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All plant material subject to availability &
pricing due to unforeseeable &
uncontrollable reasons
Trees & shrubs carry a 100% warranty
with receipt & product for the growing
season ( April to October)
All plant sizes are approximate guidelines
All tree and shrub heights & widths are approximate guidelines.
Various environmental conditions and care contribute to mature size.
100% guaranteed for the first growing season (May - October) with proper care &
Notable Fall Colour
Requires Pollinator
*Image varieties are noted in italicized font
APPLE (Malus)
$59.99 & up
Requires a pollinator
(pollinator must be a different variety, can be ornamental crab, apple, applecrab)
Combination ($89.99): Hardi Mac, Harcourt,
Haralson, Honey Crips & Parkland all grafted onto one tree!
Use: All purpose apples
Ripens late August -September
3-5m tall x 3-5m
Gemini: Crisp, juicy, sweet apple; red over pale yellow
Use: Fresh eating, can store well into the new year!
Ripens late August
5m tall x 5m
Winter Cheeks: Crisp, juicy . Red & yellow skin
Use: Excellent fresh eating, cooking & storage
Ripens Mid September
5m tall x 5m wide
Dwarf Apple Trees
Prairie hardy apples grafted onto a dwarf root stock, this
limits the overall tree height to 10’-12’ making for easier
harvest. Fruit size remains the same as regular variety but
they will bear fruit earlier. These are ideal for small
Available varieties
Goodland: A tried and true apple, yellow with pink blush
Use: All purpose apple with excellent storage
Ripens Late September
5m tall x 4m wide
Norkent: Red w/orange stripes similar to golden
delicious, crisp & juicy
Use: Fresh easting, baking.
Ripens late August
5m tall x 4m wide
Norland: Mainly red with green streaks, heavy producer
Use: Good fresh eating, cooking & storage
Ripens mid September
5m tall x 5m
Parkland: Greenish yellow with red streaking
Use: Great eating & cooking apple, good storage
Ripens late August
5m tall x 4m
Prairie Magic: Red blush on yellow skin, crisp & juicy
Use: Fresh eating
Ripens mid September
Feed your tree
it will feed
5m tall x 4m
Cross Pollination is the transfer of pollen
between 2 flowers of genetically distinct plants.
Two named varieties of the same species must be
planted relatively (150 m.) close for successful
Pollination can be hampered by cool wet
weather or temperatures that are too high as well
as a lack of pollinating insects (keep this in mind
when applying insecticides around your yard).
All fruit that require another variety within the
species for pollinations are designated with this
Requires a pollinator (pollinator must be a different
variety; ornamental crab, apple or crabapple)
Small Fruit
1 gallon $9.99 & up
2 gallon $22.99 & up
Trail: Yellow skin with slight red overlay, great sweet
flavour, one of the heaviest producers & best crabapples
Use: Fresh eating, cooking & very good storage
Ripens mid September
5m tall x 5 m wide
A few apple tree pruning tips
Prune in early spring or late fall while tree is
dormant to reduce bleeding of sap.
Remove suckers from tree base that grow
from graft area and branches that are
crossing over, rubbing and face downwards.
Equip yourself with good quality, sharp
pruners, lopper or blades. (Use the proper
tool for the branch size) . Make sure your
pruners are properly sterilized prior to use,
this can be done with bleach & water or
rubbing alcohol & water.
Remove competing leaders to have 1
dominant leader as well as any upward
growing interior branches.
Apply pruning spray or paste after removing
branches (this prevents insects & diseases
from settling in the fresh exposed wood)
Some small fruits require a pollinator of another variety
to produce, please be sure to ask our staff if the
product you are buying requires a pollinator. Some fruits
can cross pollinate with each other like
cherries and plums, be sure to ask about your
options. Pollination is designated with the bee
symbol in our catalogue.
Requires a pollinator; plum, cherry plum, nanking
cherry and western sandcherry
Compass: Red fruit, yellow flesh, excellent for canning,
jams, jellies & fresh eating.
Sapalta: Deep purple-red skin & flesh, good for canning &
Ripens mid September
1-2m tall x 1-2m wide
PLUM (Prunus)
Early varieties
Brookgold: Yellow skin & yellow flesh
Late Varieties:
Brookred: Large; red skin & orange flesh
Pembina: Large; red skin, gold flesh
Combo Plum: 3 - 5 varieties of plums on 1 tree
(Brookgold, Brookred, Opata,Tecumseh, Pembina.) No
pollinator required.
5m tall x 4m wide
Mary Liss: White flowers, showy bark, sour edible cherries
good for juice & jelly. Attracts
3-9m tall x 1.5-3m wide
1 Gallon $9.99 / Bare root $1.99 ea.
Jersey Knight: Male hybrid, produces 2-4 times more
spears than female. Pick up one of our FREE asparagus
planting brochures with your purchase
Hinnomaki Red: Large red sweet berries, jams & pies
Pixwell: Small pink berries, preserves & wine
Thoresen: Pale green fruit
1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
GOJI BERRY (Wolfberries)
Blueberries live in naturally acidic soil, peat moss is required
at planting for success. Fertilize with an acidic sulphur based
North Blue: Large blue fruit, great in preserves
North Country: Wild flavour, early & very productive
Northland: Med. dark blue fruit, baking & jam. High yields
North Sky: Small very sweet fruit, heavy yields
CHERRY (Prunus)
Nanking (black & white require red for pollination)
2m tall x 2m wide
Black: Slightly larger deep purple fruit, fresh eating & jelly
Red: Bright red juicy fruit, fresh eating & jelly
White: Larger very sweet white fruit, fresh eating & jelly
Dwarf Sour Cherries (self pollinating)
1.5-2.5m tall X 1.5-2.5m wide
Carmine Jewel: Deep red fruit, pies, jellies & jams
Crimson Passion: Highest sugar content, dark red good
for fresh eating, heavy producing. Larger fruit
Cupid: Large dark red-black fruit, firm texture. Good for
canning, slightly later producing. Larger fruit
Evans: Bright red fruit, heavy producing, good for making
preserves. Suckers
3-3.5m tall & wide
Juliet: High sugar content makes it excellent for fresh
eating, vigorous. Available in shrub & tree form.
Romeo: Dark red fruit good for fresh eating and
processing, an excellent juicer
Valentine: Bright red fruit, good for pies and processing
* a few varieties are available in tree form
Ben Conan: Black fruit, high yielding good for jams,
jellies, and pies
3m tall x 3m wide
Goji Berry: A native fruit from Asia, has amazing nutritional
properties. Lavender star shaped blooms and orange/red fruit
2.5m tall x 2.5m wide
GRAPES (Vitis)
Beta: Blue-black fruit, excellent for juice & jelly
Eona: A sweet white grape good for wine making
*requires a pollinator
Frontenac: Reddish-purple large clusters of highly acidic &
high sugar content berries, great for making wine
Severnji: Vigorous plant with sweet red berries good for
wine, juice, jam & fresh eating. *requires a pollinator
Valiant: Prolific producer of blue fruit good for wine, juice &
jelly, slightly earlier maturing
Borealis: Large blue sweet fruit, fresh eating, jams & jellies
Cinderella: Considered the best for fresh eating & jams
Indigo Gem: Sweet, slightly chewy, fresh eating
(Currant x Gooseberry)
Thornless shrub producing dark purple-black skin & clear
flesh. Sweet yet tart berries are good for fresh eating,
jams & jelly
0.5-1m tall x 0.5-1m wide
1 Gal. $9.99/bare root 5 for $14.99
F: floricane: produces fruit on last years cane , summer
P: Primocane: produces fruit on current years cane, fall
Aubin Black: Tasty black raspberries, heavy producing
Boyne (F): Early–mid season. Sweet, dark red berries
Double Delight (P): Large sweet & tangy fruit
Fall Gold: Large sweet & juicy, produce summer & fall
Nova: Very hardy, produces late season sweet, large
1 Gal.$9.99
Canada Red: One of the sweetest varieties, heavy producer
of shorter more slender stalks. Produces few seed stalks
Valentine: High yields of thick, long, sweet red stalks,
produces few to no seed stalks
Rhubarb are heavy feeders and prefer a soil high in
organic matter. Top dress your rhubarb annually with
Sea Soil compost to maintain good production.
Honeywood: Vigorous, exceptional quality, large fruit, fresh
eating & baking
Northline: Wonderful flavour and large berries, outstanding
productivity. Fresh eating, pies & jams
Pembina: Excellent tangy sweet flavour, ripens evenly.
Fresh eating, pies & jams
Smokey: Sweet, full flavoured berries, heavy yields. Fresh
eating pies & jams
2-5m tall x 1-2m wide
6 pack $9.99
Kent: June bearing. Produces large, bright red fruit in late
June early July, high yielding
Fort Laramie: Ever bearing, high quality, high yielding
sweet large berries. Produces runners
What is so great about blue fruit?
The health benefits these tasty little morsels hold in their rich blue/purple
pigments are amazing. High in antioxidants (substance that inhibits
oxidation to our bodies) & have the capability to enhance our immune
systems. They contain high volumes of vitamin C, Iron & Carotene as well
as small amounts of many other vitamins & nutrients that we benefit from.
These attributes help aid the body in fending off cancer, heart disease,
stroke & many other physical illness that can occur in our everyday lives.
Not only do they taste great...they are berry good for you!
BLUEBERRIES: All season interest in the yard. Spring blossoms, glossy
green foliage, berries in summer & vibrant red fall foliage. From 12” in
height up to 4 feet they can be placed in the landscape for beautification &
function. Blueberries require an acidic soil, amend your soil with peat moss
to lower the pH at planting. Plant 2 different varieties to receive optimal
yields. Great for baking, jams & jellies, syrups and fresh eating right off of
the shrub.
HONEYBERRY: Honeyberry is gaining in popularity, the shrub stands from
3’-7’ tall making for easy harvest. Honeyberry require a 2nd variety for
pollination. The blooms can handle down to –7°C making them ideal for our
infrequent spring weather. One of the earlierst fruiting shrubs with fruit
developing in late May to early June. What to do with a honeyberry? Use
them in a variety of ways including pies, jams & jellies, sauces, baking,
wine & many more possibilities. Honeyberries store well in the freezer.
SASKATOON: Medium to large shrub (5-15 feet) that area member if the
rose family. This prairie native is quite adaptable to various soils and
climatic conditions. This self pollinating shrub us
cold hardy and should be planted in a full sun
Blooms in May or early June, you will receive a
higher yield
Developed out of the University of Saskatchewan by
breeding Mongolian Cherry (Prunus fruticosa) with
Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus) to create a wonderful
fruit that is adapted to our harsh climate. Bloom mid
to late May & are self pollinating.
Prairie hardy cherries hold some great health
benefits , high in vitamin contents and anti-oxidants.
They contain compounds and pigments said to aid in
fighting cancer, suppressing heart disease and inhibit
tumour development. They also aid in relieving the
pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout & headaches. And
they taste great!
Trees & Shrubs Warranty
Zone hardy trees and shrubs will come with a
100% in season warranty. This falls from date of
purchase until October 31st of the current year.
If your product fails to successfully grow in the
growing season with proper care provided we will
replace it 100%, one time only. Your receipt
must be accompanied by the failed plant (root
system intact) for warranty to be carried out. The
warranty value is the value paid at the time of
purchase and is only valid on trees and shrubs
We do not replace against; poor planting
technique, vandalism, accidental breakage,
negligence, lack of maintenance, damages caused
by animals, insects, or natural disasters as these are
all out of our care and control.
Shelter Belt Material
These products are available in bare root or in a 6”
soil plug and carry NO WARRANTY. There are various
factors to consider when planting a shelterbelt; snow
catch, wind break, noise reduction etc. talk to one of
our staff to help select what's right for you. Be sure
to pick up our shelterbelt brochure for planting and
care instructions.
Amur Maple 12”
$3.49 each
Manitoba Maple 12-24”
$3.49 each
Assiniboine Poplar 4’
$7.99 each
Okanese Poplar
$3.49 each
No warranty on hardy plant material planted in
containers or above ground patio planters. Cedars,
tender roses, hobby garden plants, bare root,
Alpine currant 1 Gal.
$9.99 each
annuals and perennials to not carry a warranty.
Common Lilac 12”-18”
$3.49 each
Common caragana 12-18”
$3.49 each
Cotoneaster 12” - 18”
$3.49 each
Black Hills Spruce
$3.49 each
Scotch Pine
$3.49 each
Wind velocity
Effects of wind speed
over 10x insignificant
X= maximum height
of tallest tree
Reduced wind speed 10 mph
Snow accumulation area
Between 1x
5x maximum
from the wind
Protect you evergreens with Wilt Pruf®
anti-transpirant. Guards against moisture
loss and stress from transplant, wind
burn, drought and winter kill. Your new
evergreens will love you for it!
Brandon: Tall slender shape, dark green foliage. Shear to
retain desired height & shape.
3-6m tall x 1-1.5m wide
Danica: Compact dwarf, rich, deep green foliage, globe
shape. 0.75m tall x 0.75m wide
Holmstrup: Short, compact upright cedar, bright green
foliage. 1.5m tall x 0.9m wide
Little Giant: Dwarf globe cedar with very dense rich green
foliage. 0.8m tall x 0.8m wide
Skybound: Very hardy pyramidal cedar with rich green
foliage. 5m tall x 1.25m wide
Techney: Burn resistant! Dark green, with a broad
pyramidal form. 4-5m tall x 1.25-2.5m wide
Technito: A compact dense form of the hardy Techney,
deep green foliage. 2m tall x .8m wide
Wareana: Large dense globe shape with coarse deep
green foliage. 2-2.5m tall x 1.5m-2m wide
Woodward: Globe cedar with dense rich green foliage,
tolerates full sun, requires little trimming. A better selection
for hedging.
1-1.25m tall x 1m wide
JUNIPER (upright)
Medora: Hardy, dense cone shape, blue foliage. Great
alternative to cedar, shears. 3m tall x 1.25 m wide.
Witchita Blue: Light silver blue foliage, requires
shearing. 3.6m tall x 1.75m wide
Blue Sparkler: Blue green needles in a compact globule
form. Slow growing. 1-3 m tall x 1-3 m wide
Horstmann’s Recurved: A small specimen tree with
contorted branches. Golden needles in the fall.
Siberian: Soft green needles change to golden yellow in the
fall prior to shedding. 15m tall x 6m wide
Weeping: Soft green needles, uniquely cascading branches,
golden fall colour. (size dependant upon staking)
Big Tuna: A wide spreading dense pine with an oval habit.
5m tall x 3m wide
Dwarf Mugo: Bright green needles are retained all year
round. Remains smaller with annual pruning. Showy brown
candles. 1.5m tall x 1.75 m wide
Mugo Pine: Deep green needles, requires annual shearing
to maintain shorter height.
1.5m-5m tall x 1.5-3m wide
Slowmound: A true dwarf variety with deep green needles.
Mounding, no shearing required. 0.6m tall x 1m wide
JUNIPER (spreading)
Blue Chip: Low mounding blue needled branches that
radiate form the center. 0.3m tall x 1.5m wide
Calgary Carpet: Dense, soft, bright green with
attractive horizontal branching. 0.6m tall x 1.5m wide
Hughes: Silvery blue spreading juniper, popular
selection. 0.4m tall x 1.5m wide
Icee Blue: Intense silver blue, soft, mat forming
juniper. Forms an outdoor carpet like look! 0.15m tall x
2m wide
Skandia: Soft green foliage, low compact spreader.
0.6m tall x 1.5m wide
Bennettes Columnar: Rich blue green needles 8m
tall x 2.5m wide
Big Blue Mound Swiss: Dense round form w/ blue
green needles, rock garden shrub. 1m tall x 1m wide
Big Blue Swiss Stone: Plump columnar habit. 2m tall
x 1m wide in 10 years
Blue Shag: Dense mounded habit, blue green needles.
Rock garden plant. 1.5m tall x 1.5 m wide
Columnar Scots: Narrow habit with blue green
foliage. 9m tall x 3m wide
Columnar Swiss: An excellent vertical accent , green
foliage. 10m tall x 4 m wide
Dwarf Blue Swiss: Smooth dark grey bark & silvery
blue needles.
4m tall x 2m wide
Green Globe Scots: Uniform compact green needles.
1m tall x 2m wide.
Green Penguin: Dense dwarf scotch pine with bright green
needles. Slow growing 2”-3” per year. 1.25m tall x .5m wide
Hillside Creeper: A spreading & trailing shrub, creeps along
the ground & cascade over walls. .5m tall x 2-3m wide
Louis Swiss: Golden yellow needles that remain all season
long. 8m tall x 4m wide
Mini Mound: Dark green needles & mounding habit. 3”
growth per year. 1.25m tall x 1 m wide
Ponderosa: Large irregular crown, 3”-5” cones. 10-15m tall
x 9-10 wide
Scots Topiary: Requires annual pruning to maintain desired shape. Height is dependant on pruning.
Swiss Stone: Smooth bark and blue green needles, a slow
growing pine that thrives in Manitoba conditions. 13m tall x
4m wide
Scotch: Fast growing pine with copper coloured bark, long
bluish green needles. 13m tall x 6m wide
Weeping Swiss Stone: Pendulous branches reaching to
the ground. Height is dependant upon staking.
Individually priced
Baby Blue: Intense blue needles and nice pyramidal
form 15m tall x 6m wide
Bakeri: Dwarf blue pyramidal spruce, only grows 2”-3”
per year. 7- 10m tall x 3-6m wide
Bird’s Nest: Low growing, dense, flat top evergreen,
ideal for rock gardens & borders. 0.6m tall x 1.5m wide
Black Hills: Dense pyramidal form with soft, short ,
dark green to blue needles. Hardiest spruce for our
region. 15m tall x 7m wide
Columnar Iseli Blue: Narrow, upright blue spruce,
good for foundation plantings. 6m tall x 2m wide
Globe Blue: Dwarf spruce with blue needles. A compact
mounded form. 1.25m tall x 1.5m wide
Globe Blue Standard: A beautiful compact blue
spruce grafted to a standard trunk. Height depends on
height of graft.
Montgomery Blue: Broad evergreen, dwarf compact
round shape, slow growing. Great specimen tree.
2m tall x 2m wide
Ohlendorffi: Dwarf conical/mounding form & irregular
shape. Unique accent plant. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Pauls select: A unique blue colour for a Norway
spruce, very pyramidal form. Moderate growth rate.
3-4m tall x 2-3m wide
Select Blue: Intense silver blue, good specimen tree or
windbreak tree. 19m tall x 7.5m wide
Weeping Norway: Pendulous branches of rich green,
makes a great specimen tree. Can be trained to desired
height and shape with staking.
Evergreens & winter
Winter injury can generally be attributed to one of three factors:
desiccation, freezing and breakage. The breakage of limbs is usually
due to a combination of ice, snow or wind. Ice and snow can create
substantial weight on branches, causing even large, strong branches
to break. Branches covered in ice become very brittle and can snap if
bent the wrong way.
Desiccation refers to the drying of foliage, which is one reason why
evergreen trees and shrubs experience winter browning. Evergreens
continually transpire water from their needles, but roots are unable to
replace that lost water if the ground is frozen. This is why it is
extremely important for your evergreens to be watered regularly
going into freeze up.
A burlap barrier can be placed around your tree or shrub, place
stakes a few inches away from the plant and attach the burlap to the
stakes. Do not wrap burlap directly onto plant.
You can also purchase a product called Wilt Pruf, an anti-desiccant
that is applied to the needles just before freezing that prevents the
needles from moisture loss.
Morden Yew: A hardy yew that originated in Brandon!
Deep green throughout the year.
1.5m tall x 1m wide
Starting at $59.99 & up
Mancana (black): Seedless selection, dense oval canopy.
Tolerant to a range of soils & drought or excessive moisture.
Also known as Manchurian. 12m tall x 6m wide
Northern Gem (black): Black ash x Mancana ash, few
seeds. Developed in Morden MB. 12m tall x 5m wide
Northern Treasure (black): Mancana x Fallgold, Oval
canopy, developed in Morden MB. 12m tall x 6m wide
Prairie Spire (green): Shiny green foliage appears earlier
than most ash. Selected for cold hardiness and survival under
harsh conditions. 16m tall x 6m wide
Paper: Attractive native tree, brown bark changes white &
papery with maturity. Gold fall colour.
10m tall x 6m wide
Clump Paper: Multi paper birch trunks combined for a full
tree. Golden fall colour. 10m tall x 8m wide
Crimson Frost: Purple leaves, tolerant of heavy soils.
Exfoliating bark turns white with cinnamon hue.
8m tall x 6 m wide
Cutleaf Weeping: Graceful drooping branches with fine
lacy foliage, likes moisture. White bark & golden fall colour. 13m tall x 6m wide
Dakota Pinnacle: Columnar selection of Asian white
birch, resistant to bronze birch borer. Ideal for privacy
screens. 10m tall x 3 m wide
Parkland Pillar: Tight columnar form.
Young’s Weeping: Distinctive weeping form, no central
leader. Prune to shape. 5m tall x 4m wide
Expedition: High resistance to D.E.D. Dark foliage and
umbrella shaped crown. 15m tall x 12m wide
Triumph: D.E.D resistance, a strong hybrid with excellent
pest resistance and strong branching. 20m tall x 20m wide
Black Walnut: Large compound leaves & edible nuts.
Suitably adapted to well drained, sheltered locations. Light
yellow fall colour. 14m tall x 9m wide
Goldrush Amur: White blooms in spring, black fruit in
summer & bronze peeling bark in winter. 8m tall x 6m wide
Goldspur Amur: Dwarf selection of Amur cherry, gold bark.
Berries attract birds. 5m tall x 3m wide
Gladiator: Tight upright form & purple leaves, pink
blooms. Good disease resistance. 6m tall x 3m wide
Purple Spire: Outstanding compact columnar form &
purple foliage. Pink flowers in spring. 5m tall x 2m wide
Royal Beauty: Weeping form, pink flowers & red bronze
leaves. Small, red, retained fruit. 3m tall x 3m wide
Royalty: One of the best purple foliage forms available,
deep pink blooms & purple fruit. 5m tall x 5m wide
Spring Snow: Fragrant white blooms and glossy green
foliage. Does not produce fruit. 8m tall x 5m wide
Thunderchild: Oval crown & bronze leaves turn deep
purple in growing season, pink blooms & small red fruit.
6m tall x 5m wide
Can be used to pollinate eating apples & crab
Large tree native to Manitoba. Tolerant of a variety of soils,
ideal for parks, large yards & boulevards. Corky rough bark
& light yellow fall foliage. 16m tall x 16m wide
American Basswood: Large dark leaves, broad crown.
Adaptable to many soil conditions. 17m tall x 11m wide
Dropmore: Dark green foliage & dense pyramidal form.
Creamy blossoms, near perfect form! 10m tall x 6m wide
Golden Cascade: Arching branch habit, spectacular golden
yellow fall colour. 12m tall x 8m wide
Harvest Gold: Exfoliating bark & great golden fall colour,
resistant to sunscald & leaf spot. 11m tall x 7m wide
Amur Tree Form: Beautiful feature tree for small yards,
brilliant reds & oranges in fall. 5-6m tall x 4 m wide
Royal Crown Amur Maple: An alkali resistant selection from
U of M. Rounded Canopy.
6m tall x 5m wide.
Silver Cloud: Dense, upright, oval crown & symmetrical
branching. Beautiful gold fall colour. 12-18m tall x 8m wide
Blackhawk: Upright rounded form, best resistance to
sunscald. Deep green foliage, white blooms, larger orange
berries & red fall foliage. 8m tall x 6m wide
Russian: Adapts well to most soils, tiny red fruit and upright
pyramidal form. 8m tall x 5m wide
* A great tree for all season interest. Attracts birds!
Burr: Large slow growing native species. Tolerant of drought.
Produces acorns, long lived. 18m tall x 10-12m wide
Shooting Star Northern Pin Oak: Glossy bristled leaves
that turn deep red in fall, slow growing & tolerant of alkaline
soils. 18m tall x 12m wide
Lace Willow: A graceful refined tree with sweeping
branches, yellow fall foliage. 10m tall x 9 m wide
Prairie Cascade (10 Gal $119.99): Graceful, weeping gold
branches. Hardiest for the prairies. 12m tall x 9m wide
Silky White: Bronze branches host silver grey foliage. Fast
growing & great for shelterbelts. 16m tall x 10m wide
Ohio Buckeye: A handsome tree with a rounded canopy
changing orange-red in the fall. Beautiful spires of creamy
white blooms, spikey seed pods open to release shiny
brown nuts that attract wildlife. 12m tall x 19m wide
Russian: Almost black bark contrasts with silver foliage that
remains late into the fall. Amazing spicy fragrance in June. Fast
growing & salt tolerant. 4-6m tall x 3m wide
CARAGANA: Specimen tree with unique winter interest
Globe: Compact bright green. Globe Caragana is grafted
onto a common Caragana standard trunk. Yellow blooms
Pygmy: Compact with fine textured foliage, grafted onto a
common Caragana trunk. Gold blooms
Walker Weeping: Soft green fern like foliage on arching
branches gives this plant elegance. Yellow blooms
Common Weeping: Cascading branches of bright green
leaves & yellow blooms
Assiniboine: Seedless, strong branching. 16m tall x 5m wide
Tower: Fast growing columnar form. 6-9m tall x 1-2m wide
Prairie Sky: Fast growing & long lived . 15m tall 3-4m wide
Skyfest: Seedless cottonwood, highly disease resistant.
24m tall x 9m wide
Limelight: White blooms emerge green & change white.
LILAC: Prune right after bloom to maintain next years
PEAR (ornamental)
Miss Kim: A late blooming purple-blue flowers.
Dwarf Korean (little Leaf): Small leaves form a very
dense habit, lavender pink blooms
Double Flowering Plum: Dbl. pink blooms in spring
NINEBARK: Prune after bloom to maintain desired shape
Diablo: Clusters of flowers in spring, peeling brown & tan
bark. Prune to shape
Centerglow: Burgundy and chartreuse leaves.
Mountain Frost: Fragrant white blooms in spring &
outstanding rainbow of fall colour. Glossy green leaves. Can
be used to pollinate edible pears. Long lived.
6m tall x 5m wide
Ivory Silk Japanese: Compact, oval canopy with fragrant, ivory blooms in spring. Cherry like bark adds winter
interest. Nice feature tree. Ideal for small yards.
4-6m tall x 2-3m wide
* Grafted onto approximate trunk height of 1.25m. The trunk will not increase in
height, only girth. Height will come from the top portion of the tree. Prune
to maintain desired shape & remove growth around the base of the tree
Muckle: Dark green foliage turning orangey red in fall.
Red buds give way to rosy pink single bloom in spring,
ideal for small yards 4m tall x 3 m wide
Newport: Rich purple foliage in summer, & delicate
sweet scented light pink blooms in early spring. 5m tall
x 7 m wide
Princess Kay: Double, soft white blooms appear before
foliage, red fall colour. Tolerates poor soil conditions and
drought. Good pollinator for fruiting plums.
4-5m tall x 3-5 m wide
Shrubs 2 Gal $22.99 & up
Carol Mackie: Green & ivory variegated foliage. Light pink
blooms in spring, well drained soil. 1m tall x 1.25m wide
Concorde®: Dwarf dense shrub with deep purple &
plum foliage. 0.6m tall x 1m wide
Rose Glow: Variegated white, pink & burgundy foliage.
Bright red fall colour & berries. 1m tall x 1m wide
Sunsation: Bright golden-lime foliage all season, new
growth emerges orange. Rainbow fall display. 1m tall x
1m wide (barberries have amazing fall foliage!)
Trost’s Dwarf Birch: Fern like foliage, golden fall colour. A
unique specimen plant or perennial backdrop.
1-1.25m tall x 1-1.25m wide
Dwarf Turkestan: Fine leaves turn bright pinkish-red in fall.
Pink & orange blooms in late summer. 1m tall x 1m wide
Winged Burning Bush: Deep green leaves turn brilliant
red in fall, corky ribbed bark & red fruit. 1m tall x 1m
Cotoneaster: Excellent hedging shrub can be pruned to
formalize. Small glossy dark green leaves have fantastic
orange-red fall colour. Small white flowers give way to dark
blue berries that attract birds. 2m tall x 2m wide
2 Gal. $22.99
Alpine: Excellent for hedging. Yellow-bonze fall foliage.
Good disease resistance. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Golden: Clove scented blooms, attracts bees and
hummingbirds. 1-2m tall x 2.5 m wide
2 Gal. $22.99
Globe: Green, globe shaped shrub with yellow flowers.
Good for hedges. 0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
Pygmy: Fine foliage & yellow blooms. Good in hot & dry
conditions, resistant to salts. 0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
Silver Spires (Mongolian): Lacy silver foliage with upright
arching habit. 1.5m tall x 3m wide
Sutherland: Upright columnar form, very hardy and
drought tolerant. 4m tall x 2.5m wide
2Gal. $22.99
Arctic Fire: Green foliage, white blooms & red branches.
Burgundy in the fall. 1m-1.5m tall x 1-1.5m wide
Ivory Halo®: Soft green leaves edged in white, white
blooms & red branches. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Kelsey Dwarf: Green globe shaped shrub, red branches &
white flowers. 1m tall x 1m wide
Kesselringii: Deep green foliage turns red-purple in fall,
white fruit & deep purple branches. 2m tall x 2m wide
Morden Amber: Yellow foliage contrasts with red stems,
white blooms & yellow fall foliage. 2.5m tall x 2.5m wide
Pucker Up: Compact, glossy uniquely puckered leaves on
red branches. 1m tall x 1.5m wide
Silver Charm: Slow growing with silver variegated leaves.
Dense habit. 1m tall x 1.5m wide
Silver & Gold: Green leaves, irregular edge & creamy
white margin, yellow branches. 2m tall x 1.75m wide
2 Gal. $22.99
Black Beauty: Dark purple finely cut foliage with soft pink lacy
blooms in spring. 2-3m tall x 2-3m wide
Morden Golden Glow: Foliage emerges chartreuse and ages
to green leaving a 2 toned effect. 2m tall x 1.5m wide
Sutherland Gold: Red berries.
3m tall x 1.5m wide
2 Gal. $22.99
Fiesta: Dwarf version, bright yellow flowers before foliage.
1m tall x 1m wide
Northern Gold: Bright yellow flowers appear prior to
green leaves. 2m tall x 1.5m wide
$22.99 & up
Annabelle: Large long lasting flowers in July emerge lime
green & turn white. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Bella Anna®: First pink Annabelle hydrangea. Rose pink
blooms in July. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Incrediball®: A variant of Annabelle, produces 12” white
blooms on sturdy stems. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Invincibelle Spirit®: Produces smaller pink blooms from
early summer to frost. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Limelight®: Flowers emerge lime changing to white &
hints of pink in fall, Red fall foliage. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Little Lamb®: Dwarf selection of Limelight, loads of white
panicles with a pink hue in fall. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Pinky Winky®: Long panicles of cream flowers turn to dark
pink. Sturdy branches. 2m tall x 2m wide
Quickfire®: One of the first to bloom, this paniculata
blooms white and rapidly turns pink. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Sundae Fraise: A compact paniculata flowing in white
flushed with pink that darkens with time. Red stems and
green leaves. 1.5m wide x 1-2m wide.
Vanilla Strawberry®: Enormous flower panicles are a
blend of strawberry pink and white. Stems have a red hue on
new growth. 1.5m wide x 1.5m tall
Hydrangea are slower to bud out in the spring, give
them time!
Ask us on how and when to prune your hydrangea.
AMERICAN HYBRID: Bloom earlier than French hybrids,
typically have bronze fall foliage.
Pocahontas: Single violet blooms. 3.5m tall x 3.5m wide
FRENCH HYBRID: May blooming, suckering variety that
are great for hedges
Beauty of Moscow: Panicles of double pale pink blooms
changing to white. 2.5m tall x 1.75m wide
Charles Joly: Double deep red-purple blooms
2.5m tall x 1.75m wide
Sensation: Deep violet blooms finely edged in white.
3m tall x 3m wide
Miss Kim: Lavender purple flowers with very nice
burgundy-purple fall foliage. 2.5m tall x 1.5m wide
PRESTON: Hardy non-suckering variety with leathery
leaves & spicy fragrance. Star flower shape, June blooming
Minuet: Light pink blooms. 2.5m tall X 1.5m wide
Miss Canada: Bright pink blooms. 2.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Royalty: Violet purple blooms. 2.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Villosa: Late blooms of light pink. 2m tall x 1.5 m wide
Bloomerang®: Fragrant purple flowers that bloom in
spring & return in mid summer. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Charisma: Non-suckering very compact lilac, lavender
blooms. 1m tall x 1m wide
Dwarf Korean (Little Leaf): Pale lilac bloom with strong
fragrance in June & August. 1.5m-2m tall x 1.5-2m wide
Lilacs should be pruned directly after
Amur: Brilliant red-orange fall colour, can be pruned as a
small tree. 5m tall x 4m wide
Royal Crown: 3 clump stem, alkaline resistant selection. Red
- orange & purple fall foliage. 6m tall x 5m wide
Galahad: Compact with glossy green leaves, fragrant
single blooms in June. 1.5m tall x 1m wide
Golden: Chartreuse foliage, single white blooms.
1.25m tall x 1m wide
Snowbelle: Clusters of fully double pure white fragrant
blossoms. 1.25m tall x 1m wide
*Blooms on prior seasons growth, prune after blooming
Amber Jubilee®: New foliage emerges orange, a
colourful shrub. Purple fall colour.1.75m tall x 1.75m wide
Burgundy Candy: Burgundy foliage .5 m-1 m tall & wide
Center Glow®: Foliage emerges golden & quickly turns
burgundy. 1.75m tall x 1.75m wide
Coppertina®: New growth is attractive copper colour,
turning rich red in summer. 1.75m tall x 1.75m wide
Darts Gold: Golden foliage and white flower clusters,
ideal for contrast in shrub beds. 1.75m x 1.75m wide
Diablo®: Dark purple foliage & blush blooms.
2m tall x 2m wide
Lemon Candy: Chartreuse foliage persists from spring
until fall. White spring blooms. 1m tall x 1 m wide
Little Devil®: Compact burgundy shrub with smaller
leaves, creamy blooms. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Summer Wine®: More compact form of Diablo, slightly
smaller leaves. 1.5m tall x 1.5m wide
Plum (prunus ornamental)
Double Flowering: Large pink fully double blooms usually
cover the branches ahead of the foliage. Red-orange fall
colour. 2-3m tall x 2.5m wide
Flowering Almond: A compact shrub composed of shiny
narrow leaves. Single rose pink blooms appear in early
spring followed by a fuzzy brown fruit. 1.5m tall x 1.5 m
Abbotswood: Pure white single blooms, spreading
habit. 0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
Goldfinger: Dark green leathery leaves contrast golden
blooms all summer. 1m tall x 1m wide
Mango Tango: Two toned orange blooms are brighter
in cool weather & have yellow tones in heat. 0.6m tall x
0.6m wide
Pink Beauty: Semi double, clear pink blooms, bolder
colour in cool weather & whiter tones in heat. 1m tall x
1m wide
Yellow Gem: A low growing spreading dark green
ground cover and bright primrose blooms. 0.75m tall x
1m wide
Glow Girl: Lemon lime foliage (tor spirea) with creamy
Potentilla benefit from an annual pruning in the
fall or spring when the shrub is dormant. This will
keep your shrub nice and thick with nice shape.
Spirea benefit from a pruning in the fall or
spring when the shrub is dormant. This will
keep a nice shape to your shrub and you will
not have exposed tip kill showing throughout
the spring.
white blooms. 1m – 1.25 m tall & wide
Magic Carpet: Chartreuse foliage tipped in red & bronze.
Great fall colour and bright rose blooms make this a must
have shrub! 0.5m tall x 0.6m wide
Snowmound: Arching branches of tiny white blooms
(comparable to bridal veil or other garland varieties)
Shirobana: Small mounded habit with flat top flowers that
vary from white to pink to rose. Bronze fall colour. 0.8m
tall x 0.9m wide
Tor: Large scalloped round green leaves & clusters of white
flowers. A rainbow of fall colour. 0.6m tall x 0.6m wide
Purple Leaf: Showy purplish-red leaves all summer, tiny
soft pink blooms in early spring. Subject to winter tip kill but
grows back readily. 1.75m tall x 1.75m wide
Smooth: A native shrub with dark green foliage and
amazing red fall colour. Adapted to dry & poor soil
conditions. 3m tall x 3 m wide
Staghorn: An exotic looking shrub with branches
resembling velvety deer antlers. Produces 6”-12” hairy,
crimson drupes. Great fall colour. 4m tall x 4m wide
Tiger Eyes: A striking landscape plant, makes a
statement when mass planted. Split fern like foliage with
fall colour of yellow-red & orange. 1.25m tall
Sem False: Compact version of false spirea, creamy white
blooms & nice fall foliage. 1m tall X 1m wide
Darts Red: Dark blue green foliage & carmine pink
flower clusters. 0.9m tall x 1.25m wide
Flaming Mound: Flaming red foliage in spring, golden
in summer & red in the fall. Rich pink blooms.
0.6m tall x 0.6m wide
Fritschiana: Large green leaves with clusters of
fragrant white blooms. Rainbow of fall colour. 1m tall x
1m wide
Goldflame: Bronze-gold foliage in spring, yellow in
summer & red in fall. Pink blooms. 0.9m tall x 0.9m
Goldmound: Ball shaped golden shrub all summer with
light pink flower clusters. 0.75m tall x 0.75m wide
Little Princess: Green foliage & clusters of pink
flowers. Red fall colour. 0.75m tall x 0.75m wide
Dwarf European Cranberry: Dense round form great
for small beds & foundation planting. New growth is
tinged with crimson. 0.6m tall x 0.8m wide
Mohican Wayfaring Tree: Hardy & disease resistant.
Velvety deep green leaves & white spring blooms followed
by red fruit transitioning into black. Red & purple fall
foliage. 2m tall x 2m wide.
Snowball: Masses of snowball like creamy white flowers
in early summer. Red fall colour. 3m tall x 1.75m wide
Wentworth Cranberry: White spring flowers, a heavy
fruiting selection with large fruit ideal for preserves. Great
fall foliage . 3m tall x 1.75 m wide.
Viburnums are ideal for attracting birds & great
fall colour
WEIGELA (why-jee-la)
Midnight Wine: Deep purple
foliage & bright rose pink trumpet blooms. 0.5m tall x
0.6m wide
Minuet: Green foliage with bronze undertones, pink
trumpet flowers, blooms freely. 0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
My Monet: Green variegated foliage with a white margin
and pink overtones to the leaf. Fuchsia pink blooms. Great
patio plant. 0.3m tall x 0.3m wide
Red Prince: Rich green leaves & red tubular flowers that
resist fading in heat. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Rumba: Dark red flowers and rich green leaves. 0.9m
tall x 0.9m wide
Wine & Roses: Rich wine foliage and rose coloured
blossoms, often reblooms. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Autumn Revolution: Green rounded leaves. A self fertile
vine produces two tones orange berries that contrast
beautifully with golden fall foliage.
HYBRID: Large open faces blooms.
Listed are a few of the varieties we carry
Huldine: Pearly white 3-4” open faced blooms. Flowers
Jackmanii: 4-6” rich purple blooms
Niobe: Ruby red 4-6” open faced flowers with contrasting
yellow stamens. Blooms June-September
Radar Love: Yellow bell shaped blooms that appear mid
summer to late fall. Tufted seed heads in fall
Rouge Cardinal: Raspberry red 4-6” blooms from June to
Sweet Autumn: Masses of fragrant, white tiny flowers in
late summer & fluffy seed heads in fall. Very prolific
Ville De Lyon: Deep carmine edged petals fade to
magenta. 4-6” blooms from June-September
SPECIES: Smaller bell shaped blooms that take more
Bluebird: Semi double outward facing blue blooms in early
Blueboy: Nodding blue flowers from June to September.
Developed by Frank Skinner.
Alpina Ruby: Dusky mauve rose bell shaped blooms from
April to May followed by attractive seed heads.
Individually Priced
We are pleased to carry a selection of plants that are
borderline or not hardy to our area. For the gardener
who likes a challenge or just longs for the plant that
isn’t zone hardy! Many of these can be grown
successfully with proper planting, location & care. These
items do not carry our in season warranty our other
shrubs do.
Autumn Blaze Maple
Smokebush & more!
A dense green vine with attractive fall foliage.
HONEYSUCKLE: attracts hummingbirds
Dropmore Scarlet: Emerald green foliage produces scarlet
& orange trumpets throughout the summer
HOPS: Require cutting back year to year.
Aggressive growing herbaceous vine. available in green &
Shiny deep green foliage turns blazing red in fall with
contrasting blue berries
Blue Moon: One of the hardiest Wisterias! Lavender blue
chains of flowers up to three times each year. Attracts
CANADIAN ARTIST– From the creators of the
Explorer and Parkland series roses, celebrating our
Canadian artists. Own root stock & repeat blooming.
Bill Reid: Attractive yellow blooms named for the
acclaimed Haida sculptor. 0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
Campfire: Blooms open yellow & fade to cream. Reddishpink edge increases intensity with age. Ever-changing.
Named after a painting by renowned artist Tom Thompson
Emily Carr: Clusters of blood red blooms. Named after
famous Canadian Painter. Vigorous. 1m tall x 1.25m wide
Felix Leclerc: Medium pink blooms. Named after the
famous French–Canadian singer. 1.8m tall x 1.25m wide
Never Alone: is a national registered charity committed to
improving the lives of people affected by cancer. This
prairie hardy, disease resistant Canadian bred rose is sure
to perform. A portion from each purchase goes to charity.
EXPLORER- Own root stock & repeat blooming roses
John Cabot (climber): Fragrant medium pink double
blooms mainly in early summer. 3m tall x 1.25m wide.
John Davis (climber): Red buds open to spicy scented
soft pink blooms. 2.5m tall x 1.25m wide
PARKLAND- Developed in Morden MB, own root
stock & repeat blooming.
Adelaide Hoodless: Clusters of up to 35 velvet red roses
have been noted on this cultivar. 1.25m tall x 1m wide
Hope For Humanity: Named for the 100th anniversary of
the Canadian Red Cross Society. Rich blood red cupped
blooms with light fragrance. 0.9m tall x 0.6m wide
Morden Belle: Medium pink blooms & glossy foliage.
0.9m tall x 0.9m wide
Morden Blush: Double blush flowers in clusters of 1-5,
fade to ivory with maturity. 0.6m tall x 0.6m wide
Prairie Joy: Double, clear, light pink blooms, good
disease resistance. 1.25m tall x 1.25m wide
Winnipeg Parks: New foliage emerges red fading to deep
green returning to red in fall again. Iridescent cupped pinkred blooms. 0.6m tall x 0.6m wide
I don’t see any insects or disease on my rose, why are my
buds drooping or not opening? The rose Weevil may be the
culprit. This insect flies to and from your rose and inserts its
long snout in the flower bud to feed off of it and then they
will lay their eggs in it.
Hansa: Fragrant reddish violet blooms, large red hips and
great fall colour. 1.25m tall x 1m wide
Persian Yellow: The brightest yellow of a hardy prairie
rose, dark brown vigorous canes. Blooms once. 1.75m tall x
1m wide
Here are a few tips to get your started with your rose
bush. Roses are demanding! It is important to apply
annually, a slow release fertilizer formulated for roses
like Nurseryland Rose Food as they are heavy feeders.
Your rose will also benefit at planting and annually a top
dressing of a good quality compost like Sea Soil as they
need a rich fertile soil to grow in. To get the best
performance out of your rose in our short season you
will want to plan on a regular care program. We can
have lots of moisture, rain & high humidity in our
growing season, is can be ideal to cause & spread
fungal diseases like black spot & powdery mildew. These
can defoliate your rose bush taking weeks for recovery.
With a regular application of a fungicide like Bordo
Copper Spray or Rose & Flower fungicide you can help
prevent these foliage diseases. Roses should be planted
where they can receive a minimum of 6 hours of full
sun, this will help promote good blooming and disease
resistance. You will want to remove any dead or thin
weak branches on your rose (using a good sharp set of
pruners). Once your rose blooms have faded on your
repeat blooming rose you will want to prune off your
flower stem to the next set of leaf buds. This will help
with your next crop of blooms, a proper cut is important
for the health of your plant.
Please speak with our staff for further
information on rose care!
Their long canes can be trained as climbers
Don Juan: Deep velvety red & fragrance will whisk you
away! 30-35 petal count
Joseph’s Coat: Abundant clusters of ever changing
flowers. Start yellow and age to orange & ruby red, light
tea fragrance. 25-30 petal count.
Floribundas have medium sized blooms that are born in
compact clusters on medium length stems
Caribbean: Creamy orange blushed with pink. Strong
fruity fragrance
Chihuly: Apricot yellow to orange & deep red. 25-30 petal
count. Mild tea fragrance
Intrigue: Wavy velvety plum. 25-30 petal count. Strong
citrus fragrance
Ketchup & Mustard: Ketchup red petal interior &
mustard yellow petal exterior. 25 petal count.
Scentimental: Rich red petals swirled with creamy white,
no 2 blooms are alike! 25-30 petal counts. Strong sweet
spice fragrance.
Sunsprite: Amongst world’s top 10 roses! Sunny yellow
petals that hold their colour. 25-30 petal count. Strong
sweet fragrance
Large flowers born one per stem, ideal for cutting.
Chicago Peace: Full pink and canary yellow petals, with
a slightly fruity fragrance. 40-45 petal count
Caribia: Large blooms of red-pink streaked in yellow.
Little fragrance. 20 petal count
Midas Touch: Bright lemon yellow. 20-25 petal count.
Moderate fruity fragrance
Pascali: Creamy white, opening to pure white. 30-35 petal
count. Slight tea fragrance
The same beautiful roses grafted onto a 24”- 36” trunk to
form a standard tree. Great in containers & flower beds.
These are not winter hardy to our zone.
Easy Does it: An abundance of ruffled salmon - pink
blooms, light fruity fragrance. Glossy green foliage &
excellent disease resistance. 25-30 petal count
Ebb Tide: Smokey deep plum blooms with intense spicy
fragrance, double old fashioned flowers. Over 35 petals.
Chuhuly: Apricot yellow to orange & deep red, colours
more vivid in cooler weather. 25-30 petal count. Mild tea
Jump For Joy: Clusters of long lived peachy- pink ruffled
blooms, mild fruity fragrance. 25 petal count
Ketchup & Mustard: Ketchup red petal interior &
mustard yellow petal exterior. 25 petal count.
Sunsprite: Sunny yellow petals that hold their colour. 25
to 30 petal count. Strong sweet fragrance
These roses are noted for beautiful fragrance & florist
quality blooms. Tender roses are not hardy to our
growing Zone, however they can be wintered over with
success given the proper protection. Please speak with
our staff and pick up one of our winterizing brochures to
help you with your preparation for your rose in the winter
Plant a rose in a patio container and treat them like an
annual. The plant is cheaper than a dozen roses and you
will get more than a dozen rewarding blooms throughout
the season with the proper care.
Tender roses DO NOT carry a warranty
Due to inconsistent weather we do not carry
a guarantee on perennials.
Deer Resistant
Full Sun
Part Sun
Achillea (Yarrow)
Fire King: Scarlet red blooms
Strawberry Seduction: Strawberry red w/
bright yellow eye
Actaea (Bugbane)
Brunette: Deep purple-black foliage, blush pink blooms
Hillside Black Beauty: Bronze foliage and
white blooms
Alsclepia (Butterfly Bush): Attracts butterflies, provides
food and shelter to the caterpillars larval stages.
Gay: Mix of orange, red & yellow
Aconitum (Monkshood)
Anemone (Windflower)
Bi-Colour: White blooms edged in blue
Snowdrop: White blooms
Napellus (blue): Showy deep blue spikes
Aegopodium (Goutweed): An indestructible
groundcover for any place! Tiny white blooms
Antennaria (Pussytoes): Groundcover
Rubra: Silver foliage rose blooms
Agastash (Anise-Hyssop)
Aquilegia (Columbine)
Blue Fortune: Lavender blue blooms
Golden Jubilee: Golden foliage and
purple blooms
McKana’s Giant: A mix of pastels
Nora Barlow: Double, pink with white
Winky Blue-White: Blues and whites
Black Barlow: Double, maroon black flowers
Ajuga (Bugleweed): Groundcover for shade
Arctostaphylos (Kinnikinnick/Bearberry)
Chocolate Chip: Blue blooms, glossy, narrow brown leaves
Mahogany: Bronze foliage, deep blue
Native woody evergreen groundcover, mealy edible berries
Alcea (Hollyhock)
Armeria (Sea Thrift)
Chater’s Double Mix: Red pink white & yellowe
Nigra: Single deep maroon black flowers
Peaches & Dreams: Double peach blooms
Ruby: Pink blooms
Achemilla (Ladies Mantle)
Thriller: Dense clumps of scalloped green leaves & lime
green flowers
Silver Mound: Mounding silver foliage (to keep a uniform
shape, cut back mid summer when starting to flop)
White: White blooms
Goat’s Beard: Lacy white blooms
Bergenia: Amazing red fall colour
Eroica: Magenta purple blooms
Dwarf Goat’s Beard: Smaller plant with airy white blooms
Aster: Late summer & fall blooming
Alert: Cerise pink
Purple Dome: Rich purple blooms
Snowsprite: White
Amethyst: Lavender plumes $& green lacy foliage
Boogie Woogie: Green Foliage & rose pink plumes
Bressingham Beauty: Vivid pink plumes
Bridal Veil: Large open plumes of pure white
Colour Flash Lime: Lime foliage changes red, soft pink
Fanal : Bronze foliage & red plumes
Key West: Burgundy foliage & pink plumes
Brunnera (Bugloss)
Jack Frost: Tiny sky blue blooms & silver foliage
King’s Ransom: Silver & gold variegated
leaves with blue flowers
Campanula (Bellflower)
Clips: Deep blue & white
Cherry Bells: Cherry pink blooms
Waterfall: Cool blue star shaped flowers
Catananche (Cupid’s Dart): Blooms all summer
Cupid’s Dart: Periwinkle blooms
Astrantia (Masterwort): Good cut flower
Centaurea (Bachelor's Button)
Star of Beauty: White pincushion blooms with dusky
magenta tips
Amethyst in Snow: White petals with purple center
Gold Boullion: Chartreuse leaves, blue & purple flower
Aubrietia (Rock Cress): Groundcover
Cerastium (Snow in Summer): Groundcover
Blue: Purple blue flowers in spring
Woolly Snow in Summer: White blooms, silver foliage
Chelone obliqua (Turtlehead): Showy fall colour,
False Indigo: Spires of indigo blooms
beautiful strong plant
Pink Turtlehead: Rose pink blooms
Bellis (English Daisy)
Rominette: Mix of pinks, reds & white
Convallaria (Lily of the Valley): Beautiful spreading
White: White bell shaped blooms
Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry)
Groundcover, red berries & nice red fall foliage
Coreopsis (Tickseed)
Moonbeam: Primrose yellow, single blooms
Double Decker: Pink bloom with second bloom atop brown
Green Envy: Lime green with lavender center
Green Jewel: Light green rays and a darker green cones
Sombrero Hot Coral: Various tones of orange, red & pink
Magnus: Light purple with orange cones
Marmalade: Fully double blooms in various orange tones
Powwow Wildberry: Magenta
Powwow White: Pure white blooms
Prairie Splendor: Pink flowers
White Swan: White
Epimedium (Bishops Hat)
New Millennium: Blushing Brides, green twist, moonlight
blues, pagan purple, summer nights, summer skies &
Rubrum: New red growth matures to green, carmine flowers in spring.
Dendranthema (Chrysanthemum): Great fall colour
Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)
Morden Cameo: Creamy white
Morden Delight: Orange - red
Morden Fiesta: Violet purple
Morden Gaiety: Orange
Morden Garnet: Red
Dianthus (Carnations/Pinks)
Arctic Fire: White, pink center Firewitch: Hot pink
Sooty: Deep burgundy
Spotty: Various pinks
Zinger Rose: Rose-red blooms
Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)
Aurora: Creamy white blooms, ferny foliage
Common: Pink with white blooms
Alba: Gold foliage pink blooms
Luxuriant: Lacy foliage & rose blooms
King of Hearts: Fine foliage & rose blooms
Dictamus (Gas Plant)
Rosea: Pink blooms
Digitalis (Fox Glove)
Dalmation Peach: Long spikes of peach, 1st year
Foxy: Cream yellow, white & rose
Pam’s Choice: White with burgundy
Magenta pink flowers in early spring
Euphorbia (Cushion Spurge)
Cushion Spurge: Fluorescent yellow/green blooms
Filipendula (Meadowsweet)
Variegata: Green leaves with bright yellow streaks,
creamy white plumes
Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)
Arizona Red Shades: Crimson red with fine yellow tips
Arizona Sun: 3” orange - red bloom tipped in yellow
Burgundy: Deep wine blooms
Gallium (Sweet Woodruff)
Fast spreading groundcover with whorled leaves and starry
white flowers
Heucherella (Foam Flower)
Blue Cross: Violet blue blooms
True Blue: 2” tubular true blue flowers
Gold Zebra: Golden leaves with a heavy red smattering
Hemerocallis (Daylily)
Woody groundcover, blooms very early in spring
Bella Lugosi: Deep burgundy, lime throat
Blueberry Sundae: White, purple eye & edge, green throat
Calico Jack: Bright yellow with burgundy eye & edges
Canadian Border patrol: Creamy white burgundy eye &
edges, lime throat.
Exotic Candy: Light pink with rose eye & yellow throat
Mighty Chestnut: 5.5” orange w/wine eye & gold throat
Mosses Fire: Double red 6”’blooms, fragrant
Night Embers: Double cranberry with cream edge
Pandora’s Box: Cream with purple eye & lime throat
Purple D’oro: Lavender purple
Ruby Spider: 9” crimson red with golden throat
Ruby Stella: 2” ruby red blooms, streaked yellow throat
Stella D’Oro: 2” golden yellow blooms
Strawberry Candy: 4.25” pink with red eye & gold throat
Tigger: Bright orange with rich red eye zone
Vancouver Gold: Bright golden yellow
Geranium (Cranesbill)
Ballerina: Soft mauve with darker veining
Biokovo: Light pink
Midnight Reiter: Dark purple foliage & lilac blooms
Rozanne: Blue blooms, long flowering
Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)
Rosea: Pink blooms, creeping
Helenium (Sneezeweed)
Mardi Gras: Multi coloured blooms of red, orange & yellow
Sunspot: Gold with red veins
HOSTA OF THE YEAR 2014, Abiqua Drinking
Gourd: Blue cupped leaves
Heliopsis (False Sunflower)
Loraine Sunshine: White foliage with green veining,
yellow blooms
Helleborus (Winter Rose): Blooms extremely early
Niger: White, green or pink blooms
Orientalis: Greenish white blooms age to pink
Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Arcitic Mist: Green & white
Caramel: Golden orange
Georgia Peach: Peach-red
Marmalade: Gold & pink
Northern Fire: Dark green
Obsidian: Black-purple
Purple Palace: Mahogany
Rave On: Green-silver
Ruby Mist: Deep Greem
Sashay: Dark green & burgundy
August Moon: Large round golden leaves
Big Daddy: Rich blue heavily quilted leaves
Blue Angel: Large blue green leaves, slug resistant
Blue Mammoth: Large chalky blue leaves
Cathedral Windows: Gold leaves & wide green margins
Cherry Berry: Thin white leaves, irregular green margins
Christmas Tree: Dark green, thin yellow margin
Dancing Queen: Emerges & stays bright yellow, wavy
Diamond Tiara: Rich green leaves, white margin
Earth Angel: Blue green with wide white margins
Empress Wu: Huge deep green creased leaves
Fire & Ice: Pure white edged in green
Fire Works: Upright & thin, white & deep green margins
First Frost: Blue-green with creamy yellow margins
Frances Williams: Textured blue leaves, yellow margins
Goodness Gracious: Green with large chartreuse margins
Guacamole: Light green leaves & wide green margins
Hadspen Blue: Thick, textured steel blue leaves
Halcyon: Pointed frosty blue leaves, slug resistant
Hudson Bay: Creamy white jetting into apple green & blue
Ice Follies: Dark Green leaves, wide cream margins
June: Deep green margins & yellow center
June Fever: Yellow with narrow dark green margin
Komodo Dragon: Large, rippled, deep green leaves
Liberty: Green leaves & Wide yellow jetting margins
Loyalist: Clean white center with deep green margin
Minute Man: Emerald green leaves & white margin
Niagara Falls: Waxy, dark green leaves, crinkled edge
Orange Marmalade: Yellow - orange leaves jetting into
a blue margin
Patriot: Dark green with crisp white jetting margins
Praying Hands: Upright, narrow dark green leaves
Queen Josephine: Glossy dark green leaves & creamy
yellow margin
Rainforest Sunrise: Lime green & dark green thin edge
Satisfaction: Green leaves & rippled wide yellow margin
Shade Fanfare: Lime green leaves & creamy margins
So Sweet: Glossy deep green whit cream margins
St. Elmo’s Fire: Emerge yellow with thin white margin
and age to bright green.
Sum & Substance: Large golden puckered leaves
Sun Power: Wavy chartreuse yellow leaves
Twilight: Dark green & think creamy yellow margins
Wide Brim: Heart shaped, green with yellow margins
Wheee!: Green leaves and thin cream margins, very
ruffled leaves right from the crown
Lamiastrum: Groundcover
Herman’s Pride: Yellow blooms, silver & green foliage
Lamium (Spotted Nettle): Groundcover
Chequers : Purple blooms, green leaf with silver central
White Nancy: Green leaf with silver margin, white
Lathyrus (Sweet Pea)
Red Pearl: Deep rosy pink blooms, vining
Lavendula (Lavender): Tender perennial
Munstead: Grey green foliage, purple blooms
* See our annual selection of lavender!
Iberis (Candytuft): Groundcover
Snowflake: White flowers & waxy dark green foliage
Edelweiss: Silver foliage & white blooms, great in rock
gardens, drought tolerant
German (Bearded)
Leucanthemum (Daisy)
Crismson Snow: White standards & plum falls
Becky: Pure white single blooms, gold center
Silver Princess: Single white blooms, yellow center
Immortality: White standards & falls
Superstition: Purple/black standards & falls
Banana Cream: Creamy yellow blooms, gold center
Aureo variegata: Green & yellow leaves with sweet
scented lilac blue flowers
Albovariegata: Green & white leaves w/ light blue
Little Plum: Purple/pink tones
Butter & Sugar: Light yellow falls & white standards
Chilled Wine: Purple-red blooms with bluish tinge Ruffled Velvet: Ruffled velvety violet blooms
Gerald Darby: Foliage emerges purple changes green,
light blue flowers with yellow signals
Star Blue: Purple blue spikes
Floristan White: Pure white spikes
Brit Marie: Mahogany foliage, golden daisy like blooms
Café Noir: Jagged green & burgundy leaves, gold blooms
Little Rocket: Spikes of golden flowers
Russell’s Chandelier: Yellow blooms
Russell My Castle: Rich red
Russell The Chatelaine: Rose pink and white
Tutti Frutti: Mix of rich solid and bicolour blooms
Linum (Flax)
Blue: Periwinkle blue blooms
White Diamond: White Blooms
Maltese Cross: Bright scarlet blooms
Asiatic- Strong colours, long lasting
Alexandra: Gold leaf with cream edge
Cappuccino: Milky white with burgundy central flecks
Lollypop: White tipped in fuchsia pink
Tiny Bee: Bright golden yellow blooms, pot lily
Tiny Orange Sensation: Bright orange splashed in
cranberry, pot lily
Tiny Padhye: Burgundy center merging to white, pot lily
Tiny Snowflake: Pure white, pot lily
Toronto: Pink with golden yellow center & freckles
Tango Asiatic- Huge lavishly speckled blooms
Olina: Blood red & near black center
Strawberries & Cream: Creamy white with strawberry
pink center flecks
Nummularia: Chartreuse leaves & yellow blooms,
Monarda (Bee Balm)
Coral Reef: Coral pink
Marshall’s Delight: Cerise pink
Pardon My Pink: Rose pink
Pardon My Purple: Bright purple
Crimson Fans: Amazing fall foliage & white blooms
Oriental- Large fragrant long lived blooms
Miss Lucy: Double blooms of blush pink and white
Mona Lisa: Pink petals fading out to white, freckled
Muscadet: Pure white with deep pink freckles
Salmon Star: White petals with orange freckles, orange
central streaking.
Tom Pouce:
Orientpet (OT)- Oriental X Trumpet, large blooms
Montego Bay: Warm red softening into golden exterior
Forget Me not: Tiny sky blue flowers with a white star
and yellow eye
Dropmore Blue: Lightly scented royal blue flowers
Walkers Low: Lavender blue spikes of flow-
Oenothera (Evening Primrose)
Gallery Red: Carmine red blooms
Ozark: Bright lemon yellow, 3”-5” blooms
Sundrops: Red buds open to yellow
Gallery yellow: Canary yellow blooms
Minarette: Mix
Edulis Superba: Large double medium pink blooms
Early Scout: Single red petals, fern like foliage
Felix Krause: Double carmine blooms
Fern leaf Peony: Double satin red blooms & ferny foliage
Honey Gold: Pure white semi petals with a crested honey
yellow center
Onondaga: Double bloom of pink
Pink Cameo: Bright pink with softer pink crested center
Sorbet: Soft pink with a creamy center and repeated
central pink petals.
Platycodon (Balloon Flower): Named for their unique
balloon like flower buds
Sentimental Blue: Single blue
Polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal)
Variegatum: Green leave with creamy white stripes
Itoh Peony: Tree peony x herbaceous
Lillipop: Emerge yellow and develop purple streaks
Morning Lilac: Semi double lilac pink & yellow stamens
Reggady Ann: Deeply Cut white petals w/violet streaking
Simply Red: Large deep red petals, yellow stamens
Sequestered Sunshine: Sunny yellow blooms
Papaver (Poppy) Oriental: 6” blooms
Allegro: Bright orange
Beauty Of Livermere: Red
Carneum: Soft peach
Royal Wedding: White
Alpine Poppy: Mix
Iceland Summer Breeze : Mix
Wanda: Mix of bright colours
Pulmonaria (Lungwort)
Majeste: Pink buds open to blue, & silver leaf
Mrs. Moon: pink, purple & blue blooms, speckled leaves
Sissinghurst White: White blooms
Penstemon (Beardtongue)
Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower/Crocus)
Dark Towers: Periwinkle blue blooms
Husker Red: White Blooms
Rubra: Single red blooms
Ratibida (Prairie Coneflower): Native Flower
Russian Sage: Narrow grey green foliage and lavender blue
Filligran: Silver foliage with lavender flowers
Mexican Hat: Varying gold & rust blooms
Phlox - Garden:
Blue Paradise
Lilac Flame
Norah Leigh
Orange Perfection
Purple Flame
Scarlet Flame
Creeping: Candy Stripe & Emerald Blue
Chocolate Wings: Pink blooms, chocolate foliage
Physalis (Chinese Lantern)
Rudbeckia (Browned-eyed Susan)
Great fall colour, good for dried arrangements. Aggressive
Goldstrum: Golden daisies with deep brown center
Green Wizard: Green sepals & black cone
Little Goldstar: Star shaped 2” gold flowers
Sagina: Groundcover, great for pathways and rock
Sempervivum (Hen & Chicks)
gardens, white flowers
Irish Moss: Green foliage
Scotch Moss: Chartreuse foliage
Purple Beauty: Lavender blue blooms
Tanacetum (Painted Daisy)
Purple Knockout: Dark purple foliage and white flowers
Robinsons: Mix & red
Saponaria: Groundcover, blooms early summer
Thymus: Creeping groundcover that takes traffic
Soapwort: Pink blooms
Gold Edge: Lemon scented, green leaves edged in gold.
Pink Chintz: Grey green leaves & pink blooms
Woolly: Fuzzy leaves & pink blooms
Saxifraga: Groundcover
Tradescantia (Spiderwort)
Purple Robe: Rose pink blooms, deep green foliage
Sweet Kate: Chartreuse foliage & blue triangular blooms
Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)
Tricyrtis (Toad Lily)
Butterfly Blue: Lavender blue blooms
Empress: White speckled in burgundy
Pink Mist: Pastel pink blooms
Sedum (Stonecrop)
Autumn Joy
Elsie’s God
Frosty Morn
Purple Emperor
Solidago (Goldenrod): Great fall colour & in arrangements
Trollius (Globeflower)
Dwarf Globeflower: Yellow blooms
Gold Queen: Golden orange blooms
New Moon: Soft primrose blooms
Vaccinium vistis (Lingonberry)
Baby Gold: Golden yellow plumes
Evergreen groundcover, white & blush blooms, red berries.
Stachys: Spreading groundcover
Veronica (Speedwell)
Lamb’s Ear: Magenta blooms & extremely soft silver foliage
Aztec Gold: A chartreuse groundcover with blue flowers
Royal Pink: Bold magenta pink spikes
Sunny Border Blue: Spikes of violet blue
Vinca: Groundcover
Periwinkle: Glossy green leaves, plum purple blooms
Filamentosa: Grey green leaves, gorgeous ivory blooms
Glauca: Narrow green blades, pink blooms open to green
See our planting here!
Autumn Brilliance: Coppery orange foliage as the new
growth unfurls
Japanese Painted Fern: Deep green fronds overlaid
with silver and deep purple
Lady Fern: Bright green fronds
Lady In Red: Lacy, bright green foliage radiate from
deep red stems
Maidenhair Fern: Delicate, airy fronds held atop black
Native Fern: Tall bright green fronds, naturalizing
Big Blue Stem (Andropogon): Native grass, blue
foliage, flower resembles a turkey foot
Blue Oat Grass: (Helictotrichon): Clump forming
intense blue colour, purplish plumes changing to bronze
Elijah Blue (Blue Fescue): Compact blue growth,
short clump forming
Eldorado (Calamagrostis): Narrow arching green
leaves with a gold center
Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans): Native grass,
clump forming green upright blades. Tan seed heads
Karl Foerster Grass (Calamagrostis): Strong upright
habit, tan seed heads add winter value
Overdam (Calamagrostis): White & green blades
similar to Karl Foerster, more compact
Red Switch Grass (Panicum): Selection of the native
species, outstanding colour in foliage & seed heads
Variegated Oat Grass (Arrhenatherum): Variegated
white and green blades
* Leave the foliage of your grasses intact to add
some winter interest.
The melting snow uncovers a whole new world most of
us had forgotten. Spring signals warmer weather, new
life and change. In the perennial garden it signals time
to change what didn’t work last year and perhaps a
time to share what did work with fellow gardeners.
Dividing perennials can be such a rewarding
experience, but sometimes a nervous experience for
novice gardeners. Dividing is really a simple task but
has to be done at the right time. We often recommend
that you take a few digital photos in the growing
season so that you can plan your garden makeover
during the coldest of winter days.
There are a few reasons to divide perennials:
1. Perennials have started to die out in the middle and
will benefit and rejuvenate from dividing. Some
perennials require division every 3 or 4 years
2. Plant vigor and flowering has declined
We want to make more of our favorites
In our climate it is generally safe to divide most
perennials in the spring. Wait until fall for peonies, lilies,
and poppies. Wait until you can see the plant coming
up in the spring, maybe just an inch or two of new
growth, and dig up the entire clump. Make sure you get
enough soil surrounding the exterior roots, about 2 or 3
inches each way. Use a sharp spade and lay down a
tarp so you don’t make a mess, but don’t cut through
the tarp! We like to use a sharp drywall saw or a
hacksaw will do. Cut the clump in half and continue to
cut these pieces if you so choose, being sure to leave a
clump the size of your fist or larger.
The most viable parts of the perennial are the outside
and if there are pieces that are sparse and woody from
the center of the plant – don’t replant those! Once the
task of dividing is complete it is time to replant the
divided pieces. Be sure to dig new holes 1½ times the
width and depth of the divided pieces and amend the
Eco friendly Controls
NL Compost
NL Power Topsoil
NL Clay Buster
NL All Purpose Mix
NL All Purpose Mix
NL Soil Doctor
NL Steer Manure
NL Sheep Manure
Sea Soil, Regular
15.8 kg
Green Earth Neem Oil
Sea Soil, Potting Mix
15.8 kg
Neem Oil enhances and maintains the appearance of
plant foliage. Ideal for indoor and outdoor plant use.
Peat Moss
2 cu ft
Peat moss
Cu ft
Premier Mix BX
3.8 cu ft
Premier Mix BX W/ Myke
3.8 cu ft
Premier Mix BX W/ Biofungicide
3.8 cu ft
Premier Mix HP
3.8 cu ft
3.8 cu ft
Premier Vermiculite
Premier Perlite
Premier Cactus soil
Premier Potting Mix
Premier PGX
( High porosity)
(seeding medium)
Premier Seedling Mix
Premier Violet Mix
Orchid bark
All products may not be exact size and price
Here at Patmore Nursery we are focused on
educating you with environmentally friendly options
in controlling pests and diseases.
Ask us...we are happy to help!
Safer’s End All
Controls many species of insect from egg, larvae &
adult stages. Including pests like aphids, whitefly scale,
spider mite, mealy bugs. Good for indoor and outdoor
Safer’s BTK
An environmentally friendly bacterium specific to caterpillars and various insect larvae. Can be used to control
mosquito larvae! It is not harmful to birds, humans,
bees ,fish, spiders etc.
Green Earth Bio-Fungicide
This bio fungicide is a bacteria that attacks and breaks
down the cell walls of fungal spores. It can control
blights on tomatoes, black spot on roses, etc.
Lime Sulphur
Contains a sulphur compound that controls fungi as
well as mites, scales & some other insects; no residual
Copper Spray
A wettable powder (mix with water) spray to control
leaf spot, powdery mildew, moulds & blights on fruits
and vegetables. Can be used as a preventative spray
on seedlings to control moulds.
Corn Gluten
A pre-emergent herbicide that is a by-product of
corn processing, it inhibits the germination of seeds.
Must be applied in early spring and again in the fall,
treatment is only effective on seeds and not existing
plant roots.
See in store for our complete line of
products including organic fertilizers
Due to the perishable nature of annuals and the inability to have
care and control once leaving the greenhouse we do not offer a
warranty on any annuals.
Full Sun
Single Pots: individually priced
Part Sun
Plants grown in a greenhouse are grown in ideal conditions out of the harsh
elements of the out doors. Please keep in mind that once you purchase your
plants they require a hardening off period before being permanently planted if
you want them to perform good for you and not be set back. Hardening off
your plants is the horticultural equivalent of flossing your teeth. You know you
should do it… but, do you always?
Start by placing your bedding plants outside for just a few hours during the
day in a partial sunny protected spot. Increase the time as the plants toughen
up. Make sure that the plants do not dry out and remember to bring them in
at night. Plants that are hardened off are sturdier and put on new growth
much more quickly, un adjusted plants can take weeks to catch up.
Alternanthera: A nice addition to containers or the
Little Ruby
Red Threads
Red Carpet
True Yellow
Anagallis: Great addition to containers
Wildecat: Mandarin & Blue
Bahia Sands: White, Pink, & Purple
Begonia (shade/part shade)
Baby wing: White
Dragon wing: Pink & White
Non-Stop: Apple blossoms
Apricot, Orange, red, rose,
salmon & yellow
Whopper: Pink & red
Dragone: Sunset
Unstoppable upright
Waterfall Encanta
Begonia (sun)
Bonfire: Orange
Solenia: Apricot, Red
Hawaiian Flare: Orange yellow brush
Angelonia: Hot and dry
Bracteantha: Good dried flowers, drought tolerant
Carita: Raspberry, tailing purple
Dreamtime Jumbo: Yellow & red
Pinstripe: Zebra
Vanilla Butterfly
Alcalypha: Great thriller in containers
Jungle Cloak
Brachyscome (Swan River Daisy): Nice filler in
Mauve Delight
Aloha Kona
Aloha Valcano
Minifamous Double
Colocasia (Elephant Ear)
Aloha Hula
Calipetite: dwarf 2” x 6”
Canna Lily: Great feature in containers and the
landscape, lift & store roots for following spring
Royal Hawaiian: White
Confetti Garden: Combination of 2 or 3 varieties of
plants that grow in unison in one pot. Takes the guess
work out of your container and basket planning.
Calla Lily: Lift bulbs in the fall for following spring
Black Forest
Captain Romance
Florex gold
Captain Promise
Picasso & Treasure
Calocephalus: Unique plant adds great interest to
succulent container
Silver Dollar
Coleus: Many varieties are good in full to part sun,
coleus make a great addition to containers and in the
Big Blonde
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Kingswood Torch
Kong Lime Sprite
Kong Red
Lime Shrimp
Red Coral
Crossandra: Glossy foliage and beautiful orange
blooms, great in containers
Orange Marmalade
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Goldalia: Scarlet
Hypnotica: Troppical Breeze
Red Head
Sea Weed
Yellow Fin Tuna
Digiplexis: An annual form or foxglove, blooms all
Illumination: Flame & raspberry
Cordyline: Great foliage for containers
Red Sensation
Diva: Hot Coral & pink
Dichondra: Dense and very long
Silver Falls
geranium and an ivy geranium. Vigorous
Calliope: Burgundy, hot pink, dark red (our most popular
Caliente: Hot coral & orange
Geranium, Novelty
Indivisa: green
Geranium, Interspecific: Cross between a zonal
Red Star
Dorotheanthus: Hot & dry, great in baskets &
succulent containers
Crystal Palace Gem: Chartreus leaves with lime center
zoning, bright coral single blooms. Butterflies love
Geranium, Regal ( Martha Washington, Pansy
Elegance: Burgundy, Claret, Imperial, Rose Bi colour,
Mezoo Trailing red
Duranta: Foliar interest for containers
Geranium, Zonal
Yellow Aurea
Americana: White splash improved
Rocky Mountain: Lavender, magenta, orange, pink, dark
red, deep rose, salmon, violet & white
Sarita: Punch
Euphorbia: Tolerates drought
Geranium, Scented
Ascot Rainbow
Lemon Fizz: Nice flower and amazing lemon fragrance.
Gold Edge
Diamond frost
Helen’s Blush
Gerbera Daisy
Bella Rosa
Gartenmeister (upright)
Orange King
Helichrysum: Fuzzy foliage
Baby Blue Spiral
Licorice Lemon: Chartreuse foliage
Lemon bush: See herbs
Gaura (Butterfly Flower)
Siskiyou: Pink
Stratosphere: White & pink
Heliotrope: Amazing vanilla like fragrance, attracts
Marine: Blue
Hedera: Beautiful plant, good indoors in winter
Helix Golden Ignot
Lamium: Good in shade containers, perennial
Shell pink
Maculatum Gold
Heuchera: Foliar interest for containers
Lantana: Hot & dry, good in landscape & containers
Dolce: Cinnamon Curls
Lantana: Cherry Sunrise & peach
Lucky: White, dwarf form
Leycesteria: Amazing frost tolerance & beautiful fall
Musica Dbl.: Red, salmon & white
colour. Much like an annual shrub, great in containers and
the landscape
Jealousy: Chartreuse foliage, raspberry & white blooms
Lobelia: Sun tolerant, great in baskets & containers. More
aggressive than the bedding plant varieties.
Waterfall: Blue
Hot Springs: Lavender Pink & White
Yolo: Lavender & white
Impatiens, New Guinea
Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)
Magnum: Orange, purple & red flame
Painted Paradise: Wine
Goldilocks: Chartreuse foliage, perennial
Impatiens, Sunpatiens
Compact: Magenta & orange
Spreading: Salmon
Vigourours: Magenta, orange & red
Ipomoea (Potato Vine)
Sweet Caroline: Bewitched, light green, raven & red
Bright Idea: Rusty
South of the Border: Chipotle
Orange: Nice accent to containers
Big Leaf: Nice accent to containers
Pansy, Cool Wave: Ideal for early spring baskets.
Musa (Banana): Take indoors for winter.
Sunshine N’ Wine
violet wing
Rojo: Green and red variegated
Ornamental Cabbage/Kale: Late fall interest
Colour Up: Mix
Baby Duck
Songbird: White, pink & red
Crazytunia: Bitter Lemon, , Mandeville, Twilight Blue,
Twilight Red & Twilight Lime
Panache: Double trouble
Potunia: Banana, Cobalt blue, Hot pink, Pinkalious, Neon,
Papaya, Purple,& Yellow
Ornamental Grasses & Foliage
Agrostis (Green Bamboo)
Carex: Evergold, Rekohu Sunrise & Red Rooster
Cordyline: Ruby
press: Baby Tut & King Tut
Imperata Cylindrica: Red Baron
Madrasor: Ornamental Black Rice
Millet: Jester, purple baron & majesty
Ophiopogon: Black turf lily
Panicum: Frosted explosion
Oxalis: Great shade foliage and house plant
Charmed: Wine
Potunia Picolla (smaller flower): Grape ice
Sanguna: Atomic Blue
Supertunia: Bordeaux, Mini Silver, Morning Glory, Royal
Velvet, Raspberry Blast, Vista Bubblegum/Fuchsia &
Surprise: Hot Rod Red, Johnny Flame, Orange Flash
Sweetunia: Black Satin, Bordeaux, Hot Rod Red
Wave, Easy: Velour Berry, Great Lakes mix, south beach
mix, sweet tart mix, plum vein, red, violet & white
Wave, Shock: Coconut, Coral Crush & Denim
Wave: Purple Imp.
Phlox: Grow hot & dry, good in the
landscape & containers
Phloxy Lady: Purple Sky & pink
Pomegranate, dwarf: Produces edible miniature
Summertime Sweet: Bronze & White
Voltage: Yellow
fruit, take indoors for winter months. Beautiful bright
orange blooms
Oregano: A great addition to pots and window boxes.
Kent Beauty
Pseuderanthemum: Great foliage addition to containers
and flower beds
Black Varnish
Stainless Steel
Plectranthus: Can grow indoor in winter months
Gold Edged: Fuzzy bright greenleaves edged in gold.
Great in shade to part shade containers.
Catalina: Midnight Blue
Ricinis (Castor Bean): The seed pods are poisonous.
Empress Flair: Burgundy
Wicked: Purple Grape
Green: Larger leaves, slightly larger plant
Red: Showy red stems and seed pods
Rumex: Great foliage plant & water plant
Vinca: Hot & dry
Raspberry Dressing
Maculata: Green exterior & lime green interior
Wojo’s Jem: Green exterior & cream interior
Mannequin: Bright blue
Velocity: Blue
Spring Bulbs
We have a great selection of spring bulbs available in
our retail store.
Sanvitalia: Grow hot & dry, border plant, baskets &
Sunvy Super Gold
Calla Lilies
Scaevola (Fan Flower)
Bombay: Blue
Setcreasea: Foliar interest for containers & indoor use
Pink Stripe
Pink Corazon
Purple Queen: pure purple leaves
Strobilanthese: Can be taken indoors for winter
Persian Shield
Blueberry Cheesecake Dahlia collection
To ensure happy healthy plants apply Wilsons Bulb
& Soil Dust at the time of planting. This powder is a
fungicide/insecticide that will help prevent insects
and diseases that are found in our soils. Keep in
mind some of your spring bulbs can be lifted in the
fall and stored for winter to be used once again the
following spring.
Full Sun
6 Pack: $3.99 each
Part Sun
Single Pots: individually priced
Celosia plumed & crested:
Amor: Mix
Kimono: Mix, red, salmon & yellow
Spikey Purple
Alyssum: Border plant
Coleus: Ideal for shade beds and containers
Clear Crystals: White, purple, lavender & mix
Wizard: Coral sunrise, scarlet, velvet & mix
Ageratum: Blue fluffy flowers, border plant
Hawaii : Blue
Chrysanthemum: Golden daisy like blooms held high
on tall wiry stems, a great addition to contains
Yellow Button: Rich sunny yellow blooms
Easy & convenient use, Plant Prod drop
and go fertilizer for your annuals
Aster: Good cut flower, border to mid bed
Pot N’ Patio: Mix
Cosmos: Good cut flower, border to mid flower bed
Sonata: Carmine, pink,
white & mix
Dahlberg Daisy: Ferny foliage, a great addition in
containers and hanging baskets. Likes to be neglected!
Begonia (fibrous): Bronze leaf, good border plant
Dahlia (seed): Good in flower beds & containers
Pink, Red & mix
Figaro: Orange, red, violet, yellow, white & mix
Bells of Ireland: Unusual green calyces, good cut
Dianthus: Good in flower beds & containers
flower for arrangements & drying
Diana: Blueberry
Ideal: Mix, red, violet & whitefire
Venti Parfait: Crimson eye
Wee Willie: Mix
Browallia: Blue and white, good in containers and
Dusty Miller: Good border plant and in containers,
flower beds
tolerates cold
Bells: Blue
Silverdust: Fine cut leaves
New Look: Wide leaves
All annual 6 packs $3.99 each
Gazania: Border plant, hot dry location
Nasturtium: A great edible addition to containers,
New Day: Clear orange, rose stripe & yellow
garden or flower bed. Peppery leaves and edible blooms
Kiss: Frosty Mix
Whirly Bird: Mix
Empress of India: Red
Hypoestes (Polka Dot Plant): Foliage interest, good in
Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco): Long lasting flowers
containers indoors and out
in the landscape
Splash: Mix of pink white & red
Starmaker: Bright red & mix
Impatiens: Nice bright flower for the shade garden.
Pansy: Early cold loving annual
Red, orange, pink, rose, violet, lavender & mix
Majestic Giants: Blue, red, white, yellow & mix
Lisianthus: Good cut flower that resembles a rose, if
you haven’t grown these you need to!
Mariachi: Blue, carmine, lime, misty blue & yellow
Lobelia: Border plant, good in containers and baskets
Regatta (cascading): Blue & mix
Riviera (mounding ): Blue, white & mix
Marigold: Good in the garden to ward off bugs
Taishan: Gold, orange & mix
Disco: Single, red, orange, gold, granada & marietta
Janie: Short harmony, mix orange & yellow
Gem: Lemon
Matthiola (Evening Scented Stock): Blue and white,
good in containers and flower beds. If you haven’t grown
this you need too!
Carpet: Blue sky, buttercream, mix, plum , bright red,
rose, true blue & velvet
Daddy: Mix, blue & sugar
Dreams: Blue sky, Burgundy, burgundy picotee,
midnight, mix, red, red picotee, rose, rose picotee,
wild rose mix & white
Double: Blue, burgundy, mix, purple pirouette & red
Espresso Frappe: Rose & Ruby
Madness: Burgundy, midnight, plum crazy, red, total
mix, white
Merlin Blue Morn
Sophistica: Antique shades , blackberry, lime bicolour,
lime green
Prism Sunshine
Ultra: Blue star & burgundy
Phlox: Plant in a hot dry location
21st Century: mix
Portulaca: Great for hot and dry low maintenance area
Strawflower: Good for arrangements & drying
Happy Hour (Moss Rose): banana, coconut, deep red
fuchsia, mix, orange, peppermint & rosita. Double
King: Mix
Rudbeckia: Use in containers and landscape, low
Sunflower: Nice arrangement flower and food for the
Autumn Colours
Teddy Bear
Lemon Éclair
Velvet Queen
Torenia: Nice in containers and beds
Kauai: mix
Salvia: Spires of upright bold colours
Verbena: Good landscape & container plant
Victoria Blue: Blue
Vista: red & mix
Obsession: Eyed Mix, wine & cheese mix, red w/eye
Sanvitalia: Great plant for a hot & dry border and
Vinca: Hot & dry, this plant thrives in the heat!
container fronts
Titan: Dark red, mix, Polka dot & rose halo
Million Suns: Yellow
Jams N’ Jellies: Blueberry
Viola: Cold tolerant, good in small containers & flower beds
Sorbet: Fire, phantom, mix & orange
Snapdragon: Good cut flower, border to mid bed
Short: Mix
Tall: Mix
Stock: Long lasting cut flower, musky clove fragrance
Zinnia: Long lasting bold coloured blooms. Heat
tolerant and a good cut flower
Benary: Deep red, Lime, mix, purple & orange
State Fair: Mix (large 5’-6” blooms)
Profusion: Double deep salmon, vigorous, 2”-3” blooms
Short Stuff: Mix
Uproar: Rose
Zahara: Double cherry & double fire, fire, scarlet,
raspberry lemonade mix, white & yellow.
Zowie: Yellow flame, 3”-5” blooms
Flap Jacks
Parryi Var. Truncarta
Lythops (living stones)
Desmetiatta variegata
Mixed Varieties
Blue Elf
Silver Ridge
White Fox
Calico Kittern
Ovata Variegata
Arrow setosa
Haagai tolimanensis
Round Leaf
Huernia(amazing blooms!)
Perforata Variegata
Sedum (most are non hardy varieties)
Blue Spruce
Cherry Tart
Coral Carpet
Lime Zinger
Red Dragon
Tri Colour
Red Heart
Red Million
Blue Chalk Fingers
Cobweb Emerald Empress
Come in & see our
further selection!
Due to their perishable nature and the inability to have care and
control once leaving the greenhouse we do not offer a warranty on
any herbs.
Full Sun
Regular 3.5” pots: $3.99 ea.
Part Sun
Premium: individually priced
Basil: Fresh eating & pesto. Grow dry
Lavender: Used to fragrance things and in some
Danni Lemon
Spicy Global
Thai Siam Queen
baking. Grow dry, ideal indoors for winter
Hidcote Blue: Blue blooms
Munstead: Blue, tender
Ruffles Sugarberry: Large
bright pink blooms
Purple Ruffles
Sweet Italian
Catnip: Render your cats euphoric! Good in tea, aids in
Lemon Balm: Fantastic aroma from essential oils. Use
digestion. Blue flowers
in teas, sauces, & baking. Tender perennial
Chives: Use fresh and dried. Perennial
Lemon Grass: Used to flavour Asian and Caribbean
Garlic: White Blooms, flat leaves
cuisine, tea & beverages. Great in annual containers,
harvest in the fall!
Onion: Lavender blooms, round leaves
Cilantro/Coriander: Use fresh, frozen & dried.
Marjoram, Sweet: Used in Greek & Italian cooking,
Common in Mexican & Asian dishes. Cilantro is the leaf,
coriander is the seed
Delfino: Fine leafed & slow to bolt
Common: Larger flat leaf
contains mild antiseptic qualities. Use fresh & dried
Curry (tall): Silver leaves & yellow blooms look great in
Mint: Use fresh or dried. Great in cooking and cocktails
containers and beds. Add sprigs to savoury dishes for mild
curry flavour. Very aromatic
Dill: Use fresh, freeze & dry. Used in pickling and to
Oregano: Better flavour dried than fresh.
season foods
Bouquet: Slightly shorter variety
Fern Leaf: Taller variety, ideal for pickling
Common: Used to flavour Italian tomato sauces
Greek: Great in Italian cuisine
Golden: Tasty & pretty!
Hot & Spicy: Pungent, bold flavour
Transfer your herbs indoors for the winder
months, use a T-5 grow light or place them
in your sunniest south or west window.
Parsley: Use dried, fresh and frozen. Natural Breath
freshener. Common garnish
Italian Plain Leaf: Flat dark green leaves, more
pronounced flavour.
Triple Curled: Dark dense curled leaves, good garnish
AnnuRosemary: Used fresh or dried. Grow hot & dry. Take
indoors for winter
Barbeque: Stiff upright branching, good in culinary use
Sage: A perennial that is commonly used to season
Common: Blue green leaves, good medicinal properties
Growing annual vines is a great way to achieve quick
privacy or hide an unsightly fence . They are fast growing
and have beautiful flowers.
Annual vines are great for attracting butterflies and
hummingbirds to your yard and garden.
Stevia (Sweetleaf): Leaves have a higher sugar
Hyacinth Bean Ruby Moon (Lablab)
content than white sugar or sugar cane. Good sugar
substitute in baking teas & more
Gorgeous shiny burgundy pods appear after the delicate
lavender blooms. Fast growing and puts on a stellar display
late into the fall season
Tarragon: Use fresh and dried
Morning Glory
French: Best variety for flavouring culinary dishes. Good in
vinaigrettes, dressings & in fish
Scarlet O’Hara
Thyme: Great ground cover & culinary additive
Caborne Wine & Roses: Pink / purple blossoms
English: Fresh or dried, retains great flavour
Lemon Variegated: Gold & green leaves, culinary use
Blue Star
Mandevilla: Cut back & grow indoors during winter
Alice Dupont
Lophospermum: Aggressive vine with fine white
Herb Care
Herbs require a minimum of 6 hours of full sunlight per day
to perform their best. Most herbs like to be kept on the dry
side, make sure they are potted in a well draining soil medium.
The coarse nature of Sea Soil ™ makes for a great potting
medium while providing your herbs with nutrients at the same
time. Allow to dry out well between watering.
Flower buds should be pinched off to stop the formation of
seed production,. This will keep your herbs producing fresh
edible vegetation. Fertilize your herbs regularly while actively
growing with Sea Magic™ organic fertilizer for strong lush
flowers, tender perennial
Lofos: Wine red & white
Passiflora (Passion Fruit): Produces edible fruit,
grows well indoors during winter. Has exotic blooms!
Lavender Lady
Thunbergia: Fast growing with bright beautiful flowers
Blushing Suzie
Sunny Lemon Star
Sunny Suzy Orange Wonder
Sunny Red Orange
Due to their perishable nature and the inability to have care
and control once leaving the greenhouse we do not offer a
warranty on any vegetables and small fruit.
Vegetables & Fruit
6 pack $2.99
Onions & Leeks $3.99
Single pots: individually priced
Full Sun
Part Sun
Asparagus (see our brochure on planting & care)
Jersey Knight: An all male variety, produces an
abundance of premium edible spears. Great disease
resistance variety
Plant your vegetable transplants with a handful of Sea
Soil, they will reward you for
Cold season crop
Celery: Requires high moisture levels during growing
Tango: 90, good bolt resistance
M:Monoecious: plants produce both male and female
flowers on one plant
G:Gynoecios: plants produce only female flowers,
generally produces higher yields
Burpless (slicing): 48-63 days
Burpless Supreme (G)
Lancer (G)
Sweet Slice (M)
Diva (G)
Sweet Success (G)
Tanja (G)
Pickling: 45-60 days
Bush Pick (M)
Homemade Pickles (M)
Salad Bush (M)
Market cucumber: Thin
tender skin and no seeds, snack size!
Packman: 57 days
Brussels Sprouts: Cold season crop
Franklin: 80 days
Purple: beautiful fruit, easy to grow!
Cabbage: Cold season crop
gonzales: 55 days, 1 lb.
Stonehead: 50-60 days, 2-2.5 lbs.
Red Express: 50-60 days, 2-3 lbs.
Cauliflower: Cold season crop
Amazing: 75 days, 1.5-2lbs. Self wrapping
Ball 1776: 85 days. 4-5 lb.
Liliput: 75-80 days. 1-1.5 lb. Single serve size!
Kohlrabi: Cold season crop. Use in coleslaw, salad, soup
& stir fry
Kossak: 80 days/ Stores up to 4 months in cold storage,
Harvest at 8” diameter
Celeriac: Good in soups, stew, stir fries and coleslaw
Leek: Cold season crop. Good in soups, stews and salads
Giant Prague: 95 days
American Flag: 75 days
Burper Buttercrunch: 65 days
Iceberg Head Lettuce: Great Lakes , 85 days
Leaf Lettuce: Simpson Elite, 55 days
Romaine: Valley Heart, 75 days
Baby Bear: 105 days, 1.5-2.5 lbs. Cooking variety. Pies!
Connecticut: 120 days, 10-15 lbs. Carving variety
Simply Salad (14-21 days. Harvest every 3 weeks !)
Alfresco: Red & green leaf lettuce, a combination of arugula,
endive & radicchio
Global Gourmet: Red & green leaf lettuce, a combination of
tangy Asian greens
Canada Red: One of the sweetest varieties, heavy
producer of smaller stalks. Produces few seed stalks
Valentine: High yield of thick sweet red stalks, produces
few to no seed stalks
Red Zeppelin: 90 days. So good you will think you
Malabar Red Stem: Vining spinach, rich red stems host
thick glossy green leaves and pretty lavender flowers. Great
in annual containers
climbed the stairway to heaven! Stores up to 6 months
Candy: 85 days. Large, gold skins white flesh
Walla Walla: 125 Days. Brown skin, white flesh. Flat &
very sweet
White Sweet Spanish: 110 days. Large, white skin &
Yellow Sweet Spanish: 130 Days. Large, bronze, skin
and white flesh
Banner Bunching: 65-70 days. Green onions
Squash (summer):
Gold Rush Zucchini: 55 days. 10” yellow fruit
Dark Green Zucchini : 45-65 days. Green fruit
Zephyr: 54 days. Yellow & green fruit, pick at 4”-6”
Squash (winter):
Pepper, Hot
El Jefe (jalapeno variety): 67 days
(green), 90 days (red)
Habanero Orange: 90 days
Hungarian Yellow Wax: 50-70 days
Jalapeno: 80 days
Jalokia Red: 85-90 days. HOT!!!
Long Red Cayenne: 72 days (dries
very well)
Pepperoncini: 53-70 days
Tabasco: 80 days
Pepper, Bell & Tapered
Bell Boy: 71 days, green bell ripens to red bell
California Wonder: 75 days, green bell
Flavourburst: 75 Days, golden bell
Fooled You: 65 days, Jalapeno flavour...NO heat!
Karma: 68 days, best red bell pepper!
Cute Stuff Red: mini sweet bells
Orange Blaze: 65 days, orange bell
Butternut : 80days, 6” fruit w/ small seed cavity
Acorn: 85 - 90 days. 4” round Acorn squash
Primavera spaghetti: 85 days. “personal size” spaghetti squash
Fragoo Deep Rose:75-85 days. Pink blooms
Fort Laramie: Everbearing. Day-neutral, large berries
Kent: June bearing. Large berries
Swiss Chard
Bright Lights: 55 days. 4-5 lb. Beautiful in containers,
gets giant leaves & up to 3’ tall with intricate veining.
Peppermint: 58 days, great edible or ornamental.
Strains that have been reproduced for
generations without cross breeding. An
open pollinated cultivar. Known for their
great flavour. Will grow true to form from
reserved seeds.
Vining type of tomato, blossoms and
fruit develop progressively making
for a longer harvest. Require staking
and pruning to have healthy well
producing plants.
A cross between 2 varieties, self
pollinating. Bred for production
and disease resistance. Reserved
seeds will not produce the same
What do all these letters mean?
A: Alternaria
V: Verticillium Wilt
F: Fusarium Wilt Race 1
F1 & 2: Fusarium Wilt Races
N: Nematodes
ST: Stephylium
Products for successful tomatoes
Bush type tomato, blossoms develop and then set fruit develop
at one time. They only fruit once.
Fruits ripen over a more concentrated period of time allowing for
1 to 2 main harvests. These
plants are easier to contain because they are less rampant. Best
when grown with a tomato cage.
Tomatoberry: Strawberry shaped & meaty textured
6 pack $3.99
4.5” Individual Pot $3.99
1 gallon Individual Pot $7.99
Full Sun
Chocolate Cherry: Ideal for baskets & containers
68-72 days
0.5 ounce
The biggest tomato fight in the world happens each
year in the small Spanish town of Buñol. The festival is
called La Tomatina, involving some 40,000 people
throwing 150,000 tomatoes at each other!
65 days
0.5 ounce
Tumbler: Ideal for baskets & containers
48 days
1 ounce
Tomaccio: High sugar content make this tasty for fresh
eating and for drying as a sun dried tomato. Heavy yields
0.5 ounce
Cupid: Grape tomato resists cracking, high sugar content
Applause: Large, high yields & exceptional flavour
65 days
1 ounce
67 days
8-12 ounces
Sugary: High sugar content, unusual pointed ends
Bush Early Girl: High yields & excellent flavour
60 days
0.5 ounce
63 days
6-8 ounces
Sun Sugar: Crack resistant, high in sugar and vitamins
62 days
0.5 ounce
Calcium enhances pollen germination and influences the
growth & health of cells and conductive tissues. It has a key
specific influence on tomato fruit quality especially
Blossom End Rot (BER).
Sweet 100: Resists cracking, produces long trusses of
Centennial Rocket: Earliest tomato we carry!
50 days
4-6 ounce
Early Girl: Produces early & for a long period of time
60 days
4-6 ounce
Heartland: Compact plant ideal for containers & small
tiny fruit
65 days
1 ounce
68 days
8 ounce
Early Continued
Manitoba: Very productive with tangy flavour
60 days
6-7 ounces
Park’s Whopper CR: Lg. early, good crack resistance
65 days
12+ ounces
Celebrity: Resistant to a broad range of diseases,
green shoulders
72 days
8 ounces
Prairie Pride: Manitoba cultivar , early ripening
Champion ll: Great disease resistance, all purpose
55 days
4-6 ounces
63 days
6-8 ounces
Ball’s Beefsteak: Easy to manage, compact plant
72 days
10-14 ounces
Cobra: Hot house variety, very heavy producer
70 days
8 ounces
Bush Champion ll: Big meaty fruit with good
Health Kick: 50% more lycopene than most tomatoes
disease resistance
70 days
8-12 ounces
72 days
4 ounce
Better Boy: Smooth fruit with excellent flavour
La Roma lll: Great for pasta sauce & salsa
75 days
8-12 ounces
76 days
5-8 ounce
Burpee Big Boy: Vigorous plant with beautiful fruit
78 days
10 ounce
Lemon Boy: Low acid, heavy producer
72 days
7+ ounces
Big Beef: Beefmaster type with twice the yields
Jet Star: Meaty with high sugar content
73 days
10-12 ounces
72 days
6-8 ounces
Mid Season Continued
Blossom-end rot is a condition that can be caused by hot &
dry conditions or fluctuating moisture levels. Keep even
moisture and mulch your garden.
Sweet Seedless: NO seeds!
78 days
10 ounce s
Money Maker: Meaty fruit& large yields
LATE SEASON 80+ days
Beefmaster: Tolerant of cracking & peeling
73 days
10-12 ounces
80 days
12-16 ounces
Mountain Fresh: Very resistant to cracking. Nice
Black Krim: Meaty, tasty, juicy favourite around here!
70 days
69-90 days
8-12 ounces
Roma Paste: Large, early, good crack resistance
Great White: Low acid, slight blush on fruit bottom
65 days
12+ ounces
75-80 days
10-12 ounces
Sans Marzano Pomodoro: The best paste tomato!
Chef’s Choice Orange: Bright orange, meaty fruit
55 days
4-6 ounces
75 days
12 oz. to 1 pound
Ball’s Beefsteak: Easy plant to manage, short
72 days
10-14 ounces
Super Fantastic: Solid, meaty smooth skinned fruits
70 days
8-12 ounces
Super Sonic: Heavy yields of great tasting fruit
75 days
8-12 ounces
Pineapple: Meaty beefsteak, high yielding
85-95 days
12 ounces-2 pounds!
Jobe’s tomato fertilizer spikes
offer convenient use and feed
your plants for up tp 8 weeks.
Jobe's fertilizer spikes provide
nutrition under ground where
the plant roots can use it. Grow
vigorous healthy plants with
Kennebec: White skin & flesh. Better blight resistance
Norland: Red skin & white flesh, boil & fry
Late season
High yields & very large size
Great storage
Shallow eyes
Early season
High yields & large size
Good storage
Shallow to medium eyes
Pontiac: Red skin & white flesh, boil & bake
Mid to late season
High yields & large size
Short storage
Deep eyes
Russet Burbank: Brown skin & white flesh. Bake & fry
Late season
Good yields\ varying sizes
Great storage
Shallow eyes
Warba: White thin skin & flesh , pink eyes. Boil & bake
Viking: Red skin & white flesh., boil & bake
Early season
Slightly lower yields, medium size
Good storage
Shallow eyes
Very early season
High yields & large size
Good storage
Medium eyes
Caribe: Purple skin & white flesh, good all purpose potato
Yukon Gold: White skin & yellow flesh. Good for fries
Late season
Very high yields, large size
Good storage
Shallow eyes
Mid season
Good yields, medium size
Excellent storage
Medium-shallow eyes
Russian Blue: Blue/purple skin & flesh. Boil, bake & fry
French Fingerling: Red skin, yellow flesh, red streaks
Late season
High yielding, medium size
Good storage
Medium eyes
Late season
High Yields, small size
Good storage
Shallow eyes
Planting Potatoes
To reduce the chance of disease and insects that can overwinter on seed make sure your seed is purchased from a
reputable nursery or seed supply company. When cutting your tuber into pieces for seed you should allow them to sit for
1 to 2 days at room temperature to dry out. This helps minimize disease problems early on. Each seed piece should have
2-3 sprouts located within the eye of the seed for good growth.
Soil temperature should be at least 10 C for planting, cooler temperatures can cause your plant to slowly emerge and
possibly rot. Plant tubers approximately 2” deep and hill-up the soil so the tuber will be buried 6” below the soil. As your
potato plant emerges continue to hill-up the soil, potato hills can be up to 12” deep. Your plants should be spaced 12”
apart and rows 24” apart. Potatoes require 1 inch of water per week as soon as plants have emerged until September.
Red potatoes generally have a higher moisture content and are good for boiling, baking and potato salads while white
varieties are good prepared as french-fries and chips due to their dryer flesh content. Potatoes are susceptible to late
blight, please keep in mind if you had late blight in your tomatoes or potatoes last year DO NOT plant your crop in the
same area and do not compost diseased plant material.
* See in store for varieties available
Purchase your jute bags here for fall/winter storage.
Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Add the wonderful scent of fresh evergreen to your home during the
Holiday Season from a wide variety of fresh cut evergreen trees, garland,
swags, wreaths, boughs and centerpieces.
Our staff are happy to help you select the tree that best suits your
requirements. We carry Balsam, Douglas, Fraser, and Noble Fir, Scotch and
White Pine in several sizes. Looking for a specific tree variety or height?
Custom order your tree by contacting us by until October 31st.
Want the perfect tree but are not quite ready for it? Bring your family down
to select & purchase your tree and leave it with us until you are ready to take
it home and set it up.
Patmore Nursery…a family Christmas Tradition
Poinsettias have been a tradition in decorating our homes for decades. We carry both traditional and
novel varieties. Try something new, a custom color sprayed poinsettia to suit the holiday décor of your
home or office. We carry a variety of festive tropicals & poinsettia/tropical arrangements. We are happy
to customize arrangements for you.
We carry a selection of Christmas & Garden Giftware
to help you select the right gift for the gardener in
Bird Supplies
Garden Décor
Garden Tools
Gift Certificates
Statuary, Fountains
Don’t deny yourself beautiful containers this season, bring your containers or baskets in and
we plant & grow you containers specially for you. We can use your plant specifications or
design unique combinations for you. Custom container services include a top selection of
plant material and all the required soil, fertilizer and compost needed to produce a top quality
product to perform all season. Your pots will be awaiting you in prime condition, ready to go
providing you with a longer season of enjoyment in our short season as you do not have to
wait for them to fill in.
Check out our Winter get a way!
We will pick up your containers in the fall, clean them out and have them
ready to be custom planted first thing in the spring.
To ensure plant happiness all custom plantings
contain Sea Soil™ and slow release fertilizer.
For more information please contact Kerri:
[email protected]
Fax: 204.729.0477