Bulldog Barker Homecoming Events Monday Wednesday

October 2013
Volume 14, Issue 1
Bulldog Barker
Homecoming Events
Sierra and Allison
Should the Homecoming King and
Queen kiss?
Mystery Person
Monday is Pajama
Day! Wear your PJ’s
in the spirit of
Wednesday is favorite color head-to-toe
day! Wednesday is
also Silly Olympics!
decorating day! We
will decorate the
halls from 2nd hour
to 4th hour. It’s also
Disney Day! Dress
up as your favorite
Disney character.
Thursday is Duck
Dynasty day! Also,
Thursday at 7:00
p.m. there is a pep
rally at the football
field. Come support
our Bulldogs!
Friday is Blue and
White Day! There
will be a parade at
2:00 p.m. on Friday
afternoon, 7:00 is the
Coronation of the jr.
school homecoming
king and queen, and
game vs. Crescent
kicks off at 7:30 at
Memorial Field.
Asher and Ringo
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Side: Onion
Height: 6’
Favorite Sport: Football
Shoe Size: 10½
Shirt Size: Large
Drinks a lot of water and
eats healthy
Homecoming Candidates
Go Bulldogs!
Beat Crescent!
Skyler Pinkston
MHS’ 2013 Homecoming
is taking place this
week! You can see the
candidates ride down
Main Street in the homecoming parade Friday
afternoon at 2:00. On
Friday evening they will
take the field before the
game for the coronation
at 7:00 pm. This year’s
Senior Queen Candidates are Paityn Matthews, Taryn Williams,
Sarah Ford, Sydni Hutchinson, and Kaityln Eisenmen. High school escorts are Matt Atkison,
Cruz Hernandez, Logan
McKee, Joe Mitchell, and
Jacob Overton. The Junior
High Queen Candidates will
be Kloey Anthony, Gabbie
Brown, DeeAnn Cady, Jentry
Overton, and Rylie Williams.
Junior high escorts will be
Tucker Halstead, Chris Goforth, Spencer Lingle, Stetson
Smith, and Shannon Williams.
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Bulldog Barker
Academic Team
Katie Cherry
The Minco High School Academic
Team has started competitions!
The last meet they had was on October 7, and as Ms. Strunk said:
We have room for improvement!
The members this year are Andrew Herndon, Blake Tracy, Preston Hensley, Joshua Crockett,
Allison Dillard, Sierra Dobson,
Katie Cherry, Miranda Mataya,
Savannah Snyder, Lauren McMahon, Nathan Herndon, Diana Soriano, Sydni Schneberger, Brittany
Clark, and Hunter Jones will join
after football season is over.
pletely random. You never know what’s
going to be thrown at you! Ms. Strunk
What do they do at meets? said, “This year, so far, we have plenty
It’s kind of like the show Jeopardy, of room for improvement. At our last
but a tad bit different. They always meet we made a few mistakes, but we
go to Chickasha Career Tech and intend on practicing more and getting
better! In the year overall I expect us to
separate into Junior Varsity and
do well, and make it through to the
Varsity. They play four or five
State Contest.” State Contest should be
games against different schools
sometime around February. The next
like Am-Po, Ninnekah, Rush
meet is on October 14,2013.
Springs, etc. Instead of picking a
topic to answer questions on, all of
the questions asked are com-
Minco Football
“Homecoming week is
Asher and Ringo
The Bulldogs are 4-1 in their overall record; they are 2-0 in district
play. The Bulldogs have two offenses. They have a power-house
running offense that is very hard to
stop, and they also have a good
spread offense. “Homecoming
week is always a big game for us.
Crescent is a good football team
and has a good air raid offense”.
Last year the bulldogs were up 21
to 6 at halftime and didn’t come out
to play in the second half. This year
the bulldogs will have to start and
finish the game. Come out Friday
night and help support the bulldogs
as they take on the Crescent Tigers.
Theme Song of Your Life
We Saw
Chase & Dahlton
Allison and Sierra
always a big game for us.
Crescent is a good football
team and has a good air
raid offense”.
“I saw a video of Mr. Bench in a bubble gum commercial on YouTube”
Asher Baade- “Welcome to the Jungle”
“I saw Ringo sack the Cashion quarterback!”
Ringo Garrett- “Same Love”
“I saw Brandon Sanford fall out of his chair in algebra class.”
Carson Snyder- “Alright”
“I saw Ms.Stelle juggle!”
Brandon Sanford- “Everywhere I Go”
“I saw Jacob Overton as Oklahoma Football Player of the Week.”
Tyler Brown- “I’m Different”
“I saw Cole Gordon forget to bring his English book to English
class….five times.”
Chase Franklin- “One”
Dahlton Berg- “Radioactive”
Bella Norman- “We Can’t Stop”
Madison Edmonds- “Wake Me Up”
Miranda Mataya- “Gold”
“I saw everyone screaming ‘Hummmp DAY’ through the hallways on
“I saw some student’s cars get tagged.”
“I saw the Minco High school football team on Oklahoma High School
“I saw Jensen shopping for dogs on the internet.”
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Mystery Word
I Believe/Wish
Madi and Bella
Jensen and Briana
Carson & Tyler
Thursday, September 12 at our
first BPA meeting we elected
our officers, and decided on
events for Silly Olympics. Silly
Olympics is Wednesday October 9, 6th and 7th hour. Our officers: President is Shelbi
Hickey, Vice President is
Cheyenne Terry, Secretary is
Callie McMullen, and Student
Council is Lena Dobson. They
will be attending the Fall Leadership Conference on October
FARD: (fahrd) (v.) to paint the face with cosmetics
 Ringo believes that we will be dis-
What they think it means:
Ringo Garrett- “something far away”
Asher Baade- “scientific decomposal”
trict champs.
 Skyler wishes that she lived on a
Allison Dillard- “Lord Fardquad off of
 Car Car wishes that he can never get
Hank Fitzgerald- “something to do with
 Berg wishes to grow a mountain man
Savannah Snyder- “a herd of foxes”
Dahlton Berg- “a country slang word”
Chase Franklin- “an employee position at
a cheese factory”
 Sanford wishes that we could use cell
phones in school.
 Franky 50 wishes to pass regionals
and to win state in spring baseball.
 Brown wishes for the football team to
win the state champion ship.
Bulldog Barking
 Asher wishes to win district in foot-
Madi and Bella
 Miranda wishes to go to college.
We asked our Minco Football team what their prediction would be
for the Homecoming Crescent game.
 Jen Jen wishes for a pomsky puppy.
#14, Hunter Jones predicted that the score would be 42-6 and said
“They’re going to miss the extra point.”
#44, Matt Atkinson predicted that the score would be 35-7. #73
Ryan Oaks predicted 42-14.
#50 Ry Schneider predicted 44-0 and said “We’re going to stomp
Madison wishes for a pit-bull and
two huskies.
 Mrs. Morrison wishes for the
weather to feel like fall outside.
 Sierra wishes to graduate.
 Bella wishes to move away from
Minco America.
 Bri wishes for three more wishes.
#32 Bryce Main predicted 44-38.
Carson and Tyler
Chase and Dahlton
The Minco FFA has been
very active this year. Three
of our members took pictures and entered poster
boards at the Oklahoma
State Fair. Our Judging team
has competed at the Okla-
homa State Fair Judging
Contest, and also last Friday
at the Tulsa State Fair. Last
week some of our members
exhibited their various livestock at the Tulsa State Fair
and won awards.
The band this week has
been working on marching for
the homecoming half-time
show. The band has also been
working on songs to play during
the game.
Get ready for a great
performance by the band Friday
night! And don’t miss them in
the parade on Friday! Go band!
Briana and Jensen
We Love the Bulldogs!
Cheerleading is an intense physical activity based upon organized routines, usually ranging anywhere from one to
three minutes, which contains many components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting to cheer for a sport or compete in competition. It also includes learning cheers for the sidelines on Friday nights. This year’s 2013-2014 Minco High
School cheerleaders are Seniors: Paityn Matthews, Sarah Ford, Kaitlyn Eisenman, and Haylie Dewbre. Sophomores: Briana
Perkins, Kenzie Parks, and Regan Matthews!
The Minco Junior High Cheerleaders for this season are Monica Munn, Lindsey Rush, Rylee Martinez, Brook Putman,
Lauren Price, Cassidy Franklin, and Maddy Munn.
The high school cheerleaders meet every Monday to make spirit signs for the hallways and then have practice afterwards, and also have practice on Wednesdays. On those days they practice stunts, cheers, and dances for the upcoming
games to perform at halftime! Before each game, whether it’s home or away, the cheerleaders get the run through sign ready
and get everybody fired up with a spirit line. They cheer on the boys, get the crowd involved, the band plays, and they put up
a few stunts. Every time the bulldogs get a touchdown, the band plays the fight song and the cheerleaders perform a synchronized routine. After the game, win or loss, the cheerleaders are always supportive and show their bulldog pride!
The Minco Spirit never stops with these girls! They also make the football, softball, and basketball signs for everyone’s lockers, and have pep assemblies evenly throughout the year. They also hold fundraisers for camp every year that helps
pay for camp clothes, shoes, and the actual cheer camp, etc. Here, they learn new dance skills, cheers, stunts and leadership
skills. They learn how to work together and what being part of a team is all about. These girls have been doing a great job this
year, so the next time you see a Minco Cheerleader, tell them to keep up the good work. They would appreciate a little recognition for everything that they do. GO BULLDOGS!
Interviewing Anna
Skyler Pinkston
2) Favorite American Food = Mac ‘n Cheese
3) Favorite German Food =
Weiner Schnitzel (a thin slice of veal that is breaded & fried)
4) Favorite Drink German and American = Orange Juice
5) What made you want to come to America = My cousin was in America and
she told me a lot of awesome things about it.
6) What holidays do you celebrate in Germany = New Years Eve, Heilige Drei
Konige, Weiberfastnacht, Carnivals Monday, Carnival, Ash Wednesday, Eastern,
A Scension Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day Valentine’s Day, Pfngsten, Halloween, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve + Ash and 2nd Christmas Day, German Unification Day
7) Do you have prom in Germany = We don’t have prom! We had a school
dance once, but our school hasn’t had enough money the last couple years.
8) Do students in Germany learn about the Holocaust = We learn the whole
German history, so yes every German knows about the Holocaust
9) Do you have a crush on anyone in Minco = No
10) How different are the styles in America then in Germany = I think in Germany clothing is more oriented on the latest fashion and clothing in general is
more important. Nobody would go to school in sweatpants or without make up
11) What’s your favorite thing about America = The people here are nicer!
Mystery Person: Logan McKee
1) Say Go Bulldogs! In German = Los Bulldogs!