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March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
16Kids’ Summer Fun
Discover a wide variety of summertime activities for kids in the Tri-State area.
12Tri-States Martini Shake Off
13Dubuque Main Street’s
Architecture Days
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34Happy Joe’s
Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor
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2 TOC & Inkwell 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
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I’m watching a Ukulele savant on Hulu
Plus or Netflix, I can’t remember which,
but he’s just flying on this thing playing
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and it
sounds like he’s playing it on a, well, not
a ukulele. His name is Jake Shimabukuro.
The documentary is called “Life on Four
Strings.” As impressive as his ridiculous
talent is, all I can think is, how come his
ukulele sounds like it’s always in perfect
tune? Mine never sounds like that. I feel
like I’m always having to tune mine and
it’s still never perfect.
So, apparently the answer is that his
is like a $3000 handmade ukulele. Well,
that’s not fair. I mean, mine is like a $350
ukulele. That’s still kinda stupid expensive
for a ukulele. There’s a lot of them around
for barely over $100. I must be doing
something wrong.
I’ve never had a need for a ukulele in
my life, but suddenly it seems like we’ve
got about a dozen songs in the band that
need a ukulele in them. Or is it that I’ve
decided that I need to make use of this
$350 ukulele so I’m damn well gonna play
some ukulele songs in the band? I’m not
sure. But either way it’s happening. Even
worse, we have two ukuleles in the band.
Krisitna’s caught the sickness.
Yes, Krisitna, the wunderkind who lays
out this magazine is also in the band and
usually plays keytar. You know, a keyboard
that you wear like a guitar? Keep up,
people! She’s got one, too, only her’s is in
a different key for a different song.
We’ve just discovered that a song
we want to learn uses an instrument
called a melodica, but I think Kristina’s
gonna draw the line and just fake it on
the keytar, and I ain’t getting a mandolin
either. So, we’ll have to see how it goes
without either.
We’ve decided that killer 80’s tunes
that people love but nobody plays
anymore are going to be our thing. I’ve
never have a band with a keyboard
before, so that’s been a refreshing thing to
experiment with. It’s funny, too, to delve
into some new wavy 80’s stuff that doesn’t
even have any guitar in it. So I have to
invent some kind of guitar part to mimic or
replace or combine what a second or third
synthesizer is doing in the song otherwise.
To say it sounds not fun at all, but in reality
it’s been pretty interesting.
We recently learned the song “I Ran”
by A Flock of Seagulls. It’s famous not
only not only for a crazy haircut but
also the singer’s trademark one finger
synthesizer part. When someone brought
up the song, I thought it was going to be
a big snoozefest for me. It turned out to
be one of the most entertaining songs we
play. It’s not difficult, but the guitar part
is always moving and very involved all the
way through. Who knew?
This is where I will start to sound like
all of our dads sounded like 25 years ago,
except this time I’m right…
While the stuff that Kanye West is
turning out is, in my opinion, going to
be forgotten to a great degree in 20
years, I think the strong musical and
vocal melodies of the tunes of the 80’s
are what have kept it alive and makes
it popular even among young people
today. We played a set at The Lift a
couple of weeks ago to a decidedly
younger crowd, and they ate it up. So, I
guess we’re onto something.
Plus, I’m playing with friends, so
whether or not we ever get around to
being rock stars, it’s still time well spent
and each new song is a fun challenge
to see if a bunch of has-beens like us
(except Kristina, she’s still young enough
to qualify as a never-will-be) can pull it
off with our limited skills and equipment.
I think next time we start a band that
focuses on 80’s new wave pop hits, we
need about five more keytar players. And
lasers. Lots of lasers.
The band is called Group Therapy
(facebook.com/gettherapy), as that
is what we are to each other. We’ll be
opening for The Tubes at the Mississippi
Moon Bar on April 17th. You’ll know
them for their seminal 1983 hit “She’s a
Beauty.” Come say “hi!” n
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Inkubator 3
Events Ongoing
growing your own square-foot garden or other
small space. The class is free, but if you’d like
to start seeds and need assistance, you just
pay for the materials.
American Girl Book Club
“Pilot Error”
and Talkback
Friday, March 27 @ 7 PM
Mindframe Theaters
Pilot Error, a feature film inspired by
the true story of a French airliner missing
in the Atlantic, will host its Iowa premiere
at Mindframe Theaters, 555 John F.
Kennedy Drive. The premiere event
will include a talkback with University
of Dubuque aviation department
professors Tony Foster and Chamanda
Prelis as well as a presentation by Susan
Gorrell, executive director of the Julien
Dubuque International Film Festival. She
will preview some Official Selections of
the festival, which is set for April 23-27.
Pilot Error will screen 7 PM nightly
through Thursday, April 2. Producer/
screenwriter Roger Rapoport will join
professors Foster and Prelis for a second
talkback following the 7 PM screening on
Tuesday, March 31.
Filmed on location in France,
Michigan, and Wisconsin, the film stars
award-winning stage actress Kate
Thomsen making her screen debut as
investigative reporter Nicola Wilson. In
the film, Wilson is determined to find out
why a jet headed from South America to
Paris disappeared in the Atlantic, taking
her close friend and 211 other passengers
with it. For more information visit
pilot-errormovie.com. n
Winter Farmers Market
Saturdays: Now through Saturday, April 25
9 AM–Noon @ Colts Center (1101 Main St.)
Entering its 8th year, the all-volunteer driven
market (under the banner of Four Mounds)
returns to the Colts Center focusing on
supporting our regional food system, eating
from our food shed year-round and providing
annual funding to farmers through our grant
program. Winter Farmers Market is truly a grass
roots labor of love with little or no funding and
no staff. We do it because we want our food
system and farmers to be viable & sustainable.
Read more at wintermarketdbq.com.
Clarke University Jansen Music Hall
Clarke University music students
will present excerpts of famous
opera including Verdis’ La Traviatta
and Giacamo Puccini’s La Boheme.
Admission is free and the event is open
to the public.
The production features Tim Gelhaus,
Rebekah Ross, Will Schwalb, Josh
Harbough, Audrey List, Brittany Galle
and Jack Cole, and is directed by Clarke
Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Sang-In
Han. The production, featuring duets
and other vocal ensembles, will examine
all the timeless aspects of love through
the lens of this engaging art form.
Clarke University is a Catholic, liberal
arts and sciences university dedicated
to preparing students who positively
impact their workplace, family and
community. Academic offerings include
more than 40 undergraduate liberal
arts and pre-professional programs, a
robust adult degree program and six
graduate degree programs. Founded
in 1843 by the Sisters of Charity of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, Clarke is located
near the Mississippi River in the thriving
city of Dubuque, Iowa. It is the only
BVM university in the country. For more
information, please call 563-588-6318. n
4 Events 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Ensemble Español presents
Flamenco Passion!
Thursday, March 26
7:30 PM @ UD Heritage Center
Chicago’s Ensemble Español Spanish Dance
Theater beguiles crowds with quicksilver
choreography steeped in an atmosphere
of romance. Highlighted by Ravel’s Bolero,
“Flamenco Passion” is a lavish production
of original Spanish Classical ballets, folkloric
suites, and fiery Flamenco dramas. For further
information, please contact Kristi Lynch, director
of public information, at 563-589-3267.
The Great Dig: Drop Off
Friday, March 27
5–7 PM @ Nativity Church
The Great Dig is a garage sale of artful
proportions. All proceeds go to The Great
Draw Visual Arts Scholarship and Street Art
Competition to be held in September. Clean
out your closets, garages, and studios and
help fund art scholarships! You can drop
off your items on Thursday, March 26 from
5–7 PM at Nativity Church. Want to help?
Give us a call at 563-583-9343 (Dubuque) or
815-775-9166 (Galena).
St. Baldrick’s Foundation Head-Shaving
Tuesday, April 14 @ 7:30 PM
6–7:30 PM
@ DBQ CO Library Peosta/NICC Branch
Join us to learn more about Rebecca, this
confident and inspiring girl living in 1914,
through discussion & more. When you register,
let us know if you will need a book. Space
limited. For second grade and older. Please
register by calling 563-582-0008.
5:30 PM @ UD McCormick Gymnasium
University of Dubuque chapter of Phi Theta Psi
will host a St. Baldrick’s Foundation signature
head-shaving event to raise funds and
awareness for lifesaving childhood cancer
research. Everyone is welcome to participate by
shaving their head, or just joining in the
activities as others get their heads shaved. The
event will include a silent auction with items.
For more information about the St. Baldrick’s
Foundation visit StBaldricks.org.
The Great Dig
8 AM–1 PM @ Nativity Church
Spring Break Amazing Afternoons
1–4 PM @ Mississippi River Museum
Spring breakers ages 5–12 will experience
several hands-on activities including live
animal encounters, fun interactive games
and crafts, and explore all of the wildlife the
aquarium has to offer. Cost for each session is
$20 for non-members and $15 for members. To
register, call 563-557-9545 ext. 213. For more
information, visit rivermuseum.com.
Camp Albrecht Acres Garage Sale
3–7 PM @ Albrecht Acres Kehl Center
All proceeds benefit Camp Albrecht Acres. Lots
of new merchandise priced to sell, some with
slight imperfections. For more information,
visit albrechtacres.org/events.html.
Galena Wine Lovers’ Weekend
Gardening 101
6 PM @ Steve’s Ace Home and Garden
Want to make your Pinterest Gardening
Dreams come true? Join us at Steve’s Ace
Home and Garden at 3350 JFK Road for a
beginners workshop teaching you the basics of
5:30–8 PM @ Galena, IL
Discover a new favorite among 300 varieties of
hand-picked wines and spirits at Grand
Tastings offered on Friday, March 27 from
6–8 PM (limited tickets available) and Saturday,
March 28 from 4–6 PM (sold out). Tickets, sold
in advance only, are $40. Admission includes
tasting, keepsake wine glass, and entry into a
drawing for a Getaway to Galena Gift Basket. A
Events silent auction includes vintage and large format
wine bottles. To purchase Grand Tastings
tickets or find information on other weekend of
tastings, winemaker dinners, celebrity chefs,
and pampering all weekend long, visit
This is a favorite and a must attend! The
American woodcock is a fantastic bird that has
an even more fantastic mating ritual. Dress for
the weather and meet at Whitewater Canyon
for this awesome program.
email Jenee Jeanblanc, Youth & Family Director
at [email protected]
Galena Wine Lovers’ Weekend
Camp Albrecht Acres Garage Sale
Spring Break Amazing Afternoons
8 AM–Noon @ Albrecht Acres Kehl Center
1–4 PM @ Mississippi River Museum
Dubuque Fighting Saints:
Saints vs. Madison
What a Girl Wants Expo
The Jan & Dean Beach Party
10 AM–4 PM @ Shore Event Centre (Bellevue, IA)
Enjoy a vendor show featuring health, beauty,
food and fashion! Free admission! $5 soup and
sandwich special.
4 & 7 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
See page 25 for more information.
7:35 PM @ Mystique Ice Center
The Dubuque Fighting Saints is a Tier 1 junior
ice hockey team playing in the United States
Hockey League (USHL). Matt Shaw is the head
coach and general manager. Join Bernie and
the gang for a fun night with the Saints!
Musical Menus
6 PM @ Clarke University Wahlert Atrium
This Clarke musical tradition features
performances by students and faculty
throughout a gourmet five-course meal
designed by Clarke University Chef Miles Breed.
It’s been called the area’s best Broadway
revue! Seating begins at 6 PM; dinner at
6:30 PM. Reservations are required and may
be made by calling 563-588-6553 or visiting
“Pilot Error” Screening
7 PM @ Mindframe Theaters
See page [x] for more information.
Woodcoock Watch
7 PM @ Whitewater Canyon
Noon–6 PM @ Galena, IL
Musical Menus
6 PM @ Clarke University Wahlert Atrium
Blurring the Edges Exhibit Reception
6–10 PM @ Dubuque Area Arts Collective
See page [x] for more information.
Saturday, March 28
Great River Wind Symphony
Breakfast with the Bunny
7:30 AM–10 AM @ Dubuque YMCA/YWCA
The Easter bunny is egg-cited about having
breakfast with you! Bring your camera and
take a picture with him before we kick off
our annual Easter egg hunt. Grab your Easter
basket and get ready for egg hunts that
are grouped by age. For more information
or to register please contact the Dubuque
Community YMCA/YWCA at 563-556-3371 or
Fever River Puppeteers:
“More Tales of Bunny Cotton-Tail”
11 AM & 2 PM @ Hazel Green Opera House
(Hazel Green, WI)
Based on stories by Platteville children’s author,
Laura Rountree Smith, this show follows the
further adventures of Bunny Cotton-Tail as he
goes to school, gets distracted by some rascally
squirrels, thwarts Bush-Tail the fox and learn
why slow but steady wins the race. For more
information, contact 608-732-7129. Tickets: $5
adults, $4 children.
7 PM @ Loras College Fieldhouse
The Great River Wind Symphony concert is
presented by the combined concert ensembles
of Loras College, Clarke University, University
of Dubuque, and St. Ambrose University. All
are invited to attend this concert at no charge.
For more information, email Loras College
Wind Ensemble Director Glenn Pohland at
[email protected]
Dubuque Fighting Saints:
Saints vs. Cedar Rapids
7:05 PM @ Mystique Ice Center
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Events 5
Events Dead Man Walking—
Journey Continues
Monday, March 30 @ 7 PM
University of Dubuque Heritage Center
University of Dubuque’s Wendt Center for Character
Education will host Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, author
of Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the
Death Penalty in the United States.” Sr. Helen’s lecture
will be followed by a book signing in the A.Y. McDonald
Lobby; both of her books will be available for purchase.
The event is free and open to the public, but tickets are
required for admission and may be obtained through the
Farber Box Office.
In preparation for the lecture, there will be three
showings of the film version of Dead Man Walking at
Mindframe Theaters: Monday, March 23 at 6 PM and
8:30 PM; and Sunday, March 29 at 3 PM. Admission is
$5 at the door for the general public and free for all UD
faculty, staff, and students with a UD ID.
Sister Helen Prejean has been instrumental in
sparking national dialogue on the death penalty
and helping to shape the Catholic Church’s newly
vigorous opposition to state executions. She travels
around the world giving talks about her ministry. She
considers herself a southern storyteller. Sister Helen
is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph. She
spent her first years with the Sisters teaching religion
to junior high school students. Realizing that being
on the side of poor people is an essential part of the
The Second City Hits Home
7:30 PM @ Grand Opera House
Doing what they do best, The Second City finds
laughs in everything from Dubuque’s history,
events and hot button issues to headlines from
the Telegraph Herald and mixes these with
a generous portion of classic Chicago-style
sketch and improv created by some of Second
City’s most lauded alumni including Tina Fey,
Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Gilda Radner, Bill
Murray and more.
Spring Dance Concert: HerStories
7:30 PM @ UD Heritage Center
HerStories is a journey told through dance
and theatre where members of the UD Fine
and Performing Arts Department, The Adrian
Dance Company, and the Spartanettes Dance
Ensemble reveal personal and universal truths
about the world they occupy. This event
is free, but a ticket is required. Tickets are
available at the Farber Box office in Heritage
Center, open Monday–Friday 10 AM–5 PM;
by calling 563-585-SHOW; or online at
Gospel she moved into the St. Thomas Housing Project
in New Orleans and began working at Hope House
from 1981–1984. During this time, she was asked to
correspond with death row inmate Patrick Sonnier at
Angola. She agreed and became his spiritual adviser.
After witnessing his execution, she wrote a book about
the experience. The result was Dead Man Walking: An
Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United
States. It became a movie, an opera and a play for high
schools and colleges.
Since 1984, Sister Helen has divided her time
between educating citizens about the death penalty
and counseling individual death row prisoners. She has
accompanied six men to their deaths. In doing so, she
began to suspect that some of those executed were not
guilty. This realization inspired her second book, The
Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful
Executions, which was released by Random House in
December of 2004.
Tickets for this event are available at Heritage
Center’s Farber Box Office Monday through Friday from
12 PM to 5:30 PM; by phone at 563.585.SHOW; or online
at dbq.edu/heritagecenter. For further information,
please contact Kristi Lynch, director of public
information, 563-589-3267. n
Sunday, March 29
Tuesday, March 31
Capable Volunteer Co. Garage Sale
Sip & Shop
9 AM–2 PM @ Courtside Bar & Grill
The community is invited to browse the
Capable Volunteer Co. Garage Sale! Find
clothing, shoes, miscellaneous household
items and kitchen appliances. For more
information about Capable Volunteer Co.,
contact Julie Schulte, Executive Director at:
[email protected]
6–8 PM @ Stone Cliff Winery
Sip & Shop promotes businesses and raises
money for a selected charity. Every month
we select a different charity and have a silent
auction and bake sale with the proceeds going
to that charity.
on how to successfully manage a compost
system, the basics of what is needed to
start a bin, and how to keep soil healthy by
composting. Composting is one the greatest
ways to add organic matter to the garden. No
registration is required, walk-ins are welcome,
and there is no fee to join. Attendees can
bring a lunch! For more information, visit
Clarke Honors Jazz Band Festival
Beginning Chapters Book Club
2 PM @ Hazel Green Opera House
(Hazel Green, WI)
7 PM @ Clarke University Jansen Music Hall
Jazz lives at Clarke University as area high
school students jam with a top jazz artist in a
day of musical celebration that culminates in an
evening concert. This event is free.
“A Concert of Psalms”
Wednesday, April 1
4–5 PM @ Multicultural Family Center
The Carnegie-Stout Public Library is bringing
a book club designed for readers starting on
chapter books. Join for activities and great
books like Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones,
and Nate the Great. Register and pick up
your book at the Multicultural Family Center.
Participation is free. For more information, call
563-582-3681, email [email protected], or
visit mfcdbq.org.
Fever River Puppeteers:
“More Tales of Bunny Cotton-Tail”
3 PM @ Emmaus Bible College
The Julien Chamber Choir will present “A
Concert of Psalms.” The concert, directed by
Kristen Eby, will include works by Brahms,
Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff and others.
Suggested donation at the door: $7 (students
free). Julien Chamber Choir is a 24-voice choir
made up of professional and amateur singers
from the tri-state area. For more information,
find them on Facebook!
Monday, March 30
Dead Man Walking Lecture
7 PM @ UD Heritage Center
See page [x] for more information.
6 Events 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Road to Success for Teens
Lunch n’ Learn Garden Series:
Composting and Soil Health
12:15–12:45 PM @ Multicultural Family Center
Dubuque Co. ISU Extension and Ashley Neises,
Garden Manager at the Dubuque Rescue
Mission, will be teaming up to talk about
composting and soil health at a Monthly Lunch
‘n Learn Garden series at the Multicultural
Family Center, 1157 Central Ave. Get tips
4–7 PM @ Multicultural Family Center
Professional leaders from different
organizations have teamed up with the
Multicultural Family Center and Black Men
Coalition to offer professional employment
skills including resume building, mock
interviews, and professional appearance
for young adults age 13–18. Participation
is free, but preregistration is required. For
more information, call 563-582-3681, email
[email protected], or visit mfcdbq.org.
Events Martin, Wes Luke, Heather Huckleberry, Wendy
Hinman, Bang Lang Do, Nicholas Bratcher, and
Eric Amweg. This event is free, but a ticket is
required. Tickets are available at the Farber Box
office in Heritage Center, open Monday–Friday
10 AM–5 PM; by calling 563-585-SHOW; or
online at dbq.edu/heritagecenter.
while supplies last. For more information, visit
Fever River Puppeteers:
“More Tales of Bunny Cotton-Tail”
Saturday, April 4
11 & 2 PM @ Hazel Green Opera House
(Hazel Green, WI)
East Dubuque Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt
Thursday, April 2
Natural Easter Egg Dying
NFP/YPG Meet & Greet
6 PM @ Swiss Valley Nature Center
Learn how to make your own dyes from natural
ingredients and bring some hard boiled eggs
to test them out. Easter crafts and activities
will make this a fun night for the whole family.
Call 563-556-6745 to register. For more
information, visit dubuquecounty.org.
5–7 PM @ Galena Elks Lodge (Galena, IL)
Attend a free, casual “open house” with the
Not-For-Profit Alliance (NFP) and Young
Professionals of Galena (YPG). For more
information, visit galenachamber.com.
Green Drinks
6:30 PM @ Inspire Cafe
Green Dubuque is launching a new Green
Drinks in 2015. Come meet new like-minded
friends and discuss local green issues while
enjoying a beverage.
Spring Faculty Recital
7:30 PM @ UD Heritage Center
Solo, duet, trio and quartet performances by
University of Dubuque instrumental music
faculty members. Performers in the 2015
Faculty Recital include James Sherry, Marcia
Tri-States Martini Shake Off!
6–9 PM @ Diamond Jo Casino
See page [x] for more information.
Friday, April 3
Easter Eggstravaganza
10 AM–1 PM @ Kennedy Mall
Enjoy fun, family entertainment featuring
balloon artists, face painter, magician, and a
special appearance from the Easter Bunny.
Children 10 and under are invited to take
part in an Easter egg hunt for special treats.
Registration is at 10 a.m.; the hunt will start
at 10:30 a.m. Participation is free, and open
13th Annual Tri States’ Largest
Easter Egg Hunt
10 AM @ Dubuque County Fairgrounds
Gates open at 10 AM. There are two hunts,
the first for kids 7 and under (or any child
that needs a mom and dad’s help) that will
start promptly at 11 AM. We will then lay
out the other eggs for the older kids. Over
32,000 eggs provided by Cherry Lanes, the
Noon Optimists of Dubuque, Sun Tan City
and Tristates Night Out. The easter bunny
will be on hand as well as inflatables from LT
Amusements, concessions for purchase, music
by ABC Muzik, and S. Kelly Photography will
be on hand to catch all the fun! Tickets will be
available beginning the week of March 16th at all
Kwik Stop locations for $3 per child (adults are
free!) Proceeds to benefit the Children’s Miracle
Network. Don’t forget to bring a bag to collect
your eggs!
1 PM @ Dunleith Park (East Dubuque, IL)
The East Dubuque Lions Club hosts its annual
Easter egg hunt for children age 8 and younger
with a parent. Colored eggs and candy will be
available. The Easter bunny will be available
for hugs and photos. The event is free. East
Dubuque High School will be the rain location.
Sunday, April 5
Easter at the Hotel Julien Dubuque
10 AM–2 PM @ Hotel Julien Dubuque
Enjoy brunch favorites—including breakfast
and dinner entrées, salads, and desserts—
and an Easter egg hunt with a special
appearance by the Easter bunny. Cost is
$24.75 for adults and $15.75 for children (ages
4–12). Reservations are recommended at
Tuesday, April 7
Mayors Day of Recognition
1–3 PM @ Diamond Jo Casino Harbor Room
Dubuque Mayor Roy D. Buol is honoring local
national service members at supporters at a
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Events 7
Events Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service.
The purpose of this day is to spotlight the
impact of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps and
thank those who serve. For more information
about the Dubuque National Service
Partnership or to reserve your spot please
contact Beth at 563-589-2622.
the direction of David Resnick. The Wind
Ensembles will present works from composers
McBeth, King, Pann, and others. This event
is free, but a ticket is required. Tickets are
available at the Farber Box office in Heritage
Center, open Monday–Friday 10 AM–5 PM;
by calling 563-585-SHOW; or online at
Wednesday, April 8
Galena Winter Farmers Market
Julien Film Festival Kick-Off
6 PM @ Hotel Julien Dubuque
View trailers of the officially selected and
nominated films that will be shown during the
Film Festival in April. Hear who is coming and
what is planned. Appetizers will be provided and
a cash bar will be available. Admission is $5. For
more information, visit julienfilmfest.com.
African-American Play Reading Club
6:15–8 PM @ Multicultral Family Center
Together we will read aloud three different
adult plays by African-American playwrights,
one each month, and discuss them. It is not
required to read the scripts ahead of time. For
those who might wish to, scripts will be
available at the Multicultural Family Center to
read there at the center. Class size limited.
Registration required. This club is funded by a
Mediacom Arts & Culture Grant. Hosted by
Fly-By-Night Productions. Register online at
NAMI Care and Share Meeting
7 PM @ Caradco Building
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Dubuque invites you to participate in our Care
and Share Meetings the first Tuesday of every
month at 7 PM. This is group is open to anyone
with lived experience, their family members,
loved ones and anyone wanting to provide
support. All meetings are held in the lower level
Millwork Collective area at 900 Jackson Street.
This event is free and open to the public. Our
support groups are facilitated by NAMI Dubuque.
UD Wind Ensemble Spring Concert: Legend
7:30 PM @ UD Heritage Center
Legend will feature musicians from the
University of Dubuque Wind Ensemble, under
the direction of Nicholas Bratcher, and the
wind ensemble of Clarke University, under
8 Events 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
4–6 PM @ Galena CFA (Galena, IL)
The Galena Winter Farmers Market and Craft
Fair is entering its second year in the lower level
of the Galena Center for the Arts (but is not
affiliated with it) at 219 Summit St. the second
Wednesday of each month. Find everything
from produce, eggs, baked goods, lamb, hot
meals to go, jams and jellies, crafts, jewelry,
handmade greeting cards, knitted winter
accessories, herbal teas, gourmet coffee mixes,
wellness product, and a lot more.
Open House at Toastmasters
Speakeasy 3588
5:30–7:30 PM @ Carnegie-Stout Public Library
Looking to develop speaking and leadership
skills? Ace a job interview? Ignite your
career? Come be our guest to learn what
we do, and how we can help you with
your communication and leadership skills.
Toastmasters International is a world
leader in communication and leadership
development. For more information,
visit 3588.toastmastersclubs.org or
Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development
6:30–8 PM @ Galena Public Library
This program, presented by Jorden Rijpma of
the Riverview Center, will help adults better
understand the sexual development of
children. Parents will learn how to respond to
children’s sexuality in ways that promote
healthy development. This program will
provide an understanding of the relationship
between healthy sexuality and sexual abuse
prevention. Admission is free. For more
information, visit galenalibrary.org or
Annie Moses Band
7:30 PM @ UD Heritage Center
The Annie Moses Band’s weaves musical styles
together into cinematic arrangements while
virtuosic siblings bring Juilliard-honed chops
to Nashville-styled music-making. For further
information, please contact Kristi Lynch, director
of public information, at 563-589-3267.
Events Thursday, April 9
Another Bluestocking Event:
Poet Laureate Reads
Ladies Night Out
French Market
9:30 AM–4:30 PM @ Discovery Shop
If you can’t get to Paris to shop at the “Marche
aux Puces de Paris”, don’t miss our three day
French immersion at the Discovery Shop’s
French Market. Like the markets in Paris, we
will have gathered treasures, clothing and
accessories, Haute Couture, collectables, and
everyday objects donated by many generous
people from around our community. You will
experience the music, displays and one of a kind
finds you may never have known you needed.
New merchandise will be added each day as
we celebrate the French Market’s Premiere on
Thursday, Haute Couture / Designer Day on
Friday, and Vintage Treasures on Saturday.
Call 563-582-9800 for more information or
facebook.com/DubuqueDiscoveryShop. All
proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society
to fund cancer research, education, advocacy
and patient services.
5–7:30 PM @ FloorShow Furniture & Flooring
A $5 admission ticket at the door will go
directly to Opening Doors. Auction items,
50/50 tickets and more sold throughout the
night will also benefit Opening Doors. Your $5
admission ticket enters you into a drawing to
win over 50 fabulous prizes from our vendors.
Shop, pamper, eat, drink, mingle, and laugh at
this popular, annual event.
Chow Bella: A Book Group for Foodies!
6–7:30 PM @ River Lights Bookstore
Join us every other month at different locations
where we will be discussing a food related book
and trying samples of the literary delicacies
contained within! This month features
“Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook
and Eat” by Bee Wilson and Annabel Lee.
Friday, April 10
French Market
9:30 AM–4:30 PM @ Discovery Shop
5 PM @ Galena Public Library
Kevin Stein, Poet Laureate of Illinois, will give a
reading and answer questions about poetry
reading and writing. Light refreshments will be
served. Admission is free. For more
information, visit galenalibrary.org.
Around the World in One Night
5:30 PM–7:30 PM @ Dubuque YMCA/YWCA
Join us for a multicultural experience as
we travel the world sampling the taste,
sights and sounds of many cultures from
around the globe. No passport needed.
For more information or to register please
contact the Dubuque Community YMCA/
YWCA at 563-556-3371 or email Jenee
Jeanblanc, Youth & Family Director at
[email protected] Cost: $30 per
family (prior to April 3); $40 per family.
Art @ your library®
Maija Rhee Devine:
Discussion and Book Signing
5:30 PM @ River Lights Bookstore
During the final years of the Japanese
Occupation, when most Korean brides and
grooms were married sight unseen, Gui-yong
and Eum-chun find a love as sweet as sticky
rice. But their love for each other and their
secretly adopted daughter is not enough,
as they soon must accept the impossible—a
mistress moving in to bear a male child deemed
necessary in a society of Confucianism. After
the Korean War drives the family apart, it falls
on the shoulders of their daughter, Mi-Na, to
figure out how to keep her family together
through this life and into the next—and
ultimately make sense of the past.
5:30–7:30 PM @ Carnegie-Stout Public Library
The unique and successful Art @ your library®
exhibit for April and May will fill the CarnegieStout Public Library’s historic second floor
Rotunda and highlights 19 local artists works
in cooperation with the Bellevue Arts Council:
Gail Chavenelle, David Eischeid, Andra Fifield,
Jo Fifield, Ron Hansen, Ellen Henkels, Fran
Henkels, Tom Henning, Fran Kennedy, Joey
Kikke, Laura Larabee, Barb McKinlay, Lorna
Olson, Donna Sue Peck, Sue Sawvel, Earl
Sawvell, Michelle Taylor, Joan Tully and Richard
Weinschenk. Artists will be on hand during
the reception to meet people and discuss their
works. The event is open to the public, and
admission is free.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Events 9
Events End of the Civil War
April 10–12
Hunks: The Show
Galena, IL
This small town in northwest Illinois is pulling out all the stops to commemorate
the 150th anniversary of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Gen. U.S. Grant, marking the
beginning of the end of the American Civil War on April 9, 1865, with a crescendo of
special events.
The sesquicentennial theme “Peace in Union” originated both with the Nast painting
and the fact that Grant made the unprecedented decision to allow the Confederate
soldiers to return home with their horses and weapons, in the spirit of “absence of
malice and charity for all”. Three of Galena’s nine generals are in the painting: Grant,
Rawlins and Parker.
Blaum Bros. Distilling Co., Galena’s only liquor distillery, is creating a limited-run
small-batch commemorative bourbon especially for this event. A portion of every sale
will benefit the Galena-Jo Daviess County Historical Society.
For more information or to purchase tickets contact the Galena & U.S. Grant
Museum: 815-777-9129 or [email protected] n
“Remembering Old Galena”
Dinner Theater Performance
Thursday, April 9 @ 5:30 PM
DeSoto House Hotel
The night begins with cash bar at 5:30 PM
and dinner at 6 PM. Enjoy Civil War-era music
by the Galena United Methodist Church Bell
Choir and a celebratory tolling of church bells
throughout the city at sunset. $35 per person.
Reservations required: 815-777-0090
miners, merchants and Civil War heroes. $10
per person; children under 10 are free. No
reservations necessary. In case of rain, the tour
will be conducted inside the hotel.
Available year-round is a self-guided tour
booklet from the Galena & U.S. Grant Museum.
For a small fee, a mobile app with three tour
loops and an audio narrative is also available:
galenahistory.org or 815-777-9129.
Lamplight Tour
Galena Generals’ Art Exhibit
Friday, April 10 @ 5–6 PM
U.S. Grant Home
Tour the U.S. Grant Home State Historic Site with
General & Mrs. Grant. Donations suggested.
April 12 & 17–19
Galena Center for the Arts
View photos and paintings of Galena’s nine Civil
War Generals. Opening reception 1–4 PM on
April 12. The exhibit will be open 1–7 PM April
17–19. Donations suggested. For more info:
“Peace in Union”
April 10–11 & 17–18 @ 8 PM
Turner Hall
Enjoy this original drama. Hear period music
by Dubuque Cadenza Choir on Saturday,
April 11 at 7:30 PM prior to the performance.
$10 per person. Reservations recommended:
Home Front Pie Auction
Saturday, April 11 @ 11 AM
Gateway to History
Bid on an assortment of pies and other items at
at Gateway to History, downtown Galena.
“Civil War Facts & Fashion”
Vintage Fashion Show
Saturday, April 11 @ 2 PM
DeSoto House Hotel
$10 per person. Reservations recommended:
Main Street Walking Tours
April 11–12 & 18–19 @ 10 AM & Noon
DeSoto House Hotel
One-hour Walking Tours with General Grant
begin in the lobby of the DeSoto House Hotel.
Hear stories about steamboat captains,
“Women of the Civil War” Performance
Thursday, April 16 @ 7 PM
DeSoto House Hotel
Enjoy this performance with first-person
interpretations of prominent women from
Galena’s past. Reservations recommended:
First Day Issue
Friday, April 17 @ 10:15 AM
Galena & U.S. Grant Museum
First Day Issue highlighting the new Peace
in Union U.S. Postal Service commemorative
postage stamp.
Civil War Brass Band Concert
Saturday, April 18 @ 2 PM
Turner Hall
Formed in 1864, the band marched under the
command of General Sherman in Georgia and
the Carolinas. Donations suggested.
Historic Church Service
Sunday, April 19 @ 10:30 AM
Galena United Methodist Church
10 Events 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Matter 21+ Social Evenings
5:30–8 PM @ Matter Creative Center
Matter Creative Center’s 21+ social evenings
allow you to have fun enjoying all of our
creativity building adventures in a grown-up
atmosphere. All 21+ social evenings are for
adults 21 or older (no exceptions) and allow you
to bring light snacks and your own beverages,
including beer or wine if you’d like (please
no hard alcohol). You’ll get to enjoy all of our
anytime adventures, plus our add-on options
like pottery painting items, guided painting
sessions, mosaic design items, and glass
painting, to truly customize your evening to
your individual tastes. For more information,
please visit MatterCreative.center.
Rockin’ on the River Rockin’ Bowl
6 PM @ Cascade Lanes and Lounge
(Cascade, IA)
Bowling starts at 6, and live music by classic
rock and roller Matt Gogel will be 8–11 PM. Join
us for this fun event and silent auction.
Zumba Bash
6–8:30 PM @ Dubuque YMCA/YWCA West
Let it Move You! Sample Zumba and Zumba
Toning classes including our new Step Zumba
& Glow Zumba. Stay after for appetizers and
refreshments. childcare provided. Bring your
girlfriends and join the party. The general
public is welcome. $20 person.
Dubuque Area Writers Guild Meeting
7 PM @ Nash Gallery
The Dubuque Area Writers Guild (DAWG)
is for writers who want to share their
work with other writers and lovers of the
written word. For more information, email
[email protected]
Dubuque Fighting Saints:
Saints vs. Tri-City
7:35 PM @ Mystique Ice Center
Farce of Nature: A Comedy by Jessie
Jones, Nicolas Hope & Jamie Wooten
7:30 PM @ Bell Tower Theater
From the authors of The Hallelujah Girls and
Always a Bridesmaid. The Reel ‘Em Inn was
the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks, but
lately business is down and the only guest is
being relocated by Witness Protection. Add in a
frustrated wife who’s fed up with her lackluster
romantic life, a sheriff who keeps losing her gun
and a sexy Chicago mob wife, and you have nonstop hilarity. As love blossoms and truths are
revealed this side-splitting comedy is guaranteed
to win you over-hook, line, and sinker!
8 PM @ Mystique Casino
This live, high-energy production showcases
creative choreography and extravagant
costumes guaranteed to captivate women
of all ages. This universally acclaimed male
revue show has quickly become the hottest
ticket on tour in the world. Tickets are $15.
Doors open at 7 PM. For more information, visit
Switchback Songwriters Weekend
@ Four Mounds Inn
See page [x] for more information.
Saturday, April 11
Pastel Painting Workshop
9 AM–5 PM @ Maquoketa Art Experience
(Maquoketa, IA)
Tom Christopher of the Pastel Society of
America will host a pastel painting workshop.
For more information or to register, visit
French Market
9:30 AM–4 PM @ Discovery Shop
Lollipops & Music for Our Preschoolers
10–10:30 AM @ Carnegie-Stout Public Library
The Lollipops and Music for Our Preschoolers
(L&MOP) concert sponsored by NISOM
(Northeast Iowa School of Music). Children
hear music, interact with the musicians and
instruments, and get a lollipop!
The French Cafe
10–11 AM @ Multicultural Family Center
Join other Dubuque community members
fluent (or becoming fluent) in speaking French
for coffee and conversation. Participation
is free, registration required. Sign up at
cityofdubuque.org/recreation. Registration
forms can also be found at the MFC and the
MFC website. For more information, call
563-582-3681 or visit mfcdbq.org.
What Women Want—Dubuque Style
10 AM–3 PM @ Grand River Center
This fundraiser for the Dubuque Area
Convention & Visitors Bureau features
entertainment, shopping, food, drink, and fun.
For more information, call 563-556-4372.
Paint & Pour
11 AM–2 PM @ Galena Cellars (Galena, IL)
Enjoy an afternoon of painting at Galena Cellars
with Galena artist Sandra Principe at Galena
Cellars Vineyard & Winery, 4746 N. Ford Rd.,
Galena, IL. No experience is required. The cost
is $35 per person which includes lunch and a
Events David Allan Coe
glass of wine. There is an optional $15 materials
fee. To RSVP, call Sandra at 815-541-0068. For
more information, visit galenacellars.com.
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
See page 25 for more information.
International Night Dinner
Sunday, April 12
4–7:30 PM @ UW-P Ullsvik Hall
International Night is an event organized
by the International Student Club that has
taken place on the UW-Platteville campus
for approximately 50 years. Currently,
International Night takes place once per year
during the spring semester. Themes vary from
year to year, and cuisine varies from Asian and
Arabic to Latin American and European. An
international marketplace and a flag parade
normally starts out the evening, followed by
dinner and entertainment.
Heartland Ballet Presents
Fairest of Them All
7:30 PM @ Grand Opera House
Heartland Ballet presents another world premiere
ballet created for the Grand by Marina O’Rourke
and David Resnick. The familiar story of Snow
White is retold with beautiful choreography and
an exciting original score performed live.
Farce of Nature: A Comedy by Jessie
Jones, Nicolas Hope & Jamie Wooten
7:30 PM @ Bell Tower Theater
Hunks: The Show
8 PM @ Mystique Casino
Dubuque Flea Market & Antique Show
8 AM–3 PM @ DBQ Co Fairgrounds
Pickers, collectors, antique lovers and flea
marketers!! Join us at the Dubuque Flea
Market & Antique Show, held at the Dubuque
County Fairgrounds. Antiques, retro art, old
school mementos, collectibles, and plenty
of new merchandise for that perfect items
... it’s all there at the Dubuque Flea Market
& Antique Show. A tradition started in the
1960s, the Dubuque Flea Market features a
range of exhibitors, collectors and dealers
showing a variety of antiques and hard-to-find
collectibles. This is a great place to learn more
about your favorite kind of antiques or make
contacts with other collectors who share your
passion for finding that special item.
Pastel Painting Workshop
9 AM–5 PM @ Maquoketa Art Experience
(Maquoketa, IA)
and includes workshop, book signing, and
yoga class, as well as a free membership to
the new online Warrior Goddess Web and a
week-long online Warrior Goddess Bootcamp
on Forgiveness. Pre-registration and payment
required. Call 563-556-9642 to register and
for more information.
The Evolution of the Artistic
Imagination Reception
UD Spring Choral Concert:
Lend Your Voice to the Song
1–3 PM @ Sinsinawa Mound Center Art Gallery
The art of Sister Joeann Daley, OP, will be
featured. The print and mixed media individual
pieces chosen serve as guides into the
understanding of how one artist sees the world.
These guide pieces exemplify some of the same
elements that are in the over 200 styroart
cups, bowls, and trays. The art gallery is open
10 AM–5 PM daily. For more information, visit
2 PM @ UD Heritage Center
Features the music of the UD Concert Choir,
directed by Dr. Charles Barland and the UD
Chamber Singers, directed by Professor Kristen
Eby. This event is free, but a ticket is required.
Tickets are available at the Farber Box office
in Heritage Center, open Monday–Friday
10 AM–5 PM; by calling 563-585-SHOW; or
online at dbq.edu/heritagecenter.
Warrior Goddess Wisdom Workshop
1–4 PM @ Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa
Warrior Goddess Wisdom: Roots & Wings, an
experiential teaching and yoga workshop for
women is presented by bestselling author of
Warrior Goddess Training and Forrest Yoga
instructor, HeatherAsh Amara. Amara will
show attendees how to become the authentic,
perceptive, perfect women they really are. The
workshop will conclude with a special Warrior
Goddess focused Forrest Yoga class. The cost
is $45 for members / $50 for non-members
Heartland Ballet Presents
Fairest of Them All
2 PM @ Grand Opera House
Farce of Nature: A Comedy by Jessie
Jones, Nicolas Hope & Jamie Wooten
2 PM @ Bell Tower Theater
Juliani Ensemble Concert
5 PM @ Washburne House (Galena, IL)
The ensemble group is made up of
wonderfully-talented, professional musicians
from both the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Events 11
Events Tri-States
Martini Shake Off!
Thursday, April 2 @ 6–9 PM
Diamond Jo Casino
Snack and sip to a good cause at the
Tri-States first Martini Shake Off!™ to
benefit the HAVlife™ Foundation. Dozens
of martini recipes will be prepared by
up to 12 local establishments. Awards
will be given in several “Best Martini”
categories. The public will also be voting
on a “People’s Choice” award. Tickets on
sale now havlife.org.
HAVlife Foundation has roots in the
Davenport area, and has now expanded
their mission to include Dubuque and
the Tri-States. HAVlife’s mission is:
Preventing Lost Potential™, and they
fulfill this mission by working with
schools and other youth organizations
to help fund activities for youth ages
10 to 15 that are related to arts, music
and athletics. The local Tri-States Board
of Directors, working with education
and community leadership, invest
grants to help young at-risk youth who
may not be able to afford potentially
life changing opportunities such as
music lessons, science camps, athletic
supplies, and participation fees. During
the event, HAVlife™ Tri-States will launch
with their first grant to the Dubuque
Community Schools.
Celebrations like the Martini Shake
Off!™ will make it possible for HAVlife
Tri-States to fund athletic programs,
music opportunities and other extracurricular activities for students in the
Tri-State area to prevent lost potential.
In the past seven years, HAVlife™ has
already raised and granted more than
$625,000 in Eastern Iowa and Western
Illinois, and the organization is excited to
be able to bring their mission of youth
service to Dubuque and the Tri-States.
HAVlife™ was established in 2007 by
Dubuque native Mike Vondran, in honor
of his son Hunter Aaron Vondran, who
passed away at the young age of 13 due
to injuries sustained in a tragic accident.
To date the foundation has raised and
granted over $625,000. For more
information visit havlife.org. n
under the direction of Jeremy Mims, assistant
professor of music, Clarke University,
Dubuque, IA. For more information, visit
Monday, April 13
9–10:30 AM @ Kehl Diabetes Center
The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program will
be hosting a coffee connect for individuals age
55 and older. Join RSVP to enjoy coffee, hear
about our program, and learn about Palliative
Care from Diane Asmussen of UnityPoint
Health-Finley Hospital. Cost is free. Space is
limited. For more information or to reserve a
space call Beth at 563-589-2622.
Julien Chamber Winds Spring Concert
7 PM @ UD Blades Chapel
The chamber wind ensemble is comprised of
professional musicians and educators from the
Tri-State area and is conducted by Nicholas
Bratcher. The Julien Chamber Winds will
feature performances by Kurka, Persichetti, and
Paganini as well as smaller chamber ensemble
works performed by the players. This event is
free and open to the public.
Tuesday, April 14
Women’s Giving Circle
Housing Panel Discussion
8:30–11 AM @ St. Mary’s Church
Join the Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) for
a panel discussion on housing in Dubuque.
Panelists will share information about the
homeless population, housing policies and
procedures, and the work they are doing to
provide shelter to those in need. Panelists
include members of Opening Doors - Maria
House & Teresa Shelter, YMCA/YWA
Victim Services Shelter, Project Concern,
and Project HOPE and Circles Initiative. All
are welcome. For more information, visit
Fantastic Duck Race
Duck Race
Tuesday, April 14 @ 6–7:30 PM
6–7:30 PM @ Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark
See page [x] for more information.
22nd Annual Tri-State Youth Choral Concert
7 PM @ Sinsinawa Mound Center
This concert is the culmination of an intensive
music clinic for area school music students
Grand Harbor
Resort & Waterpark
The Dubuque Rotary Club’s Fantastic
Duck Race benefits Bell Tower Theater’s
Free Summer Program for children! The
prizes with be awarded to the top 10
finishers this year paying out a $1000 first
prize, followed by 2 at $500, 2 at $250,
and 5 at $100, and a trophy for the last
duck to finish celebrating its endurance!
They are grateful for the support of
their sponsors: Carole Snodgrass at Re/
Max Realty, Taylor and Taylor Insurance,
Doland Jewelers, Locators, LTD. and the
Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark.
To purchase a “Duck” and support
the Bell Tower Theater and the Rotary
Club of Dubuque, contact Pat Udzielak
at [email protected]
and the Chicago Lyric Opera, who travel to
Galena each Spring/Summer to perform and
delight music lovers from around the Tri-State
area/s. The ensemble also reaches out to
the community through school and nursing
home performances, and is funded in part
by the Illinois Arts Council. We are privileged
to welcome them each year. For more
information, contact Ms. Emily Graef of the
“Juliani Ensemble” at 224-406-4811 or visit
Opera Scenes
7:30 PM @ Clarke University Jansen Music Hall
See page [x] for more information.
Wednesday, April 15
RSVP Coffee Connect
“Transition Next Steps”
1–4 PM @ NICC Peosta Campus (Peosta, IA)
The NICC Disability Services office hosts an
event for high school students with disabilities,
their parents, and school teachers and staff
members. To register, RSVP to Scott Steadman
at [email protected] For more
information, visit nicc.edu/disability.
Van’s Spring Wine/Beer Tasting
5:30–8 PM @ Timmerman’s Supper Club
(East Dubuque, IL)
Sample over 80 wines, 50+ craft brews, &
enjoy Timmerman’s Supper Club famous Hors
d’oeuvres! Also take in a fashion show by
Graham’s Style Store & Rhomberg Furs. Tickets
are only $20 in advance or $25 at the door. All
ticket/silent auction proceeds help pay for the
July 3rd Fireworks & Air Show by 97.3 THE ROCK
92.9 KAT FM AM 1370 KDTH, & 101.1 The River
along with the Dubuque Jaycee’s!
Established in 1915, the Dubuque
Club has 180 members and is dedicated
to “Service Above Self” across the
Dubuque Community and support of
Rotary initiatives across the world.
For more information,
visit dubuquerotary.org or contact
Dubuque Rotary Club President, Eric
Hilbun at [email protected] n
12 Events 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Events UD Jazz Ensemble: Swing into Spring
7:30 PM @ Heritage Center
University of Dubuque jazz students culminate
their spring semester with a concert featuring
favorite big band and Latin jazz tunes, along
with performances of Fever and Land of Make
Believe. Directed by Nicholas Bratcher. This
event is free, but a ticket is required. Tickets are
available at the Farber Box office in Heritage
Center, open Monday–Friday 10 AM–5 PM;
by calling 563–585–SHOW; or online at
Thursday, April 16
Kids in Nature
9 AM @ Swiss Valley Nature Center
Non-school age children are welcome to attend
with parents or guardians for an incorporation
of hands-on literacy and interactive activities.
To register, call 563-556-6745. For more
information, visit dubuquecounty.org.
garden stakes, you can make sun catchers with
a suction cup hook to hang in your windows.
Cost of $60 includes all materials and wine
will be served. They will be available for you to
pick up at Sinsinawa 2 weeks after the class.
All materials will be provided and wine will
be served. So bring a friend and make this a
fun evening out. For more information, visit
Eco-Movie Night: Hungry for Change
7 PM @ Dubuque Bike COOP
Green Iowa AmeriCorps is having a FREE
showing of the documentary Hungry for
Change at the Dubuque Bike COOP (2206
Central Ave). This documentary exposes
shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and
food industry don’t want you to know about;
deceptive strategies designed to keep you
coming back for more. Find out what’s keeping
you from having the body and health you
deserve and how to escape the diet trap
forever. There will be a discussion with our local
panel of experts following the film. Free snacks
and refreshments will be provided.
April 13–18
Dubuque Main Street’s Architecture Days, now in its 9th year, is inspired by
National Architecture Week. The mission of Architecture Days is to heighten the
recognition of architecture as an art form and to explore the rich architectural
landscape of Dubuque through programming for all ages.
The Be Our Guest theme intends to increase appreciation of the history
surrounding hotels and guest houses in Dubuque’s downtown. Some of the structures
to be highlighted are no longer utilized as guest houses, and others have been
restored to their original purpose after a period of vacancy or alternative use.
Contact Dubuque Main Street at 563-588-4400 for more information. For a
printable version of the Architecture Days schedule and the scavenger hunt map visit
dubuquemainstreet.org. n
Duprov: Be More, Be Funny!
WLN Women of Achievement Awards
5:30 PM @ Grand River Center
A dinner and program by the Women’s
Leadership Network (WLN) is designed to
recognize and honor women who have already,
or aspire to, provide significant contributions in
their professional or community roles. Tickets
for the evening event are $35 for WLN
members, $40 for non-members, and $350 for
a sponsored table of eight. For more
information or to register, visit
7 PM @ Loras College Alumni Campus Center
This evening of student improvisation and
sketch comedy that will make you laugh and
cry tears of joy.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
7 PM @ Washington Middle School
The Visual and Performing Arts organization at
Washington Middle School will be performing
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
Dreamcoat. Tickets are $10 for all seats,
available on seatyourself.biz/gwms or
at the door. Handicap seating is available
upon request (please call ahead). For more
information, please contact Steve Slade at
Washington Middle School at 563-552-4834.
Farce of Nature: A Comedy by Jessie
Jones, Nicolas Hope & Jamie Wooten
7:30 PM @ Bell Tower Theater
SPICE: Cultural Cooking—Pakistan
5:30–7 PM @ Multicultural Family Center
Learn about the culture of Pakistan and try
authentic foods. This family-friendly program
is best suited for children over the age of
8; all children must be accompanied by an
adult. Participation is free, but registration
is required. For more information, call
563-582-3681, email [email protected], or
visit mfcdbq.org.
Art Glass Class with Barb McKinlay
6:30–8:30 PM @ Sinsinawa Event Center
Glass artist Barb McKinlay will help you make
three 5”-8” fused glass garden stakes on 12”
or 18” stakes. Work great inside or out! Make
flowers, butterflies, bees, angels in many colors
or your own abstract design. If you don’t need
Friday, April 17
The Berenstain Bears Live!
in Family Matters the musical
7 PM @ UD Heritage Center
Adapted from Stan and Jan Berenstain’s classic
children’s book series, The Berenstain Bears
LIVE! demonstrates Bear Country is not without
its complications: Brother Bear’s grades are
slipping, Sister Bear still has a few things to
learn about making new friends, and Papa Bear
just can’t stop eating junk food. Alas, Mama
Bear comes to the rescue! Using iconic stories
and imagery with a healthy dose of song and
dance, this new off-Broadway musical teaches
the importance of honesty, health, and safety.
Free Building Tours
Free Movie Night
April 13–16 @ Noon
Monday, April 13: The Smokestack (the former
Jefferson Hotel), 62 E. 7th St.
Tuesday, April 14: Hotel Julien Dubuque,
200 Main St.
Wednesday, April 15: The Hancock House Bed
& Breakfast, 1105 Grove Terrace
Thursday, April 16: The Mandolin Inn,
199 Loras Blvd.
Thursday, April 16 @ 6 PM
Carnegie-Stout Public Library
Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture,
the 1932 drama Grand Hotel portrays the worldweary patrons of a posh Berlin hotel. Admission
and snacks are free, and friendly discussion will be
encouraged after the show. For more information,
please call the Library at 563-589-4225.
Dubuque Community School District
Student Art Exhibit
Show: April 13–18
Reception: Monday, April 13 @ 6 PM
Hotel Julien Dubuque Mezzanine
Elementary students from the Dubuque
Community School District who participated
in the “Be Our Guest” after-school program
will display art in various mediums including
sculpture, pottery and painting.
Free Children’s Activities
Evening Presentation &
Preservation Awards
Thursday April 16 @ 6–8 PM
Hotel Julien Dubuque
Representatives from Hotel Julien Dubuque
will give an overview of the hotel’s history
and recent renovation and rebirth as one
of the premier area destinations. Both the
City of Dubuque’s 2014 Ken Kringle Historic
Preservation Awards and the Dubuque County
Historical Society’s 2014 Preservation Awards
will also be presented that evening.
April 13–18
Carnegie-Stout Public Library
Construct a paper model of a house to build
your own City to celebrate Architecture Days!
Pick up your model at the Children’s Desk
during regular Library hours. Questions may
be directed to the Children’s Help Desk at
563-589-4225, ext. 2228.
Historical & Architectural Walking Tour
Pinot’s Palette Paint N’ Sip Class
Images of architectural elements for participants
to locate will be featured in the Telegraph
Herald and on the Dubuque Main Street website,
available April 3. Find the locations of downtown
Dubuque’s historical architectural treasures and
enter for a chance to win a gift package. Entries
are due to the Dubuque Main Street office at
1069 Main St. by April 21.
Tuesday, April 14 @ 7–9 PM
This guided painting class features the historic
Shot Tower. Attendees may bring their own
beverage of choice to enjoy during the class.
Space is limited to 44 attendees. Cost is $35 per
person and includes all materials. Please call
Pinot’s Palette to register at 563-587-8466.
Saturday, April 18 @ 10:30 AM
Hotel Julien Dubuque Lobby
The free “Historic Old Main” Walking Tour
hosted by Mike Gibson of Loras College and
Jason Neises of Iowa State University.
Downtown Dubuque
Architectural Scavenger Hunt
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Events 13
Arts Switchback Songwriters
and Concert
April 10-12
Four Mounds Inn and Dubuque Driving Range
Switchback is once again offering
their popular Songwriters Weekend at
the beautiful Four Mounds Inn. Anyone
who loves to write songs or is a song
lover, young or old, pro or amateur,
should attend. You will be creating songs,
relaxing, and reflecting.
The weekend is $299 per person and
includes meals (2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1
dinner, wine and appetizer reception) and
workshops. For lodging, book separately
through Four Mounds Inn by contacting
Marie FitzGerald at 563-556-1908 or
[email protected]
The Switchback Songwriters Weekend
Concert is on Saturday, April 11 at
8 PM at the Dubuque Driving Range
featuring Chicago singer-songwriter
Anna Fermin, as well as Switchback.
Proceeds are used for The James
McCandless Scholarship, which allows
aspiring songwriters to attend the
Songwriters Weekend who would not
have the means to do so. Tickets are $10
in advance or $15 at the door. For more
information and to purchase tickets, visit
waygoodmusic.com. n
of the Podium
Deadline: Monday, April 13
Concert: Sunday, June 28
Dubuque Arboretum
The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
announced its third annual Pursuit of the
Podium candidates; five local individuals
are competing in this year’s fundraiser.
Contestants include Tim Althaus,
President at Family Beer & Liquor;
Robert Byrne, Author; Jim Jelinske,
Owner of Creative Education Services;
Otto Krueger, Retired Air Force Officer
and Procurement Manager at Diamond
Jo Casino; and Jan Powers, Director of
Workforce Solutions at Greater Dubuque
Development Corporation. The contestant
that raises the most money on behalf of
the DSO between February 1 and April
13 will conduct one piece at the free
14 Arts 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Summer Melodies concert at the Dubuque
Arboretum on Sunday, June 28.
To make a donation, please visit
DubuqueSymphony.org or mail your gift
to the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra at
2728 Asbury Road, Suite 900, Dubuque,
IA 52001. Profiles including each
contestant’s bio can also be found on the
symphony’s website.
The Pursuit of the Podium winner and
total amount raised will be announced
at the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
concerts on April 18–19 at Five Flags
Theater. For more information, call the
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra office at
563-557-1677. n
Arts Life
Drawing Class
Second and fourth Thursdays: March 26–June 25 @ 6–8 PM
Dubuque Area Arts Collective
This class will be an open studio
session with live models. Sessions will
have both lightly-clothed models (second
Thursday of the month) and nude models
(fourth Thursday of the month). A
variety of models, poses, and props will
be used during these sessions to assist
artists in gaining knowledge of different
forms and proportions. No artistic
background necessary, all levels are
welcome. Instructors will be available to
give feedback and instruction, if desired,
or you may simply come to draw! Some
drawing supplies are available on site, but
you may bring your own preferred media
(pad, pencils, paints, charcoal.. etc.).
The instructor, Crescentia (Mello) Volz,
is a local artist. She has been creating
art since childhood, and has studied at
Mt. Mary College (Milwaukee, WI), and
Madison Media Institute (Madison, WI),
where she received an Associate of the
Arts degree.
Aduls (non-students) cost $15 for the
nude sessions and $15 for the seminude sessions. High school and college
students are free. For more information,
please visit daartscollective.com. n
the Edges Exhibition
Show: Saturday, March 28–Thursday, April 30
Reception: Saturday, March 28 @ 6–10 PM
Dubuque Area Arts Collective
The Dubuque Area Arts Collective is
proud to present Blurring the Edges, a
new group show featuring abstract and
experimental art. The exhibit highlights
work by established and emerging artists
from the Dubuque area, as well as artists
from around the country and Canada.
Traditional media, including painting,
multimedia, and digital art, will be
represented, as well as nontraditional
media such as 3D printed sculptures, body
prints in ink, and petri dish photographs.
Music will be provided by Idpyramid,
a 4-piece band from the Quad Cities.
Idpyramid’s music melds synth-soaked
melodies with ambient soundscapes
and drum machines, providing an
aural compliment to the abstract and
experimental visuals. Listen to them here:
Admission is free, with donations
welcome. Hors d’oeveres and drinks will be
provided. Gallery will be open Saturdays
and Sundays from 12 to 4 PM. n
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Arts 15
Kids’ Summer Fun
Activities and Adventures for Tots and Teens
There’s a lot to get through so let’s get to it. If you
plan this right, you won’t have to deal with noisy
kids for more than a few hours all summer long.
Bell Tower Theater
2728 Asbury Rd.
Bell Tower Theater is no longer offering Kids
Take the Stage summer camps so they and
the kids can concentrate on the Free Summer
Musical Program, however they continue to
offer six-week winter sessions starting in late
January, a six-week spring session starting
in late March, and a six-week fall session
beginning in October.
roles. Onstage role will be asked to sing at the
audition. It is not necessary to prepare a song.
Backstage roles including set construction,
costumes, lights, ticket sales and more should
sign up on May 15 or 16 as well. Participation in
the program is free of charge to all kids.
Rehearsals will be held every Monday through
Friday afternoon from May 29 to July 7.
Performances are Wednesdays through
Sundays from July 8 to July 19, 2015. Cast
members will be expected to attend rehearsals
most weekdays in June and every weekday in
July as well as every performance for his/her
cast. Time commitments for crew members
vary; information will be posted at
belltowertheater.net in late April.
The Bell Tower Theater is seeking children aged
7 to 16 for 80–90 on-stage roles (two casts)
and kids aged 7 to 18 for 80–100 backstage
No registration is required; parental
participation is a must.
Toddler Time
Mondays: June 15–August 17 @ 10:15 & 11 AM
Age: 18 months–35 months
These 20-minute programs feature short
stories, songs, and movement activities.
Mother Goose Time
Tuesdays: June 16–August 18 @ 10:30 AM
Age: 0–18 months
Children and a favorite adult will learn
rhymes, songs, and action rhymes during this
interactive program.
Regional Humane Society volunteer will also
be available to read-aloud to younger children
and/or children who want to listen to stories
while reading to the pets. Please do not bring
your own dog, we will provide kid-friendly
dogs each month.
Tots Events
For all programs listed below, please register
no more than one week in advance at
563-589-4225 and ask for the Children’s Help
Desk at extension 2228, unless noted.
Preschool Story Time
Wednesdays: June 17–August 19 @ 10:15 & 11 AM
Age: 3–6
Stories, sing-alongs, movement activities,
games, and lots of fun.
Free Summer Musical Program:
Snow White, A New Musical
Friday, May 15 @ 3–7 PM
Saturday, May 16 @ 9 AM–Noon & 1–3 PM
The Bell Tower Theater will hold auditions
and crew sign-up for its 10th annual summer
children’s musical Snow White. This brand new
musical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm
classic follows Snow White’s adventures as she
escapes from the Evil Queen, befriends the
dwarfs and finds her Prince Charming.
Story Times
Carnegie-Stout Public Library
Pajama Story Time
360 W. 11th St.
The library is always a busy place full of fun
for kids and families all summer long. From
toddlers to teens, let Carnegie-Stout be the
place to come in to cool off and plug-in to
what’s cool this summer! If you would like a
month-by-month reminder of our upcoming
events in the Youth Services Department visit
Thursdays: June 18–August 13 @ 6:30–7 PM
Age: 3–Early elementary
Wear your jammies and join us for stories,
songs, games, and fun.
16 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Reading with Rover
Saturdays: June 13, July 11 & August 8
@ 10:30–11:15 AM
Age: K–3
Children are welcome to read a short book to a
dog in the 1st floor program room. A Dubuque
LEGO© Club
Saturdays: May 23, June 20, July 18 & August
22 @ 2–3 PM
Age: 1–12
The library provides the LEGO’s, you
provide the know-how! Join us in the Auger
Auditorium, 3rd floor. LEGO’s creations will be
exhibited in the library. Registration required at
563-589-4225 ext. 2228. Donations of LEGOs
are appreciated.
Cover Story B’Tween Book Club
Meet the Author: David LaRochelle
Thursdays: May 21, June 18, July 16 & August
20 @ 4–4:45 PM
Age: 9–12
Please register at the Children’s Help Desk and
pick up a copy of the book. May’s book is “Eight
Keys” by Suzanne LaFleur, June is “Tale Dark
& Grimm” by Adam Gidwitz, July is “Project
Superhero” by Paul Zehr, and August is “Liar &
Spy” by Rebecca Stead.
Friday, June 12 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
A former elementary school teacher, David
LaRochelle has written or illustrated
twenty-five books, including picture books,
puzzle books, craft books, and a book for
young adults. His titles include The Best Pet of
All, How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green
Beans, and MOO! He is especially proud of It’s a
Tiger, winner of the 2014 Bridge To Reading
Picture Book Award for the state of Iowa! David
lives in White Bear Lake, MN where he writes,
draws, and carves creative pumpkins when he
is not at schools and libraries.
Children’s Book Week: Make a Mini Book
Monday, May 4 @ 4–5 PM
Age: 9–12
Celebrate Children’s Book Week by making one
or more mini books. Perhaps you would like a
book in the shape of a scroll, a dress or even a
purse. Books are small in scale but perfect for
your big imagination. Please register by calling
589-4225, ext. 2228.
MadCap Puppets: Aladdin and Friends
Mother’s Day Craft
Thursday, May 7 @ 3:30–4:30 PM
Age: All ages
Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This
unique gift will make a perfect present or
bring Mom along and make it together. Please
register by calling 589-4225, ext. 2228.
Scratch Day with the Dubuque Maker Club
Saturday, May 9 @ 2–4 PM
Age: 5–15
Scratch is a programming language for
children. With Scratch, you can program your
own interactive stories, games, and animations
and share your creations with others in an
online community. To learn more about
Scratch visit https://scratch.mit.edu/about/.
Bring your own device or RSVP for the event
at facebook.com/DubuqueMakerspace to
reserve a device.
Summer Reading Program
June 8–August 15
Age: 0–12
Carnegie-Stout Public Library’s Summer
Reading Program is here! This year’s theme is
Every Hero Has A Story! The Summer Reading
Program promises to offer fun programs for
all kids. Registration begins on Monday, June
8. You can sign up for the Summer Reading
Program at the Children’s Help Desk or online
at dubuque.lib.ia.us.
Friday, June 19 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Harry and Max have a spectacular show
to present if only they can keep their little
assistant Tweedle, from getting into too
much trouble. Aunt Susie’s coat closet has
become the stage for their marvelous show,
but it barely contains their giant puppets and
enchanting stories from around the world. The
tales include: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and
The Girl and the North Wind.
There’s an App for That!
Tuesdays: June 23, July 14 & August 11 @ 3–4 PM
Age: 10–High School
Join us in the Teen Zone area from 3 to 4 on
Tuesdays and use our iPads to learn about and
play with new apps.
Draw, Color and Create Superheros
Thursday, June 25 @ 1–2 PM
Age: 6–10
Use your imagination to create your own
superhero – even a villain if you choose.
Songs from Mister G
Friday, June 26 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Age: All ages
A Latin GRAMMY nominee, Mister G is a leading
figure in the children’s music world. His CDs
have been selected by People magazine,
Parents magazine, and The Washington Post
as top children’s albums. Named one of the
“Best Live Acts for Kids and Families,” Mister
G toured internationally as an award-winning
songwriter for grown-ups prior to earning a
Master of Education and becoming a full-time
family musician and teaching artist. Recipient
of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, he’s released
five albums of original music for children.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 17
Cover Story Life Size Candy Land
Thursday, July 9 @ 10:30, 11 & 11:30 AM and
1:30, 2, 2:30 & 3 PM
Age: 3–7
Pick a time to come experience a life size Candy
Land game. This magical come-and-go event
brings the game of Candy Land to life! Enjoy our
many sweet activity stations too.
Hero vs Villain Nerf Challenge
Saturday, June 27 @ 2–3 PM
Age: 9–12
Teams of heroes and villains will test their Nerf
skills and compete against each other in this
fun Nerf challenge. Free play in our obstacle
course will also be included! Bring your own
Nerf gun and Nerf ammo to this program.
Dan Wardell Summer Reading Road Trip
Maker Camp 1
July 6–10 @ 4–5 PM
Age: 8–11
Here is your chance to work with technology
and be creative! Learn coding, work with
Garage Band and record your own music, use
software to create a stop motion movie or use
our 3D printer to make your own unique design.
Come and stretch your imagination at the
Carnegie-Stout Public Library.
Friday, July 10 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Age: All ages
Dan Wardell from Iowa Public Television brings
his summer reading road trip to the CarnegieStout Public Library. Join us for a high energy
story time about the importance of eating
healthy, staying active and reading great books.
skill, feats of daring, and feats of dumb luck!
Highlights include plenty of juggling, a touch
of magic, and the adventures of library hero
Dewey Decimal.
Frozen Sing-Along
Superhero Puppets
Tuesday, July 21 @ 2–3 PM
Age: 6–10
Be sure to bring your superpowers along to
create a one-of-a-kind superhero puppet and
sidekick. You’ll have everything you need to get
you started on your own puppet show at home.
Friday, July 31 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Age: 3 and up
It might be hot outside, but we will be
“Frozen” inside the library watching the singalong version of the movie. Dress up like your
favorite character if you want, and enjoy some
fresh popcorn.
Jason Kollum Variety Show
The Big Hero Six Family Movie
Friday, July 24 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Age: All ages
Enjoy Jason Kollum’s variety juggling
performance as he combines humor, audience
participation, and balancing stunts in a fun,
family-friendly show.
Wednesday, August 12 @ 2 PM
Age: All ages
Join us in watching this super hero robot rescue
the world from total destruction.
Jeopardy Heroes Unmasked
Tuesday, July 28 @ 6–7 PM
Age: 8–14
How well do you know your hero trivia?
Buzzers, time limits, and fun.
Super Smoothies
Jay and Leslie’s Laughing Matters
Friday, July 17 @ 10 AM & 2 PM
Age: 4 and up
Some are born to be heroic, and others just
bumble into it. Jay and Leslie explore feats of
18 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
fruit drink. While enjoying your lip-smacking
beverage make a notebook that will hold all our
smoothie recipes.
Wednesday, July 29 @ 3–4 PM
Age: 10 and up
It’s hot outside and it is time to cool off with a
refreshing smoothie. The library will provide
everything needed to blend up your favorite
Touch-a-Truck: Local Heroes
Saturday, August 29 @ 10–11:30 AM
Parents as Teachers and the Carnegie-Stout
Public Library invite you to climb aboard a fire
truck or other cool vehicle! This is a unique
opportunity for children to climb, explore and
discover their favorite thing on wheels. After
you have had a chance to touch-a-truck join
us in the 3rd floor auditorium to visit with local
heroes. You might even get the chance to meet
Gotham’s caped crusader! No registration
required. No rain date.
Cover Story TEENs Events
Teen Advisory Board
Last Monday of every month @ 4 PM
Age: 12–High School
What programs would you like to see for teens
at the library? What music titles and graphic
novels should we add to our collection? You
can help make these decisions and become a
part of the Teen Advisory Board. Call Sharon at
563-589-4225 extension 2237.
Summer Reading Program
Minecraft Mania
June 8–August 15
Carnegie-Stout Public Library’s Summer
Reading Program is here! This year’s theme for
teens is Unmask at the Library. The Summer
Reading Program promises to offer fun
programs for all teens. Registration begins on
Monday, June 8th. Earn your invitation to our
Teen Pizza Party by completing the program.
You can sign up for the Summer Reading
Program at the Children’s Help Desk or online
at dubuque.lib.ia.us.
Wednesdays: May 20, June 17, July 15, and
August 12 @ 6:15–7:45 PM
Ages: Grades 6–12
“Can you teleport me?” “How do I fly?” “I need
a sword.” Do these phrases sound familiar to
you? Whether or not you’re a Minecraft wiz sign
up for this game playing night. Please register
at 563-589-4225 and ask for the Children’s
Help Desk at extension 2228.
End of Summer Reading Pizza Party!
(Invitation Only!)
Friday, August 14 @ 6–8 PM
Earn your invitation to our after hours Teen
Lock-in Party by completing the Summer
Reading Program. We will have prizes, karaoke,
games, snacks, and lots of fun. Please RSVP
after you receive your invitation by completing
the summer reading program.
Teen Volunteer Orientation
Thursday, June 4 @ 4 PM
Age: 13 and up
Teen volunteers play an important role in
helping make our Children’s Summer Reading
Program a success. If you would like to help out
at the library during the summer, come fill out
an application form or call the Children’s Help
Desk at 563-589-4225 extension 2237. An
orientation for volunteers will be held to tour
the Children’s area, discuss responsibilities of
being a volunteer and answer any questions.
Teen Sign-Up Event
Monday, June 8 @ 4:30–6:30 PM
Sign up for the teen summer reading program
at this special event. We know teachers and
parents are making you read this summer so
why not receive weekly prizes and a chance to
win a laptop computer! Stop by the Teen Zone
area where you can enjoy refreshments and put
your name in for a door prize while registering
and picking up your reading log.
Teens “R” Reading Book Club
Heads Up!
Mondays: May 18, June 15, July 20 & August 17
@ 4–4:45 PM
Age: 12 and up
Please register at the Children’s Help Desk and
pick up a copy of the book. The book for May is
“The Diviners” by Libba Bray (recommended
for 14 and up), June is “The Raven Boys” by
Maggie Stiefvater, July is “Stardust” by Neil
Gaiman (special book discussion pizza and
movie at 4–6:30 PM), and August is “Me &
Earl and the Dying Girl” by Jesse Andrews
(recommended for 14 and up).
Wednesday, June 24 @ 6:30–7:30 PM
Ages: 12–High School
Have you seen this game played on the
Ellen Show? If not you can check it out on
YouTube and then we guarantee you’ll want
to sign-up for this program. It’s a fun and
hilarious game you can play here at the library
with your friends. Who will crowned the
Heads Up winner? Please register by calling
563-589-4225, ext. 2228.
Teen Board Game Club
Wednesdays: May 20, June 17, July 15, August
19 @ 6:15–7:45 PM
Join teens in the Youth Services program
room for games of strategy and scheme.
Refreshments will be served, too! Register
at the Children’s Help Desk or by calling
563-589-4225, ext. 2228.
Summer Spa Night
Wednesday, July 22 @ 6–7:30 PM
Ages: 12–High School
Join us for a night of fun and pampering.
We will be making a sleep mask, enjoying
refreshments, and making lotions and potions
to sooth our summer skin and trying out
some hair chalking. Please register by calling
563-589-4225, ex. 2228.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 19
Cover Story Maker Camp 2
to serve to their parents and guests at the
conclusion of the camp on June 5. Camp charge
includes all meals, recipe book, t-shirt, and apron.
August 3–7 @ 4–5 PM
Ages: 12–High School
Learn coding, work with Garage Band and
record your own music, use software to create
a stop motion movie or use our 3D printer
to make your own unique design. Please
register by calling the Children’s Help Desk at
563-589-4225, ext. 2228.
Clarke University
Wednesday, August 5 @ 6:30–7:30 PM
Ages: 12–High School
A little friendly competition never hurt,
especially when Legos are involved. Please
register by calling 563-589-4225, ex. 2228.
1550 Clarke Dr.
Clarke University is proud to host summer
academies and camps for middle school and
high school aged students during the summer
of 2015 hosted on the campus of Clarke
University and directed by Clarke University
faculty, staff and alumni. The Dubuque
Symphony Orchestra String Camp is sponsored
by the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra.
Scholarships are available and can be applied
for online at clarke.edu.
Culinary Boot Camp
Teen Hero Movie Night
Tuesday, August 18 @ 5:30–7:30 PM
Ages: 13–High School
Come celebrate intergalactic heroes with the
viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy! (PG-13)
Snacks provided. Please register by calling
563-589-4225, ex. 2228.
June 10-12
Age: Entering grades 6-9
Cost: $125
Participants will be exposed to various nursing
specialties and learn how a nurse provides
basic everyday skills through a hands-on
experience with a high fidelity simulator.
Academy charge includes meals, field trip
related expenses, and t-shirt.
Tuition assistance is available, and all student
who are a member of a DSYE ensemble
are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition.
Households with multiple students in
attendance will also receive a discount on
tuition (please contact the DSO office for more
information.) Tuition must be paid in full to the
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra by the first day
of camp. For additional information, please
contact the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
office at 563-557-1677.
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
Summer Chamber Music Camp
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
Summer String Camp
June 23–27 @ 12:30-5 PM
Age: Entering grades 10-2 (advanced 9th
graders and graduated seniors welcome)
Cost: $175 ($100 non-refundable deposit)
The DSO is proud to present this new addition
to its summer camp offerings! Geared toward
high school string players who want to refine
and broaden their musical skills, the Summer
Chamber Music Camp gives students the
opportunity to work closely with guest-artist
Diego Piedra Carvajal, and a great faculty of
DSO musicians. Students will receive oneon-one lessons, ensemble coachings, special
topics classes and much more! The camp
will culminate with a showcase performance
featuring both camp students and faculty. Cost
June 23–28 @ 9 AM-3 PM
Age: Entering grades 7-9 or student musicians
with min. 2 years ensemble experience
Cost: $250 ($125 non-refundable deposit)
Are you a budding string player looking to
sharpen your skills and explore your creativity?
Look no further than the Dubuque Symphony
Orchestra’s immersive Summer String Camp!
Guest-artist Diego Piedra Carvajal from Costa
Rica will be returning to work and perform with
students throughout the week, along with a
fantastic faculty of DSO musicians. Students
will receive one-on-one lessons, rehearse
and perform in ensembles, attend group
discussions geared to their musical interests,
and much more! The camp will culminate with
Clarke Nursing Cadets
Teen Lego-Palooza
June 2-5 @ 8 AM-Noon
Age: Entering grades 6-9
Cost: $150
This camp will teach the basics of food, flavor,
cooking, and the value of learning how to “play
with your food”. Students bake bread, make
homemade ice cream and even prepare a meal
20 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
includes a t-shirt and sheet music.) The deposit
is due with registration.
Cover Story a performance at the DSO’s Summer Melodies
concert at the Dubuque Arboretum. Cost
includes a daily lunch meal, t-shirt, and sheet
music. The deposit is due with registration.
Tuition assistance is available, and all student
who are a member of a DSYE ensemble
are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition.
Households with multiple students in
attendance will also receive a discount on
tuition (please contact the DSO office for more
information.) Tuition must be paid in full to the
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra by the first day
of camp. For additional information, please
contact the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
office at 563-557-1677.
Computer Science Academy
June 29–July 2
Age: Entering grades 9-12
Cost: $325 Resident/$200 Non-Resident
Learn how to design and build their own
computers, apps and augmented reality
applications. Cost includes meals, overnight
accommodations for residents, and t-shirt.
service-learning experiences, which may
include working with senior citizens, children,
individuals with disabilities, and low-income
communities. Academy charge includes meals,
overnight accommodations for residents, field
trip related expenses, and t-shirt.
Food Science Academy
June 29–July 2
Age: Entering grades 10-12
Cost: $450 Resident/$325 Non-Resident
Learn how the worlds of food and science
intertwine. Participants will explore new tastes
and smells and how to pair them, and brave the
extremes of heat (propane torches at 3000°F)
and cold (liquid nitrogen at -300°F). Cost: $450
for residential participants and $325 for
non-resident participants. Academy charge
includes meals, overnight accommodations for
residents, field trip related expenses, a
textbook, and an apron.
Each session is designed specifically for
each age group to ensure an unforgettable
experience. Campers are assigned to groups
based on age to ensure age and skill level
appropriate activities. Special themes will
be held each week. Age groups include:
Challengers (6–7), Adventurers (8–10), and
Explorers (11–14). Registration is $150.
Preschool Camp Doodlebug
Horse Camp Adventure Training
June 8–12 @ 9 AM–Noon & 1–4 PM
Union Park
Age: 4–5
This is the perfect environment for your
preschooler looking for their first camping
experience. There will be rest time each day
for these young campers. All campers must be
potty trained prior to attendance. Swimmers
will be provided with a swim belt. Each session
is $75 or take both for $150.
Union Park
Age: 6–16
Horse camp is a one week progressive
program. Union Park Y Camp offers three levels
of horse camp based on experience. New this
year: Campers will spend the whole day at
camp, taking part in the total Y CAMP
experience. Registration: $50 In addition to
Traditional Day Camp Fees.
Traditional Day Camp
Social Work Academy
June 29–July 2
Age: Entering grades 9–12
Cost: $325 Resident/$200 Non-Resident
Learn about the social work profession, issues
of social justice, and opportunities to get
involved in the community. Engage in daily
more outdoor learning and activity. The camp
hosts weekly mini-camps. 10% discount for
Y members. Group Activities, depending on
age and level, group activities may include:
Archery, Arts & Crafts, Black Hole, Hiking, Creek
Stomping, Games, Songs, Horseback Riding
(weather permitting), Low Ropes Course,
Swimming, Zipline and GaGa Ball.
Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA
The Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA’s long
running YMCA Camp at Union Park is back for
Session 1: June 15–19
Session 2: June 22–26
Session 3: June 29–July 3
Session 4: July 6–10
Session 5: July 13–17
Session 6: July 20–24
Session 7: July 27–31
Session 8: August 3–7
Union Park
Age: 6–14 (Must have completed
Dubuque County Library
Dubuque County Library is thrilled to present
this year’s summer Read @ Home Program and
an amazing variety of events, all celebrating
Continued on page 28
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 21
Budweiser Local Live Music Features
Thursday, March 26
Saturday, March 28
Pistol Pete and Laura McDonald
9 PM @ The Lift
Cover: FREE
“When people ask what kind of music I play…I
don’t really know what to say. All I can really say
is that the desert is integral to my sound.” So
says Brandon Decker. Since 2009, the Sedona,
AZ based songwriter has written, produced
and released a trove of mesmerizing music;
an expansive palette of folk, gospel, rock and
psychedelia recorded under the nom de plume
decker. While hard to pigeonhole, there’s a
purposeful duality to decker.’s work; it’s sparse
while full, intense, romantic, cryptic and raw.
10 PM @ Eronel
From the first note to the last, whether he is
playing for a small crowd or a large festival,
Chicago-based guitarist Pistol Pete will take you
on a high energy musical journey that you won’t
forget. Having playing with or opened for such
musical legends as Jimi Hendrix’s Original Band of
Gypsy’s members Buddy Miles and Billy Cox, KoKo
Taylor, Buddy Guy, and Bo Diddley (just to name a
few), Pistol Pete has established himself as a world
class blues, rock and funk guitar shredder. Couple
that with the vocal work of local musician Laura
McDonald, and this is sure to be an unforgettable
night of original psychedelic blues music.
Friday, April 3
Friday, March 27
Har di Har, Statue of Liberty,
Driftless Sisters
The Wells Division
10 PM @ Eronel
The description “folk-rock” puts you in the
ballpark, but it is probably an understatement
for Madison, WI-based band, The Wells Division.
It’s folk-rock with a pulse, heart and soul, grit,
and humanity. The songs are acoustic-based and
electric-flourished, with a big sound that knits
itself together in the most fluid way possible.
9 PM @ The Lift
Lily Sprengelmyer (of The Matriarchs) will be
debuting her new band the Driftless Sisters, with
Galena sister Kat Karberg. This new indie-folk duo
features the banjo, guitar, harmonica, and a bit
of percussion. It sounds similar to your grandpa’s
record collection and Stevie Nicks…that is, if they
had a baby. Beginning as a solo project for singer/
songwriter Bobby Bradford, Statue of Liberty
grew into an acoustic folk duo with the addition of
Marywood Kate in 2010. The band writes concise
folk rock and roll tunes, with clever hooks and
harmonies strong from years of touring. Har-diHar is Julie Thoreen and Andrew Thoreen. Their
music floats somewhere between experimental
22 Nightlife 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
dream pop, freak folk and a strange musical you
probably wouldn’t take your grandma to see.
They tackle something they call “co-dependent
drumming” - Julie plays the hands of the drumset
and Andrew takes over the foot pedals while each
play keyboards and guitars respectively and sing
tightly-arranged harmonies. They are inspired by
mockumentaries, Tune-Yards, Stereolab, and Dirty
Projectors. They live in Minneapolis where they
mock loons behind their backs.
Saturday, April 4
Dylan Sires and Neighbors, Extravision,
Dana T, Brooks Strause and Curt Oren
9 PM @ Eronel
There are two known truths in this world: 1. Iowa
is great; 2. Making music with friends every night
in places you love is one of the best things
humanity has to offer. Given that information, it
seems only natural that musicians from the four
corners of the state would come together to pile
into a couple vans to kick out some tunes. And
the music will run the gamut of styles and tones
as Dylan Sires and Neighbors is a power pop
explosion, Dana T is a psychedelic jazz trip,
Extravision leans towards alt-folk, Brooks Strause
leans even farther towards psych/freak folk and
Curt Oren trips out hardcore on solo sax. Make no
mistake, this won’t be a night of solo acts,
though. It’ll be a night of supergroup jams.
Cranes/Vultures, Brandon Hagen,
Ben Dunegan
9 PM @ The Lift
Musical duo Nate Jenkins and Brad Cavanagh
crank out original indie-folk-rock tunes, leaning
heavily on vocal harmonies and ecstatic loops.
The dichotomy of Cranes/Vultures reflects the
versatile emotional style and personality of the
music, ranging from soft, melodic, personal lyrics
that push you inward to punchy outward licks
that will leave you dancing. Ben Dunegan is local
singer and songwriter whose take on folk and
pop tunes (both original and covers) is pleasant
and engaging. Vulnerable whispers about new
horizons and chanceless love meet hurricane
roars about flooded countryside to envelop
a wistful sentimentality in Brandon Hagen’s
songwriting and performance. His shows are
both gripping and disarming, pulling listeners
into his songs and leaving them belly-laughing
with interlude quips. Hagen shares his original
music alongside favorites by influential artists
like Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon.
Friday, April 10
Super Happy Funtime Burlesque
10 PM @ Eronel
Super Happy Funtime, which has been around
for a decade and tours the nation extensively, is a
show like none other. SHFB is separated from all
other burlesque productions in that it is the only
burlesque show that uses live and original music,
making every show is a complete work of musical
theater for grown ups. Boasting very off the
wall characters like a bearded female Jesus and
a 350lb bus driver, along with a kick ass band,
and more; SHFB is burlesque for the 21st century!
This is not a revival. This is not girls in sequins
dancing to ‘hot jazz’. This is not a look through
rose tinted glasses at the days of vaudeville. This
is completely brand new sexy, bawdy, funny,
and surreal musical theater. Tickets available in
advance at Eronel, seating available on a firstcome, first-served basis.
Saturday, April 11
Frank Bang’s Secret Stash
10 PM @ The Lift
Frank Bang describes his new album,Double
Dare, as “driving music — something to get you
from point A to point B.” For this 11-song thrill
ride of a disc, that’s got a double meaning. Songs
like the slamming title track and the spanking riff
rocker, “Lose Control,” certainly keep the pedal to
the floor, but more contemplative numbers, like
the slide guitar ballad, “Wonder Woman,” and
the celebration of life’s simple joys, “This Is What
It’s All About,” also bridge the points between
life’s connections — romance, family, joy. “The
things you really need to get you from point A to
point B,” Bang observes, chuckling.
Bang’s own journey has had many stops on
his way to becoming a vibrant songwriterguitarist and frontman, including a five-year
apprenticeship as guitar foil for blues legend
Buddy Guy. And they all fuel Double Dare, a
set that finds Bang at the creative zenith of his
composing and performing powers, riding a raw
and original line with his band the Secret Stash
straight through the rock, blues and country that
he’s absorbed as a musical traveler.
“There isn’t one thing on this album that isn’t
true,” Bang relates. “There are stories about
my family, about my life and experiences,
about things that have struck me as funny or
interesting. Even the guitar sound goes right
back to the buzz I got plugging an electric guitar
in for the first time — getting that real pure tone
and letting it rip.”
Frank Bang & The Secret Stash have opened for
Johnny Winter, Dickey Betts, Umphrey’s McGee,
Dick Dale, Hank Williams Jr, Galactic , Little Feat ,
Back Door Slam to name a few.
The Mighty Wheelhouse (cd release)
9 PM @ The Lift
Made up of members of The Mighty Short
Bus and The Lucas Cates Band, the Mighty
WheelHouse is a stripped down, Americana
powerhouse. Three part harmonies, fiddle
and guitar leads, and driving rhythms
define the sound of Madison’s newest super
group. The dynamic music ranges from
the more cosmopolitan sounds of Motown
and Austin, to the down home bluegrass of
the Appalachian hills. The WheelHouse delivers
original music that is garnering national record
label interest, and covers that will keep you
entertained all night long.
Tuesday, April 14
The Midnight Ghost Train, Sludgeburner
10 PM @ Eronel
Fuzz, as a musical choice, as a bomb, means
that everyone goes. Riffs become spazzed and
fattened and, above all else, pummeling. The
Topeka, Kansas fuzz rock band Midnight Ghost
Train bring their fuzz to the Eronel stage, not just
to destroy with sound, but to show the groove in
the movements. They find a surprising number of
heavy lows in their more quiet, compressed parts,
little phased and swirling enough so that their
point is never lost: everyone goes. Local dudes
Sludgeburner sling heavy tunes that could very
well be the soundtrack to lighting a tar pit on fire.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Nightlife 23
Thursday, March 26
Ben Dunegan
7 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Corey Jenny
7 PM @ Steve’s Pizza,
Platteville, WI
10 PM @The Lift
Ian Gould
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s
Pub/ Irish Cottage, Galena, IL
WJOD County Dance
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Friday, March 27
John Moran
5:30 PM @ Inspire Café
7 Bridges Road
7 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
8 PM @ Jumpers Sports Bar
& Grill
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Smokin’ Mirrors
10 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Brickyard Road
9 PM @ Jimi B’s Bar & Grill
Totally 80’s Bash
8 PM @ DBQ Co. Fairgrounds
Saturday, March 28
Jan & Dean Beach Party
4 PM & 7 PM @ Mississippi
Moon Bar
The Drama Kings
9 PM @ Dirty Ernies
Laura McDonald & Pistol
Pete Unplugged
9 PM @ Northside
Scott Guthrie
9 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Roy Schroedl
8 PM @ Woodlands/Eagle
DJ Jevity, Mister Whiskerz
10 PM @ The Lift
Johnnie Walker
8 PM @ Galena Brewing Co.
The Wells Division
10 PM @ Eronel
Megastars of Country
Tribute to Alan Jackson,
George Strait & Brooks & Dunn
7 & 9:30 PM @ Mystique
Johnnie Walker
7 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
2 Blind Mice
7 PM @ Inspire Café
Just Cuz
7 PM @ Webers Bar,
Epworth, Iowa
Ian Gould
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s/
Irish Cottage, Galena
Roy Schroedl
8 PM @ Woodlands/Eagle
Ridge Inn & Resort
Zero 2 Sixty
8 PM @ DBQ Driving Range
Ten Gallon Hat
8 PM @ Galena Brewing Co.
8 PM @ Knicker’s Saloon
Aaron Williams and Hoodoo
8 PM @ Flatted Fifth Blues &
BBQ, Potter Mill
The Zach Harris Band
8 PM @ Breezers Pub/The
BLU Room
The Wundo Band
9 PM @ The Ticket,
Platteville, WI
Taste Like Chicken Acoustic
9 PM @ Days Inn/Spirits
Brown Bottle Bandits
9 PM @ Offshore in Bellevue
24 Nightlife 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
9 PM @ Eichman’s Granada Tap
Statue of Liberty
9 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Lara McDonald & Pistol Pete
10 PM @ Eronel
Gypsy Pistols
10 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Sunday March 29
Broken Strings
3 PM @ Northside Bar
Ron Lubbers
3 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
Nutsy Turtle & Lori
4 PM @ Dirty Ernie’s, Farley
Lonely Goats
6 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Tuesday, March 31
Vu JàDé
7 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Wednesday, April 1
Acoustic Jam w/ Brandon
6:30 PM @ The Cornerstone
Thursday, April 2
Andy Wilberding
7 PM @ 1st & Main
Campfire Kings
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Friday, April 3
Anthony Weber Acoustic
6 PM @ Jumpers Sports Bar
& Grill
Broken Strings
7 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
Joie Wails and the Jailers
7 PM @ DBQ Driving Range
Jon Conover
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s
Pub/Irish Cottage, Galena, IL
7 Bridges Road
8 PM @ Asbury Eagles Club
The April Fools
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Massey Road
8 PM @ Days Inn/Spirits Bar
Vu JàDé
9 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Ben Dunegan
9 PM @ Skinny Maginny’s
Har­di­Har, Driftless Sisters,
Statue of Liberty
10 PM @ The Lift
Black Water Gin
10 PM @ Sandy Hook
Saturday, April 4
Fever River String Band
2 PM @ Council Hill Station
Garrett Hillary
6 PM @ Woodbine Bend Golf
Jon Conover
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s
Pub/Irish Cottage, Galena, IL
Buzz Berries
8 PM @ DBQ Driving Range
Takin’ The Fifth
8 PM @ Galena Brewing Co.
Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey
8 PM @ Flatted Fifth Blues &
BBQ @ Potter Mill
Ethan Keller
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Jim Wand
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Broken Strings
9 PM @ Days Inn/Spirits
9 PM @ Northside Bar
Nightlife Vu JàDé
9 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
9 PM @ The County Line
The Resistors
9 PM @ Jimi B’s Bar & Grill
9 PM @ The Lift
Dylan Sires and Neighbors,
Brooks Strause and the
Suicidal Ideations, Dana T,
and Extravision
9:30 PM @ Eronel
Cranes Vultures, Brandon
Hagen, Ben Dunegan
10 PM @ The Lift
Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys
10 PM @ Sandy Hook
Sunday, April 5
Jody McGill’s Open Mic
2:30 PM @ The Cornerstone
Tuesday, April 7
Garrett Hillary
7 PM @ Riverboat Lounge
Wednesday, April 8
Hoffmann, Troy & Marceau
5 PM @ Tony Roma’s
Acoustic Jam
6:30 PM @ The Cornerstone
Steve Zimmerman Comedy
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Open Mic w/ Dave, Cricket
& Tim
9:30 PM @ The Lift
Thursday, April 9
1950’s & 1960’s Sock Hop
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Garrett Hillary
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Friday, Aprril 10
Ron Lubbers
7 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
Just Cuz
7 PM @ Dagwoods
Massey Road
7 PM @ DBQ Driving Range
Andreas Transo
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s
Pub/Irish Cottage, Galena, IL
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Roy Schroedl
8 PM @ Grape Escape
Scott Guthrie
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Garrett Hillary
8 PM @ Dubuque Golf and
Country Club
Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo
8 PM @ Jumpers Sports Bar
& Grill
Hunks The Show
8 PM @ Mystique Casino
The Wundo Band
8:30 PM @ Red N Deb’s Bar
& Grill
Ron Lubbers
9 PM @ Webbers Bar & Grill,
Friday, April 17
The Tubes
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Zero 2 Sixty
9:30 PM @ Dirty Ernies Farley
Jack Lion
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Saturday, April 18
The Four C Notes:
Frank Valli & The Four
Seasons Tribute
7 PM & 9 PM @ Mystique
Saturday, April 11
Garrett Hillary
7 PM @ Stone Cliff Wine Bar
The Mighty Wheelhouse
10 PM @ The Lift
Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo
10 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Statue of Liberty
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Country Tradition
7 PM @ Mooney Hollow Barn
Six Shots ‘til Midnight
10 PM @ Sandy Hook
Johnny Azari, Mike Munson,
Jake Ilika
10 PM @ Eronel
Twang Dragons
10 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Andreas Transo
7:30 PM @ Frank O’Dowd’s
Pub/Irish Cottage, Galena, IL
Sunday, April 12
Steve McIntyre’s Open Mic
2:30 PM @ The Cornerstone
A Pirate Over 50
7:30 PM @ Fife’s
Peas & Garrett
6 PM @ Sandy Hook
David Allan Coe
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Tuesday, April 14
The Midnight Ghost Train,
10 PM @ Eronel
Frank Bang’s Secret Stash
10 PM @ The Lift
Ugly Sunday
10 PM @ Sandy Hook Tavern
Andrew Huber
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Frankie Lee & Chuck Bayuk
8 PM @ Galena Brewing Co.
Hunks The Show
8 PM @ Mystique Casino
The Tornadoes Blues Band
8 PM @ Flatted Fifth Blues &
BBQ @ Potter Mill
8 PM @ DBQ Driving Range
Wednesday, April 15
Acoustic Jam with Lenny
6:30 PM @ The Cornerstone
Rob Little Comedy
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Thursday, April 16
Peas & Garretts
8 PM @ The Cornerstone
Dueling Pianos
8 PM @ Mississippi Moon Bar
Corey Jenny
8 PM @ Ticket Bar & Grill,
Nonagon, Tyranny Is Tyranny
10 PM @ Eronel
Taste Like Chicken
9 PM @ Northside Bar
The Hooten Hallers
10 PM @ The Lift
Super Happy Funtime
9 PM @ Eronel
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Nightlife 25
Nightlife Now Showing @ Mindframe Theaters
Friday, March 27–Thursday, April 2
Furious 7 (PG-13)
Thu: 7:00, 10:00
Get Hard (R)
Fri–Thu: (12:15), (2:35), (4:55), 7:35,
Home (PG)
Fri–Thu: (11:35 AM), (1:45), (4:10),
6:50, 9:00
555 JFK Road
Behind Kennedy Mall
Hotline: 563-582-4971
The Divergent Series:
Insurgent (PG-13)
Fri–Thu: (11:25 AM), (2:00), (4:45),
7:25, 10:00
The Gunman (R)
Fri–Thu: (12:00), (2:35), (5:05), 7:35,
Cinderella (PG)
Fri–Thu: (12:00), (2:20), (4:40),
7:10, 9:30
The Second Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel (PG)
Fri–Wed: (1:00), 9:25
Thu: (1:00 PM)
Pilot Error (NR)
Fri & Sat: 4:00, 7:00
Sun: 7:00 PM
Mon–Wed: 4:00, 7:00
Thu: 4:00 PM
Coming to Theaters
Get Hard (R)
Friday, March 27
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart headline this Warner
Bros. comedy about a wrongfully convicted
investment banker who prepares for prison life
with the help of the man who washes his car. Home (PG)
Friday, March 27
Animated tale of Oh, a loveable misfit from
another planet, who lands on Earth and finds
himself on the run from his own people and
forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous
girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own.
Serena (R)
Friday, March 27
The North Carolina mountains at the end of
the 1920s - George and Serena Pemberton,
love-struck newly-weds, begin to build a
timber empire. Serena soon proves herself
to be equal to any man: overseeing loggers,
hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man’s
life in the wilderness. However, once Serena
discovers George’s hidden past and faces an
unchangeable fate of her own, the Pemberton’s
passionate marriage begins to unravel leading
toward a dramatic reckoning.
While We’re Young (R)
Friday, March 27
Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts star as a childless
New York married couple in their mid-forties.
As their other friends all start having children,
the couple gravitates toward a young hipster
couple named Jamie (Adam Driver) and
Darby (Amanda Seyfried). He’s an aspiring
documentary filmmaker, a vocation Josh already
has. Soon the older couple begins enjoying the
energy they feel hanging out with the younger
generation, but eventually Josh begins to
suspect his new best friend might not be as
straightforward and trustworthy as he thought.
Furious 7 (PG-13)
Friday, March 27
Continuing the global exploits in the
unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel,
Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the
returning cast of Fast & Furious 7.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
directors Joe and Anthony Russo have
signed some more of their lives over
to Marvel. The brothers, who are next
taking on Captain America: Civil War,
have reportedly made the long-rumored
deal that would have them take over the
Avengers franchise and direct the twopart Infinity War. The duo will shoot the
films back-to-back across 2016 and 2017.
Jennifer Lawrence will be leaving the
role of Mystique once she finishes the
upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. I guess one
can one take so much latex and body paint.
As will happen with Mark Millarcreated comic books (Kick-Ass,
Kingsmen, Wanted), Chrononauts has
reportedly been optioned for a feature
film. The series involves two men
traveling back in time.
26 Nightlife 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
The new Mission: Impossible movie
has not only a name, Rogue Nation, but
a preview now online with Simon Pegg
joining Tom Cruise to peel their rubber
faces off and reveal that they were John
Travolta and Kareem Abdul Jabbar the
whole time.
Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey are
reportedly joining Jason Momoa, Diego
Luna, and Suki Waterhouse in The Bad
Batch, a film described as a dystopian
cannibal love story. Ana Lily Amirpour,
the director of that Iranian vampire
Western noir, is at the helm, so this is
assumedly not more Twilight fan-fiction.
Sony has put into development a
Romeo and Juliet adaptation titled
Verona, and it’s said “to reimagine the
classic love story through a lens of an
epic, 300-style world.” n
Nightlife Mississippi Moon Bar Events
All shows at the Mississippi Moon Bar are 21+ only and tickets for all performances are available
at the Diamond Club inside the Diamond Jo Casino or online at DiamondJoDubuque.com.
The Jan & Dean Beach Party
Saturday, March 28 @ 4 and 7 PM
Count’s 77
Saturday, April 25 @ 7 PM
From Jan and Dean, the legendary top-selling artists of the
60’s, comes a Beach Party like no other! Along with their chart
topping hits “Dead Man’s Curve,” “The Little Old Lady from
Pasadena,” “Surf City,” and “Surfin’ Safari,” Dean Torrence
brings to the stage all of the music that made the California
beach scene famous. This outstanding show will have you
singing along to all of your favorites in a fun-filled, high-energy
performance taking you back to the 60’s. n
Count’s 77 is hard rock band from Las Vegas, led by Danny
“Count” Koker, star of HISTORY’S hit television series Counting
Cars. These powerhouse musicians attribute their 70’s rock to
the musical roots of Thin Lizzy, Foghat, The Allman Brothers
and Led Zeppelin. Count’s 77 stands to be one of the leaders in
the classic rock revival, bring back the vibe of one of the best
musical eras of all time. n
Laughing Moon Comedy: Pauly Shore
Wednesday, May 6 @ 8 PM
David Allan Coe
Saturday, April 11 @ 8 PM
David Allan Coe is a singer and songwriter, and is one of the
most colorful and unpredictable characters in country music
history. Coe’s biggest hits include “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile,”
his 1975 cover of Steve Goodman’s “You Never Even Called Me
by My Name,” which cracked the Top Ten, and “The Ride.” n
Pauly Shore is a comedian, actor, writer, director, and has
appeared in movies including “Bio-Dome,” “Encino Man,” and
“Jury Duty.” He has also voiced animated characters in movies.
Shore has been a recurring guest on Howard Stern’s late night
show and has released several comedy albums. Comedian Tim
Sullivan will open for Pauly Shore. n
The Tubes
Friday, April 17 @ 8 PM
Aaron Lewis
Thursday, May 21 @ 8 PM
The Tubes will go down in the rock history books as one of the
most exciting, in-your-face group of musicians who epitomized
the hilarity of popular American culture by making it into the
ultimate rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza. The single, “She’s a Beauty”
reached the Top 10 and pushed The Tubes’ album Outside/
Inside into the U.S. Top 20. n
Aaron Lewis is a Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum
singer, songwriter, and guitarist. In 2011, the Staind front man
formally arrived in the country world with the release of his
debut EP, Town Line. Highlighted by the success of the single
“Country Boy,” the seven-song EP reached #1 on the Billboard
Country Albums Chart and #7 on the Billboard Top 200 upon
release. In addition to his country hits, Lewis will be playing a
selection of rock hits. n
Laughing Moon Comedy: The Midnight Swinger
Wednesday, April 22 @ 8 PM
Mick Foley
Friday, June 5 @ 7 PM
Putting the show back in showman, The Midnight Swinger
combines the style and cool of the 60’s Las Vegas performer
with the flash and excitement of a 21st century Super Bowl
halftime extravaganza. More than just a stand-up comedian, the
Midnight Swinger is proud to be called a throwback entertainer.
The never dull show is filled with great comedy, music, singing
and dancing! n
Former WWE champion, best-known to the professional
wrestling world as “The Hardcore Legend,” Mick Foley has
exchanged the world of headlocks, steel chairs and punches for
stories, banter and punch lines. Universally acclaimed as one of
the most entertaining speakers in professional wrestling, Foley
is unleashing his verbal talents on the world of comedy. n
additional upcoming events
WJOD Country Line Dance
Comedy Hypnosis
50’s & 60’s Sock Hop
Thursday, March 26 @ 8 PM
April 1–3 @ 8 PM
Thursday, April 9 @ 7 PM
Friday, April 24 @ 8 PM
Jim Wand
4th Annual Comedy 10K Competition
Friday, March 27 @ 8 PM
Saturday, April 4 @ 8 PM
Friday, April 10 @ 8 PM
April 29–May 2
Hypnosis Maximum Weight
Management Seminar
Laughing Moon Comedy:
Steve Zimmerman
Laughing Moon Comedy: Rob Little
Steve Moris
Wednesday, April 15 @ 8 PM
Saturday, May 9 @ 8 PM
Tuesday, March 31 @ 7 PM
Wednesday, April 8 @ 8 PM
Dueling Pianos
Sharon Owens
Thursday, April 16 @ 8 PM
Sunday, May 24 @ 3 PM
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Nightlife 27
Cover Story Continued From page 21
Special Kick-off event:
The Science of the Superhero!
Heroes with ‘Every Hero Has a Story’ theme for
Children, ‘Unmask!’ for Young Adults, and the
Adult theme “Escape the Ordinary’. Come and
explore the exciting opportunities to expand
your knowledge and participate in diverse
presentations, all while having lots of fun!
Saturday, June 6
10 AM @ Peosta/NICC Branch
1:30 PM @ Farley/Drexler Branch
Age: School age and older
Jerry DeCaire is the Artist for Marvel Comics’
Thor, Avenger’s Hawkeye, X-Men, Iron Man,
Wolverine, and many other enormously
popular superheroes. He shows how math and
science merge to create a superhero! Art work
created during the show will be signed and
given away following the presentation.
Visit any Dubuque County Library branch
or our website for an updated list of
Summer Events. All programs are FREE
& require registration because space is
limited. To register call or visit one of the
Dubuque County Library branches in Asbury
(563-582-0008), Epworth (563-876-3388),
Farley/Drexler (563-744-3371 x5160), Holy
Cross (563-870-2082), or Peosta/NICC
(563-556-5110 x224).
Summer Read @ Home Program
Wednesday, May 27
Age: All ages
Register by visiting one of our library branches
or online at the Dubuque County Library website
dubcolib.lib.ia.us. Win prizes by reaching your
summer reading goals! Then enter the drawing
for awesome Grand Prizes too!
Heart of a Hero
Friday, June 26
Peosta/NICC Branch & Farley/Drexler Branch
Age: School age and older
This program asks the question: “What is
a real hero?” and takes a look at the real
heroes of today’s disaster and emergency
response fields such as firefighters, police
officers, disaster responders, EMTs, emergency
managers and even search K9’s. This program
not only focuses on the heroes, but the science
and technologies that have been introduced
and developed over the recent years to aid
in response work from mega flashlights to
unmanned search and rescue drones.
28 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
The Magic of David Casas
Friday, July 24 @ 10 AM
New Asbury Branch
Age: All ages
Get ready to experience the sleight of hand
artistry of Professional Magician David Casas!
Audiences of every age will talk about this show
long after it is over! David’s show features his
award winning dove act, lots of audience
participation, and clean family comedy. Come see
for yourself why The Magic of David Casas is one
of the most sought after entertainers around!
Frogwarts School of Wizardry
July 12-18 & July 19-25
Wapsi River Nature Center
Cost: $495 One Week/$890 Two Weeks
Frogwarts is a role-play creativity camp
originally inspired by the Harry Potter series by
J.K. Rowling. Primarily a literacy and character
development curriculum, the camp invites all
participants to play in-role, sustaining a fantasy
character for an entire week. All attendees,
staff included, take on a role-playing wizard
persona. Frogwarts enriches the lives of
youth during camp—and throughout the
year—by providing a memorable experience
which cultivates the creative, emotional, and
imaginative intelligences in the campers. In
addition to critical thinking and literacy skills,
the program provides experiential training in
empathy and compassion through drama. One
of the most important aspects of the camp
experience is the close relationships developed.
Campers must select a “Wizarding name” to
use throughout the week. They are split into
three houses of mixed ages on the first day
during “sorting” and attend classes (such as
Transfiguration, Defense Against Darkness,
Potions, Gravity Defiance and more) with
groups divided by age. The most magical
aspect of Frogwarts, and what sets it apart from
normal summer camps, is the development of
a story, dramatized in real-time by campers
and staff and guest artists. Students use their
critical thinking, imagination, and role-play
skills to act along with the drama, which is
designed to guide students through a process
of questioning good versus evil, right versus
wrong, to the triumph of compassion, creativity,
courage, justice, and fun! Additional fees for
optional t-shirt and/or weekend stay-over.
Cover Story Holy Family Catholic Schools
2005 Kane St.
Holy Family Catholic Schools features a huge
roster of Summer Camp offerings from sports
to math and drama to robotics. Take a look
at all of these opportunities for your kids
throus Holy Family: Literacy Camp with Clarke
University, Spanish Science Adventures Camp,
Writing Workshop, Mock Trial Academy, Code
Camp for the Young Learner, Code Camp
– Introduction and Advanced, Engineering
Academy, Robotics Programming, Raspberry
Pi, First Tech Challenge, Fun with Math, Math
Olympics, Mathletes Junior, Mathletes, Drama
Performance, Show Choir Camp and Totus Tuus,
the Parish Camp. Then there’s the Sports Camps:
Softball Camp, Strength and Conditioning Camp,
Boys Basketball Camp, Girls Basketball Camp,
Volleyball Camp, Cheerleading Camp, Tennis
Camp, Soccer Camp, Youth Football Camp, and
Cross Country Camp. Plus Preschools Camps
at Resurrection, St. Anthony and Our Lady of
Guadalupe, Holy Ghost and St. Columbkille plus
Kindergarden Play-Dates at St. St. Columbkille
St. Anthony and Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holy
Ghost and Resurrection.
Registration is underway now. Check out all of
the great offerings online at
Download a PDF of all of their Summer
offerings. Submit completed registration forms
and payment to any Holy Family office. If you
have questions about applying for a
scholarship, please contact Megan Schultheis,
Assistant Director of Marketing for Admissions,
at 563-582-5456, Ext. 289, or
[email protected]
Loras All-Sports Camp
Session 1: June 21-26
Session 2: June 28-July 3
Session 3: July 12-17
Session 4: July 19-24
Cost: $615 (2nd child, $590) Resident/ $420
(2nd child is $395) Day Camper
The unique and highly rated All-Sports Camp
offers boys and girls ages 7-14 an amazing
opportunity to receive intensive instruction
in a major sport, along with training in two
additional minor sports of their choice. All
of this takes place in an atmosphere that
stresses Christian values, sportsmanship and
citizenship. Campers enjoy all the benefits of
Loras College’s beautiful campus, from athletic
facilities to dining, while resident campers
enjoy a taste of college dormitory living.
The All-Sports Camp is an ideal setting for
life-changing, fun-filled adventure and a wise
investment in your child’s life.
Sports available in the camp include archery,
adventure challenge (ropes course), badminton,
baseball, basketball, beginning swimming,
cheerleading, cross country running, jazz dance,
fishing, football, golf, gymnastics, hula hooping
& zombi fitness, hunting archery, ice skating,
karate, kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating,
paddle boarding, lacrosse, pilates, yoga, rock
climbing, roller-skating, roller-blading, rugby,
soccer, softball, tennis track & field, ultimate
frisbee, volleyball, and wrestling. See, it really is
Session Registration is now Open for all sessions.
Please contact the camp office for available
activities. Some activities are full and have a
waiting list. You can find your Activity choices
under the Activity Tab on your child’s account.
National Mississippi River
Museum & Aquarium
350 E. 3rd St.
The National Mississippi River Museum &
Aquarium has new exciting Summer Camps for
2015!. H2Oh Yeah! dives into the science of
water and the creatures who live in it! Infinite
Insects explores the world through the bugs
around us! Kinder-Kamp welcomes kids
entering kindergarten for a half day of
exploration and games! The Working River is
an in-depth camp studying wildlife, wetland
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 29
Cover Story habitats, touring offsite locations, and an
overnight as a crewmember aboard the William
M. Black dredgeboat. Camps available in half,
full, or multi-day depending on program. For
details on camps, age groups, and registration
forms, call or visit us online.
performances will be $7 for adults and $5 for
students. If purchased at the door on the day of
the performances tickets will be $10 for adults
and $7 for students Tickets can also be
purchased at The Ohnward Fine Arts Center
(from 9 AM–1 PM call 563-652-9815).
Rising Star Theatre
Onward Fine Arts Center
1215 E. Platt St. (Maquoketa, IA)
Art Classes
Saturdays: April 4, 11, and 18 @ 10–11:30 AM
Dubuque Museum of Art
They come through the door—some
tentatively—holding the hand of a
parent or grandparent. Those more
seasoned with the situation burst
into the lobby with self-assurance
and anticipation. Everyone waits with
nervous energy, excited to rush down
the stairs to the lower level classroom
where the fun happens.
The Dubuque Museum of Art’s youth
art classes are an ongoing tradition
in the Museum’s 141 year history.
Because there are so many after-school
opportunities for students to take
advantage of, the Museum decided to
save the best for the end of the week.
Saturdays, after all, are made for fun—
whatever form that may take.
The Dubuque Museum of Art’s youth
programs are about discovery. Students
work in a variety of media. Supplies are
furnished, and the only requirement
is to bring an active imagination to
class (and, of course, clothes to get
messy in and a curiosity and willingness
to explore a variety of art products,
techniques and ideas).
Banished is tracing paper and all
ideas other than one’s own. The result
is art that jumps off the paper (or other
materials) with a joyful exuberance.
It is art produced in an atmosphere
of respect and one that encourages
The Museum has a permanent
collection of over 2,200 works focusing
on 20th-century American art with an
emphasis on American Regionalism and
artists connected to the Tri-State area.
Students can explore a slice of 1930’s
rural life in the works of Iowa artist Grant
Wood, be moved by an Edward S. Curtis
photograph of Native Americans, and
giggle over an etching by children’s
book illustrator and author, Arthur
Geisert. They may also find inspiration
in the changing exhibitions of works by
nationally and internationally recognized
artists, and put their own spin on a
technique, theme, or concept found in
those works.
The Museum encourages that muchused adage: think outside the box. This
April students will put that axiom into
practice when the Museum extends the
City’s “Architecture Days” into three
Saturday sessions. Students will have the
opportunity to work with Bob Reding,
retired antiques dealer and one of the
principle contributors to Encyclopedia
Dubuque (encyclopediadubuque.org).
“Pops” as Bob likes to be called, will
show off his folk dioramas and then
guide students in creating their own.
Bob’s dioramas are a labor of love,
utilizing repurposed materials in an
ingenious and often startling way. He
magically transforms everyday items one
might ordinarily throw away into smaller
versions of area landmarks such as the
Shot Tower and the Town Clock.
These architecture-focused classes
are open to students ages 6-12 and
will be held Saturday mornings from
10-11:30 AM on April 4, 11, and 18.
The fee is $5 per student. Parents
and grandparents are encouraged to
attend—and if they do, the fee is waived.
The Dubuque Museum of Art
Saturday Art Program meets for four
week sessions throughout the year and
in weekday sessions during the summer.
Please call Margaret at 563-557-1851 for
more information or to enroll a student. n
30 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Monday, July 13 @ 10 AM & 1 PM
Cost: $35
The Ohnward Fine Arts Center is will be
holding auditions for Seussical Jr. Horton the
Elephant, the Cat in the Hat, and all of your
favorite Dr. Seuss characters spring to life
onstage in Seussical JR., a fantastical musical
extravaganza from TONY winners Lynn Ahrens
and Stephen Flaherty.
Students from ages 8–18 can audition for
this show. Both male and females are invited
to audition. The cost covers a T-shirt and
workshops. Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday,
July 14. Not every student will have to be at
every rehearsal. The larger groups of kids
will meet from 10 AM through noon Monday
through Thursdays. Soloist and small groups
will meet in Monday through Thursday
evenings from 6:30 PM through 8:30 PM. This
show will be directed by Ohnward Fine Arts
Centers executive director Richard Hall. Music
will be directed by Angie Ruley. For questions
please call the Ohwnard Fine Arts Center
at 566-652-9815 or email Richard Hall at
[email protected]
Seussical Jr. will have two public performances
on Saturday August 8 at 7 PM and Sunday
August 9 at 2 PM. Tickets for the public
Since 2009, over 800 people have participated
both on and offstage and 15,000 people have
attended Rising Star Theatre Productions.
The primary purpose of the company is to
provide a vehicle for education in production
and development of theatre, as well as to
encourage community participation and
appreciation of all aspects of theatre. The skills
that the participants learn from engaging in arts
activities will be invaluable to them in their lives.
2015 Summer Season Auditions
Saturday, May 2 @ 9 AM–Noon & 1–4 PM
May 3–4 @ 4–8 PM
Five Flags Center Orpheum Room
Callbacks, if needed, will take place on the
evenings of May 4 and 6 in the Orpheum Room.
Please prepare a short musical selection and
bring your sheet music to the audition, as an
accompanist will be provided.
A deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood
sci-fi smash musical, Little Shop Of Horrors has
devoured the hearts of theatregoers for over
30 years. Admission is free! Freewill donations
accepted. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs.
Little Shop of Horrors is open to those students
just completing 8th grade to graduating high
school. Rehearsals will tentatively start June
1st, and run 9 to noon & 1 to 4 pm Monday–
Friday, with possible Saturday rehearsals.
Performance dates are June 18-20 at 7 PM at
the Alliant Amphitheater.
Cover Story Created by the man behind two of Broadway’s
greatest shows, Wicked and Godspell, Children
of Eden is based on the story of Genesis,
the age-old conflict of parents and children
takes the stage in this epic, heartfelt Stephen
Schwartz musical. Children of Eden is open to
all ages based on the casting requirements of
the show. Rehearsals start June 1st, and run 6
to 9 pm Monday–Friday, with possible Saturday
rehearsals. Performances are July 10–11 &
16–18, 2014 at 7:30pm and July 12 & 18, 2014 at
2pm at Five Flags Theater.
The timeless enchantment of a magical fairy
tale is reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein
hallmarks of originality, charm and elegance.
Cinderella is open to ages eight through
eighteen. Every child who auditions will be cast
in this production, which is unique in Dubuque.
Rehearsals start tentatively June 29th, and run
Monday through Friday in the Bijou Room in
the Five Flags Center, with possible Saturday
rehearsals. The morning cast meets 10:30 to
noon and the afternoon cast 1 to 2:30 pm.
Performances are August 6 & 7, 2014 at 1pm,
August 7 & 8, 2014 at 7pm, and August 8 & 9,
2014 at 2pm at Five Flags Theater.
College for Kids and Middle University
Age: Entering K-4
College for Kids is designed for students
completing kindergarten through fourth
grade with a wide variety of classes sure to
spark the creativity in your child and foster
summer learning through fun and exciting
activities. Kindergarten classes include Crafts
for Kids and Adventure Tales. Grades 1 and 2
take on Insects and the ir Relatives, About the
Dinosaurs, Chemistry, The Oriental Express,
Creative Art, and The Solar System Express,
while grates 3 and 4 look into Living the
Pioneer Life, Basic Woodworking, the Ppwer
of Popcorn, Cheese art and Ice Cream Science
and Let’s Eat! Register for your choice of two
classes online.
Middle University
Age: Entering 5-7
Students will dig into such offerings as Colonial
Samplers, Intro to Stage Acting, Learn to Turn,
Perspective Made Easy, Ancient Egypt, Acrylic
Painting, Fun with Photography, Miniature
Gardening, Spa and Soap Products with Attitude!
Register for your choice of two classes online.
University of
1 University Plaza (Platteville, WI)
Camp Albrecht Acres
Register for your choice of two classes online at
14837 Sherrill Rd. (Sherrill IA)
Camp Albrecht Acres is a great resource for
kids with special needs. Located on 40 acres
near Sherrill, Iowa, Camp Albrecht Acres
features week-long camp experiences filled
with fun including swimming, fishing, camp
fires, hiking and tons of activities. In August
Albrecht Acres hosts Camp Bee A Friend, a day
camp for autistic kids ages 4–12 and their
typical development peers.
There’s way more for kids to do this summer
than we have room for here, but you can get
the full list in the new Summer Leisure Services
Brochure, available in print form at area venues
like the Carnegie- Stout Public Library, and City
Hall or online.
At 50+ pages, it’s more of a guidebook
to summer fun than a brochure. It’s also
got information about summer reading
programs at the library, youth programs at the
Multicultural Family Center, as well as the City’s
Playground Program. Find the downloadable
Summer Leisure Services Brochure under the
Recreation tab in the left column.
City of Dubuque
Leisure Services
For all of the amazing programs available to
area youth, it’s hard to hold a candle to the
offerings presented by the City of Dubuque’s
Leisure Services Department. They offer a
staggering range of creative classes, youth
sports, and other programs available to
Dubuque families as the cornerstone of youth
activity in our community.
Kids recreation classes from Leisure services
cover the gamut and then the gamut
beyond that. Many are held throughout the
summer at Allison-Henderson Park and the
Slattery Center at Flora Park as well as great
opportunities in partnership with the Dubuque
Montessori School and ISU Extension. In fact,
we counted more than 100 different titles for
classes and activities offered. The selection
is simply stunning. There is truly something
for everyone through offerings from a great
variety of experienced instructions and though
partnerships with groups like ISU Extension,
Montessori School, and Capri College.
The Playground Program offers a variety of
activities for girls and boys ages 8 through
14. Trained leaders will plan, organize and
direct the activities. Weather permitting, the
program operates Monday through Friday, fro
early June through early August, except July
4. Registration is available at each site and is
free. Sites include Comiskey Park, Flora Park,
Harvest View Park, Hilltop, Hoover School,
Lincoln School, Murphy Park, Prescott School,
Teddy Bear Park, Audubon School, Burden Park,
Eisenhower School, Jackson Park, Marshall
School, Orange Park, and Valentine Park. Some
sites even offer a free lunch program for kids
and special population activities. There’s more
information in the Leisure Services Summer
Programming Book. Additionally, Play Lot
activities are led for kids 6-8 years of age and
Tot Lot activities for kids 3-5 years of age.
The City also provides kids an opportunity to
have fun and get some outdoor exercise at our
two municipal pools. While it might not seem
like pool weather just yet, Flora and Sutton Pools
open on Saturday, May 23 for the season. Both
venues have wonderful water related amenities
like slides and fountains and a host of pool sizes
and admission under 18 is $2 (Free under 4),
which is some pretty cheap entertainment.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 31
Cover Story They also offer full courses of swimming classes
throughout the season as well as water fitness
programs for adults. Teens/ Youth can get
competitive with leagues for girl’s softball, t-ball,
boys softball, baseball (for all ages), tennis, and
golf including introductory classes for beginners
and youth golf lessons. Not sure how to get the
kids to and from the pool or the library, for that
matter? The City’s Jule Transit System offers
free bus transportation to City of Dubuque
Recreation Division and Carnegie-Stout Public
Library activities. The Free Way to Fun City
program allows season swim pass tag holders
(purchased at the Leisure Services Department)
a free bus ride when traveling directly to or from
Flora and Sutton Pools.
Additionally, children who register for any
Recreation Division or Library program may
request a Free Way to Fun City identification
card which allows children to ride The Jule bus
to the program site at no cost. Identification
cards will be mailed upon completed
registration. For additional information, contact
The Jule, or call at 563.589.4196.
Special population activities are offered but
not limited to mentally and physically disabled
individuals. Registration is requested one week
prior to a program’s starting date – call the office
at 563-589-4263. The SPI playground program
offers a variety of activities for girls and boys
ages 6 through 14 and toilet trained, for inclusion
into the regularly scheduled playground
program at Flora Park. Additional staff will be
available to assist with successful participation.
explore the outdoors through games, books,
and hands-on activities. Limit of 12.
T.E.A. (Teen Extreme Adventures)
July 28–29
Age: 13–16
Cost: $25
This overnight camp will be an opportunity for
participants to practice team building, learn
about outdoor skills, camping, fire starting, and
water recreation. Participants will canoe, picnic,
hike, and learn about Aldo Leopold.
Kids want a pet but you’re not sure they
know how to care for one? Send them to the
Dubuque Regional Humane Society Kids ‘N’
Critters Camp this summer. Kids will learn
all about dogs, cats, critters, responsible pet
ownership, along with a wide variety of talks
and demonstrations from local experts. The
campers will get to make friends with other
animals lovers, have fun with arts and crafts
and spend a lot of hands-on time with pets.
“Adventures at Swiss” Day Camps
Dubuque County
Conservation Board
Believe it or not, the Conservation Board’s
camps are nearly full already. Remaining
openings, if there are any, are in the following
areas and pre-registration is required.
Tuesday, August 4 @ 9–11 AM
Thursday, August 6 @ 9–11 AM
Age: 5–12
Cost: $4
These two day camps will allow children to
hike and learn about the treasures of NE Iowa
through hands on activities.
Toddling into Nature “Turtles”
Session 1: June 18–19 @ 9–11:30 AM
Session 2: June 25–26 @ 9–11:30 AM
Age: 3
Cost: $4
Your toddler will enjoy learning about the
famous reptile known as the turtle. They will
learn about their adaptations, native turtles
and where to find turtles. Your child will
E.B. Lyons / Mines of Spain
Dubuque Regional Humane Society
4242 Chavenelle Rd.
For more information, contact Lisa
Kucharski, Humane Education Coordinator at
[email protected]
Kids ‘N’ Critters Camps
One Week Camps
June 22–26 & July 27–31
Age: 2–3 Grade
June 8–12, July 13–17 & August 3–7
Age: 4–6 Grade
Cost: $125
E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center, 8991 Bellevue
Heights Rd., at the Mines of Spain in Dubuque,
is open 7 days a week mid-April thru midOctober. The nature center offers programs,
hikes and other activities throughout the
summer including canoeing and kayaking
programs on weekends in June/July and
August as well as summer camps for youth in
June and July. Their summer offerings have not
been published yet.
Day Camps
Wednesday, July 8
Age: 2–3 Grade
Wednesday, August 12
Age: 4–6 Grade
Cost: $30
32 Cover Story 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Cover Story Four Mounds Foundation
4900 Peru Rd.
Adventure Day Camp
Class #3100.310: June 8–12
Class #3100.330: June 22–26
Class #3100.350: July 13–17
Class #3100.370: July 27–31
Age: 11–15
Class #3100.320: June 15–19
Class #3100.340: July 6–10
Class #3100.360: July 20–24
Class #3100.380: August 3–7
Age: 7–10
@ 8:10 AM–3:20 PM
Cost: $165 (free for income-qualified families)
A weeklong adventure day camp takes place in
cooperation with the Four Mounds Foundation.
Activities include: the Four Mounds challenge
ropes course, canoeing at the Mines of Spain,
ecosystem adventures at Swiss Valley Nature
Center and EB Lyons Interpretive Center, as well
as swimming, creek stomping, hiking, team
building, games, and arts and crafts projects.
Children are required to bring a sack lunch;
all other supplies are provided by the camp.
Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations are
at Lincoln School and Audubon School. We will
make every attempt to offer a rain date if camp
is canceled two or more days in one week.
Children may register for only one week.
creatively. They provide the time, space, and
guidance that allows people to see beyond
what exists and begin to imagine what may be
possible. During the summer, kinds can engage
in Matter’s Youth Building Mini Camps which
still have session opening in June, July and
August. Throughout the week, your child will
participate in 5 different adventure workshops–
four of which focus on a specific topic (Painting,
Pottery, Machines, Architecture, Robotics,
Storytelling, Electronic Devices, Computer
Programming, Filmmaking, 3D Printing) and
a capstone Synthesis Team workshop, where
your child will work with a team of other
students and an instructor, applying what
they’ve learned throughout the day to develop
their own unique projects.
Multicultural Family Center
St Mark Youth Enrichment
1157 Central Ave.
The Multicultural Family Center empowers all
families and community members of Dubuque
to reach their potential and build unity out
of diversity. Year-Round you will find classes
and opportunities for learning, entertainment
and growth for all ages. While they are still
featuring winter activities online, look for
summer to continue with youth dance classes
as well as language and reading education.
Summer is when Future Talk takes weeks to
teens to natures and the community through
work, education and service. For details on all
of the Multicultural Family Centers programs,
visit them online.
1201 Locust St.
Monday–Friday: June 15–July 31
Age: Entering K-6
This program is full of hands-on enrichment
that will keep kids excited about and engaged
in learning throughout the summer! The
Dubuque Community program is open to youth
entering kindergarten at 8 AM–Noon and 1–6
grades at Noon–4 PM with after care available
until 5:30 PM. The Dyersville Community
program is open to youth entering 1–4 grades
from 8 AM–Noon. Registration and more
information is online.
The camp is free to income-qualifying families
that are residents of Dubuque or $165 per
camper per week. They’re also looking for a
couple of good camp leaders! Sound like fun?
Contact Chris at 563-543-3557 or
[email protected] Register through City
of Dubuque Leisure Services for this program.
Matter Creative Center
140 E. 9th St.
Cost: $150–300
Matter Creative Center’s engaging, hands-on
learning adventures are built on a philosophy
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Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Cover Story 33
Columnists Happy Joe’s
Pizza and
Cream Parlor
Originally Run on April 28, 2011
by Rich Belmont
Kids know there is always a party going on at Happy
Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor.
When Joe Whitty was a young man he worked as a
supervisor in one of the pizza stores of a well know
chain. He was impressed how often customers would
tell him they were going to go for ice cream somewhere
else after they finished their pizza. So Joe went to his
management and suggested they turn their stores into
pizza and ice cream parlors. Amazingly they simply were
not interested! So Joe went out looking for start-up
capital. He was turned down a lot but he persevered and
finally convinced Davenport Bank and the Small Business
Administration to finance him. On November 16, 1972 he
opened his first Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor in
the Village of East Davenport, IA.
Soon people were coming from all over not just to have
great pizza and ice cream. They also understood they
now had a place to go where they could have a good
time and bring the whole family: all the kids, aunts,
uncles, grandmas and grandpas. Two years later Dubuquers got lucky. Because in that
year Pat and Joanne O’Hara decided their city needed
one of these places too. They purchased a franchise and
brought it to Dubuque in 1974. It is a policy of Happy
Joe’s that owners must work in the stores. Pat and
Joanne were overwhelmed with the support they
received from the citizens of Dubuque. They were so
busy they quickly discovered they would have to have a
lot of help. They knew they would require a professional
staff and managers would be needed. Pat and Joanne
identified dedicated and talented employees they could
invite to become future partners.
First they brought in Pat’s brother Rich to manage the
operation. Then soon after in 1975 Phil Romer joined the
management team. Today the franchise is owned by Phil
Romer, Dan Boland and Mark and Darryl Schmitt. They are
operating from three locations. There are stores on
Century Drive and University Avenue in Dubuque, IA and
on Sinsinawa Avenue in East Dubuque, IL. The Century
 BLT, Taco Supreme, and Meatworks
 Taco and Happy Joe’s Special
Drive location is the main restaurant and the one on
Sinsinawa is delivery and take-out only. The Happy Joe’s
on University is an eat- in location and it is also the main
delivery and take-out center. It is so popular it is
consistently ranked as the number one Pizza Parlor in the
entire Happy Joe’s chain of approximately 65 stores.
Luncheon Specials too. For
example, Monday is Ham
and Cheese Sandwich day,
Tuesday is Oven Baked
Pasta and Thursday is Beef
Taco Salad day. These
specials are only $6 and
so is the Little Joe six inch
pizza with your choice of
toppings. The Little Joe is
available for the Luncheon
Special price every day from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Happy Joe’s is definitely
focused on children. They
are given place mats
containing doodles, games
and pictures to color. There
are several arcade
machines they can play
with. There is also a viewing
window where generations
of kids have watched the
cooks making pizzas.
The menu is designed for
family gatherings. Choose
from a large selection
of sandwiches, salads,
baked pasta dishes as well
as pizza and ice cream.
Popular appetizers include
Cheese Stix, Nacho
Baskets, Garlic Bread and Cheese Bread. The Beef or
Chicken Taco Salads are big sellers.
The pizzas are all prepared on fresh dough made daily
on the premises. Only 100% real dairy cheese is used, the
sausage is made from specially seasoned pork and all
pizzas are made to order. Happy Joe’s is the originator of
the Taco Pizza. It is assembled from a Mexican seasoned
tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and taco chips.
It is by far the most popular pizza.
Other favorites include the Happy Joe’s Special with
Canadian bacon and sauerkraut, the Hawaiian with
Canadian bacon and pineapple, and the BLT with bacon,
Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.
Even though this is primarily a pizza place the sandwiches
are surprisingly good. Many people order the Shaved Ham
and Cheese Sandwich or the Hoagie Sandwich consisting
of American cheese, Swiss cheese, turkey, ham, tomato,
lettuce and Thousand Island dressing on French bread.
My favorite is the Meatball Sandwich stuffed with Italian
tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. There are daily
34 Columnists 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Columnists Also popular, are the Meat Works topped with pepperoni,
bacon, sausage, beef and Canadian bacon and the Combo
bursting with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, beef,
green peppers and onions. When you are on a short lunch
break or cannot spend too much time call ahead and your
order will be waiting for you. If you’re not in a hurry take
the time to check out the memorabilia on the walls. There
are 37 years of memories there including a picture of each
year’s staff starting in 1975.
Of course, there is no better way to finish a great pizza
dinner than to have some delicious ice cream! There are
usually twenty flavors to pick from including Peppermint
Bon Bon, Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, Bubble Gum
or Rocky Road. Then there are at least sixteen sundaes
as well as any number of malts, shakes and ice cream
sodas. My favorite happens to be May’s special, the
Peanut Butter Cup Sundae!
 Peanut Butter Cup Sundae
 Assorted candy
$60 not including tax and tip. Who knows, you might even
be visited by Happy the Dog, a really big black and white
Dalmatian, who will liven up your special occasion.
group can purchase Happy Cards for $1.00 each and
resell them for $5.00 a piece. The cards have eight peeloff coupons for discounts on menu items worth a total
value in excess of $35.00.
Happy Joe’s is a great place to celebrate birthdays. To
begin with there is always a party atmosphere. Then
the birthday boy or girl gets a free chocolate sundae
delivered by a waitress blowing an antique car horn and
singing the Happy Birthday Song.
Teachers please take note. Happy Joe’s offers
educational opportunities. You can arrange for your class
to take a store tour. Your students get to walk through
the restaurant, learn about recipe ingredients and
kitchen equipment, and make their own pizzas. There
is also the Happy Reader Program. Students in grades
K through 8 can agree to reach monthly reading goals
during a 3 month period. Upon achieving their goals they
receive Happy Joe’s Pizza Certificates.
Better yet, you could plan on bringing your friends to the
restaurant for a birthday party. There is a package deal
that includes 2 medium pizzas, 10 refillable soft drinks, 10
Clown Sundaes and 10 hats and balloons. All of this is just
There are fund raising opportunities, too. If your
organization needs to raise money the owners of Happy
Joe’s are all too happy to help. Call any store manager
to arrange for a customized fund raising party. Or your
So there you have it. Happy Joe’s is a party place for the
whole family. Delicious pizza, yummy ice cream treats
and tremendous community involvement. It’s no wonder
Happy Joe’s Dubuque has been awarded the Hospice of
Dubuque’s Best Fest “Best Place for Pizza” designation
fourteen straight years! So bring all you friends and
family over to Happy Joe’s where their motto is “Good
Times to Be Together”!
Do you have a favorite restaurant you would like to see
reviewed? Please send your requests, suggestions and
comments to Argosy at [email protected] n
Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor
855 Century Dr, Dubuque, IA • 563-556-0820
Hours: Mon–Thu: 11 AM–10:30 PM; Fri–Sat: 11 AM–11 PM; Sun: 11:30 AM–10 PM
1094 University Ave, Dubuque, IA • 563-556-0823
Hours: Mon–Thu: 11 AM–12 AM; Fri–Sat: 11 AM–1 AM; Sun: 11 AM–11 PM
222 Sinsinawa Ave, East Dubuque, IL • 815-747-3300
Hours: Mon–Thu: 4 PM–12 AM; Fri–Sat: 4 PM–1 AM; Sun: 4 PM–11 PM
Atmosphere: Party Time for Kids of All Ages
Recommendations: Taco Joe, Hawaiian, BLT, Meat Works, Happy Joe’s Special and Combo Pizzas; Cheese
Bread; Nacho Basket; Meatball Sandwich; Chicken Taco Salad; Peanut Butter Cup Sundae
Liquor Service: Draft Beer (Century Drive Location Only)
Prices: $5.50–$22.34 • Pay Options: Cash, Debit, MC, Visa, (Discover except Century Dr.)
Wheelchair Access: Yes • Kids Policy: Children’s portions, High Chairs, Boosters
Reservations: Accepted for 6 to 180 (Century Drive Location Only)
Catering: Yes • Take Out: Yes • Delivery: University & Sinsinawa: Yes – Century: No
Parking: Century: Private Lot; Sinsinawa: On Street; University: Private Lot behind building, on street.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Columnists 35
Columnists Carnegie-Stout Public Library Events
Visit the library’s web site for free
music! Download and keep up to five
songs a week! Over 7 million titles to
choose from!
references.” Closed captioning or subtitles will
be turned on. Admission is free, but seating
will be available on a first-come, first-served
basis. For more information, please call
the Library at 563-589-4225 or visit us at
Dubuque Chess Club
Genealogy Classes
Wednesdays @ 5:30–8 PM
You’ll find the chess games taking place in the
Kessler Coffee Bar area on the second floor of
the library.
March 26, April 2, 9, and 23 @ 6:30–7:45 PM
The Family History Center is offering a series
of genealogy classes in the Library’s third floor
Aigler Auditorium.
Movie Night: The Judge
Art @ your library
Wednesday, March 25 @ 6 PM
Starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall,
The Judge is a courtroom drama about a bigcity lawyer who returns to his childhood home
to defend his estranged father, the town’s
judge, who is suspected of murder.
Show: Friday, April 10–Tuesday, May 26
Reception: Friday, April 10 @ 5:30–7:30 PM
The unique and successful Art @ your library®
exhibit features 19 local artists works in
cooperation with the Bellevue Arts Council: Gail
Chavenelle, David Eischeid, Andra Fifield, Jo
Fifield, Ron Hansen, Ellen Henkels, Fran Henkels,
Tom Henning, Fran Kennedy, Joey Kikke, Laura
Larabee, Barb McKinlay, Lorna Olson, Donna
The movie is 2 hours 21 minutes long and is
rated R for “language including some sexual
Sue Peck, Sue Sawvel, Earl Sawvell, Michelle
Taylor, Joan Tully and Richard Weinschenk.
L&MOP Concert
Teen Tech Club is now offering a contest to
Dubuque Area Teens. Using technology such
as MacBook Pros, iPads, Makey-Makey, and a
variety of software teens are invited to create
an advertisement that pertains to their favorite
hobby or their favorite location in Dubuque.
Projects may be worked on during Teen Tech
Club and all technology is available at the
Library when the Club is not meeting.
Saturday, April 11 @ 10 AM
The Lollipops and Music for Our Preschoolers
(L&MOP) concert sponsored by NISOM
(Northeast Iowa School of Music). Children
hear music, interact with the musicians and
instruments, and get a lollipop!
Entries will be judged by technology experts
associated with the Teen Tech Club. The first
place winner earns a display of their work in the
Loras College Legacy Symposium and a new
pair of premium Beats Headphones!
Artists will be on hand during the open
reception in the Library’s Historic Rotunda to
meet people and discuss their works. The event
is open to the public, and admission is free.
Teen Tech Club & Contest
Tuesday, April 14 @ 4–5 PM
Contest Deadline: Thursday, April 23 @ 8 PM
The Carnegie-Stout Public Library and Loras
College Honors group implemented a portable
digital media lab program in the Dubuque
Community, known as the Teen Tech Club.
Participation in Teen Tech Club is not
required to enter the contest. For more
information about Teen Tech Club and/
or the contest, contact Danielle Day at
[email protected] or 563-589-4138.
Sudoku answers on page 43
36 Columnists 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
Columnists Dubuque365.com
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Columnists 37
Columnists Harmful
If Swallowed
by Matt Booth
Forgiveness is giving up resentment and
bitterness against another (or yourself).
One of the most important, yet thorniest,
things you will ever do in life is forgiving
someone who has wounded you. Refusing
to forgive is toxic to your life. Nelson
Mandela put it this way “Hating someone
is drinking poison and expecting the other
person to die from it.” By forgiving, you rid
your body of that poison. Forgive others
who have hurt you, not because they
deserve it, but because you deserve it.
I was in 5th grade when my parents got
divorced. My Mom and Dad, who were
once committed to spending the rest of
their lives together, began communicating
through lawyers and dividing assets and
possessions, including my sister and me.
For a while, I hated my Mom, I hated my
Dad, and I hated myself because of this
divorce. I was swallowing a lot of anger.
I was a prime candidate for counseling,
which I never got. While other kids have
memories of summer days and playground
fun, many of my vivid memories revolve
around divorce. I was sad, confused, and
angry. For a while, I felt like damaged
goods and hated my parents for it.
Although it took me a while to forgive
myself and my parents for this divorce, it
was a learning experience. The greatest
benefit of forgiveness goes to the person
giving it, not the one receiving it. When
you forgive, you literally cleanse your body
of contamination. You are freeing yourself
from the hatred you’ve been swallowing.
38 Columnists 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
The cost of refusing to forgive is high. It
affects your attitude, how you treat people
and even your health. When you refuse to
forgive, you get angry, bitter, and stressed.
You become more prone to numerous
ailments such as ulcers, heart problems,
anxiety attacks, and cancer. Study after
study shows that one of the keys to
happiness is to let go of past hurts.
Some people are unable or unwilling
to consider forgiveness as an option.
Want proof? Just listen or watch the
news. Forgiveness is a choice. When you
say, “I can’t forgive that person.” What
you’re really saying is, “I’m choosing
not to forgive that person.” Forgiveness
does not mean that you condone, forget,
ignore, or accept what occurred; you
are simply forgiving them and choosing
to move on. You may not think you are
ready to forgive, but do it anyway. That
anger, bitterness, and stress is lethal.
Hatred towards others is harmful if
swallowed. Forgiveness frees you from
contamination. It is a virtue of which the
world has too little. When you finally
decide to let go of past hurts, you
empower yourself. By deciding to forgive
others, you find peace. Think of one
person right now who has wounded you.
Can you see that person? Now, forgive
them. You deserve it! n
Mattitude Quote
“A positive attitude creates joy
even in the routine.” —Matt Booth
Matt Booth, the attitude expert,
is an engaging speaker. He
demonstrates and delivers a
common sense approach to a
positive attitude. To find out
how Matt can help you or your
organization, connect with him
today at mattbooth.com.
Columnists Ruby Wild Mandarin Bowl
Makes 4 - 1½ cup servings
All you need:
2½ cups lightly salted water or stock (chicken or vegetable)
8 oz. Hy-Vee Select Ruby Wild Blend™
6 oz. cooked diced chicken
1½ cups steamed, chilled broccoli florets
1½ cups drained mandarin orange segments
¼ cup Asian dressing (sesame ginger or a favorite dressing)
Cashews, as needed
All you do:
1. On the stovetop, bring the water or stock to a boil. Add Ruby
Wild Blend. Simmer, covered, for 35 minutes. Remove from
heat and chill.
2. Add the chicken, broccoli, orange segments and dressing. Mix well.
3. Garnish with cashews and serve.
Grain Sampling Day
by Hy-Vee nutritionists Megan Horstman (Asbury),
Chef’s note: Add crushed red pepper for a little zip. Garnish with
sesame seeds if desired.
Amy Cordingley (Locust), and Brian Scheil (Dodge)
April 1 is National Whole Grain Sampling Day. It’s
the perfect time to try a new whole grain—ancient or
new. Actually health experts advise everyone—men and
women, young and old—to make grains a part of their
daily diet, and that it’s important to make at least half
the grains “whole grains.”
But what IS a whole grain? And why does it matter?
Whole grains include grains like wheat, corn, rice,
oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, rye—when these
foods are eaten in their “whole” form. You probably
already eat whole grains—popcorn in the theater,
Cheerios for your toddler, or a bowl of hot oatmeal.
Consumers are increasingly aware that fruits and
vegetables contain disease-fighting phytochemicals
and antioxidants, but they may not realize whole grains
are often an even better source of these key nutrients.
Moreover, whole grains have some valuable antioxidants
not found in fruits and vegetables, as well as B vitamins,
vitamin E, magnesium, iron and fiber.
Some of the newest grains to try are Hy-Vee’s Select
grain blends such as Ruby Wild Blend, Lentil Blend,
Kansas Medley, Black Pearl Medley, Golden Jewel Blend,
Jasmine Blend, and Sunrise Blend with Quinoa Flakes.
The blends are 100 percent whole grain, said Tony
Klaers, segment manager for InHarvest Co., which
produces Hy-Vee’s Select grain blends. The blends can
be used in soups and salads or eaten as a side dish. The
Kansas Medley is a multi-grain blend of white rice, wheat
berries and wild rice. One way to prepare it is in a pilaf
with cranberries, butternut or acorn squash and pecans.
The Ruby Wild Blend is a blend of wild grain brown
rice, sprouted brown rice, sprouted red rice, Colusa red
rice and wild rice. Sprouted grains are used because
they are more easily absorbed by the body.
“Sprouted grains are the next big thing,” said Klaers
“It’s all the buzz.”
Until about a hundred years ago, humans harvested
their grains, tied them into sheaves, and left them
in the field until they were ready to thresh the grain.
Inevitably, with exposure to the weather, at least some
of the grain would begin to sprout. Today, companies
are marketing sprouted grains, developed under
carefully controlled conditions, with just the right
amount of moisture and warmth, until the important
enzymatic processes are at their peak, and then they
use the sprouted grains in products.
Sprouted grains offer all the goodness of whole
grains, while being more readily digested. In addition,
sprouting grains increases many of the grains’ key
nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber,
and essential amino acids, such as lysine, often lacking
in grains. Sprouted grains may also be less allergenic to
those with grain protein sensitivities.
Studies document a wide range of health benefits for
different sprouted grains. Here are just a few:
• Sprouted brown rice fights diabetes (Journal of
Nutritional Science and Vitaminology,
April 2008; 54(2):163-8)
• Sprouted buckwheat protects against fatty liver
disease. (Phytotherapy Research,
July 2009; 23(7):993-8.)
• Cardiovascular risk reduced by sprouted brown rice.
(Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism,
2007; 51(6):519-26. Epub 2007 Dec 20.) n
BBQ Chicken Salad Bowl
Makes 4 servings
All you need:
1 (8 ounces) pkg Hy-Vee Select Ruby Wild Blend
2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken meat
½ cup Hy-Vee barbecue sauce
½ cup Hy-Vee plain Greek yogurt
½ cup Hy-Vee mayonnaise
1 cup roughly chopped red bell pepper
1 cup Hy-Vee frozen corn kernels, thawed
6 cups chopped romaine lettuce
All you do:
1. Cook rice according to package directions. Drain any excess liquid
and cool completely.
2. In a large bowl, place the chicken and cooled rice. In a smaller bowl,
whisk together the barbeque sauce, yogurt and mayonnaise. Pour
the dressing over the chicken and rice, blending well. In a separate
bowl, combine the bell pepper and corn and mix well.
3. To build the salad bowls, place lettuce in the bottom of each bowl.
Top with chicken mixture and bell pepper mixture.
Per Serving: 660 calories, 30 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans
fat, 50 mg cholesterol, 720 mg sodium, 73 g carbohydrates, 6 g
fiber, 18 g sugar, 25 g protein. Daily Values: 150%, vitamin A; 90%
vitamin C, 10% calcium, 10% iron.
The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult
a medical professional for individual advice.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Columnists 39
Columnists The Further Adventures
Judas Iscariot
By Bob Gelms
Judas the Apostle
Crossword answers on page 43
40 Columnists 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
We will look at two books in this issue
written by Val Mayhall Jr., Judas the
Apostle and The Last Sicarius. They are
the first two books in a series featuring
Clotile Lejeune, usually referred to as Cloe.
Judas the Apostle is a bang up terrific
biblical thriller. It follows the exploits of
a gentle, peaceful ancient languages
expert, Cloe Lejeune, and her son, J.
E., as they travel from Seattle back to
Louisiana to investigate the murder of her
estranged father, Thib. What turns out
to be the centerpiece of the mystery is a
two-thousand year old oil jar inscribed
with the name “Judas Iscariot” left to
Cloe by her father. Thib also leaves Cloe
a tantalizing letter that explains enough
to set all of their imaginations ablaze and
their hearts palpitating. Joining them
on the road trip is a mysterious Catholic
priest, Father Aloysius, who shows up out
of the blue from the Vatican. The game
begins and you won’t be able to peel your
eyes from the page.
I like the fact that the Catholic Church
is not the villain in this novel. The Church
trying to sabotage the world has come to
be almost a cliché and I, for one, found it
refreshing that in Judas the Apostle the
Catholic Church shows up to help in any
way it can even to the point of putting
it’s own operatives in harm’s way.
We end up learning a lot of biblical
history concerning different interpretations
of the place Judas the Apostle has in the
story of Jesus. It is revealed to us in the
exposition of the plot instead of in a boring
lecture delivered by one of the characters.
Then we learn from Thib’s letter about
where the oil jar was found and the area’s
place in biblical history.
Cloe starts out as a meek tentative
participant in all of this and as the book
progresses she becomes stronger and
stronger. Her character grows. She isn’t
just a cardboard-cut-out one-dimensional
woman academic sitting in her ivory tower.
The villain is a reprehensible, horrific
megalomaniac who is just as smart and
clever as our little band of heroes. If fact he
always seems to be one step ahead of them.
He wants the jar and especially so after our
intrepid group discovers what is inside.
If you like thrillers you will love this
book. If you particularly like biblical
thrillers then Judas the Apostle is for you.
The Last Sicarius
The Last Sicarius is the sequel to
Val Mayhall Jr.’s first book in the series,
Judas the Apostle. (I am proof that you
needn’t read the books in order even
though it is a little clearer if you do.)
The Last Sicarius takes up the story
where the first book ends and adds a plot
only hinted at in the first book. Their villain
is vanquished but his second-in-command
takes over and chases them all over the
world to Tunisia where he thinks he will
find a treasure trove of oil jars with ancient
manuscripts sealed inside. He intends
to use the manuscripts to discredit the
Catholic Church. You see, the manuscript
Cloe already has, the one left to her by
her murdered father, is a glimpse at what
could be a non-traditional explanation for
the actions of Judas Iscariot. It will turn
the Christian faith on its ear.
In The Last Sicarius we meet a band
of secret protectors of the hidden
library. They are a group of formidable
Jewish women called the Sicarii and
they are not to be trifled with. They exist
to protect the library of oil jars from
unwanted intruders and to see that the
library is delivered into the hands of
the proper authorities when the time is
deemed right for the information in the
library to come out. I don’t want to give
away any more than that. Suffice it to
say that The Last Sicarius is a ripping
yarn and a book I found in the bargain
bin much to my delightful surprise.
Oh yes, the ending of The Last
Sicarius is just great and I didn’t see it
coming. It does hint at the possibility of
a third book. I have heard no word on
one being written or coming out anytime
soon but I’ll keep my ear to the ground. n
Columnists My
Old New Car
by pam kress-dunn
Once I bought a brand-new car for
cash. Well, not a wad of actual bills; I
wrote a big check. It was a bittersweet
moment, since the money came from my
mom’s estate, but I figured she and Dad
would have been happy that I used the
money to buy a decent car.
I had bought a new car once before,
right after I finished grad school. A
daffodil-yellow Chevette, it was small
and cute, and I couldn’t wait to drive it
to my new job at the Bettendorf library.
Only problem was, the day after I drove it
home, it failed to start.
That was just the beginning. Even
when I bought more cars, used cars that
I thought would last a while, I had bad
luck. Just ask the guys at the Tandem
by the river. They felt so sorry for me,
they began to hint around that they’d be
happy to check out any other used car I
might be considering.
I wanted a new one, a 2001 RAV4. It
was the car of my dreams. Some other
lucky person at Loras parked her RAV in
the faculty lot every day, and I would walk
up to it, just to see how it would feel if
that Toyota were mine. Alas, I had to walk
on to my own rust bucket, get in and turn
the key, hoping it would carry me home
without killing another transmission.
I looked at other cars. I wanted to be
a smart shopper, now that I was able, in
theory, to purchase anything on the lot.
I tried a Subaru, but all they had were
manuals, so I couldn’t get an idea of how
it felt to drive one. I tried a Prius, an early
model, but gas wasn’t that expensive,
and the display on the dashboard was too
UFO for me.
Sport utility vehicles were easy to
make fun of back then. What a waste,
I would think. How do they park those
things? No matter that I’d learned to
drive in a block-long Buick Invicta station
wagon that I could turn on a dime
when I was sixteen, and parallel park
it downtown. It made me feel like the
queen of the road. (My dad gave it to me
because it was a tank, and he believed I
couldn’t get hurt in it.)
I’d had an eye-opening experience the
winter of 2000, riding to a meeting with a
friend. She had approximately five hundred
times as much money as me, and she drove
some kind of luxury job with four-wheel
drive and tires that were probably replaced
with the seasons. Taking a street I had slid
down just days before, my heart in my
throat, she gaily kept up our conversation
as she whipped her car around. Oh, I
thought. F. Scott Fitzgerald was right. The
rich are different from you and me. They
drive fearlessly in February.
So I was primed for a small SUV. I
wanted something small enough to do a
U-turn on Wood Street, something that
rode high enough so I could see the road
ahead of me without sitting on six pillows.
Something I could drive down University
even before the valiant snowplow crews
had a chance to clear the way.
The RAV4 had undergone a major
transformation that year, evolving from
the sporty looking roadster in the Loras
parking lot to a much sleeker, prettier
carriage. Click and Clack (the Car Talk
guys) even recommended it to a man
wanting advice for his wife. After dutifully
naming some other possibilities, Ray said,
“Personally, I’d get the RAV4. We’ve been
testing one for almost a year now, and
it’s been absolutely perfect.” Tom added,
“She may instantly fall in love with the
RAV4.” Perfection—what’s not to love?
I ordered it in antique gold, with side
mirrors that heated at the touch of a
button and a totally unnecessary spoiler
on the back. (It proved useful when I
lost my car in the Target parking lot,
something I do with annoying frequency.)
The instruction booklet said to drive
it under 55 for the first month or so. I
intended to do that, but my then-fiancé
decided to attend a week of workshops
in Cape Cod, and I had to agree we could
stuff a lot of luggage into my new car. On
our way, we parked it outside a restaurant
and, when we came back, the person with
the clicker somehow activated the HelpI’m-Being-Stolen emergency horn honker.
After frantically trying many useless
maneuvers, it mysteriously stopped
honking, and we slunk away, lights off,
heads down.
Last summer, Bob decided it was time
to trade in his ‘97 Subaru for a new one. I
went along to look, but he already knew
what he wanted. It’s a very nice car, that
sky blue Impreza, especially since it came
with the one luxury feature I was dying
for but figured we’d have to do without.
Like magic, it turned out to have heated
seats, not only for the driver but the
passenger, a glory to experience when
the snow is flying and it’s ten below.
Bob corrects me when I call it “your
car,” but the thing is, I’m still driving that
RAV4, fifteen years after steering it off the
lot with a big smile on my face. It still runs
great, despite the demolition derbies I’ve
subjected it to. The heated mirrors work,
and I continue to ride up high, a blessing
when you’re only five-two. I still take it to
Tandem for oil changes and minor repairs.
I don’t think the guys there wince when
they see me coming anymore. n
—[email protected]
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Columnists 41
Columnists Dear Erma,
I am in the job market and am constantly
running into the problem of not being
paid what I am worth. Yes I understand
that companies have budgets but do they
realize when I am being sought out for a
position it’s my expertise and you cannot
put a price on that”? How do I ask for
more money with being fried and being
told no?
—Thinking, Ticked Tommy
Dear Ticked Tommy,
When is the last time you had a reality
check? It sounds to me like you are a
self-serving pig. Granted everyone faces
these concerns from time, however, you
also have the ability to say no and the
ability to walk away. Will more money
make you happy or just give you more
problems? Back in my parents’ day, my
father had to walk 5 miles to work there
and back, never complaining once. We
survived and you will too. Live within your
means and being a sassy pants.
—Love you! Erma
Dear Erma,
I am in love with someone who lives 2000
miles away. He communicates solely via
text and I have been trying to get him to
see this past month. While I feel like he
should be chivalrous and hop on a plane
42 Columnists 365ink Magazine March 26–April 8, 2015 Issue #235
to come see me and sweep me off my
feet. I do not feel that way. Why it is so
wrong for women to pursue and go to
men? Why am I under such scrutiny from
my “friends”- do you suppose they are
jealous? I am a little lost because it is not
like any of them have stand up men or
amazing husbands to brag about.
—Long Distance Lover, Laney
Dear Laney,
As a hopeless romantic, I can attest to
the fact that being in love with someone
far away does make it more surreal and
lovely at that. Currently communicating
via text is seemingly the norm. Can you
image how it must have felt back in the
olden days of war waiting for your loved
one to write via snail mail? How my heart
goes fond and weak in the knees over
those situations. Your friends very well
could be jealous of your attractiveness
and freedom or they could think you
are a bonehead blinded by the idea of
someone. Traditionally I would say make
him come to you, but I tell you what.
Go for it. Just do not be skanky in your
approach. Moreover, by skanky I mean
sending nudie pictures. After all, he is
2000 miles away; you never know what
he is really doing.
—Good luck Laney, Erma
Columnists Aries
(March 21–April 19)
Let’s be honest, shall we? Those
symmetrical zits on either side of your forehead
that just keep getting bigger and bigger and
redder and redder? Those’re probably horns.
(April 20–May 20)
Though you typically think of
yourself as strong and virile like a bull, your
qualities will be more like your ‘89 Ford Taurus
that’s on it’s last leg. You’re running ‘bout a
quart low - fix that.
(May 21–June 20)
You know how they say Geminis
have two sides and all o’ that? Well lucky for
you, there’s a new drug on the market to fix
that and you can be officially diagnosed with
Restless Gemini Syndrome!
(June 21–July 22)
GO TO: Page 8 to turn back
GO TO: Page 13 to press on ahead
NOTE: Neither page keeps you going on this
Choose Your Own Adventure path that I just
started here.
(July 23–August 22)
You’ll party your butt off with a
certain Barbadian pop goddess. Oh wait
- wrong Leo. Okay then, you’ll party your butt
off with a 12-pack of soda or something
pathetic like that. There can be only one Leo
and you ain’t him.
(September 23–October 22)
You’ll be judicious in all of your
upcoming decisions. I mean, you rarely are, so
hopefully I just tricked you into being more
thoughtful for a change.
(October 23–November 21)
An old man from the bank will
appear on your doorstep one rainy day. Now
normally you’d have ever reason to be afraid,
but fear not! You’ve just been awarded a very
small stake in ownership of Scorpio
Productions! Congratulations!
(November 22–December 21)
Honestly, with the Leo prediction
above? I just wanted a chance to use the word
“Barbadian”. It’s such a beautiful word, isn’t it?
(December 22–January 19)
(January 20–February 18)
I’d offer up a prediction, but now
all I want to do is watch the end of “The 40 Year
Old Virgin”
(February 19–March 20)
After you finish this issue of 365
Ink, you’ll meet the love of your life. If that
person looks like me, well then I just feel sorry
for you.
(August 23–September 22)
Ever notice that NO ONE names
their son Virgil anymore? Guess there’s
probably a pretty good reason for that.
Issue #235 March 26–April 8, 2015 365ink Magazine Columnists 43