highly engaged.
At the center of Project Adventure are the core values of
Be Here, Be Safe, Be Honest, Set Goals, Care for Self
and Others, and Let Go and Move On. I like that each
activity I implement focuses on a core value and there is
always the possibility for extension into other areas of the
student’s curriculum. Most importantly, I know the
students will be able to apply any of these strategies in
their every day lives!
By: Adelaida Perez, E/BD Clinician
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program was established and implemented last year with great
success and we are happy to bring it back this year at Orchard Villa Elementary. Students at Orchard
Villa Elementary have exhibited positive growth in behavior and academics since the introduction of
the PBS Program. Our TIER I program provides all students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade with the
opportunity to visit the PBS store at the end of each month. Students have the option of purchasing an
item at that moment or saving their “Bucks” for a bigger prize for the following month. Last school
year, students were going home with great items that included: skateboards, bicycles, basketballs,
footballs, iPods and many cool prizes! Our TIER II program offers students with small group behavior
interventions with the counselor and/or teacher that targets the specific exhibited behaviors. These
TIER II interventions are implemented three times a week in order to provide the students with
behavior improvements. Our TIER III program provides individual students with behavior interventions
with the school counselor and/or outside agency that allows for student improvement. Orchard Villa is
proud to be a PBS school! We will continue to provide students with a positive outlook on behavior
and academics.
By: Ms. Sandra Ortiz, SPED Teacher and Mr. Donald Hylor, Guidance Counselor
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The Multiagency Network for Students with Emotional/Behavioral
Disabilities (SEDNET) creates and facilitates a network of key
stakeholders committed to assisting in the provision of a quality system of
care for students with or at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral challenges.
How does SEDNET work to provide services for students in Miami-Dade County?
SEDNET is a regional network of the major child serving agencies, community-based service
providers, and students and their families, focused on developing interagency collaboration and
sustaining partnerships.
Did you know that SEDNET provides Case Management services? If you need assistance with
information regarding a student who has been involved in a Baker Act and/or has received inpatient
services from a children’s adolescent psychiatric facility in Miami-Dade County, we can assist you in
obtaining information.
Information regarding the process can be obtained from Weekly Briefing #16208 - Best Practices for
Responding to Students’ Risk Behavior and Baker Act Procedures.
For further information please contact Alina Rodriguez, SEDNET Project Manager, at 305-598-2436.
Professional Development meetings this year have taken on renewed/
new approaches. In October, small group sessions divided by school
level grouping were held. Each session focused on issues most
prevalent for that group. The elementary group focused on parent
involvement and resiliency; the middle school group focused on anxiety
and depression, and the high school group focused on depression.
Presenters for these sessions were from Barry University, Boston
University, University of Miami and Family Counseling Services.
In November, a joint session was held for all E/BD clinical staff (art
therapists, counselors, psychologists, and social workers) and behavior
management teachers. Presenters were from Florida International
University and University of Miami. The topics addressed were Gender
& Sexuality in Hip-Hop and Culturally effective Mental Health
Interventions for Minority Youth.
Feedback from all sessions has indicated great information that is
useful to the students served.
By: Nadyne Floyd Grubbs, E/BD Clinical Services Chairperson
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
Jesse J. McCrary, Jr. Elementary School works hard to promote positive behavior among our
students. Each teacher has established a class DOJO account where points are given as students
meet our Dolphin Expectations: Dedicated, Organized, Loving, Prompt & Present, Honest, have
Integrity, be Noteworthy, and Safe. As students exhibit these characteristics, they receive positive
DOJO points which can then be “cashed in” for various prizes and events. For instance, in October,
Jesse J. had a Fall Festival where students with 100 points could attend this event during the last hour
of their school day. We set up game booths, (bean bag toss, ring toss, etc.), had a hula hoop
competition, face painting, popcorn, and ice pops. It was a huge success. In December, students with
enough points will be able to attend a holiday movie and all students with points will be able to
purchase prizes at our PBS store, (The Dolphin Depot).
Positive behavior is also recognized through special bulletin boards in the school. First, Jesse J. is
fortunate to have a sponsorship with the Miami Dolphins professional football team. A selected
student who has shown exemplary behavior is selected to attend one of their home games with his/
her parent and is acknowledged at the game with a plaque
and special seating. Those students are then recognized
with a photo on our “Dol-Fan” bulletin board. We also have
created “The Vine” bulletin board so that students can “Do it
for the Vine.” Students who exceed our Dolphin expectations
with the highest Integrity are recognized for their special
deed with their photo upon the board and a “shout-out” on
the morning announcements; (returning lost money, the
entire class reading quietly during pick-up, etc.). Jesse J.
McCrary Elementary School is proud of the positive behavior
being displayed by our students and we strive hard to ensure
that each and every student is rewarded.
By Joy Foley, PBS Team Leader
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The students in the E/BD program took time out to relax, play, and have fun as they learned. These
exercises allowed the students to get to know each other at a deeper level, as they learned to share in
counseling sessions. The students were engaged in therapeutic games designed to help them think
about the consequences of their behavior and distinguish good choices from bad ones. One example
is the “Self-Control in School” board game which helps the students practice relaxation, self-control
behaviors, by learning that they can control their bodies as well as their behavior.
In addition, during the “Bullying Prevention Week” the students took a stand against bullying by
making bullying banners stating an anti-bullying message. The students also learned about the
principle behind “Project Adventure” as they participated in it. Finally, the students had fun as they
played different kinds of educational and therapeutic bingo games that taught them how to address
and handle the stressors in their lives by learning easy-to-implement coping skills.
By: Ms. Susana Puig, E/BD Clinician
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
Students at Homestead Middle work together through Project Adventure Activities, and by learning to
"care for self and others", forge bonds of trust. In the activity above on the left, "Amoeba Walk",
students are bound together and must pace themselves, keeping it safe as they work through the
course. The activity above on the right is called "Frozen Pond". Here, students are presented with an
initiative, where they must traverse a pond with ever decreasing 'blocks of ice' (spot markers) to stand
At South Dade Senior, rainy days can't keep Project Adventure at bay. In the first activity, leaders
emerge as students work together silently to line up according to birthdays. Next, students improvise
with a game of "Ah, So, Koh", lessening their inhibitions as they engage full on in the guttural sounds
of a Samurai Warrior.
By: Ms. Katherine Meinecke, E/BD Clinician
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
Fifteen E/BD Clinicians assembled at the Robert Renick Educational Center on November 18, 2014,
to sharpen their skills working with challenging student cases. Dr. Ana Maria Muniz-Leen, Child and
Adolescent Psychiatrist, Consulting Psychiatrist, presented on the topic “Disruptive Behavior
Disorders in Children and Adolescents”. She discussed the different stages of development and how
children must internalize social values and norms in order to learn how to regulate frustration and
anger. Dr. Muniz-Leen used engaging film clips from popular movies to help illustrate some her
points. Additionally, two E/BD clinicians, Ms. Cynthia Serure and Dr. Dionne Owusu presented on the
topics of Suicide & Bullying Prevention and on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Finally, the clinicians
shared helpful best practices and interventions with each other. The training was extremely valuable,
instructive, and was deemed highly recommended for other clinicians.
The presentation, given by Dr. Muniz-Leen, was presented to three other groups of E/BD counselors,
social workers, and psychologists. Current students’ cases were presented at these meetings as well
as presentations by staff: Eugene Muldavin on Military Families; Katherine Meinecke on Project
Adventure; and Loris McCorvey on Victimization. Additionally, staff shared Best Practice activities
that they use during therapeutic counseling sessions with students.
By: Mr. Javier Berezdivin, E/BD Clinician and Mrs. Nadyne Floyd Grubbs, E/BD Clinical Services Chairperson
During the first marking period, students enrolled in the E/BD program at Allapattah Middle School
were celebrated for demonstrating Healthy Behavior by exercising self-control. These students
earned the privilege to participate in “Cheeseburger Wednesday” sponsored by Ms. Rivers and Mr.
Tresvant, Behavior Management Teacher. Students were recognized for outstanding participation in
class, improving attendance, exercising self-control ,and treating others with courtesy and
respect. During the playful celebration on Wednesday, November 26 students employed their refined
social/emotional skills. Students dined on “all you can eat” hot, delicious cheeseburgers, fries, and
homemade brownies.
By Ms. Dallas Rivers, E/BD Clinician
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
We would like to congratulate our schools implementing Positive Behavior Support (PBS) for a
fabulous start. This year our schools have had many opportunities for expanding their PBS
knowledge such as RtI-B Database training as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 Boosters. One new initiative
being supported through the SEDNET Administration Project is the use of PBS webinars through
Adobe Connect. These webinars provide a virtual meeting space where our PBS Team Leaders,
Coaches, and District Coordinators can share information and updates without having to leave their
school sites.
In addition, staff has had the opportunity to share many ideas and initiatives taking place at their
PBS Schools. There have been two PBS Team Leader and Coaches meetings were sharing has
proven to be a valuable activity. Our last PBS Team Leader and Coaches Meeting was a great
success as we had three PBS Coaches present on current initiatives taking place at their schools.
Mr. Frantz Prospere from Lenora B. Smith Elementary shared information that he presents to his
faculty and staff. We also had Mr. Edward McClain from Allapattah Middle provide the group with
some strategies on how to obtain parental buy-in. Lastly, Mr. Norbert Herriot from Madison Middle
presented on implementing PBS and engaging students in the process.
We would also like to take this time to thank Ms. Ana Flores, the PBS Coach from Southridge Senior
High School, and the PBS Team Leader from Palm Springs Middle School, Ms. Sonia Garcia, for
hosting our PBS and RtI-B Database trainings at their schools and welcoming us all! Schools are
engaging parents, students, and staff and they are working on changing the climate and culture of
their schools. There is PBS in Action here in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Alina Rodriguez, SEDNET Project Manager
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
The mission of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Clinical Art Therapy
Department is to assist students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (E/BD) in
accessing educational opportunities by providing the highest quality of school art
therapy services. The department promotes the benefits of art therapy in schools
as a creative and dynamic therapeutic modality by communicating information to
parents, educators, related mental health professionals, and the general public. We
recognize the diversity of the community we serve and, as such, maintain cultural
awareness and inclusiveness allowing for the effectiveness of art as a healing
therapy. We are rooted in the experience of those who began this department thirtyfive years ago and honor their legacy by our commitment to the future of art therapy
in schools.
In order to meet this mission, Art therapists meet throughout
the year for professional development sessions addressing,
social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development of
children. In addition, sessions are also tailored to the specific
practice of school art therapy. This year the department will
participate in a two-day intensive professional development
training focusing on group art therapy dynamics and practice.
The training will be conducted by Ms. Denise Brancheau, MA,
Ed.S, ATR-BC, LCPAT, from The George Washington
University who has extensive experience working with children
and adolescents in psycho-educational settings. The skills
developed from this training will only further enhance the
remarkable job the art therapists do to assist students to access
educational opportunities through safe and creative expression.
By: Mr. Craig Siegel, Clinical Art Therapy Chairperson
Miami Central Senior-Squashing Obesity & Growing Healthy Eating Habits
Ms. Tanya Barber, the Behavior Management
Teacher at Miami Central Senior, has been using the
school garden to help students discover the benefits
of healthy eating and to encourage students to try
new fruits and vegetables. By engaging students in
the process of growing their own food, they begin to
learn to value all the steps that must occur for food to
get from the farm to the table. Once the produce is
ready to eat, Ms. Barber demonstrates how to use
fruits and vegetables in simple, healthy, and creative
By: Ms. Tanya Barber, BMT
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
It’s been a busy first half of a year for Howard Drive
Elementary School’s E/BD Program. Some of the events/
activities that have taken place are:
Open House Dinner for parents of students in the E/BD
Weekly Project Adventure lessons for each grade level
facilitated by the BMT and Clinician.
Monthly birthday celebrations to wish a “Happy Birthday”
to students with birthdays in the month.
Use of Kindness Chart to recognize and reward students
that are caught being kind. Each time a student reaches
the end of the chart, they are rewarded with a “Caught
Being Good” reward.
Project Adventure “All Stars” special activity and award
for students that had demonstrated the Full Value
Contract during weekly Project Adventure lessons.
End of Grading Period Awards Program to recognize the
students that had done an outstanding job in the area of
behavior. Students that received awards were surprised
with an invitation to a surprise lunch and awarded extra
“money” to shop in the rewards store.
Participation in a special Thanksgiving Feast provided by
Participation in school wide clubs including 5000 Role
Models, Student Council, Green Patrol, and Chorus.
The E/BD staff at Howard Drive looks forward to the second
half of the 2014-2015 school year as they plan to see their
students continue to grow socially, behaviorally and
By: Ms. Deborah Davis, Behavior Management Teacher
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter
Clinical/Beahvioral Services
Winter 2015 Newsletter