Assembly Instructions for Teepee

Assembly Instructions for Teepee
Thank you for purchasing your Teepee from Cyber Checkout
Ltd, please read these instructions carefully so you fully
understand how to erect the teepee before you start.
Firstly make sure you have lots of space to lay out all the parts,
arrange the parts on the ground and put them into their own
groups. To avoid any risk of suffocation to animals or children
dispose of any plastic bags immediately.
Very Important Safety Instructions
Please note this tent is shower proof not waterproof and not a permanent
fixture. The teepee should be taken down and stored away after use.
The teepee is not manufactured for use in very windy conditions, nor
should you leave out in strong wind.
Please follow instructions below for storing away.
Store your teepee 100% dry to prevent mould from damaging the fabric.
Be very careful when removing the poles from the sleeves to avoid
damage to the seams
If the fabric gets dirty wait until the dirt is completely dry, then brush off
using a soft bristle brush. Using a cloth soaked in warm water is
acceptable but never use detergents as they can damage the water
protection of the fabric.
Clean off dirt from all parts before storing away, this will help to erect the
teepee next time, and prolong the life of the parts.
Do not pull up the tent pegs by holding the guy ropes or fabric fittings,
use your hand on the top of the peg to pull out of the ground.
When dismantling the teepee, follow the instructions in reverse
Do not smoke or allow smoking in or around the teepee
There is no cooking area within the teepee
Do not store bbq’s or gas cookers inside the teepee to avoid potential
Erect the teepee far away from camp fires, we recommend at least 10
meters from naked flames
To help getting the teepee up quickly, take time to practice pitching and
dismantling. Make sure the ground is level and free from sharp objects
and debris which could damage the ground sheet.
Keep the teepee well ventilated to avoid condensation, our teepees have
a front and rear opening to allow good air circulation
To preserve your teepees water resistance and prolong its lifespan, the
outside should be regularly treated with a sealant. (There are many good
sealants on the market).
Assembly Instructions
Stage 1 – Erecting the teepee centre pole
1. Select the area you want to erect the teepee, make sure it is
on flat ground away from sharp debris which could harm
the fabric or ground sheet.
2. Open teepee bag and take everything out.
3. Erect the tent pole as shown. See fig.1.
Stage 2 – Pegging Down
If the ground is hard it would be helpful to use a rubber mallet,
having a friend to help you at this stage would be really useful!
Before you start, make sure the teepee door is zipped up before
pegging into the ground.
1. Lay the teepee (A) on the ground with the top side
uppermost (see fig.3.)
2. Use the clips around the edge of the teepee to connect or
separate the ground sheet (see fig.2.)
3. Secure the teepee (A) by pegging the corners into the
ground using pegs as shown in fig.4.
Stage 3 – Erecting the Teepee
1. Unzip the teepee door
2. Remove the cap from the central tent pole as shown in fig. 5
3. Push the top of the tent pole through the eyelet on the roof
of the teepee and then place the cap back onto the tent pole
4. Now you can lift the tent pole to raise the teepee. The pole
must be placed on the ground in the centre of the teepee.
5. Place the pole base on the centre of the ground sheet
directly under the pointed roof of the teepee and lower the
tent pole into the base carefully. (fig.6)
Stage 4 – Pegging Down
Peg the guy ropes into the ground using a rubber mallet if
the ground is hard, to secure the teepee.
The guy ropes can be adjusted using the adjustment
clasp as shown in fig. 7
Remove any slack from the guy rope by using the clasp
and sliding towards the tent.
Do not over tighten the ropes as this can damage the
teepee structure
Stage 5 – Teepee Features
1. You can have the windows open in two ways. First way is
to open the first zip only to allow for the window to be
opened half way. The 2nd way is to open the 2nd zip and roll
up the window and secure the window using the loops.
(fig.8 & 9)
Stage 6 – Using your Teepee
1 Always zip up the doors and close the windows when you
leave the teepee
2 When rolling up the door, make sure you turn it inwards so
that it doesn’t collect water.
3 Use this product carefully, look after your teepee and it will
prolong it’s life