Short Dialogue Writing

Writing 2203
April 13, 2015
Write a short dialogue (in about 150 words)
between you and a friend about the dangers of
the internet.
Write a short dialogue (in about 100 words) between two friends about the evils of
addiction to television.
Ayan : TV has now become a part of our life.
Arka : But have you ever thought about the evils of addiction to TV?
Ayan : Of course. Too much watching TV causes great harm to the people.
Arka : It affects the eyesight.
Ayan : It also makes us unsocial. We cannot attend our guests properly because of our
addiction to TV.
Arka : Sometimes TV shows thrillers and crimes that lead our young generation to
imitate it.
Ayan : Sometimes vulgar scenes full of sex and violence displayed on TV tell upon the
tender minds.
Arka : Above all, addiction to TV hampers the studies of the students.
Ayan : So we must be discrete in watching TV.
Arka : I also think so.
Include a cartoon depiction related to
the overall implications of the