How to Sign Up for a Gmail Account

How to Sign Up for a Gmail Account
1. Click on the Internet Explorer icon.
2. Click on the address bar once.
3. Type in
4. Look for:
5. Fill in the blanks with your information, including the numbers under ‘Prove
you’re not a robot.’
6. Make sure the box to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is
7. Click on:
8. Your email account has been created. You don’t need to add a profile
picture, so click on Next step again.
9. Click on
10. From now on, when you log in, you will see your inbox. Be sure to sign out
when you’re finished. (Top right corner of the screen.)
Click to sign out.
Updated September 2013
Frequently Asked Questions
What should I use for my password?
• Avoid using your name, phone number, birth date or anything that can be
easily guessed.
• Try to use a combination of letters and numbers.
• For a Gmail account, you must use at least eight characters.
• When you are in the process of signing up, Gmail will tell you how strong
your password is:
o Too short? Add more characters (letters, numbers, symbols).
o The more characters you use (letters, numbers, symbols), the
stronger your password will be.
o Try to make your password memorable, but not easy to guess.
Important: Do not share your password with others! You need your password to
access your account.
What if I don’t have another email address or mobile phone?
You don’t have to have either, but it’s nice to either have another email address
or a mobile phone that Google can use to contact you if you forget your password
and it needs to be reset.
What is this ‘prove you’re not a robot’ about?
This is called a CAPTCHA. It verifies that a person is filling out the form and not a
computer. You must type in the numbers or words as they appear into the box
below. If you are unsure, or if they are hard to read, you can click on the circular
arrow for the page to display two different words or numbers.